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September 2011


Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Tel Aviv Number 25 September 2011

At Lampret's under the Kremzarica. Source: Photo: Tomo Jesenicnik

First official visit of Slovenian Prime Minister to Israel

The first visit of a Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia to the State of Israel took place in July. PM Borut Pahor visited Israel aiming to strengthen the bilateral, especially economic relations and also multilateral relations between Slovenia and Israel. The visit focused on bilateral cooperation as well as on exchange of views on the Middle East peace process and on the current developments in south Mediterranean. Talks between Slovenian Prime Minister Borut Pahor and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu concentrated on bilateral cooperation at the political, economic, tourist, transport, development and science and technology levels, multilateral cooperation and EU relations. Prime Minister Pahor met President Shimon Peres, opposition leader Tzipi Livni, and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman. Relations between tions could be strengthened in the fields of economy (trade, investments, tourism), science, technology and development cooperation. Despite the traditionally positive bilateral relations in the economy, trade remains average. In 2010, Israel held the 31st place on the list of Slovenian major foreign trade partners and is Slovenia's major economic partner in the region. In 2010, trade increased significantly, accounting for EUR 132.8 million, while trade in services was worth EUR 28.9 million. Both countries also expressed common interest in humanitarian and development projects. Prime Minister Pahor also met Palestinian and Israeli businessmen, attended the opening of the Israeli-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and met the representatives of the Council of Religious Institutions of the Holy Land.

Prime Minister of Slovenia Borut Pahor and Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. Source: PM Office. Photo: Nebojsa Teji / STA Slovenia and the State of Israel are positive and traditionally friendly. The two countries have developed a diversified and intensive collaboration. Their rela-

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September 2011

Prime Minister Pahor met President Peres

Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia Borut Pahor met with President of the State of Israel Shimon Peres. The main theme of talks was largely the global economic crisis. The Prime Minister and the President also exchanged views on the impact of the current financial crisis. Prime Minister presented to President Peres his impressions of the last European Council, pointing out his satisfaction with a consensus among member states. He emphasized his hope that the crisis ends and assistance to other countries will not be necessary. President Peres presented Israel's development orientation in the fields of research, medicine and high technology. The interlocutors also discussed the situation in the Middle East and exchanged their views on the peace process.

Prime Minister of Slovenia Borut Pahor and President of Israel Shimon Peres Source: MFA. Photo: Oren Cohen

Prime Ministers Pahor and Netanyahu met in Jerusalem

Prime Minister Borut their long-term dispute by mises instead of "unilateral Pahor and his Israeli counter- meeting the necessary con- impositions by one-sided part Benyamin Netanyahu ditions for well-intentioned resolutions in the UN". highlighted the importance negotiations and thus conThey also debated bilatof direct bilateral negotia- tribute to peace and stability eral relations, in particular tions for resolving the Israeli- in the entire region. economic cooperation. Both Palestinian conflict, as they Netanyahu hopes that agreed that hi-tech, tourism met for talks on the first day Israelis and Palestinians can and the possibilities that the of Pahor's visit to Israel and "proceed in direct negotia- port of Koper could offer to the Palestinian territories. Pahor moreover said that the advice he can give to Netanyahu is that "a bit of courage and political good will" will be needed to reopen negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians an experience he gained from resolving the border dispute between Slovenia Prime Minister of Slovenia Borut Pahor and Prime Minister of and Croatia. Israel Benjamin Netanyahu at the Press Conference The Israeli prime minister Source: PM Office. Photo: Nebojsa Teji / STA told the press that he found the Slovenian experience tions as the really effective Israeli companies were the very instructive for the task and the most promising most promising areas for awaiting Israel with its Pales- course for peace". However, boosting economic ties. Netanyahu praised the tinian neighbours. He agreed he voiced disagreement with that there was no substitute the Palestinian plan to call relations, explaining that for direct negotiations in for recognition of Palestine trade between the two resolving disputes, which is at the September UN Gen- countries soared by 60% to why he would wish to learn eral Assembly session. Ac- EUR 132m in 2010. He added cording to him, peace has that he would like to see from Slovenia's case. "to come from the inside" by trade with Slovenia and the Pahor was confident that agreeing to mutual compro- EU expand even further in the two sides could resolve the future. "I know that you have an excellent port ... and we are eager to see how much we can expand our possibilities there," he told Pahor, who assured him that the Koper port "can provide all the facilities necessary" for reaching the EU markets. Touching on hi-tech, Pahor explained that Slovenia and Israel would like to establish student exchange programmes, while Netanyahu would like to see cooperation strengthen with "the excellent" medical faculties in Slovenia. They praised the beauties of both countries, while Pahor invited Israeli investors along with the tourists to come to Slovenia to help develop its infrastructure in tourism. Moreover, he would welcome "also investments in other spheres of economic life in Slovenia," as it needs foreign capital to help boost the economic growth, which is not as strong as in Israel at the moment.

