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The Teijin Group at a Glance

Business Segments Fibers and Textiles Textile Fibers b Stable-profit business Industrial Fibers b Strategic business Trading and Retail b Stable-profit business Strategies Ratios to Net Sales and Operating Income Sales Convert from emphasis on market share to emphasis on profitability Strengthen position as full line supplier of industrial fibers Pursue Group premiums

23.2% 55.0%

Operating Income

Films and Plastics Films b Stable-profit business

Reconfigure the business structure through developing strategic merchandise and reducing costs Become the largest supplier of polycarbonate resin in the growing Asian markets



Plastics b Strategic business

Pharmaceuticals and Home Health Care Pharmaceuticals b Strategic business Home Health Care b Strategic business

Expand business scale through proactive investment of resources Strengthen position as comprehensive supplier of home health care

10.4% 45.7%

Machinery and Engineering

8.2% 10.5%

New Products and Other Businesses IT Services b Strategic business New Businesses and Others

Implement a top niche strategy

5.9% 10.1%


Main Products

Brand Names

Polyester fiber Meta-aramid fiber Para-aramid fiber Carbon fiber Polyvinyl chloride fiber Artificial leather

Tetoron TEIJINCONEX Technora, Twaron BESFIGHT Teviron Cordley

Polyester film Polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) film Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resin PEN resin Polycarbonate resin Solvent cast polycarbonate film Plastic LCD film substrate

Tetoron film Teonex film Teonex resin Panlite PURE-ACE ELECLEAR

Treatment for severe infectious diseases Treatment for osteoporosis Expectorant Treatment for psoriasis Medical-use pressure swing adsorption oxygen concentrator Continuous positive airway pressure ventilator Precision equipment Aircraft equipment Hydraulic equipment Textile and industrial machinery Plant engineering Fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) composite vessels

Venilon® Bonalon®, Onealfa® Mucosolvan® Bonalfa® Hi-Sanso/Mildsanso AutoSet T, AutoSet S


Package software Content for mobile phones Super-high-molecular-weight porous polyethylene film



Teijin's Business Segments

Fibers and Textiles

Attractive, high-quality materials for fashion and industry

Teijin Fibers, which was spun off as the core company of the Textile Fibers Business Group in April 2002, coordinates with Teijin's global production network and outstanding product development capabilities to offer an extensive lineup of high-quality products that centers on polyester fibers, including those for textiles used in such areas as fashion, functional materials, and automotive interiors. One recently developed product attracting substantial attention for its high potential is MORPHOTEX, a nanotechnology-based structurally colored fiber. Wide-ranging applications of MORPHOTEX are anticipated, not only for fashion textiles used as filament yarn, but also for pigments as cut-fiber. Always responding to society's needs, Teijin Fibers developed the world's first polyester chemical recycling system. By expanding its lineup of high-quality, low-environmental-load products, Teijin Fibers is committed to contributing to a more recycling-conscious society in a variety of ways. The Industrial Fibers Business Group is primarily responsible for Teijin's high-performance paraand meta-aramid fibers as well as industrialuse polyester fibers, carbon fibers (Toho Tenax

Co., Ltd.), artificial leather (Teijin Cordley Limited), and monofilaments (Teijin Monofilament Limited). The group takes advantage of the lightness, strength, heat-resistance, and other characteristics of these fibers to cultivate applications worldwide in a wide range of areas. With demand for para-aramid fibers expanding sharply, the group completed expansion of its production facilities for Twaron, the leading such fiber, which were put into operation in 2003. Such activities will better position Teijin to respond to the needs of customers and contribute to future growth. This group is also proactively engaged in R&D both domestically and overseas. In 2003, the group established its new Technology Center Europe at Teijin Twaron in the Netherlands. By orchestrating the combined strength of the Industrial Fibers Business Group, the new center will further promote the development of new technologies and products. The Fiber Products Marketing Business Group centered on NI Teijin Shoji is in charge of Teijin's textile and apparel trading and retailing operations.

