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Conference Program


Clean Energy Solutions for Sustainable Environment (CESSE) February 16 -18, 2012

Metropolitan Palace Hotel

Beirut ­ LEBANON

Thursday, February 16 ­ 2012

07:30 08:00 - 09:00 09:00 - 09:30 Shuttle bus transportation from Cosmopolitan and Rotana hotels to the conference venue



Welcoming Speech: Prof. Gaby KHOURY, TerrGreen12 Conference Chair Terra Update: Prof. Chafic SALAME, MEDGREEN President, Lebanese Univ. Keynote Address: Prof. TERHEGGEN Philippe, Elsevier, Senior Vice-president (30 min.)

9:30 -11:00

Plenary session I. Chair:MOEDINGER Fritz ; Co-chairs: AlMUKHTAR Ali, Ph.D. - ASIF Muhammad, Ph.D.- PERILHON Christelle, Ph.D. Paper #:/ Title/ Authors/ Affiliation/ COUNTRY P36: Building markets for energy savings equipment and modeling subsidy strategies in tourism dependent economies Paris Gravouniotis, Ausilio Bauen and Peter Pearson, Imperial College London - UNITED KINGDOM P203: Mini Renewable Hybrid Distributed Power Plants for Lebanon Maged Najjar, Edmond Ghoulam and Hanna Fares, Univ. of Balamand - LEBANON P147: Optimal Reservoir Operation Using Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization with Time Variant Inertia and Acceleration Coefficients Isaac Rahimi, Kourosh Qaderi, Mohammad Amir Abbasian and Hamid Bashiri Atrabi, Shahid Bahonar Univ. of Kerman ­ IRAN P238: Development of Novel Solar Adsorption Cooling Tube Nagwa Khattab and Hassan Shaarawy, National Research Centre ­ EGYPT P95: Effects of Magnetic Field on Fuel Consumption and Exhaust Emissions in Two-Stroke Engine Ali Faris, Al-Iraqia Univ. - IRAQ P367: The Transistor based Direct and Reverse Mode model for photovoltaic strings and panels Pierre Petit, Abdallah Zegaoui, Michel Aillerie, Jean-Paul Sawicki and Jean-Pierre Charles, Université Paul Verlaine Metz (LMOPS) - FRANCE P261: Energy storage system associated with the wind Generator using Fuzzy Logic Control Bouchafaa Farid, Hamzaoui Ihssen and Talha Abdelaziz, USTHB Algiers - ALGERIA P184: Steam Reforming of Glycerol over Ni Supported Alumina Xerogel for Hydrogen Production Zahira Yaakob, Ali Ebshish, Binitha Narayanan and Ahmed Bshish, Universiti Kebangsaan MALAYSIA Questions / Answers Coffee Break - Posters Discussions Plenary session II. Chair: AILLERIE Michel ; Co-chairs: AGROUI Kamel, Ph.D.- DESCOMBES Georges Ph.D.- KHATTAB Nagwa, Ph.D. Paper #:/ Title/ Authors/ Affiliation/ COUNTRY P222: Novel biogas continuous cascade fermentation system Fritz Moedinger, Felix Ast, M; Ragazzi and Elena Cristina Rada; Recuperi Industriali S.r.l.- ITALY

09:30 - 09:40

09:40 - 09:50 09:50 - 10:00

10:00 - 10:10 10:10 - 10:20 10:20 - 10:30

10:30 - 10:40 10:40 - 10:50

10:50 - 11:00 11:00 - 11:20 11:20 -12:40

11:20 - 11:30

11:30 - 11:40 P301: Detection of hot spots of soil erosion and reservoir siltation in ungauged Mediterranean catchments Bence Fülöp, Adam Kovacs and Márk Honti, Trinity Enviro - HUNGARY 11:40 - 11:50 P51: An Empirical study on Forced Convective Condensation Flow Patterns inside Horizontal and Vertical Smooth and Microfin Tubes at Low Mass Velocities Saeed Mohseni Garakani and Mohammad Ali Akhavan-Behabadi, Univ. of Tehran - IRAN


TerraGreen12 International Conference (CESSE), February 16 -18, 2012- Metropolitan Palace Hotel, Beirut ­ LEBANON

11:50 - 12:00

P368: Experimental validation of photovoltaic direct and inverse modes model. Influence of partial shadings. Abdallah Zegaoui, Pierre Petit, Michel Aillerie, Jean-Paul Sawicki and Jean-Pierre Charles, LMOPS & Supélec Loboratory, UPVM Univ. France - FRANCE P19: RFID potential impacts and future evolution for green projects Yvan Duroc and Darine Kaddour, LCIS - INPG - FRANCE P54: Thermal Analysis of Wind Turbine Nacelle Operating in Algerian Saharan Climate Arezki Smaili, Ali Tahi and Christian Masson, Ecole Nationale Polytechnique - ALGERIA P196: Comparative analysis on waste to energy conversion chains using thermal-chemical processes Cosmin Marculescu, Polytechnic Univ. Bucharest, ROMANIA Questions / Answers Lunch Break

12:00 - 12:10 12:10 - 12:20 12:20 - 12:30 12:30 - 12:40 12:40 - 14:00 14:00 - 16:00

Plenary session III. Chair: FULOP Bence, Ph.D.; Co-chairs: GRAVOUNIOTIS Paris, Ph.D.BARUTÇU Burak, Ph.D. - DUROC Yvan, Ph.D.

Paper #:/ Title/ Authors/ Affiliation/ COUNTRY P214: Zero Energy Building in Iran Hossein Vaghefpour, Abadan branch,Islamic Azad Univ. - IRAN P37: Coordinated Power Management of Two Wind Generator based power stations for grid Connection by a Three-Level NPC Converter Omar Bouhali and Abdelaziz Talha, Lamel laboratory jijel Univ. - ALGERIA P48: Life cycle assessment applied to electricicity generation from renewable biomass Christelle Perilhon, Dareen Alkadee, Stephanie Lacour and Georges Descombes, Cnam-Paris - FRANCE P76: Atmospheric degradation and fluorescence measurements of carbonyl compounds Gisele El Dib and Samouil Ibrahim, Institut de Physique de Rennes - FRANCE P414: Compressed Air Engine- A Bridge For Sustainable Development Vaibhav Ahlawat, Sandeep Tripathi and Naveen Kumar, DTU - INDIA P82: Could renewable energy affect the form of the city? - Case study on the Wind energy considerations Tamer Abdel Aziz and Osama El Massah, cairo Univ. - EGYPT P183: Non-oxidant thermal treatment for organic waste neutralization Cosmin Marculescu and Constantin Stan, Polytechnic Univ. Bucharest - ROMANIA P45: Study of the electrical characteristics of poly(o-toluidine) and application in solar cell Kareema Ziadan, Hussain Falih and Kalid Ibraihem, Univ. of Basrah-Basrah -Iraq - IRAQ P255: Vulnerability assessment of water supply network Halfaya Fatma Zohra, Bensaibi Mahmoud and Davenne Luc, Univ. Saad Dahlab, Blida - ALGERIA P109: Design of Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) and integration of photons converters Mohamed Fathi, Abdelkader Aissat and Ayad Mohamed, UDES - ALGERIA Questions / Answers Coffee Break - Posters Discussions

14:00 - 14:10 14:10 - 14:20

14:20 - 14:30 14:30 - 14:40 14:40 - 14:50 14:50 - 15:00 15:00 - 15:10 15:10 - 15:20 15:20 - 15:30 15:30 - 15:40 15:40 - 16:00 16:00 - 16:30 16:30 - 18:00

Plenary session IV.Chair: PERILHON Christelle , Ph.D.; Co-chairs: MARCULESCU Cosmin, Ph.D. - AGROUI Kamel, Ph.D. - ALQUDAH Khaled, Ph.D.