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September 2011

PM Pahor Launches Israel - Slovenia Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Slovenian Prime Minister Borut Pahor launched in Tel Aviv a newly established Slovenian-Israeli Chamber of Commerce, as part of his three-day visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories. He highlighted the importance of foreign investments for Slovenia. "Slovenia is too small to finance such rapid development on its own" and must attract foreign investments, Pahor said, adding that Slovenia was trying to get strategic investors who do not plan only to profit quickly and leave. He stressed that Slovenia was a politically, economically and socially stable country, offering opportunities for investments in many different fields, where Pahor pointed especially to tourism and invited the attendants of the launch to Slovenia. Already at his working lunch with Israeli and Palestinian business representatives in Jerusalem, Pahor noted that the planned withdrawal of the state from the economy in Slovenia was a great opportunity for foreign investors. The chairman of the new and Israel before. According to Dotan, the Slovenian-Israeli Chamber of Commerce will strive to provide favourable conditions for economic ties between the two countries and look port of Koper as its gateway to the European market, which was also on the agenda of Pahor's talks with his Israeli counterpart Benyamin Netanyahu.

Prime Minister Pahor: 'The many similarities between Slovenia and Israel are a good basis for the strengthening of economic relations between the two countries'. Ambassador Boris Sovic, Prime Minister Borut Pahor and Chairman of Israel-Slovenia Chamber of Commerce and Industry IsraelDror Dotan Source: MFA. Photo: Oren Cohen chamber, Dror Dotan, of the Israeli investment group IDB meanwhile pointed out that although the chamber was set up only now due to red tape, its members had been active in promoting business relations between Slovenia for opportunities for cooperation, but it will also try to set up a direct airline link between Slovenia and Israel. Slovenian Ambassador to Israel Boris Sovic pointed to the opportunities for Israel's economy in choosing the Ambassador Sovic thus stressed that Israeli goods could reach their destination in Europe up to four or five days earlier through Koper compared to other European ports.

Meeting with the Israeli-Palestinian Chamber of Commerce

During the visit in Israel Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor met at the American Colony hotel in Jerusalem with the leadership of the IsraeliPalestinian Chamber of Commerce and Palestinian and Israeli businessmen. At a working lunch with Israeli and Palestinian businessmen those present agreed that it is essential to bring people together through the economy, not politics. Prime Minister Pahor pointed out that "relationships that will encourage confidence are important, because in this way it is possible to create a climate in which it will be possible to get a political agreement between the two sides." Later on the businessPrime Minister of Slovenia Borut Pahor, Ambassador Boris Sovic, Head of Representative office in Ramalla Igor Pogacar, men presented the business Diplomatic Adviser to the Prime Minister of Slovenia Marko Makovec, Honorary Consul Eival Gilady, Representatives of Isra- environment to the Slovenian Prime Minister. They all eli-Palestinian Chamber of Commerce, Israeli and Palestinian eliBusiness People agreed that the key to build Source: Photo: Nebojsa Teji / STA friendly relations is to restore mutual confidence.

