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Elul 5768-Tishrei 5769

September 2008

The Voice of Temple Israel

4901 Providence Road, Charlotte NC 28226 704-362-2796

September 19-21, 2008

Temple Israel is proud to announce that Rabbi Paul Yedwab will be our Scholar-in-Residence for the weekend of September 19 thru September 21. Rabbi Yedwab will be teaching, speaking and enhancing our prayer services as well as leading a teachers' workshop. Author of six books including The God Book: A Necessarily Incomplete Look at the Essence of God and Sex in the Texts, Rabbi Yedwab is a dynamic, thought-provoking and spiritual speaker that you will not want to miss. Rabbi Yedwab has served as the Rabbi at Temple Israel of West Bloomfield, Michigan since his ordination from the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in 1986, where he did his thesis work in the field of "faith development." Prior to his rabbinic education, Rabbi Yedwab received an A.B. in Politics from Princeton University.

Schedule of Events:

Friday, September 19 6:15 pm Shabbat Unplugged: Story & Music for the Family Saturday September 20 9:30 am Breaking into God's Mansion: Kaballah for Everyone Saturday, September 20 8:00 pm Selichot Lecture & Service Topic: The Sounds of Silence: Does God Speak to Us in Words?


Peter Swire Scholar-in-Residence, p. 3 Fall Programming Guide, p. 18-21 High Holy Day Schedule, p. 4

Also Join us for Scholar-in-Residence

Peter Swire

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

September 2008 ISSUE No. 8

Elul 5768-Tishrei 5769

Temple Israel 4901 Providence Road Charlotte, NC 28226 704-362-2796 F 704-362-1098 Contact Information

Clergy Rabbi Murray Ezring [email protected] Rabbi Faith Cantor [email protected] Cantor Elias Roochvarg [email protected] Staff Sandy Middleton, Administrator [email protected] [email protected] Candy Love, Publications [email protected] Mary Beall, Administrative Assistant to Clergy [email protected] Marilyn Wallace, Accounting [email protected] Lorna Denton, Administrative Assistant/Receptionist [email protected] Debby Block, Religious School Principal 704-944-6786 [email protected] Stephanie Tuckman, Religious School Administrative Assistant 704-944-6785 [email protected] Denise Abadi, Preschool Director 704-944-6776 [email protected] Roz Cooper, Consolidated High School Director 704-944-6782 [email protected]

Rabbi's Cantor's Corner······································3 Peter Swire·······················································3 High Holy Day Schedule······································4 High Holy Day Children's Schedule·······················5 Sukkot Events/B'nai Mitzvah Mavens···················· 6 President's Message ··········································7 Life Events/Annoucements··································8 B'nai Mitzvah··················································· 10 TI Religious School···········································11 Contributions·············································· 12-14 Yahrzeits·························································15 Fall Program Guide ······································16-19 Birthdays & Anniversaries······························20-21 TI Book Club····················································21 Men's Club····················································· 21 TI Youth News··················································22 Keruv Film Discussion Series···························· 23 Hebrew Cemetery·············································23 Family Sukkot Concert······································ 24 Elk Shoals Interfaith Camp································ 25 Community News & Events································ 26 The Magic of Shabbat········································27 Kol Yisrael Sponsors·····································28-30 Calendar························································ 31

Deadline for October Edition is September 2, 2008.

Table of Contents

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The minimum contribution is $18 for each card sent out. Donations may take at least 3-4 days to process due to heavy volume of contributions for certain life events.

Please Remember:


HIPPA policies affect hospitals' release of patient lists and information. Please remember, Rabbi Ezring, Rabbi Cantor, Cantor Roochvarg nor any of the office staff are able to access information on our congregants who may be in the hospital. The hospitals are NO LONGER able to call us, if you or a family member is a patient. Because of this, it is more important than ever, that you contact the Rabbi's office directly, when a family member is hospitalized. Please also remember that office staff may no longer share information regarding the health of congregants with other congregants. If you wish updates on congregants, please call their family. We are sorry for this inconvenience, but due to security and HIPPA, we must adhere to this policy. Thank you for your help, understanding and cooperation.

Kol Israel is published monthly for members and friends of the community. Due to preparation time, printing, and mailing deadlines, articles must be received by the 1st of the month preceding the month of issue. We reserve the right to edit for length and consistent editorial tone. Articles received after the 1st may not be published. Email your submissions to [email protected]

Sandy Middleton, Administrator

Rabbi Cantor's Corner

Have you ever seen God? Seems like a funny question. As far back as I can remember as a child, I was always taught by my parents and teachers that God is invisible. God doesn't look like a person, and it is impossible to go out and see God. Now as an adult, I think my parents and those teachers might have been wrong. You see, this past Shabbat right here at Temple Israel I saw God! I wasn't expecting it. In fact, I was able to see God in a way that I had never before had a chance to experience. Let me tell you a bit more about it. This past Shabbat, Nathan came to shul, for the very first time with his grandparents. Nathan is just about three years old. As Nathan walked into the building he announced to his grandparents and older brother that he was here to see God! All throughout services I watched Nathan. (After all, his grandma had filled me in on their conversation.) He sat beautifully during services, smiling, and swaying gently to all the music. When we were finished I went over to him and asked what he thought about his first trip to the synagogue. Nathan, then shared with me that he had seen God right here, at Temple Israel, as Shabbat had begun. Being curious, I asked Nathan what God was doing ­ and he explained that God was sitting in an office. And since I had never thought of God as Divine Administrator, I asked Nathan what God was doing in that office ­ and his answer was simply perfect. "He is helping people!" Nathan saw God this past Shabbat, because he came to the synagogue looking for God! If we all took just a little bit of time from our busy lives, and actively went out seeking an encounter with the Divine we would be surprised at how often we can catch a glimpse of God ­ and perhaps even have a glimpse into the Divine Office where each of us can experience God's helping hand.

Adult Education Presents

Come Join Us to Hear

Peter Swire

Topic: Privacy and Freedom for Americans Under the

Next Presidential Administration: Comparing a McCain Administration to an Obama Administration Free and Open to the Public

Peter Swire is the C. William O'Neill Professor of Law at the Moritz College of Law of the Ohio State University. He lives in the Washington, D.C. area. Swire is a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress and a consultant to Morrison & Foerster, LLP. He is director of the Moritz summer program in D.C. From March 1999 until January 2001, Swire served as the Clinton Administration's Chief Counselor for Privacy, in the U.S. Office of Management and Budget. USA Today produced a profile of Swire's work in the White House.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008 Temple Israel Time: 7:45pm

High Holy Days 5769

Yamim Nora'im

Selichot Services

L'Shanah Tovah Tikatevu!


Monday, October 13, 2008

Erev Sukkot Services, 6:15pm Tuesday, October 14, 2008 Sukkot (Day 1), 9:30am Sukkot Evening Services, 7:30pm Wednesday, October 15, 2008 Sukkot Services (Day 2), 9:30am

Saturday, September 20, 2008 Scholar-in-Residence, 8:00pm-9:00pm Selichot Services, 9:00pm Dessert to follow

Rosh Hashanah Services

Monday, September 29, 2008 Sanctuary Doors will open at 5:45pm Erev Rosh Hashanah Service, 6:15pm (Services end at 7:15pm) Tuesday, September 30, 2008 Rosh Hashanah Services (Day 1), 8:30am Torah Service, 9:30am Musaf, 11:00am Sermon, 11:30am Tashlich Ceremony-following Services Rosh Hashanah Evening Services, 7:30pm Wednesday, October 1, 2008 Rosh Hashanah Services (Day 2), 8:30am Torah Service, 9:30am Musaf, 11:00am Sermon, 11:30am Minyan 7:30pm Sunday, October 5, 2008 Community Memorial Service at Hebrew Cemetery, 10:30am

Shemini Atzeret

Monday, October 20, 2008 Hashanah Rabbah Services, 7:30am Erev Shemini Atzeret, 6:15pm Tuesday, October 21, 2008 Shemini Atzeret Services (Yizkor), 9:30am

Simchat Torah

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 Dinner, 6:00pm Ma'ariv, 6:45pm Erev Simchat Torah Celebration, 7:00pm Wednesday, October 22, 2008 Simchat Torah Services, 9:30am

Yom Kippur Services

Wednesday, October 8, 2008 Please be seated by 6:30pm Kol Nidre, 6:45pm Thursday, October 9, 2008 Yom Kippur, 10:00am Torah Service followed by Yizkor & Musaf, 11:30am Yom Kippur Study, 4:15pm Mincha, 5:15pm Neilah, 6:30pm Fast Ends, 7:38pm

These are the Dates for our Sukkot Dinners


Erev Rosh Hashanah

Kol Nidre

Grades 3-6

Ages: Birth to 2nd Grade Come join the clergy as our children welcome the New Year. Special Sermon (age appropriate)

Grades 7-10

Rosh Hashanah, Day 1

Grades 11 & 12

Children registered in babysitting will be escorted to services, then back to their rooms. Parents must stay with their children not registered in babysitting. Kindergarten

Yom Kippur

Grades 1-2

Children registered in babysitting will be escorted to services, then back to their rooms. Parents must stay with their children not registered in babysitting. Kindergarten

Grades 3-6 Grades 1-2 Grades 7-10 Grades 3-6

Grades 11 & 12

Rosh Hashanah, Day 2

October 1, 2008 High Holy Day Family Service

Grades 7-10

Grades 11 & 12

Children must be accompanied by their Parent or Parental Guardian Services geared for families with children in Preschool - 2nd Grade Grades 3-6

Grades 7-12

Please drop off and pick up your child at the Education building or the specified locations in the LJCC · NO child will be allowed to leave the LJCC or Education building unaccompanied by an adult. · You must be attending services at Temple Israel in order for your children to participate in these programs. Thank you!

