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Automobile Mileage Log

This is an example of a vehicle log that contains the information required to support a claim for input tax credits of the use of a vehicle. This vehicle log has been provided for your convenience. It does not replace the need to retain all records that pertain to the operation of the vehicle. This is how to complete the log: (refer to the attached example) 1. 2. 3. 4. Record the name and address of the vehicle owner and the GST registration number. Record the make and year of the vehicle. Begin a new page for each month of the log. For each trip during the month, record: a. The date of the trip and the odometer reading at the beginning of the trip. b. The point of origin (place trip began), a description of the trip, and the nature of the goods/services involved. c. The odometer reading at the end of the trip and how many kilometres were driven. d. Allocate on a reasonable basis the amount of kilo metres driven for business use and the amount for non-business use. Combined trips for personal and business use require an allocation be made since it is not entirely business use. 5. At the end of the month complete the Summary Section as follows: a. Record the vehicle odometer reading at the end of the month in space 'A'. b. Subtract 'B' from' A' to get the total kilometres driven and record this amount in space 'C'. c. Add total distance traveled for business from column 'Bus. KM' and enter in space'D'. d. Multiply space 'D' by 100 and divide this total by the total in space 'c' to get the percentage of business use for the vehicle. Record this amount in space 'E'.



John Doe Anyplace, Alberta



Ford F150




110 1 11 1 11 111 1 11 113 113 114 116 116 119 120 121 121 122 123 125 128

Description of Trip Auction to check for Truck Auction to buy combine header Zeller - purchase clothing Buy twine Take farm hands to field Bank Check cattle Dentist Bank and pick up parts Dinner Move cattle Bank and mail Sell feeders Fishin!l trip Tractor parts mail and tractor parts Coffee shop Purchase cultivator

Goods/Services Passenger Carried None Combine header Purchases Twine 3 INOrkers Deposit book None Wife Parts Wife Cattle and trailer Deposit book and mail Cattle and Trailer Son Parts Mail and tractor parts None Cultivator

Point of Origin Home Home Edmonton Edmonton Morrinville Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Home

Destination Westlock Edmonton Edmonton Morrinville Westlock Westlock Field 1 Edmonton Westlock Westlock Rosington Westlock Edmonton Muskeg Lake Westlock Westlock Clyde Red Deer

Odometer Readina Start (km) End (km) 12,500 12,530 12,530 12,580 12,580 12,596 12,596 12,629 12,629 12,680 12,680 12,710 12,710 12,742 12,742 12,792 12,792 12,822 12,822 12,852 12,852 12,932 12,932 12,962 12,962 13,012 13,012 13,160 13,160 13,190 13,190 13,220 13,220 13,248 13,248 13,748 Total Distance A. Odometer Close: B; Odometer Start C: Total Km Driven 0: Business Km: E: Business Use D/C x 100

Distance Driven (km) 30 50 16 33 51 30 32 50 30 30 80 30 50 148 30 30 28 500 1,248

Business Use (km) 30 50 33 51 15 32 15 80 15 50 30 15 500 916 13,748 12,500

Non Business Use (km)


15 50 15 30 15 148 15 28 332

1.248 916


Automobile Mileage Log Name: Address: GST#: Vehicle: Odometer Goods/Services Passengers Carried Distance Travelled (KM) Business (km) Non Business (km)


Decription of Trip

Point of Orgin


Start (km) End (km)

Total Distance:


Name: Address:

Automobile Mileage Log Summary Sheet


GST#: Vehicle:

Summary for Month of January February March April May June July August September October

A Odometer Reading End of Month

B Odometer Reading Beginning of Month

C Total Kilometers Driven in Month (B-C)

D Total Business Kilometer Travelled (From Automobile Log)

E Percentage Usage (D x 100 I C)


November December


Microsoft Word - Mileage

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