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September 2011

Cooperation in the field of Tourism

During the official visit of the Prime Minister Borut Pahor to Israel, the Slovenian ambassador to Israel Boris Sovic and Israel Minister of Tourism Stas Misezhnikov, in the presence of the Prime Minister Borut Pahor and Israeli Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Avigdor Liberman, signed a Memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of the Economy of the Republic of Slovenia and the Ministry of Tourism of the State of Israel on cooperation in the field of tourism. Guided by a common States as well as for the promotion of mutual understanding between the two nations, with the purpose of establishing a basis for further development of tourist exchanges between the Republic of Slovenia and the State of Israel on the principles of equality and mutual benefit, the Signatories have agreed that they will according to their competence, Ambassador Boris Sovic, Prime Minister Borut Pahor, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Liberman strengthen and promote cooperation in the field of and Minister of Tourism Stas Misezhnikov Source: MFA. Photo: Oren Cohen tourism in accordance with the existing legislation in the desire to develop and the two States, conscious of two States and treaties in strengthen cooperation in the importance of tourism force for both States. the field of tourism between for the economy of both

Meeting with the Council of Religious Institutions in the Holy land

As part of his visit to Is- wishes, with truth and rec- make an important contriburael the Prime Minister of onciliation also playing an tion to creating a positive the Republic of Slovenia important part, said the reli- atmosphere for conflict resoBorut Pahor met with repre- gious leaders. In their opin- lution. sentatives from the Council ion, these elements should In their view, Slovenia's of Religious Institutions of be included in any solution experience in resolving disthe Holy Land (CRIHL). The Council includes the Holy Land's senior Jewish, Muslim and Christian community representatives. Prime Minister Pahor welcomed the meeting since they are important religious leaders that have a particularly important influence on their respective communities in the Middle East. The CRIHL representa- PM Pahor, Ambassador Sovic and the members of the Council Institutions in the Holy land tives thanked the Prime Min- of Religious Office. Photo: Nebojsa Teji/STA Source: PM ister for this opportunity and the chance to present their to the Israeli-Palestinian con- putes with its neighbour, views on the peace process flict. Croatia, is a good example of which has to date failed to In their view, Jerusalem's conflict resolution. Prime include them to a sufficient status is vital. By stressing Minister Pahor encouraged extent. peaceful coexistence and the leaders to draw up a The commitment to cohabitation between differ- joint call to end all violence peace is the meeting point of ent communities they can and engage in peace negoall human intentions and tiations as soon as possible, so as to create a positive atmosphere which would, in turn, enable the finalisation of a political agreement. Such a call would be a way Participating at the meeting with the Prime Minister Pahor: Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar, Director General of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel Oded Wiener, advisor to the Chief Rabbinate on interfaith affairs David Rozen, Bishop, Archbishop Aris Shirvanian, Minister of the WAQF Mahmoud Habbash and Deputy Minister of the Waqf Salah Zuhaika. for the religious leaders to be included in the peace process. The leaders welcomed the Prime Minister's suggestion. He also invited them to visit Slovenia to build on the initiative.

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September 2011

"Slovenia Today" Magazine Uniting Slovenians Abroad

The Government Office for Slovenians Abroad presented the successful launch of a magazine for the Slovenian diaspora called "Slovenija danes" (Slovenia Today), which seeks to inform and establish links among Slovenians living outside their homeland. The monthly magazine, which already looks back on six successful issues, focuses on events in Slovenia, interviews, commentaries as well as the learning of the Slovenian language. According to State Secretary Boris Jesih, the target readers are not so much Slovenians living in neighbouring countries, as they are already relatively well informed of developments in Slovenia, but above all communities living outside of Europe and in former Yugoslav countries. An important supplement to the magazine, that is part of it. The head of the "Slovenia Today" project Marko Stijepic told the press that the mostly limited to local groups. The goal is to "connect Slovenians from around the world on a shared platform", he said. Editor Blanka Markovic Kocen added that the wish was also to do away with stereotypes about Slovenians abroad - that they are mostly older, fond of polka music etc. "We forget about the numerous acclaimed Slovenian scientists and entrepreneurs," she stressed. This is why the magazine also has a lot of business content, presenting people who have successfully made their way around the world in this field. According to Markovic Kocen, readers like the concept of the magazine and are responding very well.

