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REGULAR MONTHLY SHOOTS: 4TH WEEKEND Tejas Pistoleros' Shoots are normally held on the 4th Saturday and the following Sunday of each month. December will be an exception if Christmas Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday. Registration will open by 8:30am. The Shooter's Meeting starts at 9:15am and THE SHOOT starts at 9:30am. Club Members are encouraged to arrive early (by 8:30am) on Saturday to help setup the stages. As SAFETY is always our first priority, first time CAS Shooters to our range are strongly encouraged to arrive early in order to attend a brief but MANDATORY Range Orientation/Qualification Course. Shoot Fees are $10.00 per day for Members and $20.00 per day for Non-Members. The Tejas Pistoleros' Range is located 4 miles due west of Eagle Lake, Texas on the South Side of Hwy 90A. Look for the Tejas Pistoleros sign and the flags at the gate. PRACTICE DAY & NEW SHOOTER TRAINING: THIRD (3rd) SATURDAY OF EACH MONTH The range at Eagle Lake is reserved for a PRACTICE DAY for both Club Members and Guests from 10:00am - 4:00pm on the 3rd Saturday of each month. The following day (Sunday) will be a work day for range maintenance when scheduled. Range Fees are FREE of CHARGE for Members and $10.00 per day for Non-Members. Even though Range Fees are FREE to members, they are encouraged to make a "voluntary donation" to the Range Maintenance Fund. Instruction and training in Basic CAS Fundamentals and the Posse System is available and FREE of Charge to both Members and Guests. CAS Club Timers will also be provided. Although the training is specifically tailored to the New Shooter, old hands in need of a refresher course are also encouraged to participate. And for you "hot dogs" and "fast guys", here's your chance to get even better! A 200-yard long-range is also available at no extra charge! WINTER HOURS: SEPTEMBER THRU JANUARY EXCEPTIONS The winter months of SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER, NOVEMBER, DECEMBER, and JANUARY include hunting season, and Deer Lease Hunters will be on range property from before daylight until 10:00am and from 4:00pm until dark. The SHOOTERS MEETING will start at 10:30am, and the SHOOT will start at 10:45am in SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER, NOVEMBER, DECEMBER and the 1st weekend in January. NO ONE IS TO ENTER THE MAIN GATE BEFORE 10:00AM ON EITHER PRACTICE DAY OR MATCH WEEKEND DURING THE MONTHS OF SEPTMEBER, OCTOBER, NOVEMBER, DECEMBER, AND THE 1ST WEEK IN JANUARY.

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Recommended references that will shorten the learning curve for new shooters and improve the skills of those who have been around awhile include: (a) The Posse System (available as a download on this web site) (b) The Top Shooter's Guide to Cowboy Action Shooting by Hunter Scott Anderson aka Bounty Hunter (available from SASS Mercantile on the SASS Web Site & Cowboy Chronicle. Also available on Video, parts I & II) (c) The SASS RO Level I Course (also available as a download on the SASS Web Site) (d) Other excellent web sites on Basic CAS Training and firearms information include: STRICT SASS SAFETY RULES APPLY AT ALL SHOOTS!

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