"Harmonate"--Theme of Third NI Teijin Shoji Materials and Apparel Exhibition In November 2002, the Third NI Teijin Shoji Material and Apparel Exhibition was held in Tokyo and Osaka under the "Harmonate" theme, which evokes the concept of harmony between humanity and nature. Approached from the perspective of "friendly to the earth, friendly to people," a wide array of displays was exhibited, sorted into the four categories of Ecology, Beauty, Relaxation, and Comfort. Through these exhibits, NI Teijin Shoji demonstrated the wide-ranging features of its businesses. Takii Corporation Becomes a Teijin Subsidiary NI Teijin Shoji is based on converter functions, planning, production, and sales activities for fiber products. To assemble a framework capable of seamless upstream-to-downstream linkage, NI Teijin Shoji has partnered with apparel company Takii Corporation, making it a subsidiary, to collaborate on domestic knit goods production districts, strengthen its brand appeal, and fine-tune its apparel business operations. We will further enhance Takii's position in the apparel industry by combining cuttingedge merchandising ingenuity and a strong sales force with a focus on the licensed brands of Pierre Cardin (knit goods) and Avagolf as well as Takii's very own Coco and Coco Voyage brands.


Tetoron (Polyester fiber)

A representative synthetic fiber produced for the first time in Japan by Teijin and Toray Industries, Inc., in 1958. Very strong, yet easy to care for, Tetoron is found in a broad range of applications, including apparel, industrial, and consumer uses.

PARADOX (ultralightweight) ACLINER (sweat-absorbent, quick drying) PERMA-FRESHY (sweat-deodorizing treatment) THERMOCOMPO W (thermal-insulation treatment)

rubber reinforcements, asbestos replacement, linear tension members, and composites.

Meage (Artificial leather)

Artificial leather based on ultrafine fiber. Used in sporting goods, clothing, interiors, and automobiles.

Technora (Copolymer type para-aramid fiber)

Developed by Teijin's own technology and commercially produced since 1987, with a unique combination of high tensile strength, compression/tension fatigue resistance, and heat and chemicals resistance. Technora is marketed for rubber reinforcements, ropes, protective gears, sails, printed circuit board substrates, and cement and plastics reinforcements.

LOELE (Artificial leather)

Artificial leather made from special polyester/nylon fiber and aqueous polyester resin. Used in sporting goods, sundry goods, and interiors.

· Staple Fibers

Chemitac Series (antibacterial, deodorizing) LUNAFACE (piloerectile) ESCUSA (lightweight, gloss) WELLKEY (sweat-absorbent, quick drying) Calnava (lightweight, fleecy) Mightytop II (antibacterial, tick-repellant) WARMAL (far-infrared insulation) ELK (high-elasticity structure)

Main Brands · Textiles/Filament Yarns

WAVERON (anti-ventilation, softness) WELLKEY (sweat-absorbent, quick drying) PROTENON (pressure-resistant, sterilization) TRIXION (worsted, stretchable) SWEATSENSOR (sweat-absorbent, quick drying) Bulcotty (lightweight, worsted) AEROCAPSULE Series (lightweight) CALCULO (sweat-absorbent, quick drying) REXE AD (stretchable, deep coloration) Rapia Series (antistatic) CORTICO (sweat-absorbent, quick drying, dry touch) PAXY (soft mélange tone) Milpa (worsted tone) SILDOME (tussah silk tone) ANANCIO (powder touch) Conjunc (deep coloration, silk wool) FIBRIT (fibril touch and look) Consoff (worsted tone) Rochet (high resilience) T (silky fabric) CUBEX Series (high-density, three-dimensional steric fabric) WINDBARRIER (wind protection) CONDENIER (noncoated moisture-permeable, waterproof fabric) MICROFT Series (water-repellant, lightweight, high-density woven fabric) TRIPLEDRY (sweat-absorbent, quick drying, dry touch)

BESFIGHT (Polyacrylonitrile (PAN)-based carbon fiber)

First mass-produced by Toho Tenax in 1975, this state-of-the-art fiber offers superior properties, including high tensile strength and tensile modulus and outstanding heat resistance. Used widely in such fields as aerospace, sports, and leisure, as well as for civil engineering and industrial applications.

PEN Fiber

High-performance polyester fiber. Superior to PET fiber in terms of strength, modulus, heat resistance, dimensional stability, and chemical resistance. Used in such rubber products as tires, transmission belts, and high-pressure hoses.

