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USB Digital Receiver

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Software Lincese Agreement Introduction Package Contents Quick Start System Requirements Special mark: CPU Performance and Instruction Notice 01 06 07 07 08 08

Software Installation and Connect your USB Digital Receiver 11 The PC can not find your USB Digital Receiver Opteration Panel - Controls & indicators Tune your USB Digital Receiver Preset Favorite Services Adjust the Volume Recording from your USB Digital Receiver Turn off your USB Digital Receiver Frequent Ask Questions ( FAQ ) Specification 21 24 26 31 34 35 36 37 39



This USB digital receiver is designed for the entertainment of listening DAB ( Digital Audio Broadcasting ) radio on your PCWith this latest technology you will enjoy the benefits of crystal clear and interference ­ free sound quality of digital radio An add-on device for USB Digital Receiver on your PC and Notebook. Bundle with dabMate M1 to enable the DAB radio features on your PC. Auto / Manual scan the available ensembles Preset the favorite services Record the radio content simultaneously Signal strength indicator & Volume control scroll wheel One button Mute / Record function Full radio information display screen. The lowest budget of product to enjoy the DAB excitement and the radio information Easy installation & compact design


Package Contents

Please check and confirm the following items are included. USB Digital Receiver USB Extension Cable Installation CD- ROM User's Manual

Quick Start

Insert the program CD-ROM into the CD ROM drive of your PC to complete the installation Plug your USB Digital Receiver into a USB port on your PC or via the USB cable enclosed. Fully extend the telescopic aerial to a good position for the best reception. Click the "Start" Button on the Windows Taskbar Select "Programs" on the Menu, then select the Folder" dabMate M1" The Operation Panel shows on your PC screen. When turn on your USB Digital Receiver for the first time, press the " " button to search all the available Ensembles in

your location. Click the desired "Ensemble Name" to display all the services that comprise the Ensemble.


Click the "Service Name" to select the desired service. If necessary. adjust the Volume control Wheel to a desired level. For your Favorite services, Click " " button once to store it.

System Requirements

CPU : INTEL Pentium 4 processor 1.2GHz and above : INTEL Celeron 1.7GHz and above : AMD Sempron K8 and above : 256MB and above : Microsoft Windows XP, service pack 2 : 100MB : USB 2.0 high speed : Stereo speakers : system compatible sound card

Dynamic RAM Operation System HD free space USB port Speaker Sound Card

Special Remark: CPU Performance and Instruction Notice

SSE2 stands for streaming SIMD [Single Instruction Multiple Data] Extensions II. It is the new technology & key component that boosts CPUs' performance, for the stability of this digital receiver and the potential of future upgrade. Before installation, make sure the CPU of your PC supports SSE2. Please refer to the following list for your reference.


CPU for Intel series Name Pentium 4 Pentium 4 Pentium 4 Pentium 4 Pentium 4 Pentium 4 Pentium D *Pentium M **Xeon ***Celeron D ****Celeron ****Celeron 1.7G Revision A A B C E E Instruction Sets SSE/SSE2 SSE/SSE2 SSE/SSE2 SSE/SSE2, HT SSE/SSE2/SSE3, HT Pins 423 478 478 478 478

SSE/SSE2/SSE3, HT, XD, EM64T 775 SSE/SSE2/SSE3, HT, XD, EM64T, 775 dual core SSE/SSE2 SSE/(SSE2) SSE/(SSE2/SSE3) SSE/SSE2 SSE 478 478 PGA370

*Centrino is based on Pentium M **Xeon supports SSE/SSE2, PIII Xeon and PII Xeon do not support ***Celeron D supports SSE/SSE2/SSE3, earlier version of Celeron ***package does not support ****Celeron in 478-pin package version 1.7 and 1.8 GHz support ****SSE/SSE2 ****Celeron in 478-pin package version 2.0 to 2.80 GHz support ****SSE/SSE2 ****Celeron Processor for the PGA370 Socket up to 1.40 GHz supports ****SSE only, but not SSE2


CPU for AMD series Name Athlon XP Sempron Sempron Athlon 64 Athlon 64 Athlon 64 FX Athlon 64 X2 Codename K7 K7 K8 K8 K8 K8 K8 Instruction Sets SSE/3DNOW SSE/3DNOW SSE/SSE2/3DNOW 64bit,SSE/SSE2/3DNOW 64bit,SSE/SSE2/3DNOW (SSE3) 64bit,SSE/SSE2/3DNOW (SSE3) Pins 462 462 754 754 939 939

64bit,SSE/SSE2/SSE3/3DNOW, 939 dual core

- 10 -

Software Installation and Connect your USB Digital Receiver

Note : This software REQUIRES the original CD to be present to install, or re-install, the product.