Paper #:/ Title/ Authors/ Affiliation/ COUNTRY P84: Optimization of the electronic Driver and thermal management of LEDs lighting powered by solar PV Mohamed Fathi, Abdelkader Aissat and Mahfoud Abderrazak, UDES - ALGERIA P185: Hydrogen Production by Steam Reforming Of Ethanol over Nickel Catalyst Supported On Alumina Xerogel Zahira Yaakob and Ahmed Bshish, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia - MALAYSIA


16:30 - 16:40 16:40 - 16:50

TerraGreen12 International Conference (CESSE), February 16 -18, 2012- Metropolitan Palace Hotel, Beirut ­ LEBANON

16:50 - 17:00

P212: Calibration of Angstrom equation for estimating Solar Radiation using Meta-Heuristic Harmony Search Algorithm (Case study: Mashhad-East of Iran) Isaac Rahimi, Bahram Bakhtiari, Kourosh Qaderi and Mehrdad Aghababaei, Shahid Bahonar Univ. of Kerman - IRAN P251: An optimization constraint wind flow over a complex terrain using a mass-consistent method: a case study of Tenes region in Algeria Fouad Boukli Hacene, Miloud Tahar Abbes, Nachida Kasbadji Merzouk and Larbi Loukarfi, Univ. Hassiba Benbouali Chlef - ALGERIA P375: Control of Chaotic Behaviour in Parallel-Connected DC-DC Boost Converters Ghada Al Dahim, Ammar Natsheh and Hashem Oirkozak, Damascus Univ. - SYRIA P398: A Study on the Wind as Renewable Energy in Perlis, Northern Malaysia Mohd Irwan Yusoff and Nurul Razliana Abdul Razak, Universiti Malaysia Perlis - MALAYSIA P349: A solar-driven ejector refrigeration system for Mediterranean climate: Experience improvement and new results performed Yosr Allouche, Chiheb Bouden and Saffa Riffat, National Engineering School of Tunis - TUNISIA Questions / Answers Posters Session Shuttle bus transportation from the conference venue to Cosmopolitan and Rotana hotels

17:00 - 17:10

17:10 - 17:20 17:20 - 17:30 17:30 - 17:40

17:40 - 17:50 18:00 - 19:00 19:10

Friday, February 17 - 2012

08:00 08:30 - 10:30

Shuttle bus transportation from the Cosmopolitan and Rotana hotels to the conference venue Plenary session V. Chair: ASIF Muhammad, Ph.D.; Co-chairs: AILLERIE Michel , Ph.D.DUROC Yvan, Ph.D. -DESCOMBES Georges, Ph.D. Paper #:/ Title/ Authors/ Affiliation/ COUNTRY

P215: Challenges in the Development and Entrepreneurship of new energy Hossein Vaghefpour and Kobra Zabeh, Abadan branch, Islamic Azad Univ. - IRAN P413: Theoretical studies of Methane Hydrate Dissociation in porous media using Retraso Code Bright simulator Ashok Chejara, Bjørn Kvamme, Mohammad Taghi Vafaei and Khaled Jemai, Univ. Bergen - NORWAY P32: Thermoacoustic solar cooling for domestic usage sizing software Tareq Konaina and Nasser Yassen, Damascus Univirsity - SYRIA P116: Effect of drag on the performance for an efficient wind turbine blade design Dr. Ali Almukhtar, Univ. of Technology - IRAQ P334: Modeling the diffuse part of the global solar radiation in Algeria Madjid Chikh, Achour Mahrane and Mourad Haddadi, UDES - ALGERIA P401: Kuwait's Agricultural Efforts to Mitigate Climate Change Noor Al-Dosery and Habibah Al-Menaie, KISR- KUWAIT P279: Eco-Moulding of Composite Wind Turbine Blades Using Green Manufacturing Process: RTM Moulding Brahim Attaf, Team Europe - European Commission Representation in France - FRANCE P372: Studies on the cellulose-degrading system in a shipworm and its potential applications Karim Honein, Gen Kaneko, Ichiro Katsuyama, Masaki Matsumoto, Yukio Kawashima, Masao Yamada and Shugo Watabe, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan - JAPAN P5 The effect of green spaces (Palm trees) on the microclimate in arid zones study case Ghardaia. Bencheikh Hamida and Ameur Rachid, Univ. of ammar Telidji - ALGERIA P14: Impact of vegetation on thermal conditions outside


08:30-08:40 08:40-08:50

08:50-09:00 09:00-09:10 09:10-09:20 09:20-09:30 09:30-09:40


09:50-10:00 10:00-10:10

TerraGreen12 International Conference (CESSE), February 16 -18, 2012- Metropolitan Palace Hotel, Beirut ­ LEBANON

Boukhabla Moufida and Alkama Djamel, Biskra Univ. Algeria - ALGERIA 10:10-10:20 P371: Correlation of the solubility of some organic aromatic pollutants in supercritical carbon dioxide based on the UNIQUAC equation Loubna Nasri, Zouhir Bensetiti and Salima Bensaad, Université Mentouri Constantine Algeria ALGERIA Questions / Answers

10:20-10:30 10:30-11:00 11:00-12:30

Coffee Break - Posters Discussions Plenary session VI. Chair: JABUR Akram, Ph.D.; Co-chairs: FARIS Ali, Ph.D. - ALYOUNIS Sona, Ph.D. - PERILHON Christelle, Ph.D. Paper #:/ Title/ Authors/ Affiliation/ COUNTRY

11:00 - 11:20 P86: Preparation and characterization of Ag2O Heterojunction devices Marwa Abdul Muhsien, Al-Must. Univ. - IRAQ 11:20 - 11:30 P78: Problematic of environment protection in Algerian cities Mohamed Gherbi, Larbi Tebessi Univ. - ALGERIA 11:30 - 11:40 11:40 - 11:50 11:50 - 12:00 12:00 - 12:10 P282: Indoor and Outdoor Characterizations of Photovoltaic Module Based on Mulicrystalline Solar Cells Kamel Agroui, UDTS - ALGERIA P346: Prospects of Renewable Energy to Promote Zero-Energy Residential Buildings in the KSA Farajallah Alrashed and Muhammad Asif, Glasgow Caledonian Univ. - UNITED KINGDOM P400: Cultivation of Barley under harsh environmental conditions in Kuwait Heyam Mahgoub, Meena Bobby, Nisha Suresh and Habiba Menaie, KISR- KUWAIT P403: Performance of a photovoltaic solar container under Mediterranean and arid climate conditions in Algeria Maamar Laidi, Unité de developement des equipents solaire, UDES - ALGERIA

12:10 - 12:20 P384: Experimental Investigation of Diesel Engine Performance Fuelled by a Biodiesel Extracted From a Waste Cocking Oil Khaled Al-Qudah, Tafila Technical Univ. - JORDAN 12:20-12:30 12:30-14:00 Questions / Answers

Lunch Break

14:00 - 15:30 Plenary session VII. Chair: ALQUDAH Khaled , Ph.D.; Co-chairs: MOEDINGER Fritz,

Ph.D.- DESCOMBES Georges, Ph.D. - AlMUKHTAR Ali, Ph.D. Paper #:/ Title/ Authors/ Affiliation/ COUNTRY