· Environment-Friendly Fibers

ECOPET (recycled fiber) Heavy-metal-free polyester SUPER EXTAR (flameproof) SUPER EXTAR SAFLAME (nonhalogenated flameproofing) MORPHOTEX (self coloring fiber)

TEIJINCONEX (Meta-aramid fiber)

Developed by Teijin's own technology in 1971. Excellent heat and flame resistance, suitable for fire-fighter turnout gear and work uniform wear for electric power, gas, petroleum, and petrochemical plants. Also employed in critical areas such as aircraft seating fabrics and blankets. Long-term heat resistance durability is effective for high-temperature dust collecting filters, rubber reinforcements, and automotive molding parts.

Protective clothing made with Twaron MORPHOTEX, self coloring fiber Takii's main licensed brand, Pierre Cardin

Twaron (Para-aramid fiber)

A high-modulus, high-tensile-strength, and high-impact-resistance fiber. This business was acquired from Acordis in 2000. Twaron is one of the leading para-aramid fibers in the world and marketed into wide applications: ballistics,


Teijin's Business Segments

Films and Plastics

Advanced films and plastics offering strength and adaptability

In January 2000, Teijin integrated its films operations, which center on PET film, with those of DuPont of the United States, to form a global joint venture with operations in seven countries, including Teijin DuPont Films Japan Limited. The joint venture is the world's largest film manufacturer in terms of production capacity and market share and thus enjoys a considerable competitive edge. Teijin's PET film, which has broad applications in industrial use and advanced magnetic media, has seen particularly sharp growth in demand from manufacturers of displays and digital equipment and related supplies, reflecting the rapid expansion of the information equipment sector. PEN film, a proprietary product that continues to earn praise for its outstanding performance, is used extensively as a base film in digital video cassettes (DVCs), data storage and other advanced magnetic media, and in Advanced Photo System (APS) films, and will soon be newly put to use in a number of cutting-edge digital equipment applications. Teijin also continues to develop and bring to market new processed products. We have developed a silicone mold releasing film with a

surface treatment that uses advanced chemical technologies and is applied to PET film in a clean environment. The film is currently used in digital equipment and medical applications. Teijin's polycarbonate resin--manufactured and sold by the Teijin Chemicals Group-- continues to enjoy firm demand for use in advanced optical discs, as well as for applications in the electronics and electrical fields, owing to its outstanding optical characteristics. Polycarbonate resin is also compounded with glass fiber or other resins to produce a variety of materials with diverse additional functions. These materials are used in mobile phones, laptop computers, and other information and communications devices, as well as in audiovisual devices, such as CD and DVD players. In addition to PET resin for bottles, Teijin Chemicals' plastics operations also encompass PEN resin, demand for which is increasing sharply for use in school cafeteria dishware. Electronics-related products that are currently marketed by the company include PURE-ACE, a solvent cast polycarbonate film used in LCDrelated products, and ELECLEAR, a plastic substrate made with PURE-ACE.

Teijin Accelerates Film Development with Relocation of Research Center to Gifu Factory The R&D unit of Teijin DuPont Films Japan that was formerly located in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture, was relocated, along with its testing plant, to Gifu Factory in April 2003. The facility was newly launched as the R&D center of a global joint venture in films. Faced with such market forces as the everincreasing speed of technological advancement and the shortening of product life cycles, the company is uniting its production and development functions by situating its R&D center in close proximity to its primary manufacturing plant as it strives to increase development speed and accelerate the introduction of new products.


Tetoron Film, Melinex Film, Mylar Film

PET Resin for Bottles

Highly transparent, strong, and impermeable to gas. Typically applied to beverage bottles.

(PET films)

Core products in the Teijin Group's films business. Applications in industrial fields include displays, dry photo resists, thermal printer ribbons, magnetic cards, color overhead transparency films, and laminating films for beverage cans, while applications in the magnetics field include video and audio tapes and floppy disks. Teonex Film (PEN film) A next-generation film, stronger, more rigid and more heat resistant than PET film. Popular for use in a growing number of applications, including long-playing magnetic tapes, highdensity magnetic tapes, film for APS, small heatresistant capacitors, and electrical insulation. Purex Film (Coated film) Mainly used as a releasing material in the manufacture of semiconductors, LCDs, printed circuit boards, ceramic capacitors, and medical applications. Panlite (Polycarbonate resin) An engineering plastic noted for its excellent heat and impact resistance. Also highly transparent. Popular in a broad range of applications, including electric and electronic components, CDs and DVDs, precision equipment, automobiles, and construction materials. Panlite Sheet (Polycarbonate sheet) Valued for its excellent transparency and heat and impact resistance. Applications under development in such areas as construction materials and automotive glass substitutes. A leader in the market for thin, high-quality sheets, it is benefiting from rising demand for use in electric and electronic components.

