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the Lamb at Hindon Hosts Legendary Michelin Star Chef


Hosted by Ken Benning of Gourmet House and Tatiana Petrakova of Russian Standard Monday 22 November · Boisdale of Belgravia · Members: £65; Non Members: £85

In association with


for the Winter Season

The Launch of Caviar & Oyster Bar Menu at Boisdale

"Wit ought to be a glorious treat like caviar; never spread it about like marmalade"

Noel Coward English Actor, Composer and Playwright


oisdale of Belgravia is thrilled to announce the launch of a new Caviar & Oyster Bar Menu for the recession! Our objective is to make this great ancient delicacy widely accessible at prices well below available in London shops and restaurants. Caviar was once reserved strictly for the super rich, yet surprisingly enough, in America during the 19th century, it was routinely offered... » cont page 3

A bargain! Premium Osetra Caviar at £50 for 30gms served with buckwheat blinis, chopped egg, shallots & sour cream is now available at Boisdale.

tickets to see

Two-Michelin-Star chef John Burton Race - made famous by Channel 4 series French Leave and other TV appearances including I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! who also worked at Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons - has joined The Lamb at Hindon as guest chef for the winter season. Burton Race will work closely alongside the Lamb's head chef Simon Harris and kitchen crew to further develop and improve the menu. At The Lamb he will serve daily specials of his own creation to complement the a la carte selection and the £29.50, three-course set menu already in place.

Royal Academy of Arts with your Lunch or Brunch at Boisdale of Belgravia

Weekday lunch (2-course) £27.75 with the ticket including a glass of Château de Sours Sparkling Rose 2007, Bordeaux


The Glasgow Boys are back in town


he Lamb at Hindon is delighted to announce that John Burton Race will be joining the restaurant as guest chef for the winter season. Throughout his residency, John will be The Lamb's resident chef offering daily specials to complement the a la carte menu as well as a mouth-watering three-course set menu for just £29.50. To mark the beginning of the truffle season both white and black truf-

fle dishes will feature on the specials board, priced from just £20 and available for a limited period only. Boisdale Jazz & Cigar Club Members receive 20% off published bedroom rates at The Lamb at Hindon. To make a reservation please contact the Lamb at Hindon on 01747 820 573 ([email protected]). The Lamb Inn, Hindon, Wiltshire SP3 6DP, www.

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Sunday Brunch (2-course) £22 with the ticket

Strictly reservations 020 7730 6922 Quote the `RA OFFER'

Pioneering Painters: Glasgow Boys (1880-1900) at the Royal Academy of Arts until 23 January 2011

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Hosted by Michelin-Star-Chef JOHN BURTON RACE and Truffle Guru BRUNO GIORGI Members: £55; Non Members: £75

Truffle· Boisdale of Belgravia Brunch Hemingway and Castro Star in the World's Sunday 5 December

Tuesday 30 November · Boisdale of Belgravia

in association with

Largest Auction of Rare Pre-Embargo Havanas

Cuban 5 Pesos gold coins dated 1916. Champagne and canapés reception at 6pm; Auction and Chivas Regal whisky at 7pm, followed by more champagne. Brian Ebbesen, former head of cigar auctions at Christie's London, will again wield the gavel. For further information please contact James Leavey on 07932 039054 or email [email protected] Or contact Mitchell Orchant at [email protected] or phone 020 7372 1865.

"They always hunt at night," says Bruno Giorgi, our host and London's leading white truffle specialist, "so no one sees where they go." A few delicate shavings of truffle can turn a fried egg into haute cuisine and are worth their weight in gold so our brunch on Sunday 5 November featuring nature's finest delicacy promises to be a powerful aphrodisiac and a very memorable experience.

