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MONTCLAIR, CA -- February 12, 2007 -- Ten-X Ammunition is now exclusively loading Hodgdon Powder Co.'s TRIPLE SE7EN® black powder substitute in nearly 50 different live and blank cartridges. Hodgdon Powder Co. and Ten-X Ammunition have announced a relationship that includes adding the TRIPLE SE7EN® logo to every Ten-X box loaded with Hodgdon's black powder substitute. Ten-X and Hodgdon are also collaborating on the development of specialty cartridges and new powder formulations. "The demand for black powder substitute (BPC) cartridges has grown steadily for use in replica and original firearms," said Richard Pumerantz, owner of Ten-X Ammunition. "The increased market demand meant larger production runs, which made it critical for our black powder substitute to meter through our automated loading machines. Our commitment to offer safe, accurate, clean, and consistent BPC ammo led us to Hodgdon's TRIPLE SE7EN® powder. We are very proud of the opportunity to team up with Hodgdon Powder Co. and to display the TRIPLE SE7EN® logo on our BPC boxes." Ten-X Ammunition's BPC cartridges have always been known for having the highest quality and accuracy. The new "Loaded with TRIPLE SE7EN®" labels on the box will show customers that the quality of the product in the box is achieved by loading quality powder into each casing. "Hodgdon Powder Co. is dedicated to providing quality propellants to shooting enthusiasts and ammunition manufacturers. Ten-X Ammunition has demonstrated a strong commitment to manufacturing quality ammunition and to providing customer service that

enhances the shooting experience," said Tom Shepherd, President/CEO Hodgdon Powder Company. "Their effective loading of our TRIPLE SE7EN® powder in commercial production is seen at the ranges and in the fields where their customers go to enjoy their sport. We are pleased to be collaborating with Ten-X Ammunition on cartridge applications for TRIPLE SE7EN®, and other Hodgdon powders, and to have our logo on their boxes." Visit for information about Ten-X BPC cartridges and reloading services. Also, visit for information about TRIPLE SE7EN® granular powder.

Ten-X Ammunition is the leader in lead ammunition for cowboy action shooting sports and specialty hunting cartridges. They offer a wide range of specialty cartridges with the highest level of quality and performance. TRIPLE SE7EN; TRIPLE SEVEN; TRIPLE 7 and 777 are registered trademarks of Hodgdon Powder Company, Inc. and are used with permission.


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