14:00 - 14:10 P77: B2223 High Temperature Superconductor wires in silver sheath, filament diameter effect on critical temperature and current density Dr. Akram Jabur, Univ. of Technology Materials Eng.Dept. - IRAQ 14:10 - 14:20 P20: Low Concentrating PV Systems ­ Current Trends and Challenges Haitham Bahaidarah, Anwar Khalil Sheikh and P. Gandhidasan, KFUPM - SAUDI ARABIA 14:20 - 14:30 P33: From Wind Turbines to Nano Ventilated Skins: A New Language in Architectural Compositions Khaled Dewidar and Hazem El Daly, British Univ. in Cairo - EGYPT

14:30 - 14:40 P55: An empirical study on condensation heat transfer properties of R-134a flow inside inclined corrugated tubes Mohammad Ali Akhavan-Behabadi, Davood Khoeeni and Ahmad Saboonchi, Tehran Univ - IRAN 14:40 - 14:50 P406: Geochemistry, Origin and Migration of Modern and Ancient Brines ( North Kuwait) Abeer Alfarahn, KISR - KUWAIT 14:50 - 15:00 P270: Alliance fuel cells - hydrogen - sustainable development Larhrafi Malika, Scientific and Technical Research Center - MOROCCO

TerraGreen12 International Conference (CESSE), February 16 -18, 2012- Metropolitan Palace Hotel, Beirut ­ LEBANON (TG12/F/5)

15:00 - 15:10 P321: Mathematical modeling of the laminar flow convection in the solar chimneys Mourad Gahgah, - ALGERIA 15:10 - 15:20 P402: Thermoluminescence Characteristics of ZnS\CdS\ZnS Window Multilayer Thin Film for Solar Cell Applications Noura Dahbi and Dia-Dine Arafah, Bechar Univ. - ALGERIA 15:20 - 15:30 P135: Comparison of Multi-Resolution Wavelet Analysis and Kalman Filter for Wind Speed Time Series De-noising Burak Barutcu and Aslihan Albostan, Istanbul Technical Univ./Energy Institute - TURKEY 15:30 - 15:40 P405: Ecomomic assessment of chilled water thermal storage and conventional air-conditioning systems Mohamed Sebzali, Baqer Ameer and Hussain Hussain, KISR- KUWAIT 15:40 - 16:00 Questions / Answers 16:00 - 17:00 Poster Session / Open Coffee Break 17:10 20:00 20:30 23:00

Shuttle bus transportation from the conference venue to Cosmopolitan and Rotana hotels Shuttle bus transportation from Cosmopolitan and Rotana hotels to the Gala Dinner Gala Dinner Shuttle bus transportation back to the Cosmopolitan and Rotana hotels

Saturday, February 18 - 2012

07:30 08:00 - 10:00

Shuttle bus transportation from the Cosmopolitan and Rotana hotels to the conference venue


08:00 - 08:10 Conference highlights (Findings & Recommendations) 08:10 - 09:50 Awarding Certificates (conference participants & Program committee), conference official photo. 09:50 - 10:00 10:00 - 16:00

Conference closing note & future announcements.

Guided tour to BYBLOS (the oldest continuously inhabited town in the world)

Lunch Included

TerraGreen12 International Conference (CESSE), February 16 -18, 2012- Metropolitan Palace Hotel, Beirut ­ LEBANON





P4: Dynamic modeling of the secondary settler of a wastewater treatment via activated sludge to low-load Zahir Bakiri, Derradji Chebli and Saci Nacef, Sétif Univ. - ALGERIA P6: Vapor-liquid equilibrium data concerning refrigerant systems (R116 + R143a) Hakim Madani, Christophe Coquelet and Dominique Richon, Mines Paris, ParisTech, - FRANCE P7: The future of the ksar, in sustainable development Ratiba Wided Biara, Abdelmadjid Hamouine and Mohamed Nabou, Bechar Univ. - ALGERIA P8: Sliding Mode Control (SMC) of Permanent magnet synchronous generators (PMSG) Merzoug Mohamed Salah, Benalla Hocine and Louz Fateh, UMC-ALGERIA P12: Energy policy in the context of sustainable development: case of Tunisia and Algeria Anissa Ghezloun, Nassima Oucher and Souad Chergui, CDER - ALGERIA P13: Contribution to a comparison of laser diodes based quaternary alloys for different wavelength;GaxIn1xAsySb1-y Hadjaj Fatima and Belhadj Mohamed, Univ. of bechar - ALGERIA P15: Analysis of rainfall hazard in the city of Annaba Skhakhfa Imene, Ouerdachi Lahbassi, Boutaghane Hamouda and Keblouti Mehdi, Badji Mokhtar Univ. ALGERIA P16: Magnitude of Air Pollution by Heavy Metals Associated of Aerosol Particles in Algiers Nassima Oucher and Rabeh Kerbachi, Centre for Renewable Energy Development - ALGERIA P17: Characterization and Processing of CdS/ZnS thin layer films deposited onto Quartz for solar cell applications Noura Dahbi and Dia-Eddin Arafah, Bechar Univ. - ALGERIA P22: Comparative study of the characteristics of three types of sludge from wastewater treatment plants Sahnoun Ali Yacine, Tidjani Abdellatif El-Bari and Iddou Abdekader, UST Oran - ALGERIA P25: Hydropower in brazil: overview of positive and negative environmental aspects Eduardo Sperling, Universidade federal de minas gerais - BRAZIL P39: Treatment by coagulation-flocculation of dairy wastewater with the residual lime of National Algerian Industrial Gases Company (NIGC-Annaba) Ayeche Riad, Department of Process Engineering, BP 12, Université Badji Mokhtar - ALGERIA P47: Optimizing collection efficiency process parameters of the wire-to-plane electrostatic precipitator Nouri Hamou, Zebboudj Youcef and Aissou Massinissa, LGEB laboratory Bejaia - ALGERIA P52: Parametric identification of the doubly fed induction machine Mourad Hasni, Zohir Mancer, Seddik Bacha and Said Mekhtoub, USTHB - ALGERIA P56: Development and Simulation of a structure based on CuIn1-xGaxSe2 semiconductors alloys for a new generation of photovoltaic cells Abdelkader Aissat, Mohamed Fathi and Jean Pierre Vilcot, Univ. of Blida - ALGERIA P57: Modeling of anaerobic digestion used for biogas production: effects of kinetics parameters Derbal Kerroum, Benmakhlouf Nadjiba, Goutal Amina, Tabi Meriem, Bencheikhlehocine Mossaab and Meniai Abdeslam Hassen, UMC-ALGERIA P58: Numerical simulation of the effect of defects created by electron irradiation on GAAS solar cell Halima Mazouz and Abderrahmane Belghachi, Univ. of Bechar - ALGERIA P62: Numerical study of the effect of the inlet pressure and the height of gas channel on the distribution and consumption of reagents in a fuel cell (PEMFC). Belkacem Bouzida Sihem, Zeroual Mostefa, Ben Moussa Hocine and Bouguettaia Hamza, Batna Univ. ALGERIA P70: Influences of Sintering Time on the TC of Bi1 - xCux Pb0.3 Sr2Ca2Cu3Oy High Temperature Superconductors Muna Abbas, Lamia Abbas and Uday Salman, Univ. of Baghdad - IRAQ P71: Deterministic optimal management strategy of hydroelectric power plant Ahmed Bensalem, Abdelmalik Bouhentala and Ali El-Maouhab, Univ. of Batna - ALGERIA