Canapés with black truffle · Peppered beef carpaccio with shavings of black truffle, rocket & parmesan salad · Tagiatelle with trompette de la mort, white truffle & parsley · Truffled pecorino


ruffle, the world's most celebrated mushroom, will be on everyone's lips at Boisdale of Belgravia on Sunday 5 December thanks to a bumper crop of this Italian delicacy and the presence of London's most flamboyant "white gold" dealer Bruno Giorgi (Bruno carries suitcases of truffle with him wherever he goes - we think he also carries a pistol!). The combination of mild weather and an uncertain financial climate means 2010 will see large amounts of this high-quality delicacy at a relatively low price. Experts at the National Centre for Truffle Studies in Alba,

Italy say that "the indications are excellent and suggest that we'll remember this year for a long time to come with the price currently languishing at `just' £1700 per 1kg, compared with the usual price of £3400 per 1kg." In previous years, most noticeably severe, being pre-recession 2007 (the black year for the white truffle!), prices rocketed to £6500 per 1kg, as overseas millionaires snaffled what little truffle there was, ostentatiously racking up four-figure bills in smart restaurants around the world. The record price paid for a white truffle was set in December 2007 when Macau casino owner Stanley Ho paid £210,000 for a specimen weighing 1.5kg. He followed it up the next year buying one for £128,000 that was slightly over one kilogramme and dug up in Molise, a region in Italy's south. Boisdale gourmets will have an opportunity to feast on this rare mushroom, courtesy of and in the company of Bruno Giorgi, truffle guru and founder of Truffle House, who is currently lecturing around the world and teaching in several of the world's most renowned cookery schools. Michelin-star chef John Burton Race will co-host this event. 12.30 for 1pm. Bookings with Rob on 020 7730 6922.

he world's largest auction of rare PreEmbargo Havanas, organised by the cigar aficiondo extraordinaire Mitchell Orchant of C.Gars Ltd, will take place at Boisdale Belgravia in London on November 30. `There will be almost 300 Lots of much sought-after vintage Havanas most of them still delicious,' said Orchant. `We have already had huge interest from cigar aficionados in America, mainland Europe, India and China, especially in a rare part box of 23 El Talento Hemingway Pre-Embargo Havanas that is anticipated to fetch £1,200£1,500. Hemingway was a devoted cigar smoker and loved Cuban coronas. When he was visiting sugar plantations in Cuba the great American writer occasionally used a machete to remove the cap, unlike the Cubans who tended to use their teeth. He also believed the smoke from an Havana had the importance of Proust's "petite madeleine" cookie, and once presented Ava Gardner with a Cuban cigar band as a token of their meeting (what she thought of this gesture is not recorded). Another unique Lot is a sealed box specially selected by Emile Littler (Famous Cuban theatre impresario) containing 25 vintage 1958 H. Upmann Dunhill Double Claro No.15. The most expensive Lot may well be the Fidel Castro 300 cigar capacity Presidencia Humidor by Elie Bleu, containing 150 Presidencia Havanas vintage 2004, and signed on the lid under the lacquer coat by the great man himself. It's expected to go under the hammer for £15,000-£18,000. The humidor lid is also embedded with one Cuban 10 Pesos solid gold coin, and two


A smoking hot night on a cold winter's evening! Fidel Castro 300 cigar capacity Presidencia Humidor by Elie Bleu, containing 150 Presidencia Havanas vintage 2004, and signed on the lid under the lacquer coat by the great man himself is expected to go under the hammer for £15,000-£18,000 during the auction at Boisdale of Belgravia. May 15 2010 was the 50th anniversary of Castro-Hemingway meeting in Cuba (above).




the 2010 Cask Strength Malt Whisky Limited Edition Tasting

Tuesday 23 November · Boisdale of Belgravia Members: FREE (+ 1 guest); Non Members: £40

Five very rare Malt Whiskies

Port Ellen 10 years old

RRP £250

Brora 30 years old

RRP £280 RRP £50

Caol Ila 12 years old Glen Spey 21 years old

RRP £130 RRP £135

Cragganmore 21 years old

n Tuesday 23 November Boisdale Members and their guests are invited to sample scarce and reassuringly expensive limited edition malt whiskies. Launched in October this year, these magnificent and unusual whiskies are perfect for enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike and will be available from specialist retailers only in very limited


quantities. Prominent whisky expert and connoisseur Colin Dunn will take us through this truly remarkable collection of 2010 Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky Special Releases. Members: Free (+ 1 guest); Non Members: £40. 6.30pm start. Bookings with Rob on 020 7730 6922 ([email protected]).

