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CallRex Call Recording is an enterprise-ready call recording solution for Microsoft® LyncTM unified communications solutions. Leveraging the rich history of CallRex software expertise and unique Lync features, CallRex Call Recording offers companies a flexible, yet affordable, call recording and live monitoring software solution.

Capture critical inbound and outbound calls that come through the Microsoft Lync clients along with any other device managed through the Lync Server using CallRex Call Recording software. Even the interactions for those who work remotely on network controlled mobile devices can be recorded. CallRex Call Recording makes it easy to leverage your investments in your Lync Server infrastructure to create a high quality and regulatory compliant call center.

CallRex Call Recording for Lync Features

· Multiple integration options: · Passive server-side recording · Passive client-side recording · Active Lync Conference-based recording · Support for industry-leading unified communications vendors and mixed switch environments including Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, ShoreTel, BroadSoft, and others. · Multi-site support · Search, archiving, and flagging capabilities · Centralized storage and administration

Multiple Lync Integration Options

Offering multiple integration methods for unified communications systems using Microsoft Lync Server, CallRex Call Recording software can accommodate your business and infrastructure environments. CallRex Call Recording software supports passive server-side or client-side network monitoring as well as active conference-based call recording. When circumstances require it, a hybrid combination of the integration options can be utilized to suit your needs.

Active conference-BAsed recording Using the active conference-based integration, CallRex Call Recording software acts as a third party to record interactions between parties. The server-side recording option eliminates the need for any software to be installed at the client PC and simplifies the deployment of a Lync call recording for those businesses with multiple sites or locations. Only a centralized server is required.

pAssive Monitoring Methods As an alternative call capture method, CallRex can be configured for traditional network monitoring in order to intercept call traffic either at the server, the client at an endpoint. For endpoint-side call recording, a data collector utility is deployed to each computer that has the Lync client and requires recording. The collector automatically forks the audio sent and received by the Lync client application to the CallRex Server when it detects a call in progress. For server-side deployments, port mirroring is implemented in the network to duplicate the traffic of all recorded devices to the port that the CallRex Server is monitoring. In this deployment model, the CallRex Server directs the audio received via port mirroring to the appropriate call recording service. Since no software is required on the endpoints with this method, Microsoft approved hard phones and soft phones can be recorded. This method also allows for calls to be recorded when the Lync Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA) is deployed, ensuring that additional WAN bandwidth is not consumed for recording and that recording is maintained when the SBA is operating in a survivable mode.

Seamless Experience

End-users or agents will have a seamless call experience, as no action is required by the user to capture calls taking place on the Lync client or Lync-enabled phone devices. Only those users identified in the CallRex user interface and set-up with recording profiles will have their Lync calls recorded.

Easy to Use

Using the Web-based interface, authorized users can view the real-time status of every IP phone in the system, as well as record, monitor, retrieve, and playback calls. Export calls from CallRex and attach the recordings to CRM, e-mail, or other business applications for a complete view of the customer experience. Recordings are played back through standard PC speakers and desktop media players. Administrators can choose from multiple recording options: full-time, triggered, or on-demand recording. Calls can be automatically recorded by triggers: user name, extension, caller ID, number and name, percent of inbound/outbound calls, area code, prefix, suffix, and wildcards. Look-back call recording enables on-demand users to capture the entire call regardless of when the recording is initiated. Detailed information is collected for recorded calls and can be quickly retrieved from the CallRex user interface. Search and retrieve calls using multiple criteria including: time and date, user name, user's department, user's location, call duration, inbound caller ID name and number, DNIS*, flagged name or value, and outbound number dialed.

Support for Native Microsoft RTAudio

CallRex Call Recording supports the preferred Microsoft multirate, sub-band audio codec, Real-Time (RT) Audio. RTAudio is the preferred Microsoft® Real-Time audio codec and is the default codec for Microsoft's unified communications platforms. Designed with quality of service for VoIP communications in mind RTAudio is capable of wide-band and narrow-band encoding. RTAudio also has a built-in network aware Forward Error Correction method that optimizes the bit rate transmission for the best possible quality depending on network conditions.

Easy to Administer

A scalable, software-only solution, CallRex Call Recording runs on Windows Servers and passively collects relevant call data from the network. Administrators can manage CallRex from any location, reducing overhead costs and simplifying system management. Flexible access rights allow administrators to assign permissions for monitoring, recording, and playback on a per-user basis. Organize users by department and location, and create recording profiles that meet each group's individual business needs, including customized call retention settings and scheduled call recording profiles. User passwords are stored in an encrypted database, ensuring the integrity of access to sensitive recordings and profiles.

Lync Calls with Quality Management Support

Captured calls become part of the integrated CallRex infrastructure, allowing calls to be monitored, flagged, and searched as needed within the Web-based CallRex client. Also, the active integration method allows for edge, or remote, agent call activities to be recorded as well, including interactions on mobile devices that have calls that are routed through the network system.

CallRex Call ReCoRding // Call ReCoRding & MonitoRing softwaRe foR MiCRosoft lynC

CallRex Call Recording software enables companies to:

· resolve customer disputes using recorded conversations. Call recordings can be exported and played back using standard desktop media software--no proprietary players are required! · Achieve regulatory compliance by documenting calls and maintaining records based upon varying business needs. · ensure high quality customer interactions with live monitoring and quality monitoring programs. · Accelerate employee training with `real-life' calls and live monitoring capabilities in order to provide real-time feedback to agents. · enhance workplace productivity by observing business processes, including calling scripts, in action. · Leverage the voice of the customer within the organization by sending customer feedback directly to other departments.

supported browsers include:

· Microsoft® Internet Explorer 7, 8 or 9 · FireFox 3.6+ · Apple® Safari 4+ · Google Chrome

cAllrex server

supported operating systems

· Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2 · Windows Server 2008 x86, Windows Server 2008 x64*, Windows Server 2008 x64 R2* · Windows 7*, Windows XP Professional*

storage Requirements

· 97.5KB per minute of recording · 170 hours per GB


The CallRex server sits on your corporate network. One Windows-based server per location is recommended. Branch offices and remote sites are interconnected via the WAN for multi-site recording, real-time IP phone status, and live monitoring.

supported standards & Protocols include

· SIP, SDP, SCCP, MGCP, RTP · SRTP*, TLS* for VoIP encryption · TAPI, TSAPI, MiTAI, OAI · Real-time (RT) Audio, G.711, G.722, G.722.1 (Siren 7), G.729a, G.729 (simple) · DHCP*


cAllrex client The CallRex client can be run using any Microsoft Silverlightcompatible browser running on a supported operating system. The Silverlight plug-in must be installed to run the CallRex client.

* Applies to selected IP telephony systems, contact Enghouse Interactive for additional information.

CallRex Call ReCoRding // Call ReCoRding & MonitoRing foR MiCRosoft lynC

Active Conference-Based Recording

CallRex Server

Passive Recording - Port Mirroring

CallRex Ser ver

Lync Phones & Clients

Lync Phones & Clients

Recorded calls are automatically transformed to a conference call Switch Switch

Microsoft Lync Server



Microsoft Lync Server



WAN/ Internet

Rout er Microsoft Lync Server


CallRex Server

Call audio is automatically sent to the CallRex Server when a call is detected by an RTP Data Collector on the Lync Client. Lync Phones & Clients

Passive Recording - RTP Data Collector

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