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1. ATTENDANCE The meeting starts at 1:45 pm PRESENT Danielle Gravelle, Ray Presseault, Norman Young, Guylaine Létourneau, Nicole Rochon, Pierre Benoit, Bob McLeod, Arnaud Warolin, Sophie Lamarche,

Development Agent -Facilitator Representative for Committee for Free Access to Public Lands (CFAPL) Mayor of Kipawa President of Témiscaming-Kipawa Chamber of Commerce Témiscaming Councillor Témiscaming Councillor Representative for Committee for Free Access to Public Lands (CFAPL) Prefect Executive secretary

ABSENT: Yvon Gagnon, président Comité municipal de Laniel

2. OPENING D. Gravelle was appointed by Temiscaming's Town Council to lead the working group's first meeting. The idea of forming a working group came from Town Council in response to the consultative vote held Nov. 1st in which 77.8% of electors said no to the park project. The group's structure was proposed by the Mayor and Bob MacLeod, representative for the CFAPL, and then presented to Town Council for approval. Council appointed Nicole Rochon and Pierre Benoit as the Town's representative. It was mentioned that the First Nations should be invited to our next meeting. D. Gravelle will invite the chiefs of Wolf Lake and Eagle Village. 3.ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION Each participant is invited to explain how they view the purpose of this working group in order to arrive at a mission statement. Arnaud Warolin: Here as an observer to better understand the problems Ready to intervene on our behalf at the government levels (MRC, Regional Working Group and the Government.) What are the alternatives? Bob McLeod: Represent people of Témiscaming For development and tourism Find a solution that is acceptable Establish the concerns of the people Propose alternatives that people may accept Pierre Benoit: Represent people on behalf of town council Find solutions / bring up solutions Help the Regional Working Group understand the specific needs and wants from the south sector Determine what we want Have a plan B

Nicole Rochon: Here to represent the people Want the economic development of the town Do a brainstorming to determine what we want and come up with a negotiating plan so that we have a win/win situation (give/give) Guylaine Létourneau: Here to represent the interest of local businesses Chamber of commerce did a survey which concluded that a majority of businesses surveyed want to see the conclusion of the study Norman Young: What is the role of this committee? Is the committee just for consultation or advisory? Suggests that Mayor Barette sit on this group Part of Lake Kipawa is affected by this study zone, so it affects the municipality of Kipawa Need to have clear roles; see things ahead Wants answers from Town Council in regards to the purpose of this working group Land being studied is just a playground for the non-natives Raymond Presseault: Represent the people who are against the park Lived here 60 years and have seen a lot of projects turn bad We always get the short end of the stick (Ex. Timber Train, Waterway) Do not want to repeat the same mistakes as in the past. If park project goes through, we're doomed ­ there is no room left for development, Town has lost ½ of its people Concern ­ park land is to preserve not develop. 4. MISSION STATEMENT Everyone present agrees on the following mission statement. Propose a park project that is acceptable or not acceptable to the people of Témiscaming

5. SOCIÉTÉ DU DÉVELOPPEMENT DU TÉMISCAMINGUE (SDT) Jasmin Ouellet, tourism development agent at the SDT, who sits on the Regional Working Group offered to come meet our group to give us more information. We agree this can be done at a later date. The SDT announced in an internal newsletter that the Government (SEPAQ) will be presenting a document «État des connaissances» (Status Report) in the spring of 2010.

6. STUDY It was suggested that a study be done to determine what is the current economic spinoffs and growth potential of tourism, hunting, fishing activities and waterfront lots. We need to know what are the gains and the losses with this project. Find out what the surrounding municipalities are doing to develop. 7. CONCERNS a. Economy ­ too many questions b. Recreation ­ Hunting, fishing c. Park is only 50' away from cottages d. Study area is too large ­ will the actual park be reduced in size? e. Better understand the definition of a Quebec National Park f. Can the Government overrule on municipal jurisdiction?

8. VARIA Participants requested a map of the municipality's boundaries to compare with the study zone and determine if it does cover 70% of the municipality. It will be made available at the next meeting. Should the working group elect a president or spokesperson? The group feels the Councillors are the official spokespersons. They don't see a need for a president. Hence, D. Gravelle will continue to facilitate the meetings. Communications ­ Everyone agrees that the purpose of this meeting was to lay the groundwork for the group. Next meeting ­ Monday March 15 at 1:30 pm

9. ADJOURNMENT OF THE MEETING The meeting adjourned at 4:10 pm

Note: The minutes were written in English as most of the discussions were carried out in English.



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