E1 A1L C2R F1 B1L



E1 A1L

F1 C2R

TerraGreen12 International Conference (CESSE), February 16 -18, 2012- Metropolitan Palace Hotel, Beirut ­ LEBANON

E1 A2R

P72: Which is the best solar collector orientation for hybrid solar power plants in the Mediterranean? Omar Behar, Abdallah Kellaf and Kammal Mohammedi, Univ. M'Hamed Bougara - ALGERIA P75: Speed sensorless control with a linearization by state feedback of induction machine with adaptation of the rotor time-constant using fuzzy regulator powered by photovoltaic solar energy Larabi Abdelkader, USTHB - ALGERIA P79: The Evaluation of Global Warming's Effects on Soil Temperature/Case of Tlemcen (North Africa) Mohammed El Amine Boukli Hacene, Nasr- Eddine Chabane Sari and Abdedaim Kadoun, Abou Bekr Belkaid Univ. Of Tlemcen - ALGERIA P81: To build with the climate: reflection on the Tools of architectures and construction materials - Case of the town of Tlemcen (Algeria) Mohammed El Amine Boukli Hacene, Nasr- Eddine Chabane Sari and Abdedaim Kadoun, Abou Bekr Belkaid Univ. Of Tlemcen - ALGERIA P87: Effect of different low temperatures on current transport mechanisms and frequency effect on capacitancevoltage curves for MOS-diodes Marwa Abdul Muhsien, Al-Must. Univ. - IRAQ P92: Effect of gas flow velocity in the channels of consumption reactants in a fuel cell type (PEMFC). Hocine Ben Moussa, Monsef Tamerabet and Mostefa Zeroual, Université de Batna - ALGERIA P94: Evaluation of the productivity of a Spherical Solar Still Coupled With a Flat Plate Collector Salima Karroute and Abla Chaker, UMC- ALGERIA P97: Estimation of steam production in a receiver under solar concentrating radiation by parabolic Dish concentrator Khaled Mahdi, Nadir Bellel and Khalida Bekrentchir, UMC-ALGERIA P98: Morphological and Electrical properties of Si-nanostructured solar cell Yasmeen Dawood, Ali Al-Hamdani and Bassam Rasheed, Univ. of mustansiriya - IRAQ P100: Sensorless MPPT fuzzy controller for DFIG wind turbine Mohamed Bezza, Brahim El Moussaoui and Abderrahim Fekkar, Mohammedia Univ.- MOROCCO P102: Current Control of the Isolated Self-Excited Induction Generator using Shunt Active Filter Allal El Moubarek Bouzid, Mustapha Benghanem, Azeddine Draou, Bouhamida Mohamed and Bekhada Hamane, UST Oran- ALGERIA P103: Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future in Algeria Sofiane Amara, Bo Nordell and Boumediene Benyoucef, DAIREG - SWEDEN P104: Study of hydrogen and oxygen distribution in SOFC fuel cell Soumia Abdessemed, Bariza Zitouni and Hocine Ben Moussa, Univ. of Hadj Lakhdar Batna, Algeria - ALGERIA P106: Efficiency of titanium oxide for the solar degradation of pesticides Chekir Nadia, Benhabiles Ouassila, Laoufi Nadia and Bantahar Fatiha, UDES/ CDER - ALGERIA P107: Experimental study and modeling of sorption isotherms of Kabar EL Sheikh (Capparis spinosa L.) from the Bechar Bennaceur Said, Draoui Belkacem, Bennamoun Lyes, Touati Boumediene, Saad Amal and Bourmita Younes, Univ. Béchar - ALGERIA P108: Determining of residence time distribution in CPC reactor type Benhabiles Ouassila, Chekir Nadia and Taane Walid, UDES / CDER - ALGERIA P111: Study contribution of the phenol adsorption dynamics of the system ­ fiber luffa cylindrical Ykhlef Laidani, Hanini Salah and Ghania Henini, Chlef Univ. - ALGERIA P112: Study of static adsorption system phenol / Luffa cylindrica fiber for industrial treatment of wastewater Ghania Henini, Ykhlef Laidani and Fatiha Souahi, Chlef - ALGERIA P117: Voltage optimization based on insertion of distributed generation Rabah Diabi and Abdallah Moussaoui, Annaba Univ. - ALGERIA P124: Analysis of slip flow-heat transfer inside microchannels: thermal asymptotic behavior Mourad Mecili and El-Hacène Mezaache, Skikda Univ. - ALGERIA





E1 C3R A2R

F1 A2R B3R



TerraGreen12 International Conference (CESSE), February 16 -18, 2012- Metropolitan Palace Hotel, Beirut ­ LEBANON


P125: Numerical investigation of mixed convection heat transfer in porous medium Abderrahim Bourouis and El-Hacène Mezaache, Skikda Univ. - ALGERIA P127: GA Optimization of the Coupled Climate model of an order two of a Greenhouse Khelifa Lammari, Fateh Bounaama, Belkacem Draoui, Benyoucef Merah , Mohamed Haidas, Univ. Béchar ALGERIA P128: A comparative Study of Two MPPT Techniques for PV Systems Houria Boumaaraf, Abdelaziz Talha and Omar Bouhali, USTHB - ALGERIA P129: Study and Modeling of a Hybrid Photovoltaic-Fuel Cell system Rekioua-Ziani Djamila and Bettar Nabila, Univ. of Bejaia - ALGERIA P145: Modeling of underground dams Application to planning in the semi- arid areas (Biskra, Algeria) Ouerdachi Lahbassi, Boutaghane Hamouda, Hafsi Radia, Boulmaiz Tayeb, Bouzahar Faiza, U. Badji MokhtaALGERIA P148: Application of respirometry in the assessment of chromium contaminated waste waters treatment Rania Zerdazi, Bencheikh Le Hocine Mossaab and Meniai Hacène, université - ALGERIA P149: New Egypt with a New Hybrid Skin Samar Sheweka, The British Univ. in Egypt - EGYPT P150: Comparison of Four MPPT Techniques for PV Systems Beriber Dalila, Talha Abdelaziz and Boucherit Mohamed Seghir, LINS, USTHB - ALGERIA P153: Control of Energy by the Technical Hysteresis fixed band Soufi Youcef, Bahi Tahar, Lekhchine Salima and Ghoudelbourk Sihem, Univ. of Tébessa, Algeria - ALGERIA P156: Spatial Interpolation of Annual Precipitation in Annaba-Algeria - Comparison and Evaluation of Methods Keblouti Mehdi, Ouerdachi Lahbassi and Boutaghane Hamouda, Univ. Badji Mokhtar Annaba - ALGERIA P158: Control for Variable Speed Wind Turbine Driving a Doubly Fed Induction Generator using Fuzzy-PI Control Bekhada Hamane, Mustapha Benghanem, Mohamed Bouhamida, Draou Azzedine, Belabbes Abdallah and Allal El Moubarek Bouzid, Univ. Mohamed Boudiaf USTO - ALGERIA P159: Separate Powers Control Structure of Doubly fed Induction Machine Based on Fractional Regulator Ghoudelbourk Sihem, Bahi Tahar, Soufi Youcef and Lekhchine Salima, Univ. of Skikda - ALGERIA P162: The potential of earth-air heat exchangers for low energy cooling of buildings in South Algeria Sehli Abdelkrim, Hasni Abdelhafid and Tamali Mohamed, uninersity of bechar,Algeria - ALGERIA P163: Direct Power Control of a PWM Rectifier Fed Autonomous Induction Generator Zoubir Boudries and Djamila Rekioua, LTII - ALGERIA P170: Analysis of DTC system fed by photovoltaic three-level NPC VSI Iqbal MessaÏf, El Madjid Berkouk and Nadia Saadia, USTHB - ALGERIA P171: Green Facades as a New Sustainable Approach Towards Climate Change Samar Sheweka and Nourhan Magdy Mohamed Magdy Mohamed, The British Univ. in Egypt - EGYPT P172: A comparative Study between conventional and Advanced MPPT Techniques for Photovoltaic Applications Bendib Boualem, Krim Fateh, Belmili Hocine and Almi Mohamed Fayçal, UDSE, Tipaza - ALGERIA P173: Solar cells parameters evaluation from dark I-V characteristics Mohamed Chegaar, K. Bouzidi and M. Aillerie, Ferhat Abbas Univ., 19000, Setif; Algeria - ALGERIA P174: Environmental effects on the performance of nanocrystalline silicon solar cells Mohamed Chegaar, A. Guechi and M. Aillerie, Ferhat Abbas Univ., 19000, Setif; Algeria - ALGERIA P178: Direct Torque Control Based Three Level Inverter-fed Double Star Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Badreddine Naas, Lazhari Nezli, Bachir Naas, Mohand Oulhadj Mahmoudi and Mohamed Elbar, National Polytechnic School, Algiers - ALGERIA P179: Estimating global solar radiation using artificial neural network and climate data in the south-western region of Algeria Hasni Abdelhafid, Sehli Abdelkrim, Draoui Belkacem, Bassou Abdesselam and Amieur Belkacem, Bechar U. ALGERIA

