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Protect Your Organization with an Employee Handbook

Office Policy Manual for Non-Profits

A clear, concise employee handbook in a non-profit organization should not be underestimated. Well-defined employee policies can settle disputes before they start and protect both you and your employees from confusion and potential litigation. A complete employee handbook can set your organization or institution's standards, bring new hires up to speed more quickly and increase overall efficiency and professionalism.

High Quality, Fully Customizable Manuals Built-In PDF Creation

Features templates that include comprehensive and adaptable sets of personnel policies that balance employee needs with the employer's rights & expectations. Also included is a new Board Member Manual for non-profits.

Lets you quickly create the employee manual from a Word document to PDF format that is ideal for distributing through email or on a website. Best yet, the PDF creation tool can be used to convert any Microsoft Office document (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher) to a PDF.

75 Pre-written Job Descriptions for Non-Profits

Now you don't have to waste time on crafting a clear and concise listing because Office Policy Manual provides it for you. These job descriptions cover a broad variety of benefits and offer great benefit to human resources specialists or to managers short on time.

A Complete Set of Human Resources Forms ($49.95 value)

Includes related and additional employee policies, guides, checklists, announcements, performance reviews, vacation requests and many more. These 50 forms are Microsoft Word-compatible and can be adapted to fit your needs.

A Library of Printable Federal Labor Regulation Posters

Did you know the federal government requires the display of a number of labor posters at the workplace? Well, Office Policy Manual provides these posters (includes new 2008 Minimum Wage Law and I-9 posters). Conveniently delivered in PDF format, the Posters are ready to print right away. They come in both color and black & white.

Do the research yourself or rely on experts

The content has been written by a team of experts in fields such as human resources, law, information technology, finance, accounting and even psychology. Be confident that diverse topics such as Family Leave, Substance Abuse and Employee Privacy are written the right way.

Professionally templates

designed employee manual

Take the stress and worry out of document creation. All templates feature title pages, headers and footers, table of contents and a polished layout. We've been designing great-looking business templates for over 10 years.

Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint templates

Includes useful planners and calendars for Excel and PowerPoint presentation slides. Consider these bonus templates for your personnel and other personal needs.

Protect your Organization

Office Policy Manual for Non-Profits

Writing a complete policy and procedure manual from scratch is a daunting task, but you don't have do it all by yourself! Office Policy Manual provides professionally-written policies in over 130 areas.


I`ve been in the medical billing business for over 40 years, and I can truly attest to the importance of having an office policy in place. I was pleased with how comprehensive the list of policies were in this program. Now I feel confident that I'm protected from unruly claims & lawsuits. -- Merry Schiff, Executive Director, NEBA


Our Organization

- Introduction - Welcome Letter from the President - Company History - Company Objectives/Mission - Organization Chart - Statement of Growth, Profit, and Business Plan - Statement of Commitment to Employees - Continuity of Policies: Right to Change or Discontinue - Acknowledging Receipt of Policy Manual - Acknowledging Electronic Receipt of Policy Manual

Employee Benefits

Employment Policies

- New! Reference Checks - New! Internship Policy - New! Life Threatening Disease in the Workplace - Recruitment - Announcement of New Positions - Employee Selection Process - Employment Eligibility Verification: Form 1-9 - Immigration Law Compliance - Equal Opportunity - New Hire - Rehire - Relatives - Return to Work after Serious Injury or Illness - Employee Orientation - Confidentiality of Company Information - Conflict of Interest - Medical Evaluations and Interviews - Disability Accommodation - Outside Employment - Grievance Procedure - Gratuities to Government Employees or Officials - Gratuities to Customer or Supplier Representation - Inventions and Patents

- New! Employee Suggestion Program - Vacation - Child Care - Holidays - Workers' Compensation Insurance - Sick or Personal Leave - Voting - Jury Duty - Military Service - Bereavement Leave - Relocation of Current or New Employees - Temporary Assignment Allowance - Conferences and Meetings - Professional Memberships - Health Insurance - Health Benefits Continuation (COBRA) - Short-term Disability Insurance - Long-term Disability Insurance - Life Insurance - Employee Assistance Program - Flexible Spending Account - Employee-Incurred Expenses & Reimbursement - Mileage Reimbursement - Travel Reimbursement - Required Management Approval - Educational Assistance - Parking - Kitchen: Break Room - Employee Recognition

Workplace Guidelines

- New! Excessive Tardiness/Absenteeism - New! Apperance and Courtesy - New! School Activities Time Off - New! Business Casual Dress - New! Concealed Weapon Policy - Record Retention - Disposing of Consumer Information - Employer Security - Employee Safety - Injured On the Job - Emergency Instructions - Employee Privacy - Workplace Search Policy - Workday - Smoking - Meal and Rest Periods - Non-Business or Social Visits - Use of Company Vehicle - Use of Rental Car on Company Business - Emergency Closing - Flextime - Telecommuting - Compressed Workweek - Cell Phone Policy - Telephone Use - Medical Leave of Absence - Family Leave, Parental Leave & Pregnant Employees - Family Leave - Pregnant Employees - Leave of Absence and Military Leave - Visitors - Recreational Activities-Sponsorships - Code of Conduct - Substance Abuse - Drug and Alcohol Policy - Drug Testing - Attendance - Dress Code - Sexual Harassment - Workplace Violence


Employment Status & Records

- Anniversary Date and Reinstatement - Reinstatement - Employment Classifications - Access to Personnel Files - Consent to Release Information - Background Checks - Authorization to Provide Information - Performance Review and Salary Merit Increases - Performance Improvement - Job Descriptions - Equal Pay

- New! Intenet User Policy - New! Email Policies - New! Spyware Policy - New! Internet Usage Policy - New! Content Filtering - New! Internet Access and Administration - New! Making Company Purchases over the Internet - New! Virus Protection - New! Internet Security - New! Cyber Security - New! Disaster Recovery Policy - New! Network Etiquette - General Principles - User Responsibilities - Access to Information Technology Resources - Use of Information Technology Resources - Unauthorized Use and Sanctions - Management Access to Technology Resources - General E-Policies


- Salary Administration - Payroll Deductions - Shift Premium - Timekeeping - Payday - Pay Deductions - Pay Advances - Overtime Compensation - Termination


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