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The R4020 operates on 40/20 meters. The R4030 operates on 40/30 meters. Both receive 5-16 MHz (SSB/CW). Two-line easy-to-read LCD display. RIT mode 10 Hz and 100 Hz steps. Internal keyer and CQ memory keyer. Eight selectable bandwidths. Two internal battery packs. Works great on the road, on the trail, or in the shack. Just add a key or paddles and an antenna. Anyone can talk around the world with stacked beams and legal-limit power. DXCC on 5 watts? Sure! What's holding you back?

Here's what QST has to say...

"I was very favorably impressed with its operation" "This radio is sophisticated and offers quite a few features... It is a long way from the simple QRP gear many of us enjoyed years ago" "The QRP world is very exciting. The enthusiasm of the QRP group is remarkable." "(The radio) should hold up well to physical abuse"

TEN-TEC QRP ­ It's the next radio for thousands of hams. Join them!

O d Now! Order N ! (800) 833-7373

"(It) should prove to be a winner"

Read the entire review in the February 2011 issue of QST!

TEN-TEC's Two Band CW QRP Transceiver

Enjoy the fun of 5-watt CW QRP with these easy-to-use, easy-to-pack, lightweight palm-of-your-hand, dual band transceivers. R4020 covers 40 and 20 meters. R4030 covers 40 and 30 meters.

Features and Specifications: Bright easy-to-read LCD display shows frequency, mode, power supply/battery voltage, signal strength meter, RIT, and more. BNC RF connector for easy connection to popular portable antennas. Sensitivity: 0.8 microvolts. MDS: 0.2 microvolts (typical). Transmitter power: 5 watts (typical). Powerful DDS electronic synthesizer provides 5-16 MHz general coverage receive (SSB/CW). Convenient 20 frequency memory storage. Easily adjustable tuning steps for both Amateur bands and general short wave listening. Low power consumption: About 55 mA on receive or about 550-950 mA on transmit (typical), depending upon supply voltage. Built-in adjustable keyer with automatic CQ and call sign insertion for memory keying. Use with straight key or your favorite paddles. Built-in crystal filters for 2.2-1.6 kHz SSB or 900-400 Hz CW.


Key Measurements Summary


I3 20 50

84 110

20 kHz 3rd-Order Dynamic Range (dB)

I3 2

50 84 110

2 kHz 3rd-Order Dynamic Range (dB)


I3 20 -40

-10 +35

20 kHz 3rd-Order Intercept (dBm)

I3 2

-40 -10 +30

2 kHz 3rd-Order Intercept (dBm)

Receiver Incremental Tuning (RIT) feature allows for 10 Hz or 100 Hz tuning steps. Battery holders for eight "AA" batteries are packaged inside the transceiver. The transceiver can be powered by internal batteries (customer provided) or external DC power. 8 ohm headphone output (requires stereo plug). No internal speaker. Size: 5.7" × 3.7" × 1.4" (not including knobs). Weight: 15.8 oz (not including batteries).


Intercept values were determined using -97 dBm reference

40 M 20 M

Bottom Line

The TEN-TEC R4020 is a QRP CW transceiver with a variety of convenience features. It can operate from internal batteries, so add a paddle, headphones and antenna and head for your favorite portable location.

Source: February 2011 QST



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