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In association with

Hosted by Editor Jonathan Young & Jamie Macnab Yr of Macnab Thursday 2 December · Boisdale of Bishopsgate Members & Non Members: £50 including cocktails on arrival and half a bottle of wine per person

The Real Macnab A salmon (caught on the fly) and a stag, both poached in a legal, sporting manner from an owner who accepts the challenge in good spirit. Smoked Loch duart salmon, shallots, capers & parsley served with pumpernickel bread · Braised venison "Osso Bucco", Jerusalem artichoke mash, root vegetables & porcini mushrooms · Coffee & petit fours Classic Macnab A salmon (caught on the fly), a stag and a brace of grouse (not necessarily a right-and-left). This Classic Highland version is the most popular. Marsh Macnab A pike (caught on the fly), a fallow buck and a foreshore goose. Southern Macnab A grayling (caught on the fly), a fallow buck and a couple of woodcock ­ not necessarily a right-and-left but a highly demanding challenge nonetheless. To attend the dinner, please contact Pam or Myriam on 020 7283 1763 or email [email protected] 7.30pm for 8pm. Members & Non Members: £50.



The Launch of Caviar & Oyster Bar Menu at Boisdale

Members: £65; Non Members: £85

« Continued from page 1 free during lunches in dining establishments for a very simple reason - the salty flavour encouraged thirst and enhanced beer sales. At that time, America's waters were abundant with sturgeon and the caviar labelled as "Russian" was exported to Europe for the seemingly high price of one dollar per pound. During this boom America became the biggest exporter of caviar in the world. As a result, the US sturgeon was over-fished nearly to the point of extinction with the sudden shortage causing a wild jump in the prices. In the early 1990s the world caviar stocks fell by up to 90% raising fears that sturgeon would be wiped out. An embargo was introduced by the UN and up until now wild caviar has been exceedingly scarce with allegedly only 50 kilos of legal wild Beluga left in the world (Harrods were selling this for £10,000 a kilo!). This status quo however is about to fundamentally change. Farms have been established around the world, principally in France, Italy, Germany, China, Holland and Russia, and are producing excellent quality eggs. With an unrivalled reputation for the finest beef, lamb, game and seafood, Boisdale will now be able to also offer ­ at surprisingly affordable prices ­ a sustainable caviar selection. Caviar Menu Premium Osetra (10g) Russian Standard Original Imperial Osetra (10g) Russian Standard Platinum Royal Beluga (10g) Russian Standard Imperia

uchan's adventure story John Macnab was centred on three high-flying men ­ an ex-attorney general, a banker and a cabinet Minister. Bored, with little to engage them and keen for a rejuvenating hunting challenge, they concocted the details of the challenge and the dates when the acts were to be carried out. In the event of success £50 (the equivalent of £3000 today) would be paid to a charity appointed by the estate owner, but failure would be a forfeit of £100, again paid by the three "poachers," all of whom operated under the nom-deguerre, John Macnab. 85 years have gone by since the publication of the novel by Scottish diplomat John Buchan, Baron Tweedsmuir, barrister, journalist, historian and poet. John Buchan's passion for the Highland landscape is well reflected in his work and the much heralded intrepid hunter's Macnab challenge - namely to bag a red deer, shoot a brace of grouse and kill a salmon, all within one day - has been attempted by aspiring Macnabbers every year since the book's publication in 1925. This year, Boisdale of Bishopsgate joined forces with The Field and Hunter Magazines to host a celebratory awards dinner for all successful (as well as emptyhanded) Macnabbers who entered the challenge at the beginning of the season. The grand prize, which will be awarded to the winning Real Macnab entry, is a pair of handcrafted 18 carat gold Macnab cufflinks (silver Macnab cuff-links will go to the first 24 successful runners up Macnabbers who got the Classic, Marsh or the Southern Macnab).