Safety First:


These are the times and dates for our fun-filled Sukkot Dinners at Temple Israel:

Mama Ricotta's Italian Cuisine

Melanie Rowe Catering

Roasting our New President Dan Ruda

Mary Reel Catering

Rabbis at the Grill & Sukkot Concert

Shabbat Dinner honoring our CJDS Families to follow

Featuring "Singin' with Susan" Susan Shane-Linder, Guitarist, also featuring our very own Patti Torcellini Hartman! This is a Concert the Whole Family will Love!

Temple Israel Sukkot Dinner Reservation Form

Please send your checks to Attn: Terri Cathcart, 4901 Providence Road, Charlotte NC 28226


Deadline to Sign up is October 1, 2008

A Message from your President

As I sit looking out of the windows of my office I see the deep greenery and thick foliage of my back yard. I can see the shimmer of the heat rising from the cement surrounding our pool, even though it is early in the evening. I can hear the chirping of the birds and the Dan Ruda keening noise of the cicadas. I sit quietly taking it in, and it is hard to imagine that another summer has past. The end of a season, like most endings, is two-fold. That is because the end of one thing is usually the beginning of another. And so, I will miss the opportunity to spend lazy hours lounging by the pool. I will be sad not to have the extra time that summer vacation provides to spend with my children while they are out of school. I will soon miss the extended hours of daylight that let me do things outdoors until 9:00pm or later. There are many more things that I could list. But soon I will be able to enjoy other things: like the cool crispness of the morning air, when I walk down the driveway to get the newspaper; the crashing sound made by shoulder pads, as players collide at a Panther's game and the beautiful colors of the trees in the mountains of North Carolina. The other day I was reading some of the traffic on the United Synagogue Presidents listserv and a particular string caught my attention. The subject line was "Bulletin Articles." For those of you who aren't familiar, the listserv is a tool offered by USCJ that allows synagogue presidents an opportunity to chat via email about subjects that come up for which we might want the wisdom of our peers. In reading through the comments, one in particular stood out and struck a chord with me. The writer imparted that our bulletin articles should speak from the heart. Our articles are one of our primary opportunities to reach out to our congregations, and so we should use them to speak, not about the problems and business dealings of our Temples, but about good things that are happening, about reasons why we should be proud to be members, or things about our Temples that touch us in a positive way. There are many things about Temple Israel that touch me in a positive way. During a recent meeting of our Board of Trustees, we engaged in an exercise where we answered the question, "Why do I want to be a board member?" Some of the answers included: developing and keeping a sense of continuity or tradition, feeling passionate about our congregation, wanting to give something back for all that we have received, sustaining a thriving conservative congregation, and setting an example for our children and others. As I read those answers I began to think, aren't these the same reasons to feel positive about our Temple? I hope that we are successful in all of those answers, and that all of you feel those same feelings toward Temple Israel. Soon the High Holidays will be here. We will come together as a community to celebrate the end of one year and the start of another. We will ask that G-d forgive us our faults and we will ask each other to accept our apologies for any transgressions we have committed toward each other. At this time we are more together as a community than at any other during the year. When we join together to experience the holidays, when we show our support for the fundraising activities that are always part of this time, when we individually and communally throw away our sins through Tashlich, we are a synagogue family. I hope that we learn to keep that notion and that we remember it throughout the year. I am proud to say that I am a member of Temple Israel. I am proud to say that I belong to this community. I ask that, if I, or any member of my family has harmed you in any way during this past year, please know it was not intentional and accept our heartfelt apologies. L'Shana Tovah, Dan Ruda

Torah Spark

Torah Spark is an ongoing adult education class which will resume on Wednesday October 29, 2008. This year, Torah Spark will be discussing the history of Rabbinic Judaism and studying primary sources from the Tanakh, Mishnah, and Talmud. We will also be reading together Milton Steinberg's novel "As A Driven Leaf."

Do You Like to Write? The Kol Yisrael is in search of a volunteer reporter. We are seeking a volunteer with good writing skills to interview and write articles about members in our congregation. If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity, please contact Candy Love at 704-362-2796.


Temple Israel Life Events/Announcements

Our Condolences to:

Richard Gross, on the passing of his mother, Gladys Gross, on July 12, 2008. Jeffrey Cohen on the passing of his father, Herbert Cohen, on July 16, 2008. Marcia Gleiberman, on the passing of her mother, Charlotte Bilsky, July 27, 2008. Lari Massachi, on the passing of her husband, Jacob Massachi, on July 29, 2008. Celia Mandel, on the passing of her sister, Rose Cohen Slutsky, who was also the aunt of Alene Cohen Strause, Stuart Cohen and Anita Grey, and the great aunt of Lynn Sheffer and Dan Levinson, on August 4, 2008.


Ezra Samuel Goldstein, son of Melissa and Stuart Goldstein was born on July 30, 2008 in Millwood, NY. His grandparents are Milton and Arlene Goldstein of Charlotte.


Morgan Bober, granddaughter of Abe and Bette Bober of Charlotte graduated from the American Hebrew Academy in Greensboro. Among the many honors Morgan received was as a National Merit Finalist. She received the Biology award, Bible award, Academic All American for Swimming, Coaches' award for Volleyball, Best swimmer (based on points earned in meets for the team), one of two for the female Scholar/ Athlete of the year. Morgan will attend Grinnell College in Iowa in the fall. Morgan is the daughter of Richard and Laurie Bober of Greensboro.


My family and I were deeply touched by the outpouring of cards and calls of condolence that we received with Herb's passing. Our thanks to all of you for your support. Rose Weisman Lari, Jonathan, Sara, and the extended Massachi family wish to thank the community for their generous support, thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time. The Massachi Family

Mazel Tov:

Dr. Gerald M. Aronoff, Medical Director of Carolina Pain Associates in Charlotte and Adjunct Professor at Duke University Medical Center, has been invited to be the guest speaker at the 1st Vejlefjord Symposium on Pain.

Job Seekers Support Group Meets September 18, 2008 at 6:00pm

Sponsored by Temple Israel and Jewish Family Services, this group is open to all members of the Jewish Community

If you are seeking employment, considering a job or career change, you are invited to join this dynamic and supportive group. Pick up tips for resumes, interviews, effective networking Temple Israel Social Club Event and meet new friends. Meetings are the third Sunday, September 21, 2008 See Uptown Charlotte Up Close with our Tour Thursday of each month from 6:00 ­ 7:30 pm in the Board Room of Temple Israel. Next Guide, the interesting, enjoyable Moira Quinn. Sunday, September 21 starting at the Temple Israel meeting will be September 18. parking lot. Bus leaves at 10:30AM and returns at 3:30PM. Members, $9.00; Non-members, $12.00 For more information, call JFS at 704-364-6594 Limited seating.

Respond before September 13. Send check to Douglas Mann: 137 N. Canterbury Rd. Charlotte, N.C. 28211. We will have lunch uptown. For questions, call Maxine Stein 704-364-1178. The Temple Israel Social Club, for active couples and singles, invites you to join our social group. Meet new people and enjoy our interesting programs and trips. For information call Janine Rosner, 704-366-5631.


Life Events Announcements

If you would like to have your happy event, weddings, engagements, or birth announcements published in the Kol Yisrael, please submit your written information via email to [email protected] or fax it to 704-362-1098 Attn: Candy Love. If you have an illness or a death in the family, please contact Mary Beall at 704-362-2796.


A Message from your Sisterhood President We, the women of Sisterhood, are busy planning and preparing for the coming year. I have been given the wonderful opportunity of serving as President for the next two years. It is an honor to work alongside so many caring, compassionate, intelligent, talented women who all share one heart and one purpose. The one thing that we all have in common is our love of Judaism and our desire to live Jewish lives through study, Mitzvot, and acts of loving kindness. Sisterhood is comprised of women of all ages and backgrounds. There is something for everyone within Sisterhood. You only have to take that first step. We are part of a much larger organization, Women's League for Conservative Judaism, which provides us with educational and informational support and supplies. It is also a link to other Jewish women who share one heart and one purpose. Sisterhood is the heart and soul of our synagogue and YOU are Sisterhood. This will be a great year, but it will be even better if you're there!

Ginger Snitz Sisterhood President Temple Israel Sisterhood

Sunday, September 14 4:00pm Temple Israel Social Hall Wine & Cheese Reception WLCJ Southern Region President, Barbara Ezirng, Installing Officer Please RSVP to: Ginger Snitz 704-846-8205 We look forward to seeing you there!

Sisterhood Paid-Up Members & Torah Fund Luncheon Sunday, October 12, 2008 Noon-3:00pm Guest Speaker: Don Rosenberg of Instant Organic Garden

For more information about these following Sisterhood Events:

Tired of trying to find a parking spot during High Holy Day Services? Then enter the Sisterhood Parking Spot Raffle to win a prime spot. Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20. Parking spots will be given away for Rosh Hashanah Day 1 and 2, Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur. Deadline for entry is September 20.

Temple Israel Sisterhood will be having their Paid-Up Members and Torah Fund Luncheon on Sunday, October 12, 2008 between 12:00pm - 3:00pm. Please be sure to send your annual dues in as soon as possible so that you may reserve your place for the luncheon. Our featured guest speaker will be Don Rosenberg, of Instant Organic Garden, a garden consultant and designer, affectionately known as the "Veggie Guy" in local green circles. He installs raised bed organic vegetable gardens throughout the greater Charlotte area. Mr. Rosenberg has a monthly column called "Easy Growing" in the Charlotte Weekly and is the Co-president of the Jewish Community Business Circle. He will demonstrate the thrill, as well as the economic and health benefits, of growing your own organic food.