C3R F1 A2L

C2R F1 C3R C3L A1L B3R

C3L A3R C3L C3L F1 C2L E1 E1 A2L


TerraGreen12 International Conference (CESSE), February 16 -18, 2012- Metropolitan Palace Hotel, Beirut ­ LEBANON


E1 C3L A3L

P181: Photoacoustic spectroscopy analysis of air annealing effect on the optical properties of CuInSe2 Satour Fatima Zohra and Zegadi Ameur, Université Ferhat Abbas - Sétif - ALGERIA P182: Modeling of Lead Acid Batteries in PV Systems Achaibou Nadia, Haddadi Mourad and Malek Ali, CDER - ALGERIA P187: Shunt Active Power Filter Connected To a Photovoltaic Array for Compensating Harmonics and Reactive Power Simultaneously Rachid Belaidi, Ali Haddouche, Mohamed Mghezzi Larafi and Mustapha Hatti, UDSE - ALGERIA

A3L P188: Fuzzy Logic Controller Based Three-Phase Shunt Active Power Filter for Compensating Harmonics and Reactive Power under Unbalanced Mains Voltages Rachid Belaidi, Ali Haddouche and Halim Guendouz, Unit for develppment of solar equipment - ALGERIA A3R P189: Flow control mono and bi-stable fluidic device for micromixer - injection system Dennai Brahim, Khelfaoui Rachid, Bbenyoucef Boumédiène and Abdenbi Asma, ENERGARID Univ. Béchar ALGERIA P190: Impact of the urban and industrial rejection on the environment « annaba, north - est algeria » Bouslah Soraya and Tachi Et Soufi Salah Eddine Et Adel, laboratory of hydraulic and hydraulics constructions ALGERIA P191: Impact of urban waste water reject on the quality of watercourse "Case of Oued Meboudja EST OF ALGERIA " Hachemi Rachedi Lamia and Amarchi Hocine, Hydraulic and Hydraulics Constructions Laboratory - ALGERIA P192: Numerical Simulation of Cooling a Solar Cell by Forced Convection in the Presence of a Nanofluid Mohammed Elmir, Razli Mehdaoui and Abdelkader Mojtabi, ENERGARID Laboratory, Bechar Univ., ALGERIA P193: Tow cascaded nonlinear predictive control of wind energy conversion system with nonlinear observer Ouari Kamel, Rekioua Toufik, Ouhrouche Mohand and Rekioua Djamila, Univ. of Bejaia, Algeria - ALGERIA P194: Optical and electrical properties of ZnO thin films elaborated by electrochemical technique Beniaiche Abdelkarim and Nouri Abdelhak, Laboratoire des Systèmes Photonique et d'Optique Non Linéaire ALGERIA P204: Stabilization of sludge containing chromium by hydraulic binders ­ Adsorption of chromium (VI) on activated carbon Chikhi Mustapha, Balaska Fouzia and Meniai A-Hassen, UMC-ALGERIA P205: Removal of Chromium (III) ions from aqueous solutions by polymer assisted ultrafiltration using experimental and calculation approach. part 1: Optimization of complexation conditions Balaska Fouzia, Bencheikh-Lehocine Mossaab, Meniai A-Hassen and Chikhi Mustapha, UMC-ALGERIA P206: Study and Effect of orientation two Room of Buildings Located in Ghardaïa, Algeria. Maamar Hamdani, S.M.A. Bekkouche, T Benouaz and M.K Cherier, URAER. Ghardaïa, Algeria - ALGERIA P207: Optical, Electrical and structural properties of Ag doped TiO2 thin filmsprepared by Sol-Gel route Beniaiche Abdelkarim and Nouri Abdelhak, LSPONL - ALGERIA P209: e-Maintenance for photovoltaic power generation system Brigitte Chebel Morello, Medjaher Kamal, Amar Hadj Arab, Farida Bandou, Bouchaib Samy and Noureddine Zerhouni, Automatic Control and Micro-Mechatronic Systems Department - FRANCE P210: A study of a solar flux model in the site of the gulf of tunis El Ouederni Ahmed Ridha, Ben Nasrallah Sassi and Aloui Fethi, ENIM - TUNISIA P216: Determination of the optical constants of thin films of conductive transparent oxides (TCO) Guessas Hocine, UFAS IOMP Sétif - ALGERIA P217: Superficial tribological transformation of a ferritic stainless steel by dynamic microindentation Djabi Smail and Boudoukha Hassina, IOMP Université de Sétif - ALGERIA P221: Renewable energy, sustainable development and environmental protection in ksours (case of algeria) Ziani Abdelwahab, Univ. of Bechar - ALGERIA




C1L E1



A3L E1 C1L

B3R C1L E1 A3L

TerraGreen12 International Conference (CESSE), February 16 -18, 2012- Metropolitan Palace Hotel, Beirut ­ LEBANON


