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Top Drive Rig Floor Safety Orientation Doghouse Manual

Better Ways to The BottomTM

Top Drive Rig Floor Safety Orientation Doghouse Manual


Better Ways to The BottomTM


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Top Drive Rig Floor Safety Orientation

Printed in Canada / Dec. 2002 TC120 ©Tesco Corporation


Top Drive Rig Floor Safety Orientation Doghouse Manual

Table of ConTenTs

Introduction 4


Safety BreakingOut MakingUpSingles MakingUpDoubles MakingUpTriples


TorqueSystem PowerModule ServiceLoop TopDrive

MaKInG ConneCTIons 12 12 12 12 13

RIGGInG UP THe eQUIPMenT 4 5 6 6




oPeRaTIons Drilling Tripping ColdClimate Reaming WorkingTightHole Jarring RunningCasing Cementing 13 14 14 15 15 16 16 16

CoMPonenT IDenTIfICaTIon 7


SafetyInterlocks 8


ConTRols anD RoboTICs ClearanceandVisibility Extend LinkTilt Grabber GrabberLift PipeHandler Elevators MudSaverValveandActuator 10 10 10 10 10 10 11 11


ToP DRIVe ConsIDeRaTIons SlipandCutDrillingLine Maintenance Disclaimer 17 17 17

Top Drive Rig Floor Safety Orientation Doghouse Manual




Thismanualisintendedtoprovidebasicinformation only,anddoesnotconstitute a comprehensive guide to thefunctioningoroperation ofaTescoTopDrive.Itisto beusedonlyinconjunction with the orientation and on sitesupervisionprovidedby Tescopersonnel.TheTesco Top Drive Technician must be notified of any concerns o r i n c i d e n t s i n v o l v i n g Tesco equipment and its operation. O T H E R T H A N A S D E S C R I B E D I N T H E PRECEDINGPARAGRAPH, TESCOCORPORATION,ITS AFFILIATED COMPANIES ANDEMPLOYEESASSUMENORESPONSIBILITY F O R U S E O F T H E INFORMATIONCONTAINED INTHISMANUAL. AtTesco,weputalotofeffort intodevelopingwaystomake drilling a well more efficient. Training the operators to run the equipment in the most effectivemannermakesthejob easier by reducing downtime and safer by eliminating the riskofinjurytoworkers. Thismanualwillprovideyou withinformationtopresent toyourcrewduringapre-job safetymeetingorwhenever youneedtoreinforcewhatyoualreadyknow.


The Torque system:

After measuring the rig and determining the torque system configuration, the top drive technician will require the help of a select number of crewmembers. As a driller, it's up to you to choose workers who are confident workingatheightsandfollowinstructionswell.Awell thoughtoutpre-jobmeetingandtherightpeoplecan makeriggingupthetopdrivemucheasierandsafer. Thetorquesystemincludesthefollowing: 1. TorqueTrack 2. TorqueAnchorBeam 3. T-Bar Inthenextfewpageswewilldescribethepartsofthe torquesystem,whattheydoandsomeeffectiveways ofinstallingthem.

Thetorque trackconsistsofvaryinglengthsoftrack. Each section is designed to fit another by lining up the flanges and tightening the bolts. The length of the track dependsonthesizeoftherigmastbutinallcasesthe bottomofthetrack,calledthedeflector section,should be between 7 and 8 feet from the floor. The track is hung byattachinganadjustablehanging clustertoapad eyethathasbeenweldedtothecrown'sbeams.The bottomofthetrackissecuredtothederrickbybolting ontheT-barandfasteningitintothetorque anchor beam. Using turnbuckles we can center the track andproviderigidityalongthelengthofthederrick.The turnbucklesareattachedtothetorquetrackandderrick usingclampsorbyweldinginpadeyesonthederrick beamspriortorigup. Insomecasesourtechniciansmaypre-assemblethe torquetrackonthegroundandhoistupto2sections at once. When hoisting the torque track, good communication and the use of a hold back line are required. Once the first section of track has been lifted to the drill floor with the tugger line, it is then lowered through the rotarytablesothatthetopofthetrackcanbeattached tothetravelingblock.Afterraisingthetrackabovethe floor with the blocks, the rest of the track sections can be hoisted to the floor and placed in the rotary table individuallyandboltedintotheprevioussections.

Top Drive Rig Floor Safety Orientation Doghouse Manual

Torque Track:


Whenthetorquetrackisfastenedtogetherinthelength required to allow the top drive to travel between the highestandlowestpointsinthederrick,itthenneeds tobesecuredtothecrown.Thisisdonebyattaching thehangingclusteratthetopofthetracktoawelded-on padeyewithashackle. Nextweneedtopositionthetorquetracksothatwe canfastenthet-bartoitandmakesurethatthetorque anchorbeamwillacceptitaswell.


TheT-barisasolidsteelarmthatboltsontothetorque trackatit'slowestpointandtakesthedrillingtorquefrom thetopdriveandtransfersitthroughtheanchorbeam andacrossthederrick. TheT-barcanbeinstalled in the torque anchor as soon as the beam is securedtothederrick.