Russian Standard Vodka began its recordbreaking international expansion in 2006. Now available in more than 75 countries, it is one of the fastest growing spirit brands in the world.Russian Standard is an authentic Russian vodka with the dramatic bottle design inspired by Ivan the Great Bell Tower in the heart of Moscow. Made from 100% pure premium Russian ingredients - winter wheat and glacial Ladogo lake soft water - to the time honoured 1894 Dmitry Mendeleer's formula for perfect vodka it is expertly distilled in a £40m stateof-the-art facility in St Petersburg. Russian Standard is currently the number one premium vodka in Russia, the home of vodka. The brand and its production expertise have become the benchmarks by which all others are measured.

To celebrate the launch of the caviar menu, members will have an opportunity to taste this rare delicacy during our tutored caviar and Russian Standard Vodka experience on Monday 22 November. Spaces are very limited. If you would like to attend, please contact Rob on 020 7730 6922 ([email protected]).


Rhone & Bordeaux Wine Tasting FREE


Hosted by Patrick Rosin of Smart Wines Sunday 28 November · Boisdale of Belgravia Members: FREE (plus one guest); Non Members: £30



2006 Château Grand Puy Ducasse Pauillac 2004 Château Caronne Ste Gemme Cru Bourgeois Haut Medoc 2007 St Joseph "Parcelle de Jean" J. Boutin

2 Stars by Guide Hachette

··· ···

The dramatic magnificence of Raeburn's Francis Macnab painting hid the poverty in which he lived, exacerbated by his own extravagance and a liking for drinking, gambling and womanising. His debts brought the necessity to mortgage much of his property and when he died in 1816, unmarried, at Callander, he was reputed to owe the enormous sum of £35,000. Jamie Macnab, Younger of Macnabs and direct descendent of Francis will be the guest of honour at the dinner on Thursday 2 December.

2007 Cote Rotie "Bonnevaux" J. Boutin 2007 Hermitage "Arena Mica" J. Boutin

4 Stars Decanter


4 Stars Decanter ···

2007 Crozes Hermitage Cuvée Terre d'Eclat, Ville Rouge

91 Points Wine Spectator

12.30pm start. Bookings with Rob on 020 7730 6922 ([email protected]). One guest only. Very limited availability.

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If you wish to be made aware of last minute events and offers, please send your email address to: rob ([email protected]).

Photo Diary

Boisdale Jazz & Cigar Club in Jamaica at The Port Antonio Marlin Competition 2010

Peter Mackay and Ranald Macdonald represented The Boisdale Jazz & Cigar Club at The Port Antonio Marlin Fishing Competition as guests of the legendary Butch Stewart owner of the 90 ft fishing vessel Sir John II and the Sandals luxury hotel group. Ranald was captivated by this extraordinarily beautiful part of the island and charmed by the open friendliness and fun loving nature of the people. The lush unspoilt rainforest canopy fringing the aquamarine sea and white coral beaches extends to the 7000 ft peaks of the Blue Mountains that tower over Port Antonio and do actually give the impression of being blue. Whilst in Port Antonio Ranald and Peter stayed in the private hotel Geejam which has its own recording studio, and is the ultimate in complete luxury and simplicity. Guests recently have included Amy Winehouse, Tom Cruise and Grace Jones ( Later in the week Ranald stayed at Butch's colonial mansion Rio Chico in Ochos Rios. Although it is a fully staffed private residence it is available to be rented. Set in 14 acres of magnificent gardens with eight stunning en suite bedrooms and a private beach, it is utterly gorgeous. We are planning a Boisdale Jazz & Cigar Club event at Rio Chicos to celebrate Jamaican cigars, music, cuisine and culture (www.