Sisterhood is happy to provide baby sitting during the High Holy Day Services at Temple Israel. Cost is $18 per child, per day. Baby sitting is available for children aged 3 months to 5 years. All children must be pre-registered by September 12, 2008. Babysitting is available on Rosh Hashanah Day 1, Rosh Hashanah Day 2, Kol Nidre, Yom Kippur. For more information, please contact: Tess Berger at 704-708-4857.

Mazel Tov to our B'nai Mitzvah

Brooke Davies, daughter of Shelly and John Fasciana and Dave Davies, will become a Bat Mitzvah on September 6, 2008. Her grandparents are: Leah Barker of Long Boat Key, FL and Betty Davies of Greensburg, PA. She is an 8th grader at South Charlotte Middle School and has one step-sister, Taylor Fasciana, 15. Brooke enjoys playing piano and drawing. She has just finished attending her fifth year at Camp Ramah Darom. Jacob Meyer, son of Susan and Steve Meyer, will become a Bar Mitzvah on September 6, 2008. He is the grandson of Celia and Murray Solomon of Columbus, GA; Betty Roberts of Columbus, GA, and Ron Meyer of Ft. Collins, CO. He is an 8th grader at Carmel Middle School and has one

sister, Abby, 7.

Jacob has attended Temple Israel Religious School. He also has attended Camp Barney Medintz for the last five years. He enjoys baseball and music. Jacob Milden, son of Marilyn and Robert Milden, will become a Bar Mitzvah on September 13, 2008. His grandparents are: Marlene and Jerry Milden of Perrineville, NJ; Carol Chandler of Howell, NJ; and Hugh and Patricia O'Rourke of Toms River, NJ. Jacob is an 8th grader at Marvin Ridge Middle school and has two brothers, Ian, 11 and Thomas, 8. He enjoys playing football, baseball and basketball with friends. Jacob is a member of Kadima and will be attending Consolidated Hebrew High as well as working in the Religious School as part of Team Madrichim. For his Mitzvah project, Jacob worked with disadvantaged children at Walter Bickett Elementary School in Union County. Zev Feldman, son of Mitch & Laura Feldman, will become a Bar Mitzvah of September 20, 2008. His grandparents are: Mike and Margo Furst of Tappan, NY; Jerry and Helene Feldman of Great Neck, NY. His great grandmother is Annette Pomerance of Sparkill, NY. He is an 8th grader at Carmel Middle School and has one brother, Ari,10. Zev is an avid baseball player, most recently participating in a national tournament and he also plays the trumpet. He is a student at TIRS. For his Bar Mitzvah project, Zev will be collecting items needed by Child Life Services at Levine Children's Hospital in honor of the staff who are available to the siblings and families of injured/sick patients.

Abby Ehrlich, daughter of Donna and Jeff Ehrlich, will become a Bat Mitzvah on September 13, 2008. Her grandparents are: Ellen Burnette and the late Don Burnette of Rock Hill, SC and the Harriet and Gerald Ehrlich of Augusta, GA. She is an 8th grader at South Charlotte Middle School and has one brother, Sam, 16. Abby enjoys swimming and watching movies. She attended the Charlotte Jewish Day School and also participates in Shabbat Services at her grandparents' synagogue in Augusta, GA.

Brett Balick, son of Jill and Craig Balick, will become a Bar Mitzvah on September 20, 2008. His grandparents are: Ina and Michael Silverstein of Teaneck, NJ and the late Marvin Miller; Fay Balick and the late Stanley Balick of Boynton Beach, FL. He is a 7th grader at South Charlotte Middle School and has one brother, Ryan, 16. Brett is a graduate of Charlotte Jewish Day School. His Judaic and Hebrew language studies have provided him with a strong foundation for becoming a Bar Mitzvah. He has volunteered at the Muffin Ministry for Crisis Assistance to reinforce the Mitzvot of Tzedakah and feeding the poor.


Temple Israel Religious School

TIRS is committed to giving each child all the tools that he or she needs to build a Jewish life. This year, our theme at the Religious School is "Building a Jewish Toolbox." What does each student need to fill his/her Jewish toolbox? A Hebrew Hammer A Paint Brush for Prayers A Tape Measure for Torah A Miter box of Mitzvot and Middot (ethics) A Chisel for Chagim (holidays) And God to Super Glue it all together Make a commitment to building a strong foundation of Judaism in your child's life. Register for Temple Israel Religious School today! FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: Sunday, September 7, 2008

For more information please contact Debby Block at 704-944-6786


Temple Israel Gratefully Acknowledges...

ETZ CHAIM CHUMASH: IN HONOR OF: Tammy & Scott Silverstein Birth of daughter By: Sonni & Ralph Besnoy Gabi & Rael Gorelick Birth of son By: Sonni & Ralph Besnoy SIMCHA LEAF: IN HONOR OF:

EDUCATION FUND IN MEMORY OF: Jacob Massachi Husband of Lari Massachi By: Nanette McCranie Sue & Perry Tannenbaum Herbert Cohen Father of Jeffrey Cohen By: Janice & Ron Weiner David Cathcart Husband of Terri Cathcart By: Paula & Doug Gentile Saul Wojnowich Husband of Lori Wojnowich By: Paula & Doug Gentile Roberta Monosoff Wife of Murray Monosoff By: Paula & Doug Gentile Charlotte Bilsky Mother of Marcia Gleiberman By: Terrie & Jonathan Karlin RABBI EZRINGS'S TZEDAKAH FUND: IN HONOR OF: Rabbi Murray Ezring By: Pat & David Somerstein Roz & Ivan Cooper Birth of grandchild By: Jodi & Stuart Cohen Patty & Bill Gorelick Birth of grandson By: Sonni & Ralph Besnoy Tammy & Andy Cohen Maxine & Gary Silverstein Birth of granddaughter By: Sonni & Ralph Besnoy Gloria & Arthur Becker Anniversary By: Ruth & Alan Goldberg Brandan Busman Bar Mitzvah By: Julius & Natalie Farber Margi Goldstein Speedy Recovery By: Ruth & Julius Silverman Robert Jacobson & Leigh Mosier Marriage By: Rose & Abe Luski Alan Goldberg Speedy Recovery By: Rose & Abe Luski RABBI EZRINGS'S TZEDAKAH FUND: IN MEMORy OF: Jacob Massachi Husband of Lari Massachi By: Vicki Rommel & Danny Bill Smith Becky & David Burack Nancy Miller Father of Cathy Beame By: Shelley & Larry Leibman RABBI EZRINGS'S TZEDAKAH FUND: IN MEMORy OF: Ida Weinstock Mother of Barney Weinstock By: Sonni & Ralph Besnoy Harry Tuckman Grandfather of Ari Tuckman By: Sonni & Ralph Besnoy Charlotte Bilsky Mother of Marcia Gleiberman By: Becky & David Burack Rose & Abe Luski Gladys Gross Mother of Richard Gross By: Andy & Tammy Cohen Rose & Abe Luski Herbert Cohen Father of Jeff Cohen By: Jodi & Gary Michel GENERAL FUND: IN HONOR OF: Rael & Gabi Gorelick Birth of son By: Julia Glaouberman Alla Bukengolts Sofa Kotlyar Toby & Dan Ruda Robert Jacobson & Leigh Mosier Marriage By: Wendy & Frank Rosen Gary & Maxine Silverstein Birth of granddaughter By: Donald & Susan Jacobs Tammy & Scott Silverstein Birth of granddaughter By: Donald & Susan Jacobs Judi & Leonard Strause Anniversary By: Barbara & Phil Guller Elizabeth & Adam Greenhagen Daughter's Baby Naming By: Joan & Lew Kirschner Rose & Abe Luski Anniversary By: Bari & Jeff Gorelick Richard Herd Birthday By: Sharon & Donald Katz GENERAL FUND: IN MEMORy OF: Jacob Massachi Husband of Lari Massachi By: Cindy Spil & Family Scott & Dana Gorelick Janet & Sol Jaffa Nancy & Sam Bernstein Wendy & Frank Rosen Eric Platock Moshe Straz Jacob Massachi Father of Sara Massachi By: Elizabeth Bernstein

Rose & Abe Luski 60th Wedding Anniversary By: Eva, Jill, Mike, Erika & Robert Hyman

FRED & ILSE BERGEN PRAyERBOOK FUND: IN HONOR OF: Sylvia & Irving Swartz 52nd Wedding Anniversary By: Sylvia & Irving Swartz IN MEMORY OF: Jacob Massachi Husband of Lari Massachi By: Ann Langman CANTOR'S MUSIC FUND: IN MEMORY OF: Bert Bodenheimer Father of Andrew Bodenheimer By: Becky & David Burack David Cathcart Husband of Terri Cathcart By: Becky & David Burack Jacob Massachi Husband of Lari Massachi By: Beth & Arthur Mattos RABBI CANTOR'S TZEDAKAH FUND IN MEMORy OF: Gladys Gross Grandmother of Bradley & Marc Gross By: Jean & Mark Kirsch Gladys Gross Mother of Richard Gross By: Jean & Mark Kirsch EDUCATION FUND IN HONOR OF: Ali Bolger Bat Mitzvah By: Shevi & Don Herbstman Colin & Elaine Ciglar Birth of twin granddaughters By: Jean & Mark Kirsch EDUCATION FUND IN MEMORY OF: Jacob Massachi Husband of Lari Massachi By: Shevi & Don Herbstman