Oncethetorquetrackisinplacetheturnbucklesneedto beattachedtoitandsecuredinpredeterminedlocations The T-bar can also be on the derrick strongbacks. Using these adjustable, bolted on to the torque lockingturnbuckleswecancenterthetrackandhelp trackjustbeforethetrack providerigidityalongthelengthofit. ishungfromthecrownwhentheboltpatternsectionof trackisatacomfortableheight. Whenthetorquesystemisinstalleditshouldbestraight andattheproperdistancefromwellcenterandtherig WhentheT-barisattachedtothetorquetrackandthe floor. trackishangingfromthepadeyeatthecrown,the T-barshouldbejustslightlyhigherthantheanchor. Thisway,whentheanchorclampistighteneddownit Torque anchor beam: The torque anchor beam willpullthetrackintotension. accepts the torque directly fromthequillandtransfersitto Afterallthemaincomponentsofthetorquesystemare thederrick.Onsomerigswe installedtheturnbucklescanbeadjustedtostraighten canweldtheanchorinplace, thetrack. on others we need to install thebeamusingclamps.The Note:Allshackles,turnbuckles,andsimilaritemsshould beam is usually attached to besecuredwithcotterpinsorsafetywires,toprevent the lowest strongback where accidentalloosening. the energy can be displaced acrossthewidestpointofthe The Power Module: derrick. Periodic inspection The Tesco hydraulic of the welds or the clamps top drive comes with tightness must be performed a building containing to prevent any movement of a prime mover that thetorquetrack. drives a series of Positionthehoistingslingandtuggerlineonthecenter of the load. Carefully raise the anchor beam to the appropriatestrongback. Thetopdrivetechnicianwillneedassistancetoposition theanchorbeamonthestrongbackandholditinplace untiltheclampscanbesecured. Safety - Make sure all workers are connected to an approved fall arrest system. variabledisplacement, bi-directionalhydraulic pumps.Thesepumps send hydraulic flow throughaclosed loop, high-pressuresystem to the top drive motor(s), which provide quill rotation before returning to the skid to be filtered. Additional gear pumps send hydraulic flow through an auxiliary systemtothetopdrive,operatingthevariousrobotic functions as well as circulate oil through a filtration and cooling system before returning to the reservoir. Thepower modulealsocontainsanelectricalpanel, whichacceptsa480or600voltACinputfromtherig's


Top Drive Rig Floor Safety Orientation Doghouse Manual

generatorsandconvertsittoothervoltagesthatoperate theelectricalcomponentsofthetopdrivesystem.When spottingthepowermodule,itmustbeliftedusingproper hoistingtechniquesandplacedinanidealpositionfor theservicelooptoreachthederrick.Iftheservicereel isnotattachedtothepowermoduleskid,thenitshould be placed on rig matting with the power module and connectedtotheauxiliaryhydraulicsystem.

Beforethetopdriveisraised to the rig floor, the torque bushing and extend frame needtobeinstalledontothe torque track and pinned in place. With the top drive stand positionedoverholecenter and secured to the derrick l e g s u s i n g c h a i n s a n d boomers, the swivel can nowbeproperlydopedand threadedintothequillwitha chaintong. On top drives equipped with an integrated swivel, the swivel bail or yoke is directly installed into the

The service loop sends and receives electrical communication from the power unit and the driller's panel as well as hydraulic flow to and from the top drive. It is critical that these lines not be damaged due to improperliftingorobstructionsinthederrick.Oncethe serviceloophasbeeninstalled,observeitsmovement alongtheentiretravelofthetopdrive. The service loop should make no contact with any part of the rig.

The service loop:

becket or block hook.

Asafety slingshouldalwaysbeinstalledaroundthe hosesaddleandhoses,andthenattachedtoeithera weldedinpadeyeorasuitablebeam.Safetyslings should also be installed between the hose ends and thetopdrive.

Usingasoft hoisting sling and the floor tugger, the operatorwillraisetheserviceloopintothederrickwhile Nowthetopdrivecanbeliftedfromthetransportstand thetopdrivetechnicianreelsoutenoughslacktoinstall byraisingtheblocksandthetransportstandremoved from the rig floor. thelinesintothehosesaddleandcapture clamp. Oncethehose saddlepositionhasbeendetermineditis Using the blocks, line-up the pin holes between the thenattachedtothederrick.Therigdesignandtopdrive extendframeandthetopdriveandinsertthedrivepins andkeepers. modelwilldeterminewherethesaddleislocated. Withtheweightofthetopdrivehangingontheoverhead blocksandswivel,removethetorquebushingpin. Thetopdrivetechnicianwillconnecttheserviceloopto thetopdriveandinstallthedriller's panel. Withthepowerunitnowrunningandtheserviceloop anddrillerspanelconnectedtothetopdrive,wecannow make up the swivel to the specified torque. To do this theoff-drillerssidetongsmustberaisedtotherequired heighttobiteagainsttheswivelorcrossoverandback upslingsattachedtoasuitablepointonthederrick. It is critical that the bottom of the top drive be secured with a cross chain on the grabber leg or a joint of heavy weight drill pipe connected to the saver sub and set in the slips - or both. Torque should always be applied to the swivel connection in `drill mode' and only the required personnel to do the job should remain on the rig floor.