Mount Triglav Source: Photo: K. Kunaver lished by Domus, is its website and above all the web community portal (http:// w w w . s l o v e n i j a portal was the next step in bringing together Slovenians abroad following initiatives on Facebook, which are

Prehistoric Pile Dwellings Listed as UNESCO World Heritage

The international bid, UNESCO has put a num- their lake-homes on wooden platforms and piles driven in featuring 111 small individber of prehistoric pile dwellings in six countries around the Alps, including in Slovenia, on the World Heritage List at the 35th session of the World Heritage Committee in Paris, the Culture Ministry said. Participating in a nomination entitled Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps together with Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria and Italy, Slovenia included two prehistoric pile-dwelling Ljubljana - Trnovo Pier sites in the Ig municipality Source: Photo: D. Wedam near Ljubljana in the bid. The Ljubljana Marshes the soggy ground. Scientists ual sites, encompassed the used to be home to settlers say the koliscarji lived there remains of prehistoric pileknown as "koliscarji" ("kol" approximately around 3,900 dwelling settlements around meaning a pile), who built BC. the Alps, built from around 5000 to 500 B.C. on the edges of lakes, rivers or wetlands. Excavations in some of the sites have provided insight into life in prehistoric Alpine Europe and the way communities interacted with their environment. The settlements are wellpreserved and culturally rich archaeological sites which constitute one of the most important sources for the study of early agrarian societies in the region. Until now, the only Slovenian site included in the UNESCO World Heritage list has been the Skocjanske jame caves in the southwestern Kras region.

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September 2011

Slovenia to Pay EUR 342M in New Euro Mechanism

Slovenia will pay EUR 342m in the new permanent mechanism to help indebted euro countries, Finance Minister Franc Krizanic said after EU finance ministers reached agreement on the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) in Luxembourg. Slovenia will pay the money by five installments of just over EUR 68m each, the first right after the treaty comes into effect, the Slovenian finance minister said after the meeting that agreed the wording of changes to the Lisbon Treaty needed to create the fund. With a loan potential of EUR 700bn, the ESM will replace the existing European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) in 2013; EUR 80bn will be in paid-in capital and EUR 620 in callable capital. Out of EUR 80bn, Slovenia gent conditions that the recipient country would have to accept as is the case for the aid Greece, Portugal and focused on participation by the private sector with the ministers agreeing this should be exclusively on a voluntary basis and in a way that credit rating agencies recognize as voluntary too. "Once 95% of the member states in terms of capital join in, the first installment will have to be paid soon and then the other four in the following five years to the total of 342 million euros for Slovenia." Member states' shares had been agreed earlier: at 0.428% Slovenia's is slightly below the one for the EFSF. By referring to its below-EU-average development, Slovenia secured a 12year arrangement for the lower share.

Ribnica Source: Photo: Matej Vranic will pay in 342m. The mechanism will be applicable based on strinIreland are now receiving from the EFSF. Krizanic said that debate

