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Pipeline Integrity Library Reference

Pipeline Integrity Management Program (IMP) Key Documentation 1 · North American Pipeline Safety Regulations US Department of Transportation (DOT) Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 195, "Integrity Management for Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Operators", October 2005. | | |


US Department of Transportation (DOT) Title 49 CFR Part 192 "Pipeline Safety: Pipeline Integrity Management in High Consequence Areas (Gas Transmission Pipelines); Final Rule", 2006 |


Canada National Energy Board (NEB) "On-shore Pipeline Regulations", May 26, 1999 and January, 20 2003 (2007 Protocol being prepared). | Alberta Utilities and Energy Board: 91/2005 Pipeline Act / Pipeline Regulation

· · · ·

US DOT Research and Development (2002 Safety Improvement Act)

Pipeline Glossary

Pipeline Library: Definitions and Concepts



North American Industry Standards and Recognized Practices American Petroleum Institute (API) Standard 1163, "In-Line Inspection System Qualification Standard", August 2005


US Department of Transportation (DOT) "Stress Corrosion Cracking Study", by Baker, Michael Jr. Inc., 2005 European Pipeline Operator Forum, "Specifications and Requirements for Intelligent Pig Inspection of Pipelines", January 2005 specs V3_2 January 2005.pdf. Canadian Standard Association (CSA) Standard Z662, "Oil & Gas Pipeline Systems", June 2003 (being updated for 2007)




American Petroleum Institute (API) Standard 1160, "Managing System Integrity for Hazardous Liquid Pipelines", November 2001 |

Compiled by Rafael G. Mora

Last Updated: 1/2/2007

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Pipeline Integrity Library Reference

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NACE "In-Line Inspection Recommended Practice", Standard 0102-2002.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Standard B31 Supplement, "Managing System Integrity of Gas Pipelines", 2001


Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA), "Stress Corrosion Cracking Recommended Practices", May 1997.


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Pipeline Regulators and Industry Studies NEB ­ Comparative Analysis of Pipeline Performance, 2006

NEB Public Inquiry Concerning Stress Corrosion Cracking on Canadian Oil and Gas Pipelines, 1996

[3] [4]










US DOT PHMSA Pipeline Safety Program: Significant Incident Data Access, 2006


US DOT PHMSA Significant Incidents in a year for each type of pipeline operator (Liquid, Gas, Gathering, Transmission and Distribution, 2006


PB2002-916502 "Pipeline Accident Report: Pipeline Rupture and Subsequent Fire in Bellingham, Washington" NTSB/PAR-02/02 Bellingham, Washington Pipeline Rupture |

[7] [8]

PB2003-916501 Pipeline Accident Report "Natural Gas Pipeline Rupture and Fire Near Carlsbad, New Mexico" August 19, 2000 Carlsbad, New Mexico Pipeline Rupture | P-98-30 Safety Recommendation on the 36-inch-diameter Colonial Pipeline Company pipeline rupture at Reedy River at Fork Shoals, South Carolina2000

[9] [10]


1997 Consent Order including the terms of the Agreement with Colonial Pipeline Company |

Compiled by Rafael G. Mora

Last Updated: 1/2/2007

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