Thetopdriveisaheavy,unbalancedloadandshould be carefully handled to prevent injury or equipment damage. The top drive technician should always be presenttooverseeanyloadingorunloadingofTesco equipment. Once the top drive arrives on location, it should be placedonthecatwalksothatitcanbehoistedtothe rig floor using 2 point, load rated slings attached to the blocks.Aholdbacklineshouldbeusedtopreventthe topdrivefromshiftingonceitislifted.

The Top Drive:


Top Drive Rig Floor Safety Orientation Doghouse Manual


Component Identification

Top Drive:

Top Drive Rig Floor Safety Orientation Doghouse Manual



The Drillers Panel

Thedrillers panel i s a s t a i n l e s s steel enclosure equipped with all of the controls, indicator lights, mounts, gauges and connectors r e q u i r e d t o operate the top drive from the driller's position. Allofthecontrols are 24 volts DC electricoverhydraulic.Thetwomaincablestothepanel are37pinconductorcableswitheachwireservinga specific function. One 37-pin cable connects the power moduletothedriller'spanelandtheotherconnectsthe topdrivewiththedriller'spanel.Thefoursmallercables are4or5pinAmphenolconnectorswhichcontrolinput tothesafetyinterlocks,overridesanddigitalgaugesfor quilltorqueandRPM. The Rosemount Gauge receives a milliamp signal from a pressure transducer located on the top drive.


Thetransducermeasuresthedifferentialbetweenthe highandlowpressuresidesofthetopdrivehydraulic motor(s). This measurement gives you the most accuratetorquereadingwhiledrilling,whenthehydraulic oil in the loop is in a high flow state.

The Hydraulic Pressure Gaugeisusedprimarilytoset thetorquereliefs,whichcontroltheamountoftorque thatcanbeappliedtothequill.Thisgaugeisalsovery Positioning: accuratewhenmakingandbreakingconnections,when When deciding where thehydraulicoilintheloopisinasemi-staticcondition to mount the driller's andpressurelossesareataminimum. panel it is important that your view of the Indicator lights: r i g f l o o r f r o m t h e Thereareindicatorlightsinstalledinthedriller'spanel driller's position is not remindingyouthatafunctionis,orhasbeenperformed. obstructedandthatyou The response to an illuminated indicator light should canreachthecontrols be: wellenoughtooperate thedrawworksandtopdrivesimultaneously.Allofthe Stop - Why it is illuminated and how will it effect cablestothepanelshouldberoutedinsuchamanner further operations? thatmovingpartswillnotdamagethemandtheyshould be elevated from the floor. Thereareindicatorlightsforthefollowing: DC Power Thisgreenlightshouldbeilluminatedatall Instrument Gauges: times, indicating that the power supply to the driller's There are two digital gauges on the driller's panel, panelison. the RPM Gauge that meters quill rotation and the Rosemount Gauge,whichreadsquilltorque.Separate Grabber Whenthegrabberisclosed,thelightwillcome from the driller's panel is the Hydraulic Pressure onandwillnotgooffuntil`grabberopen'isselected. Gauge,whichreadstheclosedlooppressureinpsi. The RPM Gauge gives an exact reading of the quill Valve Whenthemudsavervalveisclosed,thelightwill speed. comeonwillnotgooutuntil`valveopen'isselected.


Top Drive Rig Floor Safety Orientation Doghouse Manual

auxiliary Pump Thisamberlightwillilluminateifthe Mud saver Valve When the valve is switched to auxiliary pump is already running and then a robotic close an interlock exactly like the functionisselected.Thisindicatesthatthehydraulic drawworksoneisenergizedtocutoff pressure needed to operate the robotics has been theairsupplytothemudpumpclutch delivered.Ifyounoticethatthelightison,checktosee controls.Thispreventsaccidentally ifanyswitcheshavebeenleftintheenergizedstate. startingofthemudpumpanddeadending pump flow against the mud When the pump is left pressured-up, the oil return is restrictedandtheoilmustpassoverarelief.Whenthis savervalve. occurs,thehydraulicoilwillquicklybecomeveryhotand thepumpmayeventuallyfail. Connection Mode/forward To makeaconnection,thedriller'spanel If a robotic function is selected and this light does must be switched to `connection' not come on, the function has not occurred. mode.Wheninthismode,several preset functions occur and the Pipe Handler Unlock When the pipe handler is drawworks interlock is part of those functions. Once unlocked,aproximityswitchlocatedonthetopdrivewill the tool joint has been made up to specified torque, it activatealightonthedrillerspanel,indicatingthelocking wouldbepossibletoleavethetopdrivein`forward'and assemblyhasbeendisabled.Thereisalsoaninterlock hoistthedrillstringtoremovetheslips.Thedrillstring associatedwiththiscircuitthatwillbedescribedinthe would then turn and the slip handles could injure the floorhands trying to remove them. The interlock cuts followingsection.(Tesco Model HCI only) offtheairsupplytothehoistingclutch,preventingthis fromhappening.Once the slips have been removed, safety Interlocks: An interlock is a term used to describe an electrical do not switch to `forward' until `drill' mode has been inputfromonefunctionthatpreventstheuseofanother selected.