F1 F1 C2L

P226: A new style solar-driven diffusion-absorption refrigerator and its operating characteristics Handong Wang, Shenzhen Polytechnic - CHINA P229: Novel Waste Treatment Plant Aann Abraham, Arunai Nambiraj and Binoy James, VIT UNIV.,VELLORE,INDIA - INDIA P231: Biodegradation of phenol by Aspergillus niger: Application of full factorial design Latifa Tebbouche, Dalila Hank and Amina Hellal, Research Center Of Renewable Energy Development ALGERIA P232: Comparison of degradation of the phenol and salicylic acid in Aqueous Phase using Heterogeneous Photocatalysis Process Radia Djouder, A. Nadia Laoufi and Fatiha Bentahar, Research Center of Renewable Energy Development ALGERIA P233: Modeling of Tandem solar cell a-Si/a-SiGe using AMPS-1D Adnan Amin Boussettine, Belhadji Youcef and Abdelhalim Benmansour, Univ. Abou Bekr Belkaid of Tlemcen ­ ALGERIA P234: Modeling and simulation of windgenerator with fixed speed wind turbine under Matlab-Simulink Djohra Saheb-Koussa, Renewable Energy Development Center - ALGERIA P241: Fuzzy control adaptive of a matrix converter for harmonic compensation caused by nonlinear loads Aziz Boukadoum, Tahar Bahi, Sofiane Oudina, Youcef Soufi and Salima Lekhchine, Univ. Tebessa, Algeria ALGERIA P243: A vertical magneto-convection in square cavity containing a al2o3+water nanofluid: cooling of electronic compounds Syham Kadri, ENARGARID - ALGERIA P248: Effects of thickness and chemical quality of SiO2 barrier on POCl3 diffusion during the formation of emitter Hocine Ghembaza, Abdelatif Zerga and Rachid Saim, Tlemcen Univ. - ALGERIA P249: Performance Developing Of Hydrosolar Gaseous Hybrid Plant SEGS According to Meteorological Data For Damascus City Mhd Jassem, justice ministry - SYRIA P250: The use of the recession index as indicator for components of flow Sabri Berhail, Lahbassi Ouerdachi and Hamouda Boutaghane, Univ. Badji Mokhtar Annaba - ALGERIA P252: Impact of PV compensation in improving the voltage drop in electrical LV networks Maamar Mouheb, Abderrahmane Hamidat and Larbi Loukarfi, Univ. of Chlef - ALGERIA P254: Composition of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) generated by the city of Chlef (Algeria). Naïma Tahraoui Douma, Guy Matejka and Serge Chambon, , Univ. of Limoges - ALGERIA P262: Study and control of a grid connected PV system by multilevel inverter Talha Abdelaziz, Boumaaraf Houria and Bouhali Omar, USTHB - ALGERIA P264: Comparative study of mppt system of wind generation Hamzaoui Ihssen, Bouchafaa Farid, Hadjammar Sidali and Talha Abdelaziz, USTHB Algiers - ALGERIA P267: Effect of the industrial waste on living environment and quality of life, an example of Algeria Fawzi Boudaqqa, Univ. of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene - ALGERIA P268: Metallothioneins in aquatic invertebrates:Their role in metal detoxification and their use in biomonitoring Khati Wyllia, Université Badji Mokhtar Annaba. Algria - ALGERIA P269: Simulation of a solar cell based on InGaN Leila Amal Vilbois, Ali Cheknane, Abdelhak Bensaoula, Chris Boney and Tayeb Benouaz, Univ. of Laghouat ALGERIA P271: Modeling the adsorption of phenol onto activated carbon in batch system: Factorial design study Hank Dalila, Namane Abdelkader and Hellal Amina, National Polytechnic School - ALGERIA P272: Refrigerants and their environmental impact Substitution of hydro chlorofluorocarbon HCFC and HFC hydro fluorocarbon. Search for an adequate refrigerant Samira Benhadid-Dib and Ahmed Benzaoui, USTHB - ALGERIA




F1 C1L


C1L E2

A1L D B1L D1 D1 F1 B1L E2


TerraGreen12 International Conference (CESSE), February 16 -18, 2012- Metropolitan Palace Hotel, Beirut ­ LEBANON


P276: Sun tracking mechanism effects on flat plate photovoltaic system performances for different step time and main parameters affecting the obtained gains: case of North Africa and Mediterranean site. Koussa Mustapha, Haddadi Mourad, Saheb Djohra, Malek Ali and Hadji Seddik, CDER - ALGERIA P277: Sun tracker systems effects on flat plate photovoltaic PV systems performance for different sky states: A case of an arid and hot climate. Koussa Mustapha, Haddadi Mourad, Saheb Djohra, Malek Ali and Hadji Seddik, CDER - ALGERIA P280: Study the self- heating effects in the SOI MOSFET transistor simulated by using Silvaco Software Fatima Zohra Rahou and Mohamed Rahou, Univ. Tlemcen - ALGERIA P281: Effect of protuberances on heat and mass transfers in a rectangular enclosure Bouguerne Fattouma and Rahal Samir, Univ. of Batna - ALGERIA P285: Effect of Dehydrofluorination rate on the textural properties of PVDF nanofibers based on carbon nanofibers Norazrina Mat Jali, Zahira Yaakob and Samaneh Shahgaldi, ukm - MALAYSIA P286: Effect of impurities and temperature on electrical properties of ZnO-Based Varistors Khalaf Al Abdullah, Mohamad Djlal Termanini and Fuad Alhaj Omar, Univ. of Aleppo - SYRIA P290: The performances of Durum Wheat Yield (Triticum durum Desf.) under Tillage Effect in Semi-Arid Environment Chennafi Houria and Saci Amirouche, Faculty of Lif and Natural Sciences, Univ. Ferhat Abbas Sétif - ALGERIA P291: Experimental study of competitive adsorption of heavy metals and organic matter for the phosphoric acid purificatio Samah Zermane and Abd Esslam Hassen Meniai, université mentouri Constantine - ALGERIA P292: Characterization of different adsorbents used for the elimination of heavy metals from phosphoric acid purification Samah Zermane and Abd Esslam Hassen Meniai, université mentouri Constantine - ALGERIA P293: Decadal Evaluation of Durum Wheat Water Requirements to Improve Rainfed Agriculture under Semi-Arid Conditions Chennafi Houria, Faculty of Lif and Natural Sciences, Univ. Ferhat Abbas Sétif - ALGERIA P294: Electronic and Optical Properties of Neon-Doped Rutile TiO2 From Ab initio Calculations Aqeel Allamy, Univ. of basrah - IRAQ P295: The use of sawdust as by product adsorbent of organic pollutant from wastewater: adsorption of phenol Soumaya Larous and Abd Esslam Hassen Meniai, université mentouri Constantine - ALGERIA P296: Removal of copper (II) from aqueous solution by agricultural by-products- sawdust Soumaya Larous and Abd Esslam Hassen Meniai, université mentouri Constantine - ALGERIA P297: Sorption Study of a Basic Dye "Gentian Violet"from Aqueous Solutions Using Activated Bentonite Karima Bellir, Mossaab Bencheikhlehocine and Abdeslam Hassen Meniai, université mentouri Constantine ALGERIA P300: Effect of Chemical Modification of Fruit Peel on Biosorption of Cationic Dye Khalfaoui Amel, Meniai Abdesslam Hassen and Derbal Kerroum, Université Mentouri Constantine - ALGERIA P302: Three-dimensional modeling of multispecies transport- reaction in heterogeneous porous media Saouli Ouacil, Jaffre Jerome, Bencheikhlehocine Mossab & Meniai Abdesslam Hassen, Univ. Mentouri Constantine-ALGERIA P303: Modeling of Anaerobic Digestion Used for Biogas Production: Effects of Kinetics Parameters Derbal Kerroum, Bencheikhlehocine Mossaab and Meniai Abdesslam Hassen, Univ. Mentouri Constantine ALGERIA P304: Production of high power by using gyrotron device for electron cyclotron resonance heating in tokamak reactor Naima Ghoutia Sabri, Bechar Univ. - ALGERIA P305: Study of Biodegradability of Organic Fraction of Municipal Solids Waste Derbal Kerroum, Bencheikhlehocine Mossaab and Meniai Abdesslam Hassen, Univ. Mentouri Constantine ALGERIA


D1 D1 E2 E2 C2L





E2 F1




TerraGreen12 International Conference (CESSE), February 16 -18, 2012- Metropolitan Palace Hotel, Beirut ­ LEBANON