These Thoughtful Contributions... 7/9/08 -08/10/08

GENERAL FUND: IN MEMORy OF: Charlotte Bilsky Mother of Marcia Gleiberman By: Janet & Sol Jaffa Leslie & Ed Rusgo Wendy & Frank Rosen Nancy & Sam Bernstein Ida Weinstock Mother of Barney Weinstock By: Alan & Susan Lambert Marlene & Jay Jacoby Alyce Levine Mother of Kevin Levine By: Donald & Susan Jacobs Jeanie & Robert Widis Isabelle Somerstein Mother of David Somerstein By: Donald & Susan Jacobs Pearl Aronson By: Jean Bloom Rose Cohen Slutsky Aunt of Stuart Cohen By: Judy & David Miller Nancy & Sam Bernstein Stanley Goldstein Father of Jay Goldstein By: Ann & Bob Abel

WILLIAM & PATRICIA GORELICK MEMBERSHIP ENDOWMENT FUND: IN MEMORy OF: Jacob Massachi Husband of Lari Massachi By: Patty & Bill Gorelick Gladys Gross Mother of Richard Gross By: Patty & Bill Gorelick Rose Cohen Slutsky Aunt of Alene Strause By: Patty & Bill Gorelick Rose Cohen Slutsky Aunt of Anita Grey By: Patty & Bill Gorelick ETTA & LOUIS GREENSPON ENDOwMENT FUND: IN HONOR OF:

Mark & Catherine Speizman Marriage By: Carol & Bob Speizman HOSPICE FUND: IN MEMORy OF: Billy Bazar By: Holly Levinson Gail Carter By: Shellie & Harvey Barer SAM LERNER SUKKAH GARDEN FUND: IN HONOR OF: Lynn Edelstein Birthday By: Sandra & Leon Levine


Burt Berson By: Connie & Paul Ostrow Gary Paston Brother of Bob Paston By: Connie & Paul Ostrow Jacob Massachi Husband of Lari Massachi By: Debbie & Rory Vitale Alyce Levine Mother of Kevin Levine By: Connie & Paul Ostrow Pearl & Alan Mann


Jacob Massachi Husband of Lari Massachi By: Baila & John Pransky Charlotte Bilsky Mother of Marcia Gleiberman By: Baila & John Pransky


IN MEMORy OF: Charlotte Bilsky Mother of Marcia Gleiberman By: Ann Langman Pam & Herb Winegard Sue & Perry Tannenbaum Jacob Massachi Husband of Lari Massachi By: Rhoda Gleiberman


Herbert Cohen Father of Jeffrey Cohen By: Diann & Larry Gordon


Patty & Bill Gorelick Birth of grandson By: Mattye & Marc Silverman


Charlotte Bilsky Mother of Marcia Gleiberman By: Bari & Jeffrey Gorelick Jacob Massachi Husband of Lari Massachi By: Bari & Jeffrey Gorelick



Patty & Bill Gorelick Birth of grandson By: Jenny E. Meiselman Alla & Mikhael Mogilevsky Alvin & Helene Levine Sandra & Leon Levine Rael & Gabi Gorelick Birth of son By: Alvin & Helene Levine Sandra & Leon Levine

Jason Cathcart 10 Years of Service as Youth Director By: Debbie & Rory Vitale Joey Vitale Birthday By: Connie & Paul Ostrow Rachel Ostrow & Alex Ostrow Birthday By: Connie & Paul Ostrow Harvey Schneider Speedy recovery By: Connie & Paul Ostrow Marjorie Grossman Birthday By: Connie & Paul Ostrow Louise Stern Birthday By: Connie & Paul Ostrow

ALENE & SAMUEL STRAUSE EMERGENCy FUND: IN MEMORy OF: Jacob Massachi Husband of Lari Massachi By: The Reich Family Jimmy Vine Son of Dr. & Mrs.. Louis Vine By: Alene & Sam Strause

Rose Cohen Slutsky Aunt of Alene Strause By: Marcelle & Allan Oxman


Contributions Continued...


Birthday of granddaughter By: Jean & Mark Kirsch & Family Cathy Slesinger Michele Pas Birthday By: Jean, & Mark Kirsch & Family By: Mona Radiloff Robert Jacobson & Leigh Mosier Dr. & Mrs. Richard Sugarman By: Jean & Mark Kirsch & Family Marriage Rosemary Zulman By: The Schooler Family Mona Radlioff & Leonard Slesinger Birthday By: Jean & Mark Kirsch & Family Carmen Fragoso Patty & Bill Gorelick Birth of grandson IN MEMORy OF: By: Jean & Mark Kirsch & Family Dr. Richard Goldberg Marvin Shapiro By: Cathy Slesinger & Birthday Meg Slesinger By: Sandra & Leon Levine Isabelle Somerstein Mother of David Somerstein SADIE STARR SILVER FUND: By: Robert Jacobson & IN MEMORy OF: Leigh Mosier Charlotte Bilsky Ida Weinstock Mother of Marcia Gleiberman Mother of Barney Weinstock By: Anita & Marvin Shapiro By: Robert Jacobson & Leigh Mosier


Amidan Cantor Birthday By: Ruth & Shai Richardson


Bessie Rosen Jacob Rosen Philip Rosen Renato Meiohas By: Wendy & Frank Rosen

Rosh Chodesh Stained Glass Window Available In Honor of or In Memory of A Loved One

Temple Israel has an unusual opportunity to be able to offer one of our beautiful stained glass, depicting Rosh Chodesh. This stained glass is located in the balcony area, and is being offered, first come, first serve, to one of our families who would like to memorialize or honor a loved one. The cost of this stained glass is $3600 and may be paid in 5 equal installments of $720 per year. If you are interested, please contact Sandy Middleton, Administrator at the Temple Office, 704-362-2796 or by email, [email protected] We are sure it will not last long!

Temple Israel & Huntingtowne Farms Elementary School Get Ready For the New School Year!

We need MORE volunteers! We have exciting and rewarding volunteer opportunities available. We need 15 additional volunteers to join our successful volunteer team of 20 Temple members from last year. If you want to make a difference in a child's life and have 2-3 hours available each week this is an experience you should try.

Temple members serve as: tutors in reading and math, assist with homework, are mentors and lunch buddies, work with small groups in the classrooms, and assist with field trips and school events. The school is conveniently located off Park Road, near South Park. Volunteers are needed between the hours of 8:00am and 1:30pm. For additional information and details please contact Lynne Sheffer at 704.540.0502 [email protected]

Trees for Israel: Ruth Richardson at 704-366-2441

Have You Remembered Temple Israel in your Will?

We would like to recognize and thank those congregants who have made provisions for Temple Israel in their estate plan. For more information please contact Phil Warshauer at the Foundation for the Charlotte Jewish Community at 704-973-4544 or email [email protected]


Week of 8/29/08 Frank Becker Leon Benveniste Manfred Berger* Ruth Boxer * Dave Butler Hilde Cohen Hersh G. Cohen Sally Levine Corzin* Josephine Frankel Isadore Gaynor Rosa Gerson Barnet Goldberg Ernest Golden* Sam Goldstein* William A. Green* Harry Grossman Florence Grossman Florence Grossman Esther Gumnit Jurgen Kaunitz Barbara Kweskin Eva Lebowitz* Ann Lerner Faye Leven* Bernice Liesman* Leah Maziar Bert Meyers Sholom Mordukhovich Israel Mordyhovich Rose Mackler Newman Daisy Olshan* Judith Resnik Sharon Sherr Anita Silver Martin Sussman Mary Swerdlick Bernard Udell Week of 9/05/08 Rose Becker William T. Bennett Mildred Berlinsky Julius Brenner Ruben Bruck Morris Buxbaum Al Fisher* Frank Gordon* Paul Grossman Ernest Heuman Sam Hochstat Sophia Kantor Boris Karlin* Esther Kaufman Isadore Klatzkie Irving Krieger

Week of 9/05/08 Meyer Leiberman Harry Maltz Harry Myer Louis Myers Sergey Okun Alfred Solow Jacob A. Sosnik Regina Stahl* Rose Tuckman Sam Turk Alvin Winegard Arnold Wollman David Zibel* Week of 9/12/08 Ethel Abrams Betty Belicove Rita Bernanke Joseph Besnoy Alex Binnick* Pincus Boxer David Henry Chernoff Edwin B. Clein Bernie Coran George Culiner Sophie Edelstein Billie Eisner Hazel Flash Harry Fogel Martin Glass* Paul Gottlieb Jay Greenburg* Harold Jacoby Wille Kaplan* Rosalind Leckerman* Sidney Levin* Eve Levis* Rosalyn Ludensky Michael Malkin Peter Mathews* Ephraim Nagel* Henry Seitlin Ezie Isadore Sinkoe Rabbi Jerome G. Tolochko* Morris Turk* Pauline Yale Leyzer Zaboodka Week of 9/19/08 Anna Adler David Arazie Minda Baikovitz* Eliot D. Bernat Yetta Besnoy