PEN Resin

A transparent resin with excellent gas barrier, anti-hydrosis, heat resistance, and ultraviolet (UV)-shielding properties. Has been under development for such applications as returnable bottles and others. PURE-ACE (Solvent cast polycarbonate film) Outstanding optical properties--the absence of foreign substances within the film and a uniform thickness--suit this film to applications in the optical field. Its integrated production, from flow-casting to stretching, make it suitable for use in LCD-related products, such as optical compensation film and plastic substrates, as well as an increasing number of other applications. ELECLEAR (Plastic LCD film substrate) Manufactured with optical isotropic polycarbonate film and featuring an oxygen and steam barrier coating and clear conductive finish. Plastic LCDs are popular for use in pagers, mobile phones, and personal digital assistants because of their light weight, thinness, and resistance to breakage.

Beverage cans coated with laminating film Data storage tapes made with Teonex film Electronic equipment made with polycarbonate resin Returnable PEN bottles Mobile phones made with PURE-ACE and ELECLEAR


Teijin's Business Segments

Pharmaceuticals and Home Health Care

Products and services that contribute to health and a better quality of life

Teijin's pharmaceuticals and home health care operations date back nearly 30 years. Since then, the Company has pursued independent research as well as cooperative programs with leading organizations in Japan and abroad to strengthen its specialized capabilities. In 1982, Teijin became the first company in Japan to offer home oxygen therapy (HOT). The Company has also brought to market more than 10 innovative pharmaceuticals in three therapeutic areas: respiratory ailments, cardiovascular metabolism disorders, and bone calcium metabolism disorders. These include Bonalon®, an osteoporosis drug; Venilon®, an intravenous immunoglobulin preparation for treating severe infectious diseases; and Mucosolvan®, a mucolubricant used as an expectorant. In 1996, Teijin established its own nationwide direct sales network for pharmaceuticals. The Company has created a nationwide home health care network of six sales companies and 80 offices staffed by dedicated employees, through which it provides aroundthe-clock HOT equipment rental services and other services, contributing to a better quality

of life for patients with respiratory disorders. Through these offices, Teijin has also started offering rentals of equipment for diagnosing and treating sleep disorders. Teijin was the first in Japan to market SAFHS® (Sonic Accelerated Fracture Healing System), a supersonic bone fracture treatment device. Following the implementation of a new nursing care insurance system in Japan, Teijin has established a nationwide network of visiting nursing units. Teijin is reinforcing its R&D capabilities by entering into licensing agreements with leading overseas organizations. The Company is also taking steps to build a global R&D network. These include establishing a clinical testing facility in Princeton, New Jersey, in the United States. In response to revisions to Japan's national health insurance system, which reduced financial assistance for medical treatment, Teijin is also working to enhance efficiency and position itself to respond better with effective health care in a rapidly aging society.

Teijin Launches Revolutionary New Oxygen Concentrator, Hi-Sanso 3C Seeking to substantially alleviate the burden on patients suffering from chronic respiratory failure who require HOT, Teijin has introduced its new Hi-Sanso 3C, the world's smallest home oxygen concentrator, boasting the industry's lowest level of operating noise as well as energy conservation features and new humidifying functions. Teijin is proactively promoting the new product by capitalizing on the "3C" in its name, which refers to the "Compact" 3R unit, the "Convenient" new humidifying functions, and the "Comfortable" peace of mind afforded by its use. There are 100,000 to 110,000 users of oxygen concentrators in Japan and the figure continues to rise as Japan's elderly population continues to expand. The majority of patients use their concentrators throughout the entire day, and Teijin's Hi-Sanso 3C has been highly praised for its low noise level, which allows users to get a good night's sleep, its ease of installation even in cramped quarters, and its energy efficiency, which enables savings on electricity of 40% to 60%.