by cutting off the flow of electrical current. Interlocks are used on the top drive to minimize the possibility Pipe Handler Theimproperuseofthepipehandlercan ofanunsafecondition.Thefollowingdescribeswhich haveseriousconsequences,butwithsafetyinterlocks and proper training we can minimize the risk of any functionshaveinterlocks,howtheyworkandwhy: incidents.Whenthepipehandler"unlock"isactuated, Grabber Whenthegrabberisswitchedtotheclosed aproximityswitchlocksoutthequillrotationunlessthe position, a signal is sent to the drawworks interlock pipehandlercaution(rotate)buttonispushedandheld installedintherig'sdrawworksconsole.Thisdeviceis whilein`connectionforwardorreverse'. asolenoidactuatedairvalve,whichclosesandcutsoff (Tesco Top Drive Model HCI, ECI &EMI only) theairsupplytothehoistingclutchcontrols.Thiswill preventtheaccidentalliftingoftheblockswhenthetop drivequillisnotconnectedtothetooljointagainstwhich grabber has been closed (i.e. after a connection has beenbroken).Thegrabberisnotdesignedtoaccept any significant amount of load; this could result in pulling thegrabbercomponentsfromthetopdrive.Override ­ Inordertoholdtoolfacewhiledirectionaldrilling,the grabberwillremainclosedonthetoptooljoint.Ifthe drillstringneedstobeworkedwhileholdingtoolface,the grabbercloseinterlockmustbeoverridden.Todothis, push and hold the red button,locatedonthebrake handlecontrolboxandhoistsimultaneously.

Top Drive Rig Floor Safety Orientation Doghouse Manual



Controls and Robotics

Clearance and Visibility:

hydraulic gauge to bleed off below 1000psi before selectinggrabber`open'. Allow 5 seconds for the grabber to fully open before switching the grabber to neutral. The top drive takes up much more space on the rig floor thanakellywould,sothisworkareamustbekeptclear ofobstaclesthatmayinterferewiththemovementofthe Grabber lift (Tesco Top Drive Model HMI, not topdriveandthatofthepersonnel.Whenthetopdrive equipped):Ahydrauliccylinder,locatedinthegrabber ismovingthroughthederrick,youmustbeawareofit's leg, raises and lowers the grabber to the required height for backing-up the positionatalltimes.Becauseyouarenotalwaysable tooljoint.Alwaysposition toseethetopdrive,theothermembersofyourcrew thegrabberatthetoptool mustalsowatchandbeawareofthetopdrive'sposition jointbeforeraisingthetop andmovementatalltimes. drive from the floor level. Ifforanyreason,suchas Note:If you are unsure about any situation, stop havingtobeginatripbefore and ask for help. This will save more time in the end thestandhasbeendrilled, and reduce the likelihood of an incident occurring. you can simply close the grabbertobreak-outofthe Robotic functions: standatthemonkeyboard extend This feature allows the top drive to reach height without having to forward over the mouse hole, giving it the ability to guess whether or not the makeupstandsinthemouseholefordrillingaswell grabber is in the correct asaidingtheprocessofhandlingtoolstoandfromthe position. v-door. Note: An optional extend alarm is available ifrequested.Thisdeviceprovidesanalarmifthetop Pipe Handler In order to turn the elevators in the driveisextended. directionneededforacertainoperation,thepipehandler willhavetobeused.Toperformthis,properoperation Note: If you leave the top drive extended out while hoisting with blocks, the top drive could make iscriticalforworkerandequipmentsafety. contact with the monkey board. link Tilt Commonlyknownas`thebails',thelinkscan betiltedtomovetheelevatorsupto35degreesforward and55degreesbackfromvertical,extendingthereach ofthetopdrivetoperformmanytasksassociatedwith pipehandling. Grabber Thegrabberactslikeaback-uptongand closesontoatooljointtoarrestthereactivetorquewhen makinguporbreakingoutaconnection. Rule of thumb: Allow 10 seconds for the grabber to close before applying torque. When breaking out, close the grabber and leave the switchinthe`close'positionuntiltheconnectionbreaks. Thenopenitwhilereversingoutofthethreadbox.This way,youcanhoistoutofthetooljointoncecompletely un-threadedwithouttheinterlockdisablingthehoisting clutch.Formaking-upajoint,leavethegrabberswitch in the `close' position until the specified torque is reached and the top drive stalls. Return the `pumps' switch fromforwardtoneutralandallowthepressureonthe

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The following steps must be followed before unlocking the pipe handler: ·Allpersonnelmustcleartheareaofthetopdrive, elevators,andlinks. ·Linktiltvertical(ifpossible,latchtheelevatorson thepipe). ·Pumpsto`neutral'. ·Pipehandler`unlock'andreturntoneutral. ·Grabber`close'(onthesaversub). ·Pumps`forward'or`reverse'. ·Push`pipehandler­caution'button(rotate) Thepipehandlersectionofthetopdrivewillnowrotate upto360degreesat4RPM.Once the orientation of the pipe handler is correct, these steps must be followed to disengage pipe handler rotation. ·Release`rotateorcaution'button. ·Pumpstoneutral. ·Grabber`open'. ·Pipe handler `lock' and return to neutral - a visual