Week of 9/19/08 Robert Bloom* Arthur Breidbart Melville Cohen* Lazar Dubovskiy Benny Eisenberg Malcolm Flash Bert Gerber Jack Gittler Bussie Goldberg Ethel Goldman Rose Goldman Mickey Greenberg* Lillian Kaller William Landau Mindy Ellen Levine Pesi Nagel* Chaim Neger Blanche Palley Irving Price* Max Rosenman Gloria Rubenstein Joseph D. Salem* Peter Sauer* Doris Cohn Shapiro Hersh Shpack* Avraham Silberman * Ann Slesinger Harry Smigel* Tibor Stark Rachel Steinberg Rudolph Steiner Ann Goldfarb Tepper* Anna Tepper* Pearl Vogel * Miriam Wolochwianski Yemma Zhuravlev Week of 9/26/08 Milton Bedrick Ted Boyce Bessie Bramson Tillie Breidbart Harry (Smith) Brown * Edgar H. Burman Ted Chernotsky* Robert Czarlinsky Henry Engel Mildred Fandal Anne Gold* Max E. Goldman Bertha Harris * Anna R. Hellman Louis Hermann* Arthur Kahn*

Week of 9/26/08 Laura Katzenelson Robert Kaunitz* Anne W. Klein Frieda Kletz Seymour Kramer Margaret B. Kurtz* Ethel Lazar* Paul Levine Moses S. Lewin Lynette Mandel* Rose Miller Hyman Nagel Henry Pear Irving Sass Charles Herman Schusterman Miriam Sokoloff Jeanette Stadd Stanley Strauch Max Weinstein

* Denotes a plaque


Scholar-In-Residence: Rabbi Paul Yedwab

Friday, September 19, at 6:15pm Saturday, September 20 9:30am & 8:00pm

Improve Your Hebrew Through Jewish Songs

Adult Education

Adult Programs

Adult Education Presents: Peter Swire Temple Israel

Adult Education

Wednesday, September 17 at 7:45pm Topic: Privacy and Freedom for

Americans Under the Next Presidential Administration: Comparing a McCain Administration to an Obama Administration Free and Open to the Public

Interfaith Text Study

There are many ways in which a foreign language can be learned; from books, from a computer program, from "immersion", and from learning songs in the language. This last way you improve your reading skills, build your vocabulary, and get exposed to a very popular aspect of the culture. Cantor Roochvarg will be teaching this course 6 Thursdays in the autumn: October 30, November 6, 13 & 20, and December 4 and 11 (after Minyan). The only prerequisite is that you know your Hebrew alphabet. No musical skills required. Please call Mary Beall at 704-362-2796 to register. Space is limited!

Torah Spark

Celebrating Life Sponsored by: The Etta & Louis Greenspon Senior Endowment Fund

Temple Israel and Providence United Methodist Church are joining together for a four part series hosted by the clergy of both congregations. At each session, a different member of the clergy will teach about their favorite prophet and prophecy! Temple Israel will host the first meeting of the class on October 19 in the Sukkah at 7:00pm. Meeting Dates are as follows: 10/19 10/28 11/11 11/18 This class is open to the first 25 participants who sign up. To reserve your spot in this class please contact Mary in the Rabbi's office at 704-362-2796.

Bringing together mature adults from the Jewish community for interesting speakers, music, art, and a nutritious lunch. All seniors are welcome. There is a $4 voluntary contribution for lunch. There is transportation provided where needed. Lunches are served after the programs. Contact: Evelyn Berger, [email protected] Celebrating Life Dates: 10/16 11/20 12/18 1/15 2/19 3/19 5/21

Points of View

Torah Spark is an ongoing Adult Education class which will resume on Wednesday, October 29. This year, Torah Sparks will be discussing the history of Rabbinic Judaism and studying primary sources from the Tanakh, Mishnah, and Talmud. We will also be reading together Milton Steinberg's novel, "As A Driven Leaf."

Points of View is a senior male discussion group that meets at Temple Israel on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of every month at 12:30pm. Contact: Alan S. Goldberg at 704-366-8903

Temple Israel Choir

Sukkot Events

Join Us For Sukkot Meals October 15-19, 2008 Sukkot Concert Sunday, October 19, 2008 at 12:30pm Sukkah Family Sukkot Concert: "Singin' Sukkot with Susan and Patti!"

Simchat Torah Events

Simchat Torah Fajitas Dinner Tuesday, October 21, 2008 $7 Adults $5 Children Dinner at 6:00pm Ma'ariv, 6:45pm Erev Simchat Torah Celebration Tuesday, October 21, 2008 7:00pm Simchat Torah Services Wednesday, October 22, 2008 Simchat Torah Services, 9:30am

The Temple Israel Choir enhances our High Holy Day and Festival services, participates in other celebrations along with a yearly joint concert with the Temple Beth El Choir. Contact: Cantor Elias Roochvarg at 704-362-2796

Tuesdays with Torah

Tuesdays, 9:30-10:30am An in depth study of the weekly parasha using our new Etz Hayim Chumash. Lead by Rabbi Murray Ezring. Begins October 28.

Adult Programs

Temple Israel Social Club

Adult Programs

Temple Israel Book Club The purpose of the Temple Israel Book Club is to encourage the reading and discussion of books with Jewish content, by Jewish authors, and/or of interest to the Jewish community. Meetings are open to the entire community, whether or not you have read the book! Next meeting will be Tuesday, September 16, 7:30 pm at Temple Israel. For more information contact: Linda Levy 704-366-6362/[email protected] or Sandra Hirschman at 704/867-7051. Men's Club The Temple Israel's Men's Clubwants to involve our members and their families in group-oriented Jewish experiences that create and sustain friendships and social contact. Dues are $36 per year. Men's Club is a member of the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs.


For Adults 50 & Over Single & Couples Please join us and be on our mailing list for programs and events which include : theatre, dinners with speakers, visiting local places of interest, annual mystery bus trip, annual (free) luncheon for paid up members, Hanukkah party, New Years Eve at Myrtle Beach. We welcome new members. Sunday, September 21, 2008 See Uptown Charlotte Up Close with our Tour Guide, the interesting, enjoyable Moira Quinn. Contact: Janine Rosner 704-366-5631 or Gail Weinstein Halverson 704-365-8851

Temple Israel Young Couples Club

Sisterhood Sisterhood is a Conservative women's group whose basic functional purposes are charitable in nature in the perpetuation of Conservative Judaism. Sisterhood Installation Sunday, September 14, 2008 4:00pm Sisterhood Paid-Up Members & Torah Fund Luncheon October 12, 2008 Noon-3:00pm Contact: Ginger Snitz at 704-846-8205 [email protected] for more information

Rosh Chodesh Study Group

Temple Israel's Young Couples Club is the place for couples to meet new people ranging in age from their 20's through mid 30's. We are reforming this club and eager to welcome and involve new members. More information to come.

Forever Fifty

Ben Aizenman,President

704-541-9603 Men's Club Paid-Up Membership Brunch September 14 11:00am

Group of aging baby boomers who get together often to enjoy social and cultural activities.

Job Seekers Support Group

Rosh Chodesh is known as a women's holiday. Rashi said that women may refrain from spinning, weaving, and sewing on this day each month because these are the skills that women so enthusiastically contributed to the building of the Mishkan. Why a special day for women? We're told that the women refused to relinquish their gold earrings to the men who were building the golden calf. Their reward: an extra holy day each month, free from work. Temple Israel Sisterhood, in conjunction with Temple Israel's Adult Education committee, invites women to join us in study once per month. This year, we will study Kohelet, Ecclesiastes . We will meet in the boardroom of Temple Israel on Shabbat afternoon, 1:30 PM.

Tishri Chesvan Kislev October 18, during the Holiday of Sukkot November 1 December 6

considering a job or career change, you are invited to join this dynamic and supportive group. Pick up tips for resumes, interviews, effective networking and to meet new friends. Meetings are the third Thursday of each month from 6:00 ­ 7:30 pm at Temple Israel. For more information, call JFS at (704) 364-6594

Sponsored by Temple Israel and Jewish Family Services, this group is open to all members of the Jewish Community If you are seeking employment,

Special Guest Speaker: Jeff Katz, of 1110 WBT radio's morning talk show. All paid-up members of the Men's Club are invited to a free brunch on Sunday, September 14th at 11 AM. If you would like to bring your spouse or significant other, there will be a $5.00 cover charge. Please RSVP to: Ben Aizenman at [email protected] or 704-541-9603.

Children's Services

Munchkin Minyan Children age 3­5 years 10 am ­ 11 am Will take place on first Shabbat of every month. Dates for this year are February 2, March 1, April 5, May 3. Munchkin Minyan allows our young congregants an opportunity to enjoy Shabbat in a child-friendly manner through stories, puppets, games, songs, kiddush and snacks. Mini Minyan Kindergarten ­ 2nd grade 10 am ­ 11 am Mini-Minyan takes place on Saturdays and is designed for children in Kindergarten through 2nd grade. An hour-long children's service is followed by activities and Jewish games. All are welcome! Junior Congregation: 3rd ­ 6th grade 10 am - noon Junior Congregation takes place on Saturdays during the school year and is designed for children in 3rd through 6th grade. While students who attend TIRS are required to attend, other children are welcome and are encouraged to join us! Students will then enjoy an energetic and age-appropriate service from 11 am - noon. Contact: Stephanie Tuckman, Administrative Assistant 704-944-6785, [email protected]

Family Programs

(Parents And Little Ones Schmoozing)

Youth Programming Jr. Kadima Jr. Kadima is for all 4th and 5th graders. Adult advisors run this group with assistance from parents. A major effort is made for social interaction with other Jewish children. Programs are held monthly. Kadima Kadima is for all youth in 6th through 8th grade. A wide range of programming, including religious and social action is available. Programs are held twice a month. USY USY is a group for high school students, 9th through 12th grade. USY stresses the importance of leadership, Judaism and friendship and has many opportunities to meet other high school aged youth from our region. International USY also sponsors trips to Israel and around the USA. Contact: Rabbi Faith Cantor 704-362-2796 Magic of Shabbat

Come join us for our monthly Shabbat Dinners and celebrate the Magic of Shabbat at Temple Israel. You belong at our table.