Make sure to plug your USB Digital Receiver into a USB port on your PC or via the USB cable enclosed. 1. 2. Insert the Program CD into CD ROM drive. The setup window will automatically appear. Press the "INSTALL" button to execute the installation of "dabMate M1" automatically


Before running dabMate M1, the following programs are required to be installed in your PC: DirectX ® Intel ® IPP .NET Framework ®

- 11 -


The" DirectX ® Redistributable License Agreement " window appears. Click on "Yes" if you want to install DirectX ®


The location to place the extracted file window appears. Please type the destination folder then press "OK". The setup status windows appear.

- 12 -


The "Microsoft .NET Framework ® set up" window appears. Press "OK " if you want to install the .NET Framework ®. Then the setup status windows appear.

- 13 -


The "dabMate M1 Installer " window appears. Click "Next" .


The "License Agreement " window appears. If you want to install the "dabMate M1", select " I Agree" then click "Next" .

- 14 -


The " Choose Destination Folder" window appears. Click "Next" , if you want to install the dabMate M1 to the default folder. If not, change the folder by clicking the "browse" button, then choose a folder from the dialog pops up. Choose the user type who will use this computer. " Everyone" or "Just Me". Then click " Next"


The "Confirm Installation" window appears. Click "Next" to execute the installation.

- 15 -


The installation status window appears.


The "Complete Installation" window appears. Click "Close" to complete the installation.

10. 11.

Remove the cap of your USB Digital Receiver. Directly plug your USB Digital Receiver into a USB port on your PC or via the USB cable enclosed.

- 16 -


The "Found New Hardward Wizard" windows appear. I To search the software from the Hardware installation CD, Select "No, not this time." and click " Next".

II To install software from the Installation CD, Select "Install the software automatically (Recommended)" and then click " Next".

- 17 -


The " Hardware Installation" window appears, click" Continue Anyway" to continue the installation.


The "Installing" window appears.

- 18 -


"Found the New hardware Wizard" window appears. Click " Finish" to complete and close the "Found New Hardware Wizard" window.


Fully extend the telescopic aerial to a good position for the best reception

- 19 -


Click the "Start" button on the Windows Taskbar


Select "Programs" on the Menu. Then select the Folder "dabMate M1".


The Operation Panel shows on your PC screen.

- 20 -

If you can't see above graphic user's interface, which means the driver is not installed properly, the driver installation wizard will show as below.

The PC can not find your USB Digital Receiver

This wizard will guide you to install the device driver of USB Digital Receiver on your PC

Please plug in your USB Digital Receiver dongle on USB 2.0 port

Install Driver. Find "USB Digital Receiver" on Device Manager window

- 21 -

Right click on "USB Digital Receiver" And select "Update Driver"

Select (Advanced) Install and click "Next"

Select "Search removable media" Be sure the dabMate Installation CD is in CD ROM

Click on "Continue Anyway"

- 22 -

If install unsuccessfully, you will see below window, which means your PC may not support USB2.0 host which is an essential requirement for this device, please check with your retailer for more information.

- 23 -

Operation Panel - Controls & Indicators


Main Screen: Display all the DAB information i.e. ensembles , services, DLS etc. Ensemble Window: Display the available ensembles after scanning Service Window: Display all the services that comprise the ensemble Signal Strength Indicator: Indicate the reception signal strength Volume Control Wheel: Adjust your desired volume level

2. 3. 4. 5.

- 24 -


Operational Buttons: Exit the operation panel Minimize the operation panel About /Help To scan all the available ensembles in your location / To turn the volume to mute or on To record the program simultaneously while your are listening To select optional functions i.e. manual scanning ,favorite services Clear the exiting services stored in the memory To store your favorite services for future quick access

Caution: Do not disconnect the USB Digital Receiver before the Operation Panel is closed, it might cause the system hang up improperly.

- 25 -

Tune your USB Digital Receiver

Tuning for the first time When turn on your USB Digital Receiver for the first time, press the " " button to search all the available ensembles in your location. Full scan the available services 1. Press " 2. Press " " button to fully scan all the available services. " button to stop scanning.

- 26 -

Ensembles/Services available in your area 1. On the "Ensemble" window, Click the desired "Ensemble name" to display all the services that comprise the ensemble on the left screen

2. The first service on the list shown on the "Service" window is selected to playback. The service name shows on the main screen. 3. If you want to select a service, on the "Service" window, click the desired " Service name" to listen.

- 27 -

4. The available ensembles and services are stored and shown in alphanumeric order. No Service Available If there are no services can be scanned during the auto tune, " No Service Available" is shown on the main screen.

