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Email Configuration for Outlook Express

Click on the Outlook Express icon on the Desktop. If it's the first time that you clicked on this icon, it will take you through a simple wizard just fill in the information that is required by following these steps. When asked.... 1 2 3 Enter your full name Enter your email address ([email protected]) Enter the Email Server names Incoming Mail (POP3) Enter: Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Enter: 4 5 Enter your username and password in lower case letters. Enter a friendly name for the mail account or just click next. The mail server name is usually selected by default. Select Connect to the internet using s phone line. Then click on Use an existing dialup connection.

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If the connection wizard does not start up when you open Outlook Express, follow these steps. 1 2 3 Click on Tools then select Accounts from the dropdown menu. Click on Add Click on Mail, then follow the steps.

Depending on the version of Windows95 or 98 the configuration may vary a little bit, but if you follow the instructons here you should be able to figure out the rest. The wizard or the setup may look a little different but they will all ask for the same information. If you still have difficulty with any part of the configuration please call the office at 543 7952 or 543 7953 and our friendly staff will be happy to asist you with all your internet needs. Visit our web site at:

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