PALS provides age-appropriate Judaic programming for pre-school aged children to foster a love of Judaism and build a foundation of Jewish knowledge.

PALS-Breakfast for Supper in the Sukkah!

Join together with your PALS friends for an evening in the Sukkah followed by a festive sukkot dinner with the entire community! PALS friends will be learning about the lulav and etrog and decorating flags that they can use in our Simchat Torah celebration. Cost $8 an adult for dinner $7 PALS includes program and dinner!

PALS-Shabbat in Bag! November 23

Calling all PALS! Come to TI and create your own Shabbat-in-a-bag, all the tools you need to celebrate Shabbat with your families at home! Sing songs, hear a story and have a snack! 10:30 in the Social Hall! Cost $6 for each PAL

Pack (Parents and Cool Kids)

PACK features programming primarily for families with children between the ages of 6 and 9 years. Programs to be annouced. For more information, please contact Rabbi Cantor at 704-362-2796. Babysitting Complimentary drop-in babysitting is available on Shabbat mornings (except for month of July) for children up to age 4. No registration is required.

Our Shabbat Dinners take place every third Friday night. Services begin at 6:15pm and Shabbat Dinners are at 7:00pm. Deadline to sign up is the Friday prior to Shabbat Dinner. If you sign up for 8 dinners, you will get $15 off your total amount.

Dates of Dinners: 9/19/08 11/21/08 1/16/09 3/20/09 10/17/08 12/19/08 2/20/09 4/17/09 5/15/09

Youth Education

The Charlotte Jewish Preschool

Consolidated High School of Jewish Studies of Charlotte

Youth Education

Special Shabbatot

Day School Shabbat October 17 Come celebrate Shabbat and honor all of the families from Temple Israel. Shabbat services will be at 6:15 followed by a wonderful dinner and stories in the Sukkah. Mariashi Groner will be our special guest in the Sukkah. Contact: Rabbi Cantor [email protected]

Rockin' Shabbat For Tots

Visit our website at for upcoming events and information. Contact: Denise Abadi, Director at 704-944-6776 or [email protected]

Temple Israel Religious School

Temple Israel Religious School (TIRS) is dedicated to providing Jewish children a quality Jewish education that will not only prepare them for their Bar or Bat Mitzvah, but also encourage a joyous attitude towards Judaism that will be the framework of a strong Jewish identity and the foundation of a Jewish life. We strive to bring the joy of Judaism and Jewish learning to Temple Israel's youngest congregants. Important Dates:

TIRS Orientation 9/7/2008 10am to 11am Teacher Workshop 9/21/2008 10am to 12pm No TIRS 9/21/2008 1st day of Jr. Cong. 9/27/2008 10am to 12pm No TIRS 9/30/2008 No TIRS 10/14/2008 No TIRS 10/21/2008 Hey Family Ed 10/26/2008 10am to 12pm Vav Family Ed #1 11/9/2008 10am to 12pm Gan Family Ed 11/16/2008 10am to 12pm No TIRS 11/25/2008

The Consolidated High School of Jewish Studies of Charlotte strives to offer both an enriched academic program and an environment in which high school students in grades eight through twelve are exposed to a variety of ideas, values and practices that strengthen Jewish identity. We meet weekly on Wednesday nights.

Contact: Roz Cooper, Director 704-944-6782 [email protected]

Tikvah Charlotte

Tikva Charlotte provides a Sunday, religious school experience for children with special needs. Featuring low student-teacher ratios and individualized lesson plans, Tikva Charlotte gives each student the care and attention to learn and thrive in a Jewish environment.

Tikva Charlotte is a joint venture of Temple Israel, Temple Beth El and the Consolidated Hebrew High School. Generous funding has also been received from The Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte. Contact: Karen Majercsik 704-944-6747

Sassy Sophisticated & Spiritual

November 7 Rockin' Shabbat with a special service for our youngest Temple Israelites! Join Ms. Patti in a fun interactive minyan geared for families with young children. (birth ­ kindergarten) Following this special service there will be dinner for the entire family! Services begin at 5:30, followed by dinner at 6:15pm.

Ramah Shabbat

November 14 Come Celebrate Shabbat Ramah Style! We will be honoring all of our Ramah campers. Learn some of the popular camp melodies and share a wonderful Shabbat dinner with all of your Ramah friends. Contact: Rabbi Cantor [email protected]

Yoga & Meditation Service

No TIRS 11/29/2008 No TIRS 11/30/2008

Contact: Stephanie Tuckman, Administrative Assistant 704-944-6785 [email protected] Debby Block, Principal 704-944-6786, [email protected]

Open to all 6th and 7th girls! Only 15 spots available! Topics include: Create your own beautiful kippah, Being Jewish in a Secular World, The Jewish World of Cyber-Space and Internet Safety The dates are: Nov. 6, 13, 20, Dec. 4, and Dec. 11 from 4:30pm ­ 6:00pm The cost is $50. If you are scheduled for B'nai Mitzvah tutoring, please speak to Rabbi Cantor to make accommodations.

Come join us for Yoga and Meditation Services at Temple Israel typically on the 3rd Saturday each month through June. Please dress comfortably and bring a towel or a yoga mat. Contact: David Block at [email protected]

September Birthdays

September 1 Jeff Kornegay Maya Rose Lesack Julie Smallman September 2 Janice Fisher Beverly Goodfriend Samantha Levinson Michael Rotberg Joel Snyder September 3 Wendy Balconi Stacy Baum Harvey Corzin Jarett Isralow Janet Jaffa Julia Koltun Clive Schewitz Alexa Shure Amy Weinstein September 4 Gene Daumit Ari Feldman Emily Lerner Linda Lesack Penni Powell Sarah Ridlehoover Jeffrey Stein September 5 Daniel Fischer Lynn Gleiberman Jason Goodfriend Michael H. Kipnis Steven Limentani Martin Stein September 6 Luke Goldberg Eloise Gorelick Tina Kushner Robert Weinstein September 7 Julius Farber Judy Kaller Rachel Kaplan Judy Kaufmann Ethan Van Glish Shelby Vaughan September 8 Marsha Cohen Brooke Davies Ellen Dubin Sheila Kritzer Judith H. Lecker Alyssa Levine Diana Levine Jacob Milden Samuel Shomstein Norman Steinman Jeff Strauch September 9 Andrea Gerber Sasha Levine Iris Lovett David Mond Jonathan Raus Benjamin Sigal Molly Simon Alan Sussman Andy Wasserman September 10 Kathryn Goodfriend Larry Leibman Rachele Newman Alexander Sobel Jack Sobel September 11 Bruce Becker Nathan C. Berger David Kronovet Jessica Mazur Steve Novack Suzanne Schooler Gerald Sinkoe Alan Stein September 12 Ed Bograd Richard Chenkin Arlene Cohen Rebecca Gerger Helene Lieberman Jillian Lieberman Steven Mendelson Matt Rudnet September 13 Deborah Formica Charles Gorelick Marcia Wasserman September 14 Richard Becker Andrew Dermack Eva Bette Moore Ashley Stark Marcie Williams September 15 Elaine Cigler Debbie Freedman Jeanne Rauch September 16 Andrew Edelman Jonathan Goldberg Alexis Pagnatta Golda Price Jon Simon Eugene Zilber September 17 Gordon Cole Zachariah Gerger Paula Klein Brandon Levine Andrea Schewitz September 18 Sadie Forsythe Michael Raus Robert Stoll September 19 Eric Levine Andrea Mesoznik Brian Rosenthal Alexander Weinberg September 20 Yosef Avraham Ariel Becker Daniel Harbacevich Hannah Kaunitz Adam Shomstein Joseph Steiner September 21 Maureen McManus Hannah Stadtlander September 22 Sandy Hirschman Sam Kaplan Matthew Laxer Hannah Musa Carol Shafranek Jacob Stein

September 23 Lorri Barman Debby Binnick Doris Widis

September 24 Steven Cohen Wendy Pake Hugo Rosenberger Gary Silverstein Michael Weiss September 25 Isaac Bafford Karen Bernstein Berta Kaplan Jonathan Karlin Rochelle Levine Shachar Rappaport Scott Schoenbrun September 26 Katherine Brown Rene Knafo Avery Meiselman Stephanie Warshauer September 27 Jack Gorelick Eran Kreitman Adrian Mesoznik Doug Richman September 28 Audrey Ashkin Jacob Goodman Elizabeth Hirsch Sharon Hockfield Aliya Martin Harold Shapiro Sue Tannenbaum September 29 Teresa Brigham Aleen Epstein Melvin Frank Graham Pake Pat Somerstein September 30 Melinda Farbman Jonathan Fisher Sara Massachi Berta Straz Herbert Winegard


*Reminder: Your name will be read the Shabbat prior to your Simcha.