Venilon®-I (S-sulfonated human immunoglobulin) Ethical drug. Intravenous human immunoglobulin preparation for treating severe infectious diseases. Bonalon® Tablet (Alendronate sodium

Solmiran® (Ethyl icosapentate) Ethical drug. Microcrystalline capsule-form treatment for arteriosclerosis. Saliveht® Ethical drug. Artificial saliva. Antup® R (Transdermal preparation of

AutoSet T Automatically adjusting CPAP ventilator. Adjusts the amount of pressure applied to the patient's airway according to need. Morpheus® (Biodata Monitor) A lightweight, compact light diagnostic unit for sleep apnea syndrome (SAS) with a high degree of precision in respiratory monitoring. SLEEPMATE® (Positive pressure ventilator) Positive pressure ventilator for sufferers of SAS with a comfortable mask that ensures stable pressure and prevents breathing lapses, permitting uninterrupted sleep.

PULSOX®-M Series (Portable pulse oximeter) Oximeter used for measuring arterial oxygen saturation and pulse rate. SAFHS® (Sonic Accelerated Fracture Healing


The world's first bone fracture treatment device to use pulsed ultrasound.


Ethical drug. Treatment for osteoporosis. Onealfa® Tablet and Solution (Alfacalcidol) Ethical drug. An active form of vitamin D3, used in the treatment of osteoporosis. Bonalfa® Ointment, Cream, Lotion, and High

isosorbide dinitrate)

Ethical drug. Transpiration patch for patients with ischemic heart disease. Bolheal® Ethical drug. Biogenic tissue adhesive. Teiroc® Injection (Alendronate sodium

Ointment (Tacalcitol)

Ethical drug. An active form of vitamin D3 for treating psoriasis. Laxoberon® Solution and Tablet (Sodium


Ethical drug. Bone resorption inhibitor, therapeutic agent for hypercalcemia. Anact® C (Freeze-dried human activated


Ethical drug. Laxative. Mucosolvan® Tablet, Solution, Syrup, L Capsule and Dry Syrup (Ambroxol hydrochloride) Ethical drug. Mucolubricant used as an expectorant. Spiropent® Tablet and Granules (Clenbuterol

protein C concentrate)

Ethical drug. For congenital protein C deficiency. Hi-Sanso/Mildsanso® Series (Therapeutic oxygen concentrators for HOT) These units provide a highly concentrated oxygen supply to patients suffering from chronic respiratory failure. Sansosaver® (Oxygen demand valve device) Equipped with a highly sensitive pressure sensor and microcomputer, this unit delivers oxygen only when the patient inhales. This minimizes oxygen wastage during exhalation and prolongs the length of time the unit can be used. NIP NASAL® (Bi-level positive pressure


Ethical drug. Long-acting bronchodilator. Therapeutic agent for stress incontinence. Atrovent® (Ipratropium bromide) Ethical drug. Anticholinergic prophylaxis for bronchial constriction; mucus inhibitor. Rhinocort® (Beclomethasone dipropionate) Ethical drug. For the treatment of allergic rhinitis, adhering to the mucous membrane. Aftach® (Triamcinolone acetonide) Ethical drug. Topical preparation in a covering agent for the treatment of aphthous stomatitis. Salcoat® (Beclomethasone dipropionate) Ethical drug. Spray-type drug for the treatment of stomatitis.

Hi-Sanso 3C oxygen concentrator NIP NASAL® bi-level positive pressure ventilator Bonalon®, an osteoporosis drug


Small, portable continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) ventilator for patients suffering from chronic or acute respiratory failure that delivers two set pressures through a comfortably fitting nasal mask to assist breathing and stimulate the expulsion of carbon dioxide.