Top Drive Rig Floor Safety Orientation Doghouse Manual

confirmation is critical to ensure the locking mechanism has fully engaged the lock ring gear. Thetopdrivecannowreturntonormaloperation. Hydraulic elevators The Tesco top drive comes equippedwithautomaticelevators,whicheliminatethe needtohaveapersonmanuallyoperatethem.Thisgives t h e a b i l i t y t o open and close theelevatorson extremely tall stands of BHA a n d r e d u c e s workerexposure t o a d d i t i o n a l h a z a r d s associated with manualoperationoftheelevators.The3-positionswitch mustbeturnedto`open'andasafetypushbuttonheld atthesametimewithnoloadintheelevatorsforthem toopen.Thisway,selectingthewrongswitchcannot accidentallyopentheelevators.Theelevatorscanbe closedbyeitherswitchingto`close'onthedrillerspanel or by pushing the close button located on the brake handlecontrolbox.Whenclosingtheelevators,visually confirm the latch has closed. Mud saver Valve and actuator Tesco top drives incorporateadoubleballmudsavervalvewitharemote actuatortoactasbothamud saverandasanemergency blow out prevention valve. Theactuatorisdesignedto allowyoutoopenorclose themudsavervalveatany point in the derrick. It is critical that the actuator is never functioned while the quill is rotating; this will damage the internal componentsandleadtofailureoftheactuator.When youselectvalve`close'theactuatorwillclosewithup to5000psiofhydrostaticwellborepressureagainstit. Onceyouhaveselectedvalve`open'theactuatorwill openandcannotbeclosedagainfor7seconds.This preventstheaccidentalre-closureofthevalveoncethe mudpumpshavebeenstarted.

Top Drive Rig Floor Safety Orientation Doghouse Manual



Making Connections

Making connections with a Tesco top drive greatly reduces time and manpower needed to get back to bottom and drilling ahead. We can add pipe to the drillstring in single joints and double or triple stands. When making a connection, many tasks are being performed by the top drive and it is critical that all personnel are aware of pinch point locations and stand clear of the top drive. All connection torque valuesmustbeagreeduponbythecustomerpriorto drilling,andaconnectionworksheetsigned.TheTesco techniciansetsthetorqueparametersandthesecannot beexceeded. "workingsingle"remainsonthetopdrive. Note: Make sure that all connections are properly doped.


Extendoutandstabintothemouseholesingle.Latch therigtongontomouseholesingleandrotatethequill forwardtoshoulderuptheconnection. Important ­ Do not torque the connection in the mousehole with the top drive.

Making Up singles:

Carefullyretractthetopdriveintothetorquetrackwhile hoistingoutofmousehole.Positionthenewsingleabove holecenterandslowlyloweritintothestump.Latch therigtongonthestumpandrotatethequillforwardto breaking out: The top drive can be drilled down to floor height by make up the connection to the specified torque. The openingtheelevatorsandselectinglinktilt`back'.To torquevaluewillbereadonboththehydraulicpressure makeaconnection,rotationisstopped,themudpumps gaugeandtheRosemountgauge. are turned off, the slips set, and drillers panel set to Similar procedures are used for an `off-bottom `connection'mode. connection',butextracaremustbetakenwhenhoisting Know the weight of the top drive and overhead to retract the top drive and avoid contact with the hoisting equipment. This amount should be read on monkey-board. the weight indicator gauge when the slips are set. If you have less than the weight of the top drive on the weight indicator, the counter balance system will not be able to lift the top drive out of the thread box and thread damage will occur. If you have more than the weight of the top drive reading on the weight indicator, the threads will be damaged and the top drive could bounce out of the threads and also damage the seal face. Using the floor tugger, install one single in the mousehole andanothersingleonthev-doorleftconnectedtothe tugger.Extendtopdriveoverthemouseholeandlink tilt forward so that the elevators can close on the vdoor single. Hoist the v-door single above the rig floor andstabitintothemouseholesingle.Shoulderupthe connectionbyusingeitherachaintongorbycarefully guidingthetopofthenewstandintothetopdrivewiththe linktiltfunctionandrotatethequilluntilbothconnections haveshoulderedup.Usetherigtongstobackupthe singleinthemouseholewhilemakingupaconnection withthetopdrive. Important - Do not torque connection in the mousehole with the top drive. Now, carefully retract top drive into the torque track whilehoistingoutofthemousehole.Ensuretopdrive and blocks are clear of monkey-board. Position the newstandaboveholecenterandslowlyloweritintothe stump.Latchtherigtongontothestumpandrotate thequillforwardandmakeupbothconnectionstothe specified torque.