September Anniversaries

1 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 7 7 8 10 Daniel & Nancy Coblenz Steve & Susan Hader David & Kathryn Kossove Edwin & Jill Newman Guy & Audrey Pearlman Arthur & Gloria Becker Barry & Debra Mendelson Sandi & Louis Schlager Lawrence & Arlene Abrams Alec & Nancy Felder Mindy & Christopher McShane Ron & Janice Weiner Steven & Barbara Weiner Brad & Donya Cohen E.J. & Sheila Fisher Robert & Ella Sterling Mitch & Laura Feldman 10 12 12 13 14 17 17 20 20 20 20 20 25 26 27 28 29 Ari & Stephanie Tuckman Stephen & Janet Rubin Morton & Eleanor Turk Adam & Sheila Spitz Ira & Stacey Slomka Scott & Hali Jaffe Rick & Lisa Shapiro Lewis & Janice Fisher Russell & Julia Greenfield Julius & Ruth Silverman Allan & Ashley Stark Herbert & Jenny Stern Faith & David Cantor Yaron & Zviya-Crystal Ben-Yohanan Alvin & Helene Levine Jeffrey & Dana Ditesheim Julius & Natalie Farber

Men's Club Paid-Up Membership Brunch

September 14 at 11:00am

All paid-up members of the Men's Club are invited to a free brunch on Sunday, September 14 at 11:00 am. If you would like to bring your spouse or significant other, there will be a $5.00 cover charge. Special Guest Speaker: The always intriguing Jeff Katz, of 1110 WBT radio's morning talk show. This is an event that you do not want to miss! Reservations must be made in advance in order to insure that we have enough delicious meals for everyone. However, you can pay your membership and guest's cover charge at the door. RSVP: Ben Aizenman at [email protected]

Temple Israel Book Club

Tuesday, September 16, 7:30 p.m. Temple Israel People of the Book By Geraldine Brooks

The global journey of the Sarajevo Haggadah as imagined in People of the Book is the subject of Temple Israel Book Club's next selection. The Sarajevo Haggadah, one of the earliest Jewish religious volumes to be illuminated with images, survived centuries of purges and wars thanks to people of all faiths who risked their lives to safeguard it. "Geraldine Brooks, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of March, has turned the intriguing but sparely detailed history of this precious volume into an emotionally rich, thrilling fictionalization that retraces its turbulent journey....... A complex love story, thrilling mystery, vivid history lesson and celebration of the enduring power of ideas, People of the Book will surely be hailed as one of the best of 2008" Critics' accolades such as these, enthusiastic, positive comments from readers, and its position as number one on Hadassah's list of top ten Jewish best sellers, made Temple Israel Book Club members overwhelmingly choose People of the Book as its next selection. The book is available at the Levine-Sklut Judaic Library, the public library, on line and at local book stores for under $25. Get your copy now for good summer reading and attend the Temple Israel Book Club's September 16 meeting to complete your literary experience! Temple Israel Book Club meetings are open to the entire community, even those who haven't read the book! For additional information contact Linda Levy at 704-3666362/[email protected] or Sandra Hirschman at 704/8677051.


TI Youth

Jr. Kadima is Waiting for You! Junior Kadima is the TI Youth for 4th and 5th graders. Jr. Kadimaniks will participate in a variety of exciting, fun, educational and social action programs throughout the year! Upcoming Events: September 14th Event after Hebrew School October 18th Event on Saturday night November 9th Event After Hebrew School Exciting details to follow! Watch your mail! USY Start Off the Year with your TI Friends! Upcoming Events: September 13 Magical Mystery Bus Tour October 11 Surprise Event Other Upcoming Events: TI Bistro Nights Fall Convention in Marietta GA International Convention in DC Watch you mail for more details! Become a part of USY today! For more information about TI Youth, please contact Rabbi Faith Cantor at 704-362-2796. Also visit!


Kadima is for all youth in 6th through 8th grade. The Kadima Board, seven elected peers, help to choose the programs and keep the members informed of activities. A wider range of programming, including religious and social action is available. Watch for more information on upcoming events!

Kadima Makes a Splash at the BBQ!


Sunday, October 5 10:30am (Rain or Shine) 1801 Statesville Avenue

The Zohar states that "...That which constitutes a real person is the soul, the rest being only garments which cover the inner essence. When people depart this earth, they put off their outer coverings and continue to live by virtue of the soul, which is immortal." On Sunday, October 5, hundreds of Charlotte Jews will make their annual pilgrimage to the Charlotte Hebrew Cemetery in order to memorialize Charlotte's departed Jewish souls at the Cemetery Association's Annual Meeting and Memorial Service. The men, women and children buried at Charlotte's Hebrew Cemetery were the folks who shaped our unique community. They were the visionaries who planned for, created and contributed to the wonderful Jewish community that we all enjoy today. We are a people who remembers and, thus, we cannot forget our debt to all those who preceded us in eternal life as each one of them accounts for our miraculous survival as a people. Their precious souls are to be celebrated by each one of us enjoying the world they left behind. One way you can participate in that celebration is by attending the annual Memorial Service this year. If you

Annual Meeting and Memorial Service

Hebrew Cemetery

can't make the service, won't you please consider joining the Cemetery Association with a tax deductible annual dues donation of $72. The Cemetery Association is a non-profit committee of Jewish volunteers who care about the sanctity and dignity of those who precede us in eternal life. We believe that the cemetery is a Beit Olim, a house of two worlds...a sacred domain where the two worlds meet with a kiss: the world going out and the future coming in. For more information about membership benefits, graves, prepaid funeral costs, endowment donations, and/or including the cemetery in your estate planning, contact Association President, Kevin Levine at 704-333-5155 or Cemetery Director, Joe Kodsi at (H) 704-321-3537 or (M) 704-576-1859. Visit the website of the Hebrew Cemetery Association of Directions to the cemetery: Providence Rd. North into and through uptown; RIGHT onto Graham St; follow Graham for about 2 miles; LEFT at fork in road onto Statesville Ave; Travel about ½ mile, Cemetery will be on your left. May you all be blessed with a sweet and healthy New Year. L'Shanah Tovah! Lorrie Klemons Hebrew Cemetery Association Publicity

Keruv Film Discussion Series

Sponsored by the Temple Israel Men's Club based upon a program designed by Harvey Braunstein, co-chair of the Conservative Jewish Men's Club of America

Kicks Off September 21, 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008 Meeting Theme: Growing up Jewish Film for discussion: Liberty Heights Sunday, December 21, 2008 Meeting Theme: Transmitting Jewish Values Film for discussion: Norma Rae RESERVATIONS: Keruv meetings normally occur on the third Sunday of each month at 7:00pm. Kosher refreshments will be served. These meetings occur at the home of Danny Bill & Vicki Smith's house which is located about 15 minutes drive from Temple Israel at the following address: Home of Danny Bill & Vicki Smith 8736 Rittenhouse Circle, Charlotte, NC 28270 Danny Bill's cell 704-694-8284 or Phone 704-365-4453 Kosher refreshments will be served. Please RSVP to: Dr. Ronald J. Kantor 704-364-6042 or [email protected]

These KERUV sessions are not lectures. They are free and open discussions on topics that deeply affect us as individuals and as a Jewish community. The focus of this series is Seeing Ourselves with discussion around the topics of: Becoming Jewish, Being Jewish, Growing up Jewish, Transmitting Jewish Values. KERUV is for everyone involved in an interfaith relationship and their immediate family and will help you understand how your extended families feel and how to help bring the families together while addressing questions about Jewish identify and what it means to grow up Jewish and live one's life as a Jew. KERUV is a facilitated, interactive discussion program and will meet the third Sunday of each month at 7:00pm: Sunday, September 21, 2008 Meeting Theme: Becoming Jewish Film for discussion: Stranger Among Us Sunday, October 19, 2008 Meeting Theme: Being Jewish Film for discussion: Price Above Rubies


TI Family Sukkot Concert: "Singin' Sukkot with Susan and Patti!"

On Sunday, October 19, 2008, Temple Israel is proud to present Susan Shane-Linder in a Family Sukkot Concert. The Rabbis will be BBQ'ing lunch starting at 12 noon, and the outside concert will begin at 12:30. Make sure to bring your chairs, and blankets ­ but don't expect to do too much sitting, as we will dance the afternoon away! "SINGIN' WITH SUSAN" songs are fun and feelgood kind of music. They have an upbeat, rock and roll rhythm. The songs have clear, easy to understand lyrics enable everyone to join in and sing along. As you listen, you'll understand why the enthusiastic style and choice of material appeals to children and adults of all ages. These songs "Bring out the kid in all of us!" Joining Susan in this performance is our own Miss Patti Torcellini Hartman, who has been enhancing our Family Shabbat services for several years now with her ru'ach and her musicianship. By coincidence, she is an old friend of Ms. Shane-Linder's, and both ladies are thrilled to be able to perform together again.

B'nai Mitzvah Mavens

Temple Israel is proud to present the very latest in Bar/Bat Mitzvah tutoring: B'NAI MITZVAH MAVENS! This B'nai Mitzvah tutoring program is tailored to meet individual needs and learning styles of our Bar/Bat Mitzvah students. Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation has traditionally consisted of 12 months of semi-private and private tutoring sessions that help students hone the advanced skills of Haftarah and Torah trope as well as preparing the B'nai Mitzvah candidate with the necessary skills to lead services with poise and confidence. In order to enhance the Bar/Bat Mitzvah process, Temple Israel now provides four months of small group tutoring, with master teachers, Barbara Feld and Barbara Ezring. Our students then move on to working with Cantor Elias Roochvarg to tackle the advanced skills of chanting trope. In addition, our students prepare for their D'var Torah with Rabbi Ezring or Rabbi Cantor several months before their special day. By working together in small groups, students have the benefit of peer-learning. Students help other students, and as a group they progress through the entire Shabbat service. With so many wonderful teachers who have different teaching styles, the year leading up to Bar or Bat Mitzvah is one of excitement, and learning opportunities at every turn! B'nai Mitzvah Mavens, which was initiated in the Fall of 2007, has been a very successful program. At Temple Israel we understand that each child deserves to feel positive, confident and excited about their B'nai Mitzvah. The success of our new program is that each student feels like a Maven! For more information, please contact the Cantor's Office at 704-362-2796.

