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Rivendale Slates

Rivendale Slates

Tegral has a long and distinguished history in the Irish slate market. For almost 70 years we have developed a deep understanding of the requirements of the customer as well as exceptional knowledge of double-lap slating, both in terms of products and applications. As the country's sole producer of fibre-cement slates, we have supplied more slates for Irish roofs than anyone else.

RIVENDALE SLATES As a new addition to the Thrutone range, Rivendale brings the quality of man-made slates to a new threshold. In keeping with customers' increasing desire for natural-looking materials, this provides the appearance of quarried slate at a fraction of the cost. Building on proven Thrutone technology, Rivendale slates include a textured surface and "dressed edge". Their light weight and durability make Rivendale a real and viable alternative to natural slate. This, combined with a fixing system that ensures that every slate is attached in three places, creates a roofing product unsurpassed for quality and security.

ADVANTAGES · Randomly textured surface and dressed edge · Closely replicates the appearance of natural slate · Low weight allows for lighter trusses · No sorting or grading due to uniform thickness and size · 20 year colour guarantee on slates · Light weight · Low wastage · Pre-holed for speed of fixing · Each slate fixed in three places therefore very secure · Strapped in bundles of 15 for easy lifting · Dry fixed ridge system as standard · Two colours to allow natural look

COLOURS Rivendale slates are available in two colours, Blue-Black and Heather, as shown in the swatches below. The slates are covered by a 20-year colour guarantee, which is printed on the back of this brochure. NB. Due to the limitations of the printing process, please choose colours from actual samples.



QUALITIES OF FIBRE CEMENT Fibre Cement has many intrinsic qualities that make it an excellent material for building components. It is inert, resistant to fire and chemicals and in contrast to natural products, fibre-cement has the advantage of being manufactured to a consistent formula. There is no grain in the slate where weakness can occur. When fixed in accordance with Irish and British Codes of Practice, Fibre-Cement slates are among the most durable roof coverings available. QUALITY ASSURANCE Tegral Rivendale slates are manufactured under the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and comply with the Product Standard EN 492: 1994. Tegral Rivendale slates carry a 30-year structural and 20-year colour guarantee (see back for details).

RIVENDALE AND THE ENVIRONMENT Tegral manages all of its activities to maximise its contribution towards the protection of the Environment and the preservation of natural resources. In order to achieve this objective, the manufacturing plant operates in compliance with EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems. In addition, Rivendale slates are classified as Class A in the BRE Green Guide to Housing Specification. COST EFFECTIVENESS In addition to being one of the lowest priced slates available for the initial roofing, the cost of Rivendale slates over the lifetime of the building offers particularly good value. High resistance to storm damage is an important factor when assessing the maintenance bills for any building project and the three-point fixing system gives extra security to Rivendale slates. The chart below shows the cost of fibre cement roof slates compared with other pitched roof products (per square metre laid, index = 100).

AVAILABILITY Tegral operate through a national network of Builders Merchants. Because of the history of ready supply to the market in Ireland, Rivendale slates are always available for any project. TECHNICAL SERVICES Tegral provide a comprehensive Technical Advisory Service. It is free to all customers and is staffed by highly qualified and experienced personnel. Using the latest CAD systems, technical queries are examined and solutions communicated quickly and accurately. A great deal of information and technical data is available from our website

Welsh natural slates Plain clay tiles Spanish natural slates Single-lap resin slates Rivendale slates

Batten Gauge NORMAL EXPOSURE : MINIMUM PITCHES AND LAPS SLATE 600 x 300 mm 25° ­ 30° 110 mm 30° ­ 35° 100 mm >35° 90 mm

Length of slate ­ Headlap 2

RAFTER CENTRES SEVERE EXPOSURE : MINIMUM PITCHES AND LAPS SLATE 600 x 300 mm 25° ­ 30° 110 mm* 30° ­ 35° 110 mm >35° 100 mm up to 400mm 47 x 22 mm 400 ­ 600mm 47 x 35 mm

Note: In Northern Ireland, 50 x 25 mm battens may be used with Rivendale slates where rafter centres do

*The use of a Tegral high-performance roofing underlay is recommended

not exceed 600 mm, provided that the battens are graded in accordance with BS 5534.