Top Drive Rig Floor Safety Orientation Doghouse Manual

Making Up Doubles:

Once the mud pump SPM and standpipe pressure gaugereadzero,itissafetoclosethemudsavervalve. Switchthegrabberto`close',waitforthediestoset, andthenselect`reverse'.Theconnectionwillnotbreak untilthe`breakout'buttonispushedandheld.Once theconnectionhasbroken,thebreakoutbuttoncanbe releasedandthegrabberopened.Continuereversing untiltheconnectioniscompletelyunthreadedandthe counterbalancesystemhasgentlyliftedthetopdrive saversuboutofthethreadbox. Ifpreferred,connectionscanbemade`offbottom'by hoisting one single through the table, before setting the slips. The rig tongs must be used to break the connectioninsteadofthetopdrive.Inthismethoda



Note: If the rig floor is too large to pickup singles from thev-doorwiththelinktiltandextend,itisstillpossible tomakedouble(ortriple)connection.Makeasingle connectionasdescribedabove.Raisethetopdriveand Drilling: jointofpipe.Placeanotherjointofpipeinthemousehole Whendrillingaheadwithatopdrive,adheretothesame andmakeupasper`off-bottom'connection.Repeatif safetyandoperatingpracticesandproceduresaswith a`triple'isrequired. conventionalrotarydrilling. Althoughitispossibletomakeuptriplestandsinthe mouse hole with the top drive, it may be more efficient tomakeupstandsinadvanceandleavethemracked inthederrickifdrillingwithtriplestandsisrequired. Rotating Onceyouhavemadeaconnectionandthe slipshaveclearedthetable,select`valveopen'andstart upthemudpump,thenselect`drill'modeimmediately. Thepresetfunctionsinconnectionmodewillbedisabled andnowyoucanmanipulatethequillRPMbyselecting `forward'and`increasingordecreasing'thepumps. slide DrillingInordertoholdtoolfacewhilesliding, youmustclosethegrabberonthesaversub,allowthe grabber cylinder to pressure-up, and then switch the `pumps­forward/reverse',toneutral.Thegrabberlight willremainon. When sliding, the grabber is closed and the hoisting clutch interlock is activated. In order to work the drillstringyoumustpushandholdthe`override'button on the brake handle control box while hoisting. This allowsthedrawworksdrumclutchtoengage. Whenrunningamudmotor,keepaccuraterecordsof thereactivetorque(motorpressure)inthestring.At anygiventime,youmayneedtoorientthetoolfaceof thedownholemotor.Todothisthegrabberwillneedto be opened; if you do not track downhole torque history, turningthestringinsmallincrementswillbeimpossible. Assumingthatyouknowtheamountoftorquepresent, followthesestepstoorientthetoolface: 1. Select`drillforward'. 2. Decreasethepumpssothatxpsi(thepressureequal tothereactivetorque)ispresentonthehydraulic pressuregauge. 3. Select`grabberopen'. 4. Ifthevalueofxprovidesenoughtorque,thestring shouldnotturn. Turnthestringtotherightbyselecting: 5. `Increasepumps'untilthepipeturnsveryslowly andundercontrol. 6. Whenyouhaveachievedtheneworientation, quicklyclosethegrabber.


Top Drive Rig Floor Safety Orientation Doghouse Manual


The amount of loop pressure needed to hold the drillstringwhenthegrabberisopenedwillchangeas depth, and angle of build increase. This is why you shouldrecordadownholetorquehistory,becausethe xvaluewillbeeasiertopredict. Turnthestringtotheleftbydecreasinglooppressure (`decreasepumps'),and,ifthereisnotmuchreactive torque present, select `reverse' until positioning is complete,thenclosethegrabber. Note:Themaximumreversetorqueissettoprevent the string unscrewing. Do not engage the `breakout' functionorthedrillstringcouldcomeapart.

thestandofpipetoberackedtotheworker,bothon the rig floor and to the derrickhand. When running in thehole,thederrickhanddoesnotneedtoleanoutto throw the stand in the elevators; he can simply ease thestandintotheelevators,whichareextendedtoward him. Once the stand is placed in the elevators, they canbeclosedhydraulically.Afterthestandisracked inthederrickoraddedtothestringthelinksshouldbe returned to the vertical hanging position by selecting the `float' function. Important ­ The links and elevators should never be manually operated by a worker.

Forward pumps directs the oil flow in such a way that it Trippingpipewithatopdriveissimilartoconventional passes through the maximum amount of filtration before methods,withtheexceptionthattheroboticfunctions goingthroughthepumpsagain. ease pipe-handling procedures. At no time is it necessaryfortherigcrewtopositiontheelevatorsor Followthesestepsinordertoproperlydisengagethe open and close them.Thelink tiltfunction can push coldclimatefunction: 1. `Neutral'pumps. 2. `Connection'mode. 3. `Neutral'enginespeed. 4. Pulloutthecoldclimatebutton. By selecting neutral pumps, the flow of hydraulic oil is stopped. Important: never push out the cold climate button without the preceding 3 steps. Connectionmodekeepstheprimemoveratanidlewhen theenginespeedisswitchedtoneutral. Afterpullingoutthecoldclimatebuttonthetopdrivecan nowreturntonormaloperation. Tip:Ifthetopdrivewillrotateandeverythingelseis operatingnormally,doublecheckthatthecoldclimate buttonhasnotbeenaccidentallyoperated.