Teijin's Business Segments

Machinery and Engineering

Bringing value-adding technologies together to enhance reliability

This segment centers on subsidiary Teijin Seiki, a machinery manufacturer, which is expanding its operations from precision equipment and aircraft and oil hydraulic equipment to textile and industrial machinery. In the area of precision equipment, Teijin Seiki is cultivating operations in such promising areas as precision reduction gears for industrial robots and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, three-dimensional and optical modeling equipment for complex molding, high-performance heat control devices, and digital logging systems for call centers. We are also working to promote such new products as intravacuum transfer devices for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, vacuum pumps, and elevator hoists. In aircraft and hydraulic equipment, Teijin Seiki supplies oil hydraulic actuators for navigating instruments and other products to leading global aircraft manufacturers. In the oil hydraulic equipment sector, Teijin Seiki is known for its specialized oil hydraulic motors for power shovels and is currently developing applications for its highly competitive technology. Textile and industrial machinery operations focus on environment-friendly packaging, and

brisk growth in sales of automated packaging machinery is expected. In the area of textile machinery, Teijin Seiki, Toray Engineering Co., Ltd., and Murata Machinery Ltd. established a joint venture, TMT Machinery Co., Ltd. The transfer of operations was completed in April 2003. Teijin Seiki also officially concluded a contract with Nabco for the integration of the two companies' businesses and it is now preparing for Nabtesco Ltd., a new holding company to be established in September 2003. By leveraging both companies' core technologies, the new company will strive to be the world's largest manufacturer of motion control system equipment for use with air, land, and marine transportation. This segment also includes plant engineering, measuring instruments, a compact high-pressure canister used in HOT systems and for fuel tanks in natural-gas-powered vehicles, and products for environmental and safety-related fields. These operations are the business of subsidiary Teijin Engineering Limited, which is promoting the development of next-generation technologies. In addition, Teijin Eco-science Limited offers environmental analyses of dioxins and other toxins.

Teijin Seiki introduces lightweight, impactresistant drive unit for wind-power generators Wind-power generation continues to gather attention as a clean energy source as efforts to reduce environmental impact gather greater momentum. Teijin Seiki has developed and brought to market a drive unit for wind-power generators that leverages its proprietary reduction gear mechanism. While the product features superior torque and deceleration that surpasses those of traditional drive units, it is also compact and lightweight. In addition, the superb durability and impact resistance of the unit will help make wind power a far more reliable source of electricity generation. With this new drive unit, Teijin Seiki will establish a foothold with which to expand its operations in the fields of energy conservation and the environment.


Precision Equipment and New Businesses

Precision equipment Teijin Seiki manufactures precision reduction gears for industrial robots for the world's top names in robotics, and boasts cumulative shipments in excess of one million units to date. Capitalizing on the high rigidity and precision of these products, the company is expanding applications for these reduction gears in such areas as machine tools, industrial equipment, and semiconductorrelated equipment. Optical modeling system This category includes a revolutionary three-dimensional and optical modeling system that facilitates fully automated modeling based on computeraided design (CAD) data. To reinforce its marketing capabilities for this system, Teijin Seiki integrated all related operations at subsidiary CMET Incorporated. Others Other products in this category include vacuum pumps, vacuum equipment, and digital logging systems. Marketing efforts focus on high-growth industries. · Principal products: High-precision reduction gears and actuators, elevator hoists, threedimensional and optical modeling systems, vacuum equipment, heat pipes, and digital logging systems

construction and other uses and the advanced level of its technologies is widely recognized. Teijin Seiki has established a joint venture for these products in Shanghai, in the People's Republic of China, which is producing strong results on the strength of its infrastructure work. The company is also developing applications for these products in such areas as loading equipment and road construction equipment. · Principal products: Aircraft equipment (flight control systems, engine/fuel accessories, oil hydraulic equipment, constant speed drive units for power generation, electronic devices, aerospace equipment), oil hydraulic motors for construction equipment, swing oil hydraulic motors, various types of hydraulic motors for winches, and drive units for wind-power generators

Plant Engineering

This segment also includes commission-based engineering and construction of manufacturing facilities for such products as synthetic fibers, nonwoven fabrics, film, film coatings, and pharmaceuticals, as well as automated systems for steel pipe finishing, food processing, production of artificial organs, and medical equipment. Teijin Engineering also responds to customer needs for clean air-conditioning and cogeneration systems. · Principal products: Various types of large production equipment, measuring equipment, automated systems, and other

Ultressa (FRP composite vessels)

Lightweight and safe, these high-pressure vessels, which incorporate aerospace technology, are manufactured by SCI and imported and marketed by Teijin Engineering. Typically used in respiratory devices and other life-support systems, including oxygen supply equipment and natural-gas-powered automobiles. Environmental Analysis Services Consulting services provided by Teijin Ecoscience. Analysis of dioxin and other toxins in the environment, as well as soil and groundwater assessment.