GENERAL INFORMATION (110MM HEADLAP) Size Pallet quantities No. of slates per m 600 x 300 990 13.6


Area (m2) per 1000 slates laid 73.5

Batten gauge (mm) 245.0

Battens per m2 (linear m) 4.08

Approx. weight per m2 (kg) 20.7

Note: Double-width slates are packed in pallets of 500.

This page shows the eaves, verge and ridge of a standard roof with Tegral Rivendale slates. Each drawing is a three dimensional representation of a scaled detail available separately from Tegral's Technical Services Department.


Definition of Standard Roof Any roof slope equal to or greater than the minimum pitch for the size of slate preferred that has a rafter length (horizontal projection - ie, measured on plan, not along the slope, from ridge to eaves) not exceeding 6 metres. For non-standard and special roofs contact Technical Services Department.



a. Standard Eaves with Soffit Ventilation The eaves handles the greatest volume of water of any part of the roof. Great care needs to be taken when detailing and slating in this area. Below are some pointers to achieving good practice in slating this part of the roof: · A tilting fillet should always be used, falling towards the gutter at an angle of approximately 10 degrees. This can be achieved using either a continuous timber piece, board material or Tegral underlay support tray. · Where underlay is not resistant to UV degradation, an eaves reinforcement strip of durable, UV- light resistant material, such as a Type 5U felt or Tegral underlay support tray should be installed. · The eaves consists of first and second undereaves slates. The lengths of these slates are equal to the batten gauge and the batten gauge plus headlap respectively. · Overhang the slates 50mm into the gutter. · Tegral over-fascia ventilation can be incorporated as an alternative method to the detail shown.

b. Standard Dry-Fixed Verge As the roof verge is often subject to unusual, spiralling turbulence, it is important to ensure that the edge slates are adequately secured. Verges are finished using a dry, non-mortar system. The following should be observed on the verge detail: · Underlay should lap under the undercloak and extend approximately 20mm beyond the face of the wall. · Start alternate courses with a cut slate or cut double-width slate ensuring that no slate is less than 150mm wide. Fix double-width slates with three nails and two crampions. · Secure cut slates with Tegral trim or drill and tie with copper wire to the slate below. · Battens should overlap the wall or undercloak by not less than 50mm and where the verge is overhanging, be supported on a flying rafter.

c. Standard Dry-Fixed Ridge Tegral Rivendale slates are capped with smooth fibre-cement ridges in a complementary or contrasting colour. As the ridge is the most exposed part of the roof, it must be securely fixed and should form a good seal at the apex. Good and secure fixing can be achieved as follows: · Underlay should overlap the underlay on the other slope by not less than 225mm. · Increase headlap (never decrease) on the final few courses to achieve a neat and uniform finish. It is vital to the weatherproofing of the roof that the specified minimum headlap be provided in the vicinity of the ridge. · Fix additional battens at the top to facilitate fixing. · The internal socket should face towards the prevailing wind and on a hip, should be positioned facing up the slope. · Fix using 50mm x 10 gauge brass or stainless steel screws with Sela M6 washers and caps. Position a screw on each wing of the ridge, 50mm from the lower edge and centred on the socket. · End units should always be full-length.

F.C. Slate Ridge (525mm Cover) Ridges can be supplied for continuous ventilation, if required.

F.C. Hipped Ridge (525mm Cover)

F.C. Ridge Stop end

No 1 Standard Slate Trim 3050mm Long

No 2 Slate Trim for Concrete Gable 3050mm Long

No 3 Slate Trim for Existing Roofs 3050mm Long

SV10 Soffit Vent (2440mm) Long

RV10 Textured Flushline Slate Vent

FV10 Over Fascia Vent (1000mm) Long


Roof pitch Ridge capping Hip capping

25º 30º 35º 40º 45º 60º

135º 120º 105º 90º 90º 62.5º

145º 135º 135º 120º 120º 90º

ACCESSORIES The following accessories are available from Tegral as part of our "One Stop Shop" policy. · Fibre-cement Ridges · Ventex Breather Membrane · Thrutex High Performance Underlay · Slate Ventilators · Copper Nails and Copper Crampions · Coloured Trims

VENTILATION For full information on Ventilation, a Ventilation Solutions brochure is available on request. Shown above is a selection of Tegral Roofing Accessories.