Port Antonio Jamaica, one of the most beautiful, charming and tranquil places in the world.

The marlin is measured at 6' 4'' long and tagged before being released.

9am October 12 - the fishing boats set off in search of marlin.

11.47am the marlin strikes and Peter Mackay is in the chair! Background: Butch Stewart owner of Sir John II and host.

View of the private hotel Geejam, Port Antonio: "The coolest place in Jamaica if not on earth!". Recent guests include Tom Cruise, Amy Winehouse, Grace Jones, Peter MacKay and Ranald Macdonald! (

Rio Chico Villa Estate is the stunning private residence of Butch Stewart and venue for a future Boisdale Jazz & Cigar Club event celebrating Jamaican music, cuisine, cigars and culture.

November `10

15 mon 22 mon 23 tue

Boisdale of Belgravia 6pm until 7pm

Cigar Seminar & the Macallan and Highland Park whisky tasting

Boisdale Calendar Highlights

Hosted by Dan Pink and Toby Shellard of Maxxium Limited Edition cigar; Montecristo Grand Edmundo.

Please note all events marked FREE OF CHARGE are strictly RSVP. Numbers are limited. Reservations will be dealt with on a first come first served basis.

Boisdale of Belgravia 6.30pm until 8pm Boisdale of Belgravia 6.30pm until 8pm

Caviar and Russian Standard Vodka Tasting

Members: £65; Non Members: £85 Bookings with Rob on 020 7730 6922 ([email protected]).

The 2010 Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky Limited Edition Tasting

December `10

2 thu 5 sun

Boisdale of Bishopsgate 7.30pm for 8pm

The Field Magazine Macnab Dinner

Hosted by Colin Dunn of The Reserve Brands Group

28 sun 30 tue

Members and Non Members: £50. To attend, please contact Pam or Myriam on 020 7283 1763 or email [email protected]

Boisdale of Belgravia 12.30pm until 2pm Boisdale of Belgravia

Hosted by Patrick Rosin of Smart Wines. Bookings with Rob on 020 7730 6922 ([email protected]).

The World's Largest Auction of Rare Pre-Embargo Havanas

Rhone & Bordeaux Wine Tasting

Boisdale of Belgravia 12.30pm for 1pm

Members: £55 Non Members: £75. Bookings with Rob on 020 7730 6922 ([email protected]).

Cigar Seminar

Truffle Lunch hosted by John Burton Race & Bruno Giorgi

Hosted by Brian Ebbesen, former head of cigar auctions at Christie's London. Champagne and canapés reception at 6pm; Auction and Chivas Regal whisky at 7pm. For further information please contact James Leavey on 07932 039054 or email [email protected]

The Ultimate Game Dinner in Support of Action Against Hunger

6 mon

Boisdale of Belgravia 6pm until 7pm

Hosted by Dan Pink. Details to be confirmed

12 sun

30 tue

Boisdale of Bishopsgate

Boisdale of Belgravia 12.30pm until 2pm

Christmas Wine Tasting

Hosted by Ercan Mutlu. Details to be confirmed

Featuring John Burton Race, Martin Blunos, Valentine Warner and Neil Churchill. All inclusive tickets: £150 (individual); £125 (table of 6+). To purchase tickets or for further information please contact Heidi Drummond at Action Against Hunger on 020 8293 6133 or [email protected]

until sun 23 jan 2011

The Lamb at Hindon

Hindon nr Salisbury Wiltshire SP3 6DP T 01747 820 573

Exhibition at The Royal Academy of Arts

Editor and Chief: Ranald Macdonald Editor: Barbara Widera Executive Producer: Elvis Presley Publisher: Boisdale News International Inc

Glasgow Boys: Pioneering Painters (1880-1900)

Boisdale of Belgravia

15 Eccleston Street Belgravia SW1W 9LX T 020 7730 6922

Boisdale of Bishopsgate

Swedeland Court 202 Bishopsgate EC2M 4NR T 020 7283 1763

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