P307: Contribution to the protection of PVG connected to three phase electrical network supply Almi Mohamed Fayçal, Arrouf Mohamed, Belmili Hocine and Bendib Boualem, UDSE - ALGERIA P308: Superficial evaporation in a forced convection of porous medium in transitory laminates regime « Application on mint leaves drying » Touati Boumediene, Lips Bernard, Benyoucef Boumediene and Virgone Joseph, Univ. of Bechar - ALGERIA P309: Numerical Study of Natural Ventilation through a Roof Cavity for Reduction of Solar Heat gain Ababsa Dalila and Bougoul Saadi, Univ. of Batna - ALGERIA P310: Enhanced Removal of Dissolved Iron and Manganese from Nonconventional Water Resources in Delta District, Egypt Mariam Salim, Hamdy El-Awady and Ezzat Amin, ECRI - EGYPT P312: Water and hydropower for sustainable development of Qattara Depression as a national project in Egypt Mariam Salim, ecri - EGYPT P314: Navigation Activities Assessment on the Variations of Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons, River Nile, Egypt Asmaa Agrama and Yasser Mostafa, Environment and Climate changes Research Institute, - EGYPT P316: Thermodynamic modeling of new absorption refrigeration cycle operating with partially miscible fluids pairs Larkeche Ouassila, Meniai Abedesselam- Hassan and Yacine Khetib, Univ. Mentouri Constantine - ALGERIA P318: Modeling and simulation of a PV pumping system under real climatic conditions using PSIM software Bendib Douadi, Chikh Madjid, Ayad Mohamed and Mahrane Achour, UDES - ALGERIA P320: Psim/Simulink co-simulation and FPGA implementation of HEPWM inverter Bendib Douadi and Larbes Cherif, UDES - ALGERIA P322: Design and Construction of a mini-solar power station connected to the electricity grid Samira Bourib, Université Houari Boumedienne Bab El Zouar Algeria - ALGERIA P323: Preperation and study the structural properties of Cds and CdTe thin films Fatimah Khaleel, Sattar J. Kasim and Wathiq Taha, basrah Univ. - IRAQ P325: Extraction and Modeling of Algerian Rosemary essential oil using supercritical CO2: Effect of pressure and temperature Zermane Ahmed and Meniai Abedessalam Hassane, Univ. Larbi Ben M'hidi OEB - ALGERIA P328: Preparation and Study of electronic properties of CdS and CdTe thin films and CdS/CdTe solar cell Fatimah Khaleel, Sattar J. Kasim and Wathiq Taha, basrah Univ. - IRAQ P329: A use of cedar cone for the removal of a cationic dye from aqueous solutions by sorption Zamouche Meriem and Hamdaoui Oualid, Univ. of Annaba- ALGERIA P330: Some electrical properties of soluble conducting polymer polyHexylthiophene (PHT) prepared byelectrochemical polymerization Kareema Zaidan, Krabit Haykaz and Ali Abudalla, Univ. of Basrah-College of - IRAQ P333: Morphological and Electrical Properties of Si-Nanostructured Solar Cell Yasmeen Dawood, Ali Alhamdani and Bassam Rasheed, Univ. of mustansiria - IRAQ P336: Palm Trees Reuses as Sustainable Element in the Sahara.The Case of Ziban, as self-sustainable urban units Soumia Bouzaher and Alkama Djamel, Department of Architecture - Faculty of Science and Engineer's Sciences. Med Khider-Biskra Univ. - ALGERIA P343: Performance of an Active Solar Still Boubekri Mahmoud and Chaker Abla, Department of the exact sciences and informatics, Ecole Normale Supérieure - Constantine - ALGERIA P344: Thermochemistry study of internal combustion engine Fethi Bouras, Azeddine Soudani ad Mohamed Si Ameu, Univ. of HL-BATNA - ALGERIA P348: Effect of Thermal Cycling on the Creep-Recovery Behaviour of Road Bitumen M'hammed Merbouh, Bechar Univ. - ALGERIA P350: Residue Analysis of Some PAHs in Some Algerian Soil: A Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment Djellouli Hadja Mebarka, Pietro Tundo, Taleb Safia, Benghalem Abderazzek, Ahmed Mohamed Tawfic and Arabi Mourad, D. Liabès Univ. - ALGERIA


D1 F1

F2 F2 B2L B2L D1 E2 E2 B2L

E2 F2 F2

E2 D2


D2 E1 B3R

TerraGreen12 International Conference (CESSE), February 16 -18, 2012- Metropolitan Palace Hotel, Beirut ­ LEBANON


P353: Batch Adsorption Phenol From Industrial Waste Water Using Cereal By-products As a New Adsorbent Arris Sihem, Bencheikh Lehocine Mossaab and Meniai Hassen Abdessalem, Universite Mentouri Constantine ALGERIA P354: Preparation and characterisation of a natural adsorbent used for elimination of pollutants in wastewater Arris Sihem, Bencheikh Lehocine Mossaab and Meniai Hassen Abdessalem, Universite Mentouri Constantine ALGERIA P355: Measure and measurement and prediction of binary and ternary liquid-solid equilibria of pharmaceutical and food systems Bitchikh Karima, Meniai Hassen Abdessalam, Yacine Khetib and Wahida Louaer, chimie industrielle ALGERIA P356: Elimination of Cu(II) from Aqueous Solutions by Liquid-liquid Extraction. Souad Meterfi, Abdeslam-Hassen Meniai and Mustapha Chikhi, UMC-ALGERIA P357: Thermodynamic modeling for the ternary mixture co2-naphtalene-phenanthrene at high pressure Bezaze Hassina and Meniai Hassen Abdessalam, Chimie Industrielle - ALGERIA P358: Introduction of the group contribution concept into the NRTL model Nardjes Bounab, Abdeslam-Hassen Meniai and Wahida Louaer, UMC-ALGERIA P359: Modeling the purification of phosphoric acid contaminated with cadmium by liquid-liquid extraction Boulkroune Nadjet and Meniai Hassen Abdessalam, chimie industrielle - ALGERIA P360: Effect of Chemical Heterogeneity on Linear Adsorbed Solute Dispersion in fixed bed Kaabeche-Djerafi Khatima, Bendjaballah-Lalaoui Nadia and Semra Safia, UMC-ALGERIA P361: Experimental study of removal of Rhodamine B by an activated cereal by-product Arris Sihem, Brahmia Ismahane and Bousbaa Lynda, UMC-ALGERIA P363: Simulation of performance insoles plans for the development of solar field in Algeria. Manaa Saadeddine and Moummi Noureddine, Université africaine d'Adrar-ALGERIA P365: Sorption of Rhodamine B by cedar cone: effect of pH and ionic strength Zamouche Meriem and Hamdaoui Oualid, université de badji mokhatar annaba algérie - ALGERIA P369: Elimination of phenol by adsorption onto mineral / polyaniline composite solid support Fouzia Belaib, Abdeslam-Hassen Meniai and Mossaab Bencheikh Lehocine, Université mentouri Constantine ALGERIA P370: MATLAB, SimPower System, SIMULINK, WECS Suman Nath and Soumyadip Sanyal, BESU Shibpur - INDIA P373: Electronic Transport Studies of Bulk HgCdTe based on an Ensemble Monte Carlo Calculation Including Three-valley Band Structure Model Mohammed Hichem Tahir, Benyounesse Bouazza and Noredine Maassoume, Abu-Bakr Belkaïd Univ. ALGERIA P376: Experimental Study of Solar Hydrogen Production Performance by Water Electrolysis in the south of Algeria Nasreddine Chennouf, Noureddine Settou, Belkhir Negrou, Khadidja Bouziane and Boubekeur Dokkar, Kasdi Merbeh, - ALGERIA P380: Experimental study and simulation of airflow in solar chimneys Nadia Saifi, Noureddine Settou, Boubekeur Dokkar, Belkhir Negrou, Nasreddine Chennouf, U. Kasdi Merbah ALGERIA P381: Simulation of heat transfer in a square cavity with two fins attached to the hot wall Benseghir Chahrazed, Mechanical department. 05000 Batna. - ALGERIA P382: Three Level Single Phase Photovoltaic and Wind Power Hybrid Inverter Ismail Daut, Mohamad Irwan, Gomesh Nair, Syafawati Ahmad and Muhammad Irwanto, U. Malaysia Perlis ­ MALAYSIA P386: CDM Projects of Renewable Energy (Case Study) Anissa Ghezloun, Chergui-Bouafia Souad and Nassima Oucher, CDER - ALGERIA P387: Study of the simultaneous elimination of phosphates and heavy metals contained in dairy wastewater by a physical-chemical and biological mixed process; consequences on the biodegradability