Textile and Industrial Machinery

Textile machinery Teijin Seiki supplies customers worldwide with advanced integrated textile manufacturing systems, comprising spinning machines, take-up machines, and draw-texturing machines. Industrial machinery This category comprises automatic packaging machines, primarily for food products, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. With needs increasing for more environmentally sound disposable food packaging, demand for these products is growing from a variety of industries, including manufacturers of pet food. · Principal products: Spinning machines, takeup machines, various types of automatic packaging machines, multiforming machines, and machine tools for constant velocity joint processing machines

Aircraft and Oil Hydraulic Equipment

Aircraft equipment: Teijin Seiki supplies major aircraft manufacturers, such as The Boeing Company and the Cessna Aircraft Company, with oil hydraulic actuators for flight control and a wide range of other products, and it is gradually expanding its presence in the privatesector market for such equipment. Hydraulic equipment: Teijin Seiki supplies oil hydraulic travel motors for excavators for

Precision equipment for highperformance industrial robots State-of-the-art optical modeling system High-speed automatic packaging machine


Teijin's Business Segments

New Products and Other Businesses

Advanced, original system solutions and state-of-the-art materials

Teijin's IT Business Group centers on Infocom, which went public on the Japan Securities Dealers Association Automated Quotations (JASDAQ) market in March 2002. Infocom has positioned several key areas as core businesses. These include backbone systems for mobile phone businesses, mobile network solutions, content services such as mobile phone ringing tone melodies, and the knowledge management solutions needed to implement the "e-Japan" initiative. The company is also responding to needs related to hospitals and integrating health care solutions and mobile Internet technology to enable users to send graphics to mobile phones for emergency use. Infocom is also constructing call center systems using voice recognition technologies and expanding its scope of activity in mobile and network solutions to take an active role in the ubiquitous society. We are also working to establish bioscience solutions as a major source of future revenue. In the field of ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion) evaluation of drug kinetics, we provide outsourced testing services, and are marketing ADME test data administration systems and simulation software. In the

United States, we have established an ADME joint venture through which we are expanding business operations. Teijin's New Business Development Group is working to expand into new fields of business. Teijin Solufill Limited, which markets the special engineering films Solufill and Solupor, will commence production in Japan in October 2003. Solufill is a highly advanced film, consisting of ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene and ceramic powder. It is used in the manufacture of multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) as well as in other electronics materials. Solupor features excellent chemical stability and durability as well as minute filtration and is suited to battery separators, membrane filters, and other applications. Teijin Advanced Films Limited, a joint venture with Asahi Kasei Corporation established in April 2003, has launched an Aramica film business. A highly advanced halogen-free film with superb rigidity and heat resistance, Aramica fulfills the needs of electricity isolation materials used in electronic circuit boards.

Commencement of Comprehensive Music Portal Site for NTT DoCoMo Inc.'s i-mode cellular phones Infocom boasts top-ranking ringer melody sites for Japanese mobile phone carriers J-PHONE and KDDI. To further augment its content service business and meet user demand, in October 2002, the company expanded these services to NTT DoCoMo's imode as well. The service works on a pointbased account system, and in addition to downloadable ringer melodies, it provides a comprehensive music portal site where subscribers can also search for and purchase music CDs and concert tickets. With this new service, Infocom has established a strong base for expansion into mobile commerce.

Ringer melody site for mobile phones

Comprehensive music portal site for mobile phones


Mobile and Network Solutions

Pit Bull Series The Pit Bull Series provides a secure Internet platform that protects Web servers from such dangers as unauthorized content copying and data leakage.

Info Lib

A digital library compiling system that enables the efficient use of all digital data.

Data Center Services

Outsourcing service tailored to individual customer needs. EOIP (Everything Over IP) A network outsourcing service that provides allencompassing comprehensive support for multinational corporations.