One for All Ball Raffle Tickets On Sale Now

The One for All Ball will be raffling off a 2-year lease on a Mercedes C300 along with $5,000 Gasoline. One for All Ball Raffle tickets are on sale in the Temple Israel Office for $100 per ticket or 6 for $500. We can accept your check made payable to One for All Ball. The drawing will be held at the One for All Ball and you do not need to be present to win. The One for All Ball will be held on Saturday, September 6, 2008 and will honor the Gorelick Familes.

Recognize a friend or family member's birthday, anniversary, or special day...


Please include the following: Name of recipient, Occasion, Date of Occasion, Name, phone number of sender (In case of questions) and $1.50 for each leagram. Send requests to: Terri Roth, 3200 Twelve Oaks Place, Charlotte, NC 28270 704-845-2957

Elk Shoals Interfaith Girls Camp

Elk Shoals Interfaith Girls Camp July 20 - 25, 2008 The Campers: Anna Harbacevich, Abbey Leach, Rebecca Lewis, Leah Newman, Brooke Phillips, Miriam Roochvarg, Evelyn Trost and Chloe Teichman We spent our days living, playing, sharing, communicating, learning, and praying with girls of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths. We identified all the wonderful things we have in common and saw the beautiful things that were also different and made each one of us so special. We will take what we have learned and make the world a better place, more peaceful, through our new understanding and love of each other. In school and in our future we will appreciate and enjoy all the varieties of people in our communities. "Wish For Others What You Wish For Yourself" "Love Your Neighbor as Yourself" "How Good and Pleasant It Is When We Live Together In Unity" Below are highlights from Elk Shoals Interfaith Camp:



Community News & Events

The 2008 Fall Musical: The Wiz

Ages 5 ­ Adult

Be a part of a full scale family musical with a cast of kindergarteners to adults. The Wiz Auditions:

The LJCC Presents:

Please join us for the Inaugural Event of the Wednesday, September 24, 2008 6:00pm ­ 7:30 pm Belk SouthPark St. John Department Guest Speaker: Arlene Goldstein, VP Trend Merchandising, Fashion Director, Belk INC

For more information, please contact the Federation office: [email protected] or 704-944-6761.

Women's Professional Network

Sunday, September 7, 2-5pm, Gorelick Hall

For more information: Aree Pearlman: 704 944-6792 [email protected] Jewish Community Business Circle

September 16, 2008 Meeting Featuring Dawn Leitner - "How to WIN and KEEP Business by Being A Master Problem Solver" 6:30pm-8:00pm The JCBC was organized in 2004 as a way to bring Jewish business and professional leaders together for advice and mutual support. Meetings are held in rooms 207-207A in Luski Hall in the Bernstein Education Building. We do request a $2 contribution. For more information, contact co-presidents Justin Lowenberger at 704-534-1105 or email justinlowenb [email protected] or Don Rosenberg at 704-364-1784 or [email protected]

Upcoming Events at the Levine-Sklut Judaic Library & Resource Center Sunday, October 19, 2008 7:00 pm Topic: Lost In Translation: When Holy Writ Becomes Wholly Wrong Walter Ziffer, ThD, Adjunct Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at Mars Hill College, will lecture on the differences and errors that occurred in the translation of the Bible. For more information please call Talli at 704-944-6780

Overcoming the Challenge of Hearing Loss: Developing Strategies for Success

Levine Jewish Community Center Health Fair

September 21, 2008 1:00pm-4:00pm

The Levine Jewish Community Center will host a Health Fair on Sunday, September 21, from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. The health fair is co-anchored by Mecklenburg Medical Group and Carolinas Medical Center ­ Mercy. The event is intended to provide the community with information about available health services in the Charlotte area and provide screenings for health risks. Various FREE screenings will include: cholesterol, blood pressure, skin cancer, vision, spinal exams, body fat analysis, and depression. This event is free and open to everyone . The fair will also feature food samples, music, and door prizes. For further information on the event, call 704-944-6871.

Sunday, November 9, 2008 2:00-3:30 pm Gorelick Hall Levine Jewish Community Center

Hearing loss affects people of all ages. Learn from hearing professionals the causes of hearing loss, signs of hearing loss onset, how to screen for hearing loss and options for treatment. Free program, but reservations are requested.

Please call 704-749-3070 or email [email protected] to make a reservation beginning October 1, 2008.

Sponsored by the LJCC's Health & Wellness Center, Oasis Senior Enrichment, Temple Israel, and Temple Beth El.

Hadassah is gearing up to mail to your home the 2009 Charlotte Area Jewish Community Directory Blue Form. Please fill out these blue forms with the appropriate information to be sure that the 2009 Directory will have your correct listing. Please mail back the forms no later than November 1, 2008. You may also down load the forms at Questions: Contact Tess Berger at 704-708-4857.




(Reservations Required)


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(Reservations Required)

2008/2009 Shabbat Dinner Schedule

Please send your checks to Attn: Terri Cathcart, 4901 Providence Road, Charlotte NC 28226

Temple Israel Shabbat Dinner Reservation Form

Child Dinner (12 & Under) $7.50 Child Nugget Dinner (12&Under) $7.00


or by emailing him at [email protected]

Because It is everyone's obligation to help feed the hungry...

Festive table arrangements custom ~ designed for your special celebration

Mitzvah Baskets

Increase Your Sales By Advertising!

The Kol Yisrael now has ad space available. If you would like to advertise in the Kol Yisrael, please contact Sandy Middleton at 704-362-2796 or [email protected] Thanks for supporting the Kol Yisrael.

Baby Naming Bris Bar/Bat Mitzvah Birthday Special Event Anniversary Party Engagement Party Holiday Party Rehearsal Dinner Wedding

Call Nancy Bernstein (JFS Board Member) (704) 542-8864 Prices begin at $18.00; donations are tax deductible. Mitzvah Baskets are custom-tailored for life cycle celebrations and organization programs.

All proceeds go directly to JFS Food Pantry

JFS is a beneficiary agency of the Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte

T emple Israel Sisterhood Judaica Shop


Grocery Store, Fresh Meat Department & Deli/Take Home Food Department

Our Restaurant serves Lunch daily and full service dinner on Sunday.


5668-D International Drive Providence Square Shopping Center CATERING AVAILABLE! Let us take care of all your small or large events.


Chartered Life Underwriter Chartered Financial Consultant Accredited Estate Planner Registered Investment Advisor A Member of First Financial Resources 1108 East Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28203 704/342-2277 or 800/951-7873 FAX: 704/344-1209

Allan S. Oxman, CLU

[email protected]

Bring Friends & Family!

Members, invite a friend or family to join you at the LJCC!

For the month of August only, member families can bring guests to the Membership Office for a one-day pass to enjoy our facilities.* Whether you prefer our state-of-the-art fitness center or the outstanding aquatic complex, everything's more fun with a friend.

Now is the perfect time to join the LJCC!

We're gearing up for the new school year by waiving the one time joining fee from August 1 to September 15. If your family has been thinking about joining, the time is now!


*Promotion Code: Q308F2. Good for five guest visits per member family. Aug only. See the Membership Office for details.

Sandra and Leon Levine Jewish Community Center 5007 Providence Road / 704.366.5007 /

Fit for everyone.

September 2008

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6:45 PM TI Board Meeting



7:00 PM TI Social Club Board Meeting


7:26 PM Candle Lighting


9:30 AM Shabbat Services

Office Closed Labor Day

7:00 PM Choir Rehearsal

One For All Ball At the Westin 7:45pm

710:00 AM



12:30 PM Points of View



7:30 PM Adult B'nai Mitzvah


6:15 PM Shabbat Services 7:16 PM Candle Lighting


9:30 AM Shabbat Services

1st Day of TIRS

11:00 AM-1:00 PM

Torah Renaissance

7:00 PM Choir Rehearsal


10:00 AM TI Men's Club Brunch 4:00 PM TI Sisterhood Installation



7:00 PM TI Executive Committee 7:30 PM TI Book Club


7:00 PM Choir Rehearsal 7:45 PM Adult Education Program featuring Peter Swire


6:30 PM Job Seekers


6:15 PM Shabbat Services 7:00 PM Shabbat Dinner

(By Reservations Only)


9:30 AM Shabbat Services 8:00 PM Scholar-InResidence Weekend Featuring Paul Yedwab 9:00 PM Selichot Services

7:06 PM Candle Lighting




12:30 PM Points of View



7:30 PM Adult B'nai Mitzvah


6:15 PM Shabbat Services 6:56 PM Candle Lighting


9:30 AM Shabbat Services 10:00 AM Jr. Congregation 10:00 AM Munchkin Minyan

7:00 PM Choir Rehearsal



3:00 PM Office Closes 6:15 PM Erev Rosh Hashanah Services


Rosh Hashanah Services

8:30 AM Rosh Hashanah Svcs. 9:30 AM Torah Service 11:00 AM Musaf 11:30 AM Sermon Tashlich Ceremony7:30 PM Rosh Hashanah Evening Services 7:46 PM Candle Lighting Office Closed Rosh Hashanah Day 1

Following Services

6:51 PM Candle Lighting Erev Rosh Hashanah

B'nai Mitzvah Brooke Davies 9/6/08 Jacob Meyer 9/6/08 Abby Ehrlich 9/13/08 Jacob Milden 9/13/08 Brett Balick 9/20/08 Zev Feldman 9/20/08

Daily Minyan* Evening Minyans Morning Minyans *Unless otherwise noted on Calendar


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