Slovenian Banks Pass EU Stress Tests

Slovenia's state-owned in Ljubljana that the state, adding that there is "quite NLB and NKBM banks have which holds more than 50% some interest" in the NLB. passed EU-wide stress tests of NLB, had launched an inTalks are underway with aimed at checking their resil- tense round of talks with Belgian financial group KBC, ience to another financial private investors in a bid to the second-largest NLB crisis - although the former secure a capital hike for the did so only barely. The European Banking Authority (EBA), which carried out the checks, found that the two banks, which control around 45% of the Slovenian market, had sufficient core capital to deal with another recession and a sovereign debt crisis, yet warned that NLB was in the "danger zone". NLB chairman Bozo Jasovic said the bank's performance in the Mislinja Valley Source: Photo: Tomo Jesenicnik tests did not come as a surprise, reiterating that the bank was working on ways of bank. Krizanic is confident owner with a 25% stake, but bolstering its capital ade- that Slovenia would succeed the government has also quacy. Finance Minister in securing private involve- allowed for the possibility of Franc Krizanic told the press ment in the recapitalisation, involving other private investors. While most reactions in Slovenia focused on NLB, the pass for NKBM did not go unnoticed by its chairman Matjaz Kovacic, who labeled it as confirmation that "we have taken the right business decisions at the right time". Unlike the NLB, which reported a record loss of EUR 202m for 2010, the NKBM has continued to operate with a profit, reporting net earnings of EUR 11.4m for last year, although it too has been hit by the decline in the country's construction sector. NKBM, which accounts for around 10% of the Slovenian banking market, had to make provisions and writeoffs of EUR 83m last year, compared to the NLB's EUR 477.3m.

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September 2011

Postojna Cave Welcomes 34-Millionth Visitor

One of Slovenia's main could send from the post tourist attractions, the office set up inside the cave. Postojna Cave, has received Marjan Batagelj, the genits 34 millionth visitor. eral manager of Postojnska The lucky guest from Italy received a special prize as a part of a promotion aimed at boosting the popularity of the vast Kras cave system with some 20 km of tunnels. Italian tourist Giuseppe Schippa, who visited the cave together with his family, was surprised with a luxurious cruise of the Mediterranean for two and got to sign his name in the VIP visitors' book. Postojna Cave The management of the Source: www.postojnskacave also awarded symbolic prizes to the two "lucky los- jama, said that visitor numers" who bought the tickets bers have been steadily inimmediately before and af- creasing this year: in the first ter the winner, while the quarter of the year, the comremaining visitors received a pany saw a 29% increase jubilee postcard, which they over the same period in 2010. The annual visitor numbers now stand at around 500,000, which is on par with the cave's heyday in the 1960s. Domestic tourists said Batagelj, who expects that the positive trends will continue. Postojna cave has recorded the visitors' statistics

In the first half of the year 2011, the most popular touristic destinations for Israeli tourists in Slovenia were Kranjska Gora, Bled, Ljubljana, Piran, Novo mesto and Rogaska Slatina.

have assumed top spot among visitors to the cave this year, leapfrogging Italians, Batagelj said. "We have invested a lot in promotion,"

since 17 August 1819, when Ferdinand I of Austria signed his name as the first official visitor to the cave.

Air India to Stop in Ljubljana on North America Flights

Ljubljana airport will Indian market and its fast via Ljubljana airport." serve as a stop over for growth, this is a big opportuNorth America flights of India's flag carrier under a memorandum of understanding that Air India signed with airport operator Aerodrom Ljubljana and Slovenia's airline Adria Airways in New Delhi. The main point of the document, signed as part of Prime Minister Borut Pahor's official trip to India, is that Air India will fly from India to North America and back with a stop over at Ljubljana air- Crni vrh cycling - Idrija port, Slovenia's flag carrier Source: Photo: Mirka Rupnik said. nity to increase passenger Adria Airways will get "Given the size of the and cargo transport volumes direct access to the Indian market and the US, while at the same time benefiting from extra passengers on the existing routes. The Indian carrier will in this way get passengers from the EU and use of the network of Adria Airways's flights. Aerodrom Ljubljana sees the deal as an opportunity to join airports offering intercontinental flights. "This cooperation will place us among important hubs in South East Europe and enhance our strategic role as a leading airport in the region for passenger and cargo transport," the airport operator stated.