RIVENDALE GUARANTEE. 30 YEAR STRUCTURAL, 20 YEAR COLOUR DESCRIPTION Rivendale slates are manufactured for Tegral using the Thrutone Colourisation process, under the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System certified by both NSAI and BSI and in accordance with the European Norm EN 492. USE Rivendale slates are for use on pitched roofs, or hung vertically in accordance with the fixing of Fibre Cement slates as specified in the Irish Code of Practice for Slating and Tiling ICP2: 2002, or the British Code of Practice for Slating and Tiling BS 5534: 2003 and BS 8000: Part 6. Reference should also be made to Tegral's Slating Manual. STRUCTURAL GUARANTEE Rivendale slates meet the requirements of EN 492 and when fixed in accordance with ICP2: 2002 and BS 5534: 2003 carry a 30 year structural guarantee from the date of manufacture. If during the period of guarantee the product is found not to conform to the stated properties in the standard, when sampled in accordance with ISO 390, the affected slates will be replaced at no cost. THRUTONE COLOURISATION The Thrutone colourisation system is a multi-stage process, incorporating water-based coatings and ensuring a highly durable surface finish. COLOUR GUARANTEE Tegral Building Products Ltd guarantee the Thrutone colourisation system for a period of 20 years. The slates will be affected by weather as described below and will take on a more matt appearance over time. However, when the roof is viewed from a reasonable distance, the slates will continue to show their generic colour appearance. If Rivendale slates fail to give their generic colour appearance within the 20-year period, then an on-site treatment to the affected area(s) will be applied free of charge. This guarantee does not affect consumers' statutory rights. WEATHERING On exposure the slate surface and/or its coating will be affected by weathering which may vary with site location, aspect, pitch of roof and duration of exposure. Any deterioration in this respect shall not detract from the mechanical and physical characteristics as specified in the standard or from the function of the slate as a durable element.

PACKAGING Tegral Rivendale slates are delivered covered with a cardboard hood and polythene shrink-wrap on timber pallets. Slates are strapped in bundles of 15. SITE WORKING Rivendale slates are designed so that fixing is relatively easy. However, as with all double-lap slating, it is important that the methods set out in Tegral's Slating Manual and in the Irish and British Codes of Practice are followed to ensure a neat and weatherproof roof. Where it is essential to cut Rivendale slates, they can be scored and snapped over a straight edge. Remove cement dust to prevent unsightly staining on slates on courses below. TREATMENT OF LEAD Patination oil should be applied immediately to all lead surfaces to reduce the possibility of staining of Rivendale slates. STORAGE Rivendale slates must never be allowed to become wet while stacked prior to fixing. They should be stored indoors or under cover and in all original factory packaging, to provide temporary protection until they are to be used. If outside storage is unavoidable, it must be for a short period only, in which case remove all original packaging and divide up the bundles within each pallet, leaving small gaps between them. This will allow air to circulate, avoiding the risk of efflorescence staining. Stack off the ground and cover with a well-secured good tarpaulin. DENSITY Rivendale slates have a minimum density of 1750kg /m3. FIRE The slates are designated Class O for Part B of the Building Regulations, meaning their usage on roofs and walls is unrestricted. When tested in accordance with BS 476: Part 3, they achieved an EXT SAA designation; under BS 476: Part 6, they achieved an index rating of less than 12 and a sub-index less than 6; and under BS 476: Part 7, they achieved a Class 1 rating.

EXPOSURE TO WIND-DRIVEN RAIN The exposure rating of the site should be estimated from the Tegral Slating Manual or from Codes of Practice. Account should be taken of the local landscape, hill or coastal factors and the particular features of the building. Please contact Tegral's Technical Services Department for further information. HEALTH & SAFETY A Health & Safety data sheet or COSHH sheet is available from the Technical Services Department through [email protected], or by writing or telephoning the appropriate address below. All current Health and Safety regulations should be followed when working with Rivendale slates. Foot traffic on slate roofs should always be avoided. FURTHER REFERENCE For further information on fixing and for a guide to the terms used in this literature as well as technical details please refer to the Tegral Slating Manual or contact the Technical Services Department at [email protected]

Available from

Tegral Building Products Website: Technical support email: [email protected]

Tegral Building Products Ltd. Athy, Co. Kildare Tel: +353 (0) 59 863 1316 Fax: +353 (0) 59 863 8637 email: [email protected]


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