F2 B3R D2 B3L D2 B2R E2 F2 E2

F2 E2



B3L F2


TerraGreen12 International Conference (CESSE), February 16 -18, 2012- Metropolitan Palace Hotel, Beirut ­ LEBANON

Balamane-Zizi Ouafia and Ait-Amar Hamid, UST Houari Boumédiène, BabEzzouar - ALGERIA C2R P390: Use of Continuous Aeration Respirometry Method for the Prediction of Slightly Saline Waste Water Biodegradation Rania Zerdazi, Mossaab Bencheikh Le Hocine, Abd Salem Hacène Meniai, UMC-ALGERIA P392: Smart smoke ventilation and power generation (SSVPG) Ismail Daut, Gomesh Nair, Muhammad Irwanto and Irwan Yusoff, U. Malaysia Perlis,UniMAP - MALAYSIA P393: New Control Strategy of Three-Phase Five-Level NPC Rectifier - Inverter System for Induction Machine Drive Guedouani Rabia, Fiala Bachir, Berkouk El Madjid and Boucherit Mohamed Seghir, USTHB - ALGERIA P394: Hybrid Control of the Single-Phase Induction Machine without Capacitor Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques Kenza Bouhoune, Krim Yazid and Mohamed Seghir Boucherit, USTHB - ALGERIA P395: Linear Regression Model in Estimating Solar Radiation in Perlis Safwati Ibrahim, Mohd Irwan Yusoff, Muhammad Irwanto Misrun ,Gomesh Nair Shasidharan, U. Perlis MALAYSIA P396: An Estimation of Solar Radiation using Robust Linear Regression Method Safwati Ibrahim, Mohd Irwan Yusoff, Muhammad Irwanto Misrun and Gomesh Nair Shasidharan, U. Perlis MALAYSIA P397: Analysis of Solar Irradiance and Solar Energy in Perlis,Northern of Peninsular Malaysia Mohd Irwan Yusoff and Farhana Zainuddin, U. Perlis - MALAYSIA P399: Wind Turbine Output Power Maximization based on Sliding Mode Control Strategy Boulaam Karima and Boukhelifa Akkila, USTHB - ALGERIA P404: Generating Interface Prototype for EnergyPlus IDD file using Unified Modeling Language and Colored Petri-Nets Bachkhaznadji Abdeldjebbar and Belhamri Azeddine, UMC-ALGERIA P407: Estimation of Solar Energy Potential for Islamabad, Pakistan Intikhab Ulfat, Chalmers Univ. of Technology - SWEDEN P408: Use of the HEDP for the inhibition of the tartar of ground waters Y.Boulahlib Bendaoud and Samira Ghizellaoui, Université Mentouri - ALGERIA P409: Experimental Study of the performance of a Box Solar Cooker Sona Alyounnis, Ahmad Saleh and Mhamad Hasson, Philadelphia Univ. - JORDAN P410: Influence Of Copper And Zinc On The Power Furring Of Encrusting Water Hadda Semine Rasa and Samira Ghizellaoui, Université de Mentouri de Constantine - ALGERIA P411: Chronoamperometry Study Of The Inhibition Of Groundwater Scaling Deposits In Fourchi Rayane Menzria and Samira Ghizellaoui, Université de Mentouri de Constantine - ALGERIA P415: Contribution to the Inhibitors Methods Study of the Scaling: Chemical, Electrochemical Processes inthe Presence of Ca(OH)2, Na2CO3 and KH2PO4 Kotbia Labioda and Samira Ghizellaoui, UMC-ALGERIA P416: Potential of compressed air energy storage systems: opportunities and challenges Vismit Bansal, Shaswat Anand and Naveen Kumar, Delhi College of Engineering - INDIA P417: Utilisation Of Bio-Glycerol As a Potential Source of Energy Mayank Gupta and Naveen Kumar, Delhi Technological Univ. - INDIA P418: Geomatics use in the evaluation of surface qualities degradation in saline area (The case of the lower Cheliff plain) Mokhtari Djamel Eddine, Hassiba Ben Bouali Chlef Univ. - ALGERIA

F2 B3L




F2 D2 D2

C1R B2L F2 B2L F2 B2L

D2 C2R D2

TerraGreen12 International Conference (CESSE), February 16 -18, 2012- Metropolitan Palace Hotel, Beirut ­ LEBANON


Conference Chairs

KHOURY Gaby (LIU, TerraGreen, Lebanon) SALAME Chafic (Lebanese Univ., Lebanon)

Program Committee

AILLERIE Michel ( Metz, France) AL-QUDAH Khaled (Tafila, Jordan) AHAITOUF Abdelaziz (Taza, Morroco) ABDALLAH Khalaf (Aleppo, Syria) BLAMPAIN Eloi (Libreville U, Gabon) BURAK Barutcu (ITU, Turkey) CHAKER Abla (Constantine, Algeria) CHARLES Jean-Pierre (Metz, France) CHEGAAR Mohamed (Ferhat Abbas U, Algeria) COSMIN Marculescu (Polytec. U, Romania) KHOUKHI Maatouk (SQU, Qatar) KHOURY Gaby (LIU, Lebanon) KIWAN Suhail (Jordan U, Jordan) MAGDA-AZIZA Amina (CDER, Algeria) MASSOUH Fawaz (ENSAM, France) MERZOUK Nachida (CDER, Algeria) MUSA Muna (Basrah U, Iraq) REKIOUA Djamila (Bejaia, Algeria) ROMAN Monica (Craiova U, Romania) SALAME Chafic (LU, Lebanon) SHEWEKA Samar (BUE, Egypt) TOUZANI Rachid (Mohammed 1 U, Algeria) ZERHOUNI Noureddine (Besançon, France) ZEROUAL Mostefa (Batna, Algeria) ZIADAN Kareema (Basrah U, Iraq)

Organizing Committee

Chafic SALAME (Lebanese Univ., Lebanon) Fawaz MASSOUH (ENSAM Paris Tech, France) Gaby KHOURY (LIU, TerraGreen, Lebanon) Jean-Pierre CHARLES (Paul Valerian Univ., France) Michel AILLERIE (Paul Valerian Univ., France)

Official conference publisher

Published By:

Elsevier/Science Direct - Energy Procedia

TerraGreen12 International Conference (CESSE), February 16 -18, 2012- Metropolitan Palace Hotel, Beirut ­ LEBANON



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