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September 2011

Upcoming Trade Fairs in Slovenia


07.09-14.09.2011 Celje, Slovenia 06.10-09.10.2011 Ljubljana, Slovenia 08.11-13.11 2011 Ljubljana, Slovenia 26.01-29.01 2012 Ljubljana, Slovenia 06.03.-11.03.2012 Ljubljana, Slovenia 12.04-15.04.2012 Celje, Slovenia 15.05-18.05.2012 Celje, Slovenia 15.05-18.05.2012 Celje, Slovenia


44 International Trade Fair.

Largest Fair and business event in Slovenia.



Foreign Countries presentations, Telecommunication, Computer equipment, Education, Electrotechnics, Machines for wood and metal, Furniture, Textile Nutrition, Wellness & Exercise, Eco Home, Environment Furniture and Housing equipment, emphasis to the achievements of design The largest Tourism Event in the region

42nd Nature-Health. Products, activities and ideas for healthy life.

22nd Ambient Ljubljana. Furniture


31st Alpe Adria. Tourism and Leisure


50th Home Fair. International fair. 9th Logotrans Fair. Logistics and


Construction, Interior design products, Products for managing a home and its surroundings Transport equipment and devices, Warehouse equipment and devices, Sea, air and road traffic Enery Systems, Heating Systems, Cooling and Air Condition Systems Ecology, Environmental Protection

16th Energetics Fair. Energetics,

Sources of Energy, Energy Efficiency

9th EKO Fair. Water, Waste Water

and Waste Management, Water Air and Soil Conservation

Investment opportunities in Slovenia: Latest news

Information about Investment opportunities in Slovenia are available on-line. Logistics · 19.05.2011 Hangar · 18.05.2011 Ljubljana international airport development · 18.05.2011 Maritime passenger terminal · 17.05.2011 Luka Koper, Pier III · 16.05.2011 The new Divaca-Koper railway Special Property · 11.02.2011 Logatec Castle · 14.12.2010 Negova Castle · 10.12.2010 Pisece Castle · 09.12.2010 Gradac Castle · 08.12.2010 Dornava Manor · 07.12.2010 Rihemberk Castle Industrial property · 13.10.2010 Industrial Property Development - Production of Biode· · · · · · · gradable and Compostable Materials Holiday destination 29.09.2010 The Revitalization Of Rimske Terme 14.09.2010 Livade Resort, Business And Residence Centre 03.09.2010 Kolpa River Welness & Spa Resort 26.08.2010 Rimski Vrelec 25.08.2010 Dolenjske Toplice 13.08.2010 Slovenia's Coast 11.08.2010 Benedikt Thermal Spa Resort Financial 24.09.2010 apitalska druzba, d.d. (KAD) & Slovenska odskodninska druzba, d.d. (SOD) Energy 04.04.2011 ain Development Projects of Soske elektrarne Nova Gorica d.o.o. · 20.09.2010 Concentrated Solar Power Cooling Technology (CSP) · 01.09.2010 Reconstruction of Trbovlje Thermal Power Plant - TET 3 · 31.08.2010 Middle Sava River Cascade · 27.08.2010 Kozjak Pumped Storage Plant Health care · 15.09.2010 Selection Of National Development Projects Real estate · 10.08.2010 Residential & business building Situla, Ljubljana · 16.08.2010 Kozolci Residential Development, Kranj · 12.08.2010 Fairytale castle in Polzela · 10.08.2010 Residential & business building Situla, Ljubljana · 02.08.2010 Eda Center, Nova Gorica



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September 2011

Hannah Senesh Memorial Parachuting in Prilozje airport near Metlika in Bela Krajina

Four parachuters of Slovenian Ministry of Defense together with four parachuters of The Israeli skydiving Association performed memorial jump from the Slovenian Air Force Pilatus PC6 type aircraft on 17th July on sport airport in Prilozje near Metlika. The event celebrated 90. years from the birth of Hannah Senesh. Hanna parachuted into Bela Krajina in March 1944 together with Reuven Daphni, Aba Berdichev and Yona Rosen as a British soldier from the Mandate Palestine. The group was welcomed by Slovenian Partisans and their Commander in Chief, Franc Rozman Stane and was then escorted on their further mission to Croatia. Partisan Dr. Maks Snuderl documented the meeting with the group from Palestine in his diary. The event was organized by Honorary Consul of The State of Israel to Slovenia, Mr. Roman Lisac and Mensch International Foundation with respective support of the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Hungary - Ambassador Darja Snuderl's diary about the meeting with the group from Palestine were read, local woman choir performed partisan songs and and are the core of Slovenian Parachute Team, which represents the Republic of Slovenia and the Slovenian army on civil and military

