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Lexan* ULG* 1003 Sheet

Product Datasheet


Lexan*ULG* 1003 is a transparent lamination grade offering excellent optical properties for lamination with glass in mainly symmetrical security glazing panels. · Can be specified to match specific levels of threat. · Excellent optical clarity.

Typical Property Values

Property Physical Density Water Absorption, 24 hours Optical Light transmission (depending on gauge) Distortion# Mechanical Tensile stress at yield, 50 mm/min. Tensile stress at break, 50 mm/min. Tensile strain at yield 50 mm/min. Tensile strain at break 50 mm/min. Tensile modulus 1mm/min. Flexural stress at yield 2 mm/min. Flexural modulus 2mm/min. Hardness H358/30 Charpy Impact, notched## Izod impact, notched ## Thermal Vicat Softening Temp, Rate B /120 HDT, 0.45 MPa Thermal Conductivity Coeff of Linear Therm. Expansion Thermal Index Flame characteristics Oxygen Index

# ##

Test Method



ISO 1183 ISO 62

g/cm3 mg

1.20 10

ASTM D1003 DIN 52305-A-AZ


84-90 pass

ISO 527 ISO 527 ISO 527 ISO 527 ISO 527 ISO 178 ISO 178 ISO 2039/1 ISO 0179/2c ISO 180/1A

MPa MPa % % MPa MPa MPa MPa kJ/m² J/m

60 70 6 120 2350 90 2300 95 35 850

ISO 306 ISO 75 ASTM C177 DIN 53752 UL746B

°C °C W/m°C m/m°C °C

145 138 0.20 7x10-5 100

ASTM D 2863




Passing DIN 52305-A-AZ requirements for 2.5 - 8 mm gauge. In-house tested Trademarks of General Electric Company

GE Plastics Specialty Film & Sheet

Chemical Resistance

Although Lexan*ULG* 1003 is resistant to most mineral oils, greases, aliphatic hydrocarbons and acids under low or moderate stress levels, we strongly recommend testing of applications where the product will come into contact with these or other aggressive chemicals. For asymmetrical configurations where the Lexan surface will not be bonded with glass, we advise to apply our 1-side hard coated product Lexan* Margard* HLG5 and HLGA3.

Optical Properties

The optical qualities of Lexan ULG 1003 are the result of constant research in order to provide the best values. This is ensured by in-house testing of Lexan sheets in 2.5-8 mm thickness according DIN 52305-A-AZ which specifies optical requirements for glazing in vehicles. During the optical control phase, Lexan ULG 1003 sheets are examined against a special background, called image magnification, for proper identification of optical imperfections. Our internal manufacturing specifications are under constant supervision of our ISO 9002 approved Quality Management department.


Glass/Lexan security glazing panels can be produced using different systems for bonding purposes. The autoclaving process is the most common method of laminating glass and Lexan sheets by means of a polyurethane based interlayer. The differences in thermal behavior between glass and polycarbonate require a sufficient thick interlayer in order to avoid a high stress level. The glass surface needs to be primed for better bond strength with the polyurethane film; contact between primer and Lexan must be avoided. To avoid air-inclusions, it is recommended to place the construction in a vacuum bag with constantly measured negative pressure of .9 bar during the lamination process. A different way of bonding glass and Lexan ULG 1003 is to cast a polymer between the different substrates. During the polymerisation process, adhesion takes place between glass and Lexan glazing.

Ripple Orientation

Ripple orientation may play an important role in the optical performance of the sheet. This direction is indicated on the sheet masking.


For cleaning instructions consult the following guidelines. · Do not use abrasive or highly alkaline cleaners. · Never scrape the sheet with squeegees, razorblades or other sharp instruments. · Do not clean Lexan ULG 1003 sheet in hot sun or at elevated temperatures. · For removal of paints, marking pens, inks, lipstick, labels, stickers etc. the use of kerosene, naphta or white spirits is generally effective. · Afterwards, a warm final wash should be made, using a mild soap solution and ending with a thorough rinsing with cold water.

Product Availability

Product code : Standard size : Thicknesses : Standard color:

) Different

ULG *1003 sheet 2050 x 3050 mm 2.5 ,3,4,5,6,8,9.5 and 12 mm 112 (clear)

colors and dimensions can be made available by prior arrangement for ULG *1003. Such arrangements may affect prices and/or conditions of sale. Americas: GE Plastics Specialty Film & Sheet One Plastics Avenue Pittsfield, MA 01201 USA Tel. (1) (413) 448 7110 Fax. (1) (413) 448 7506 Europe: GE Plastics Specialty Film & Sheet Plasticslaan 1 4612 PX Bergen op Zoom The Netherlands Tel. (31) (164) 292742 Fax. (31) (164) 293272 Pacific: GE Plastics Specialty Film & Sheet 1468 Nanjin Road (W) 26th Floor, United Plaza 200040 Shanghai China Tel. (86) 21 3222 4500 Fax. (86) 21 6289 8998 For more information call: (800) 451-3147 Visit us online at: ©2005 General Electric Company All Rights Reserved

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