Aramica (Para-aramid film)

Engineering film made of polyparaphenylene terephthalamide. Features superb rigidity; heat resistant and halogen-free. Applied to electricity isolation materials.


A digital forms system that is compatible with forms output from nearly any platform.

divine Participant Server

A Web site content tool that enables authorized persons to create and update content from a browser.

Health Care Solutions iRad Series

A cooperative support system ranging from total system development for radiology through efficient administration of medical imaging.

Solupor/Solufill (Super-high-molecularweight porous polyethylene film)

Engineering film with a molecular weight of 5 million to 7 million. There are two types available: Solupor, with high microporosity and toughness achieved through two-way drawing and Solufill, kneaded with inorganic substances. Marketed by Teijin Solufill mainly for electronics-related industries.

CTI and Voice Recognition Solutions Show N Tel

A computer telephone integration (CTI) system development tool that is compatible with voice recognition, voice synthesis, voice-print recognition, and other cutting-edge tools.


A hospital discharge and medical records administration system.

Bioscience Solutions Debra

A pharmacokinetic studies data administration system that is specially developed to suit the needs of ADME drug kinetic testing.

Speech Mania

A voice recognition engine for telephones that enables voice recognition dialog with a computer.

Telephone Transfer System

An automatic telephone dialing system using a voice recognition engine.


A database system that supports the administration and analysis of proteome data .

Emergency Call

A communications system that uses telephones and the Internet to provide both emergency contact and safety confirmation in the case of disasters and other emergencies.

SIB Database

A proteomics database system.


A support system for medical histories and dosage and administration instruction for hospitalized patients and outpatients of pharmacies.

Knowledge Management Solutions Livelink

A collaboration support system that promotes teamwork operations not only with file sharing, work flow, and database search features, but also file management technologies.

Content Services Ringer melody services:

Mechamelo Mukigen, Mechamelo, Melochaku Club 15 Yen, P-Melo, and other. Karaoke services: Mechakara and Melokara Club-40 Yen Ticket sales: Ticket Navi Fan Club support: Fan Navi CD sales: CD eShop

NEOSS digital forms system Mechakara karaoke service for mobile phones iRad-IA medical image support system

My Quick

A network filing system with high-speed full document search functions.


Teijin Group Organization

(As of July 1, 2003)

Advisory Board Board of Directors TRM Committee Board of Auditors Group Board of Auditors President & CEO CSO CRO CESHO CTO CMO CFO CHO CIO

Business Unit


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Management Committee Corporate Officer Meeting Human Resources Committee Group Compliance & Operational Risk Management Committee Group ESH Committee Group PL & QA Committee Technological Strategy Meeting Group CMO Commitee Pension Funds Investment Management Committee Public Relations & Investor Relations Committee Group Diversity Development Committee Group IT Committee

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Teijin Intellectual Property Center Limited Teijin Entech Co., Ltd. Teijin Creative Staff Co., Ltd. Teijin Holdings USA Inc. Teijin Holdings Netherlands B.V. Teijin Logistics Co., Ltd. Teijin Finance Limited

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Teijin Twaron B.V. Toho Tenax Co., Ltd. DuPont Teijin Advanced Papers (Japan) Limited

Fiber Products Marketing

NI Teijin Shoji Co., Ltd.

Business Group

Films Business Group Teijin Films Limited Teijin DuPont Film Teijin DuPont Films Japan Limited DuPont Teijin Films U.S. Limited Partnership DuPont Teijin Films U.K. Limited DuPont Teijin Films Luxembourg S.A. Plastics Business Group Teijin Chemicals Limited Teijin Polycarbonate Singapore Pte Ltd. Medical & Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Research,

Global Joint Ventures

Pharmaceutical Business Group

Business Unit

Development & Technology Division

Pharmaceuticals Marketing Division

Home Health Care

Home Health Care Research,

Business Unit

Development & Technology Division

Home Health Care Marketing Division Machinery & Engineering Business Group


Chief Executive Officer Chief Strategy Officer Chief Risk Management Officer Chief Environment, Safety & Health Officer Chief Technology Officer Chief Marketing Officer Chief Financial Officer Chief Human Resources Officer Chief Information Officer

Teijin Engineering Limited Teijin Seiki Co., Ltd. IT Business Group Infocom Corporation



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