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How to Subtotal on Sections in a Listing Report Based on a Join Structure

In this example, a listing report is required to provide subtotals for each Grant and for each Account within the grant. The problem is in the generation of subtotals when the source query is a product of joined queries. Notice in the picture in Step 3, after aggregating (total) on the amount column, subtotals are only generated for Grant ID. The trick is to manually insert subtotals for the Account group. Step 1 Set up the report in a list with the fields that you want to group on at the left side (probably best to arrange them in the order of sectioning).

Step 2: Group on Grant ID and then Account

Step 3: Click on Bill_Transaction_Amount and aggregate it (total)


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Step 4: Click on the Header/Footer button, select `List Headers and Footers', and add a footer for Account by clicking on the box next to it:

You will notice that the footer row is one large cell (see Step 5 below).


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Step 5: Click on the Account summary line and then click on the Split Cell button

Step 6: Click on the lock to Unlock the report and then drag Bill_Transaction_Amount over into the cell in the Trans Amount column:

Step 7: Lock the report and create your sections by clicking on Agency ID and then Account:


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Run the report

Note: Create the groups first and then create the sections after the subtotals have been created. Also note that this technique is not necessary when the source query is not a product of other queries joined together.


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