Top Drive Rig Floor Safety Orientation Doghouse Manual

TheTesco top drive reduces the amount of time and workinvolvedintrippingandreamingbygivingyouthe ability to thread into the drillstring at any point in the derrick.Thisisusefulwhenencounteringholeproblems whiletripping(forinstance,pullingtight,bridgingoffor when a kickis evident). Inshort,anytimewhen the need to pump fluid into the well exists, it can be done without having to position the drillstring at floor level in ordertoinstallthekelly.


climate function should be used. To activate cold climatefollowthesesteps: 1. Pushinthecoldclimatebutton(ontheleftsideof thedrillerspanel). 2. Selectenginespeed`slow'. 3. `Drill'mode. 4. `Forward'pumps. 5. `Increaseordecrease'pumps,tomaintain700psi onthehydraulicpressuregauge. Whenthecoldclimatebuttonispushedinitde-energizes thecircuittothetopdrivespeedcontrolvalveandallows the flow of loop oil to pass through the motor manifold andcirculatestheclosedloopsystemwithoutturning thequill. Selecting engine speed slow brings the prime mover to idle speed for cold climate operation. This saves overallwearandtearontheenginewhenithasalow loadonit. Drill mode allows you to control the hydraulic pumps internalswashplates,whichcommandtheamountof oil flow to maintain 700psi.

Whenthehydraulictopdriveisworkinginafreezing environment,theoilquicklybecomesthickandthiswill reduceitseffectiveness.Whiledrilling,theheatfrom thetopdrivemotor(s)warmstheoilenoughsothatthis isnotaconcern,butwheneverthequillisnotrotating, suchaswhenyouareslidedrillingortripping,thecold


Cold Climate:

Ifanobstructionisencounteredwhentrippinginthehole, orifforanyreasonitisnecessarytoestablishcirculation, i.e.wellcontrol,thetopdrivecanbeconnectedtothe drillstringquicklybyfollowingthesesteps: 1. Ifanobstructionisencountered,hoistuntilthe drillstring is free, and a connection is at floor level. Note ­ Reaming is to commence only at operator's 2. Settheslips. discretion and until the driller is experienced with this operation, the Tesco technician should be 3. Lowerthetopdriveandguidethetoptooljointinto the grabber. Set backup tongs on tool joint at floor alerted. level. 1. Ensurethecorrectsaversubisinstalledonthetop 4. Select`connection'mode. driveandkeepitproperlydopedwhilereamingor 5. Rotate the top drive into the top tool joint and shoulderitup. back-reaming. 6. Make up the connection to the specified torque. 2. Connectthetopdrivetothedrillstring. 7. Openthemudsavervalve. 3. Openthemudsavervalve. 8. Removethetongsandtheslips. 4. Startthemudpumpsandestablishcirculation. 9. Startthemudpumpsandestablishcirculation. 5. Removetheslips. 10.Select`drill'mode. 6. Select`drill'mode. 11.Setquillspeedto30-40RPM. 7. Pumps`forward'Set quill speed to 30-40 RPM. 12.Ream through the obstruction until the string is 8. Hoistthedrillstringandclosetheelevatorson free. thestand. 13. Lower top drive to the floor and disconnect the topdrive 9. Workthedrillstringuntilfreeofobstruction. ­see,break out connection procedures. Whenyouarereadytorackthestandinthederrick,the procedureisasfollows: Working Tight Hole: It is important to know that when torque is applied 1. Stoprotation. to the drillstring you cannot pull up to the maximum 2. Stopthemudpumps. force that the pipe is rated for. The top drive 3. Settheslips. technician will provide information on specific 4. Breakoutthelowestconnectionwiththerigtongs. classes of tubulars and their torsion/tension 5. Hoiststandoutofthestumpandallowthepipeto thresholds. drain. 6. Closethemudsavervalve. Intightholesituations,itwillbenecessarytofreethe 7. Lowerthestandtoapproximately2inchesabove pipeusingthetopdrive.Withthetopdrive,theabilityto therotarytable. maintain mud pump flow, raise and lower the drillstring 8. Ensure the grabber is in position at the top tool andholdtorqueallatthesametimeispossible.Itis joint. recommendedthatwhenworkingtighthole,sometorque 9. Closethegrabberandbreakoutthetopdrive. canbeappliedtothedrillstring. 10.Oncethetopdriveisunscrewedfromthepipe,open the grabber and the stand will rest on the floor. Thisisbestdonebyselecting: 11.Hoist the top drive until the elevators pick up the stand. 1. `Drill'mode 12.Linktiltforwarduntilthederrickhandhascontrolof 2. `Decrease'pumps thestandandithasbeenplacedinthebirdbath. 3. `forward'pumps 13.Opentheelevators. 4.Slowly`Increase'pumps 14.Linktiltbacktovertical. 15. Lower the top drive to the floor and continue back reamingifnecessary. Backreamingoutoftheholeisoneofthegreatest featurestheTescotopdriveprovides.Thesesteps shouldbefollowedbeforecommencing:


Top Drive Rig Floor Safety Orientation Doghouse Manual


Bydecreasingforwardpumppressure,therewillnotbe enough hydraulic flow to rotate the pipe. Now, slowly `increase' the pumps until the pipe begins to rotate. Maintain enough pressure on the hydraulic gauge to hold drillstring in torsion without reaching the torque reliefsettingonthetopdrive.Whenmaintainingstatic torqueoverextendedtimeperiods,itisrecommended toincreasethepumpstoavaluelessthanthetorque reliefsettingandallowthepumpstocontrolthedesired torque. If the top drive torque relief is activated, the hydraulic oil passing through the relief over time, will createexcessiveheat.Thehotoilmay,inturn,activate apowerunitshutdown,resultinginanuntimelytorque releaseofthedrillstring. The power module is equipped with numerous safety shutdowns. When the hydraulic oil reaches the high oil temperature shutdown setting, the prime mover will shut down. This should be avoided, especially in situations where hole problems are encountered. Continueworkingthedrillstringwhilemaintainingtorque withthetopdriveuntilafreepointisestablished.When the pipe begins to rotate at this torque setting keep raisingandloweringpipeinthefreepointincreasingthe traveldistanceuntiltheobstructioniscleared.