Slovenian team Pilot Colonel Blaz Pavlin, Gorazd Lah, Matjaz Pristavec, Peter Balta and Maja Sajovic. Israeli team Dar Nahum, Yariv Vershavski, Asaf Arbel and Elinor Veber. Symbolically there was a female parashuter in each of the teams.

Slovenian and Israeli team, Mayor of Metlika, Combatants, guests and author of the article Photo: Mirjana Adlesic Bavdaz Kuret and Mr. Milos Kuret. Mrs. Renata Brunskole, Mayor of Metlika and Member of Slovenian Parliament, opened the event and Mr. Tit Turnsek, vice president of the League of Combatants of Slovenia also addressed the public. Notes from Maks the Senesh's Eli, Eli was performed by Ana and Janez Premk. Special guest of the event was Hanna's nephew, Mr. Eitan Senesh, Chairman of The Hannah Senesh Legacy Foundation. Slovenian paratroopers are members of the Parachute school department

competitions of all ranks from the cup competitions to world championships. From the beginning of this unit almost 16 years ago, Slovenian paratroopers wins Champions League titles and medals in several disciplines in individual or team competitions. Maja Kutin

Life time award to film director Menachem Golan

Israeli film Director Mr. Menahem Golan received a lifetime achievement award at the 7th Slovene film festival "Grossmann's fantastic film and wine" in Ljutomer. This year's festival's guests of honour were the great Sir Christopher Lee and Menahem Golan, both receiving Lifetime achievement awards Grossmann's Vicious Old Cat. Sir Christopher Lee and Menahem Golan in Ljutomer Source: Photo: Tanja Ristic The award was given to Mr. Menahem Golan by the president of the Vicious Cat jury Dinko Tucakovi. A special Q&A with Mr. Golan was held at Ljutomer's Culture house, where the audience heard many interesting insight stories from the director himself.

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September 2011

General Assembly of Israel-Slovenia Chamber of Commerce

Ambassador Sovic and Honorary Consuls, Adi Rosenfeld and Eival Gilady attended the first assembly since registration of the Israel-Slovenia Chamber of Commerce and Industry. With acclamation Dror Dotan was elected as Chairman. Besides members of the chambers, Avi Hefetz, Director of Israel Export Institute, Sabine Segal, Director of International Affairs at the Israel Export Institute and Amnon Dotan, Chairman of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce attended the General Assembly. Honorary Consul Adi Rosenfeld, Honorary Consul Brig.Gen. Eival Gilady, Ambassador Boris Sovic and Chairman of IsraelIsraelSlovenia Chamber of Commerce and Industry Dror Dotan Photo: Eyal Dankner

Meeting with the Governor of Bank of Israel, Prof. Stanley Fischer

Ambassador Sovic visited the bank of Israel where he met with Prof. Stanley Fischer, Governor of Bank of Israel. They discussed the economic situation in Slovenia and Israel as well as recent developments in euro area. Ambassador Sovic informed the Governer about current activities to enhance economic relations between Israel and Slovenia. Ambassador Sovic described the position of Slovenia within the euro zone. Gov. Fischer described the policies and activities of the Bank of Israel. Dalit Gerstl

Ambassador Boris Sovic and Governer of Bank of Israel Prof. Stanley Fischer. Photo: Bank of Israel