Dynamic Label Service ( DLS) If the DLS information is available, it shows on the main screen. If not, it shows " NO DLS"

- 28 -

Manual tuning your USB Digital Receiver to a desired ensemble directly Press " " button repeatedly to the "Manual" screen on the Ensemble window. Select the desired Channel frequency (5A, 5B~13C,13D, etc ) to manually scan the ensemble that you want to listen.

Quit your USB Digital Receiver Click " " button to exit the dabMate M1. Minimize your USB Digital Receiver panel Click " Panel " button to minimize dabMate M1

Click the " " icon on the Windows Taskbar to restore your dabMate M1 panel

- 29 -

Help information Click " " button to get the help information about your USB Digital Receiver and dabMate M1.

Clear the ensemble from the list On the Ensemble window, select the "Ensemble Name" that you want to delete from the list, then press " " button and click " OK" on the dialog window pops up to confirm.

- 30 -

Preset Favorite Services

Preset favorite services If you want to add the current listening service to your favorite list Press Favorite " " button once to add your favorite service to the Favorite list.

The favorite ensembles or services are stored and listed in alphanumeric order. Recall a previous preset station Press the " " button repeatedly to the "Favorite" screen on the Ensemble window. It shows all the ensembles of your favorite services which you have stored.

- 31 -

On the Ensemble window, select the ensemble of your favorite service On the Service window, select your desired service to listen. Delete a previously preset station Press the " " button repeatedly to the "Favorite" screen on the Ensemble window. It shows all the ensembles of your favorite services which you have stored..

On the Ensemble window, select the ensemble of the service which you desire to delete. On the Services window, select your desired service on the list

- 32 -

Press " " Button and click "OK" on the dialog window pops up to confirm.

- 33 -

Adjust the Volume

Click the volume control wheel to adjust your desired volume level ( Turn to the Right to increase the volume and to the Left to decrease the volume) Click the " " button to turn the volume to mute

Click the "

" button to turn the volume back to on

- 34 -

Recording from your USB Digital Receiver

Caution: The recording quality may be effected in the result from low signal.

Click the " " button to begin the recording of the current listening services Create a file name in the destination folder that your want to save the recording program

It starts recording and on the display screen you will see the counter of the recording length Click the " " button again to stop recording

Go to the assigned file folder and double click on the file to playback the recorded program

- 35 -

Turn Off your USB Digital Receiver

Press Exit " panel. " Button to close the dabMate M1

Unplug your USB Digital Receiver from your PC.

- 36 -

Frequent Ask Questions ( FAQ )

Q1: How to improve the audio quality while listening ? The result may be caused by several factors, please check following steps for a better audio quality. 1. If you are using a notebook, try to move it to different location, in order to make sure that you are not in a poor signal area. If you are using a desktop PC, try to install this receiver to other PCs, in order to make sure that you are not in a poor signal area or, Try to adjust the aspect of the aerial or, Try different USB slot or, Try to connect this receiver by enclosed USB extension cable, which will assist you to locate the aerial for a better signal Maybe try another set of the PC speaker


3. 4. 5.



Why dabMate software can NOT find the receiver ? 1. Some PCs equip USB slot on front panel which quality may not be stable, therefore please try the USB slot on back side panel Check the status of the driver in following root : START ­ MY COMPUTER ­ ( click the right button of mice ) ­ PROPERTIES HARDWARE ­ DEVICE MANAGER ­ UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS CONTROLLERS find USB DIGITAL RECEIVER


- 37 -

if not, or see " " mark, please remove the improper one then reinstall the device driver in the CD ROM ( refer to the steps on pg. 21 of the user's manual )


Why there occurs the audio lag while listening if many application programs are running at the same time ? 1. 2. This is due to the performance management of your operation software, try to close few programs that you are not running, it will improve the problem.

- 38 -


DAB ( digital audio broadcasting ) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Compliant RF Frequency Range Receiving sensitivity Transmission mode Audio decoding mode Channel decoding Decoding capability RF input connector Fully compliant to ETSI EN 300 401 ( Eureka ­ 147 ) Band III : 174 ~ 240MHz Band III: - 98dBm ( Labortary) Four modes with auto detection, I, II, III, IV Mono, dual mono, stereo, joint stereo Single channel decoding Audio service : up to 384Kbit/s 50ohm RF SMA connector

USB ( universal serial bus ) 1 PC interface USB 2.0 high speed

General information 1 2 3 4 5 6 Operation system CPU Memory No external power required Operational temperature Dimension & Weight Windows XP service pack 2 Intel Pentium 4 1.2GHz & above Intel Celeron 1.7GHz & above AMD Sempron K8 & above 256MB & above DC 5V± 5% by USB port 0 ~ 45 ºC 8.6 x 4 x 1.6cm / 60g

- 39 -



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