Whenusingthehydraulicelevatorstosupportawireline sheave,disconnectthehydraulichosesattheelevator quick connects to reduce the chances of accidental opening. Note: The hoses should also be disconnected to preventaccidentalopeninginanyotheroperationwhere the elevators support a load other than the drillstring (for example, when a set of secondary elevators are supportedfromanubbininthehydraulicelevators).



Using the top drive for running casing offers someadvantagesover conventional methods. A t t h e c u s t o m e r ' s request, Tesco can provideacrossoversub toconnectthequilltothe casing, eliminating the needtorig-upchiksans and fill up hoses. The topdrivealsoprovides pipehandlingfunctions tomakehandlingcasingmuchsimplerandsafer.

Running Casing:

Ifjarringisrequired,thetorqueappliedtothedrillstring willneedtobereleased.Byslowlydecreasingthequill torqueshownonthehydraulicgauge,thereactivetorque inthestringwillovercomethequilltorqueandthepipe will,inacontrolledmanner,rotateinreverseuntiltorsion isreleased.Oncethisisdone,settheslipsinorderto breakoutthetopdrive. Tesco does not recommend jarring with the drillstring connected to the quill. The drillstring should be suspended from the elevators before jarring commences. Disconnect hydraulic hoses at the elevator quick connectstoreducethechancesofelevatorsopening accidentally. Afteranyjarringisdonethetopdrivetechnicianwillneed thetimetoperformavisualinspectionofthetopdrive components and fill out a `Post Jarring Checklist'. In the eventofexcessivejarringaload path inspectionmay needtobeperformedattheearliestconvenience.

Unless it is absolutely necessary, never attempt to cementthroughthetopdrive.Withtheexceptionofthis rule,cementingwithatopdriveissimilartoconventional methods.



Top Drive Rig Floor Safety Orientation Doghouse Manual


Top Drive Considerations Disclaimer

Thismanualisintendedtoprovidebasicinformation only, and does not constitute a comprehensive guide to the functioning or operation of a Tesco slip and Cut Drilling line: TopDrive.Itistobeusedonlyinconjunctionwith Some daily rig operations change when a rig is fitted with a top drive. Some simple procedures that your theorientationandonsitesupervisionprovidedby crewhasperformedregularlywillneedtobeadjusted Tescopersonnel.TheTescoTopDriveTechnician toconsidertopdriveissues. must be notified of any concerns or incidents involvingTescoequipmentanditsoperation. OTHERTHAN SDESCRIBEDINTHEPRECEDING A PARAGRAPH, TESCO CORPORATION, ITS AFFILIATED COMPANIES AND EMPLOYEES ASSUMENORESPONSIBILITYFORUSEOFTHE INFORMATIONCONTAINEDINTHISMANUAL. TescoCorporation("Tesco")hasmadeeveryeffort to ensure that this manual describes the basic knowledgeneededtoprovideaquickreferencefor topdriveoperators.

Toslipandcutdrillingline,obviouslytheweightofthe topdrivecannothangfromthesamelineastheblocks alone did. The top drive technician will assist you in determining the length of a block-hanging sling to be installedinthederricktoasuitablebeamsothatthetop drive is positioned at floor level. If your rig is already fitted with a block-hanging sling, the sling and the eye on theblocksshouldberatedtosupporttheweightofthe topdriveaswellasthetravelingblock.Thetopdrive willhavetobeconnectedtothedrillstringandsetinthe slipsaslowastheblock-hangingslingwillallow,tohelp distributetheadditionalweightofthetopdrive. Note ­ When performing a slip and cut with a top drive it is possible to pump fluid into the well if necessary. Important ­ The blocks should never be hung from a floor tugger.

This manual is to be used in conjunction with an orientation and on site supervision.

Top Drive Maintenance: Theregulardailymaintenanceandinspectionsonthe topdrivedonothavetointerferewithrigoperations.In order to keep the top drive running safely and efficiently, upto15minuteseverytourmustbeavailabletoservice theequipment.Thetopdrivetechnician'sknowledgeof drillingallowshimtochoosea`windowofopportunity' todothiswhenthetopdriveisaccessiblefromaladder on the rig floor, while minimizing the impact on the customer'soperation. If any service or repairs need to be done on the top drive, all of the drawworks controls and the driller's panel must be locked out and tagged to ensure the safety of the personnel. Important ­ The top drive technician must be notified of any concerns or incidents involving Tesco equipment.

Top Drive Rig Floor Safety Orientation Doghouse Manual Page


Top Drive Rig Floor Safety Orientation Doghouse Manual


Top Drive Rig Floor Safety Orientation Doghouse Manual

PrintedinCanada/October2006/TC Due to ongoing product development, all specifications are subject to change without notice.

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