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TerraWave Solutions® 14x12x6 Polycarbonate Heated & Cooled Enclosures

TerraWave's NEMA 3R rated polycarbonate heated and cooled enclosure is designed to protect wireless LAN (WLAN) products from environmental threats such as heat, cold, dust and rain as well as theft and tampering. This affordable solution makes it easy to mount and protect wireless products even in harsh environments. Wi-Fi enclosures are used in nearly all vertical markets where the protection and enhancement of a wireless network is crucial.

V141206LO2HC 14x12x6 Polycarbonate Heated & Cooled Enclosure with Latch Locks

(Displayed with a Cisco 1242 AP)


Features and Benefits · Enclosure houses pre-set thermostats that regulate a fan and a heater to protect the wireless equipment · Fan automatically turns on at 35°C and turns off at 30°C · Heater automatically turns on at 10°C and turns off at 20°C · Equipped with vents with filters that can be serviced in the field · All features combined help to maintain the enclosure's NEMA 3R rating · Enclosures are tested individually to insure quality · Supports all major wireless vendors, such as Cisco, 3Com, AirMagnet, Proxim, Symbol, Vivato and others

TESSCO Part Number 320401 310530 390917 TerraWave Part Number** V141206C6002H V141206LO2HC List Price Dimensions

Enclosure Construction · Constructed of thermoplastic material · Available with latch locks, turn key lock or key lock · Solid opaque cover · Color is light gray with a gloss finish Included Components · Standard universal top plate · Pre-drilled holes for jumpers/bulkhead extenders · Strain relief · Heater · Fan · Vents with filters

NEMA Rating* NEMA 3R NEMA 3R NEMA 3R Holes for Jumpers Indoor Outdoor Fan Heat*** 2 2 2 x x x x x x No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Enclosure Type Polycarbonate with Heater Only Polycarbonate with Heater and Fan Polycarbonate with Heater and Fan


Lock CAT60 Latch CAT60

$389.00 14"x12"x6" Solid $395.00 14"x12"x6" Solid

V141206C6002HC $425.00 14"x12"x6" Solid

*NEMA rating of enclosure only--before modifications and additions **All TerraWave enclosures have been modified to work in Wi-Fi/WLAN applications *** Heater option includes installation and necessary terminal blocks

In addition to enclosures for wireless deployments, TerraWave can design custom enclosures for any application including IP cameras, switches, routers and more.

List prices shown. Visit for current prices and complete product offering.

10521 Gulfdale, San Antonio, TX 78216

Phone: 800-472-7373

Email: [email protected]


14x12x6 Polycarbonate Heated Cooled Enclosures

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