Ambassador visits Nazareth

Ambassador Sovic visited the city of Nazareth where he met with acting Mayor Ali Sallam and Dr. Raji Srouji, Director of Culture, Youth and Sport Department of the Municipality of Nazareth. Among topics of discussion was cooperation of the city of Nazareth with Slovenian towns, possibly Nazarje, particularly in the field of tourism, education and sport. The visit was coordinated by Khaled Khalifa , Head of the Arab Council for international relations. During the visit the Ambassador also met with representatives of the local press. Dalit Gerstl

Ambassador B. Sovic, acting Mayor A. Sallam, K. Khalifa, Dr. R. Srouji and members of Nazareth City administration Photo: Eyal Dankner

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September 2011

Kontra Quartet performance at Klezmer festival in Safad

Ambassador Sovic and his family visited the festival of klezmer music in Safad where there was a performance by Kontra Quartet from Maribor. The quartet consists of: accordion - Joseph Tkalec, guitar - Petar Mari, bass - Branko Mortal, violinVesna Cobal. This was the first time for a band from Slovenia to take part at the traditional klezmer music festival.

Participation of Kontra Quartet at the Klezmer festival in Safad was supported by Vitiva d.o.o. and Mr. Yossi Weiss, Adria Airways representative in Israel. Ana Sovic, Nives Sovic, Irena Sovic, Ambassador Boris Sovic, violinist Vesna Cobal, guitarist Petar Mari, accordionist Joseph Tkalec and bassist Branko Mortal Photo: Eyal Dankner

Europe Day celebration at Hagar school in Beer Sheva

Together with the ambassadors of EU Member states and the Head of EU Delegation to Israel Andrew Standly, Ambassador Boris Sovic visited Hagar school in Beer Sheva which celebrated Europe Day with a cultural and educational program that included an extensive art exhibition about the European Union. The students also prepared a show based on various European children's stories. Hagar association creates a spring board for social change in the relationship between Arabs and Jews for both children, who study and learn together, and parents, who seek to optimize their children's educational opportunity.

Ambassadors, Teachers and Students celebrating the Europe Day Festival at the Hagar School in Be'er Sheva Photo: Hagar School Be'er Sheva

Football match: NK Maribor - Maccabi Haifa

Ambassador Sovic and his family attended the football match between NK Maribor and Maccabi Haifa. The game took place in the framework of European Champions league preliminary round. Maccabi Haifa won the game 2:1. A week later, the teams played in Maribor and the game ended in a draw 1:1. The winning team, Maccabi Haifa, qualified for Champions league and NK Maribor went into qualifications for Euro league. In the next round of Champions league Maccabi competed with Belgian Genk and lost, thus entering the Euro league. NK Maribor played vs. Glasgow Rangers from Scotland and won, thus qualified for Euro league. Eyal Dankner

Maccabi Haifa and NK Maribor Photo: Simon Sovic

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September 2011

Shalom, Salam, Srecno, my Dear Friends!

After four years my mission as Ambassador has ended and soon I will return to my beloved homeland Slovenia. My wife Ana, daughters Irena and Nives, son Simon and myself will cherish the unforgettable experience of living in Israel. We would like to thank to all the friends and beautiful people we were happy to meet here for their kindness and support. In four years, relations between Slovenia and Israel have developed substantially: very intense top level political contacts, significantly stronger economic and scientific cooperation, establishment of bilateral chamber in Tel Aviv and business club in Ljubljana, cooperation between educational and research institution, humanitarian projects and cooperation in the field of culture. Dear friends, I sincerely wish you all the best and hope our paths will cross again. Srecno! Ambassador Boris Sovic's eNewsletter

This eNewsletter is produced by the Embassy of Slovenia in Tel Aviv - Yaffo. If not otherwise indicated, the source of information in this eNewsletter is the weekly publication »News from Slovenia« ( Links to other internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the views contained therein. The archive of the eNewsletter is available online. To subscribe or unsubscribe to the eNewsletter please send an eMail to: [email protected] For inquiries, comments, and suggestions, please contact: + 972 3 629 35 63, + 972 3 528 22 14 or [email protected]


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