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Tesla Group is a multi product and service organisation in the Electrical Power sector dealing in manufacturing, supplying, erecting, testing of distribution & power transformers and complete substations as turnkey project, with credibility over the past 35 years. Owing to adherence to international Quality norms and customer services, TESLA Group has an excellent brand image and is ISO-9001 Certified. TESLA Headquarters are in Bhopal (India) and it has marketing network in Asia, Africa, America and Europe.

Tesla make transformers have been approved by Global Power Distribution Companies like s ENDESA Services Ltd., Spain s Italy ENEL S.P.A., s Spain IBERDROLA, under their global sourcing network.

sEngineering and Management Division (PEMD) to execute turnkey project up to 220 KV. Project Manufacturing & Repairing of power Transformers, Distribution Transformers and Special s transformers up to 63 MVA 132 KV. Exports s substation equipments including turnkey execution .

Tesla Power & Distribution transformers have established their place in wide cross section of Indian market covering Electrical Utilities, Govt. owned service providers and private companies. Tesla is now getting established in global market having already supplied Electrical power equipments to countries across the Globe. Tesla Project Engineering and Management Division (PEMD) has executed several turnkey project up to 132 KV. Tesla is ready to meet all your electrical design, equipment supply and project execution requirements up to 220 KV class. Tesla has got adequate manufacturing & testing facilities. The Company is having a well organized R & D and Q.C. department with qualified and experienced Engineers. The company have adequate service network for effective after sales service through its various service centres.

transformer division project engineering & management division export division

25 MVA 132 KV class Power Transformer exported to Iraq

Power Transformer

The high quality Standard setup by the company are appreciated by our customers in India and Abroad, Standards which are applied to development, manufacturing, installing and commissioning of power transformers for power stations, special purpose transformers for industry fields, reactors and accessories. Our two manufacturing facilities are located in Bhopal. Power transformers up to 63 MVA 132 KV Class are regularly manufactured and supplied.

Distribution Transformers

Three Phase Distribution Transformers: Tesla has setuped a complete Quality Management System (QMS) to offer the highest customer satisfaction. Maintaining quality in engineering, manufacturing, sales and services is of the highest priority for Tesla. The Tesla Quality Program (TQP) is based on the philosophy of prevention and not just on the detection and correction of problems after they occur. Tesla is equipped to manufacture transformers with a wide range of internationally recognized standards such as: IEC (International Electro Technical Commission) s ANSI (American National Standard Institution) s BS (British s Standards) IS (Indian s Standards) ESCOM Standards s SESCO Standards s AS Standards s

Tesla manufactures wide range of distribution and power transformers ranging from 25 KVA to 63 MVA with voltage class of 132 KV maximum. These transformers can be free breathing type, fitted with a conservator or hermetically sealed. The liquid filled range can be cooled by either tank mounted plate radiators or by corrugations on the side of their tank. Free breathing units with or without conservators are normally oil filled while hermetically sealed transformers can be filled either with oil or one of the several low flammable synthetic fluids. Both types can be supplied with HV and LV switchgear, incorporated in to substations. Hermetically sealed transformers are totally maintenance free and are particularly suited for use in exposed outdoor environments such as moisture, salt or dust laden atmospheres. They are used extensively in chemical plants, oil and gas terminals where poor accessibility makes regular maintenance impractical. Transformers immersed in synthetic coolants are suitable for indoors with adequate ventilation near load center where oil would not be considers environmentally acceptable.

Tesla make conventional bolted/sealed type hermetically sealed unitized transformers, dry type indoor & outdoor type, pole/ platform mounted 3 phase, 50/60 Hz, oil immersed, ONAN/ONAF/OFAF cooled, step up /step down double wound with AI/Cu conductor continuous duty transformers from 25 KVA to 63 MVA 132 KV class with 'A' class insulation and designed to withstand Short Circuit and Impulse Test in accordance with IEC/BS/ANSI/IS/NEMA. Tesla products are type tested at Central Power Research Institute (CPRI) an internationally accredited testing laboratory, as per relevant ANSI/IEC/BS/IS standards.

110 KV Class Power Transformer Ready for testing

Unitised substation comprises of the following main components

Vacuum Circuit Breaker Panel in outdoor enclosure up to 11 KV. 1250 A complete with CT/PT Relay & Instrument Chamber. The outdoor circuit breaker panel is directly coupled to HT - Flange of the transformers with Copper Bus Bars. The incoming of the HT panel is provided either with plug socket or cable box. Alternatively a Load Break Switch or Ring Main Unit (RMU) can also be coupled with the HT bushing of the transformer.

Outdoor transformers are manufactured up to 1600KVA, 11KV, -6.6 KV -3.3 KV /415 KV DY 11 ONAN with off load tap changing switch and standard fittings as per IS, incoming HT panel and LT Flange to outgoing LT Panel. The Transformers can be either oil-immersed type or Dry type with nomex insulation. With dry type transformers the total unit can be housed in single outdoor type enclosures in place of three separate Enclosures.

LT Panel is outdoor type comprising of one or more air circuit breaker or MCCB either in single execution or more air circuit breaker or MCCB either in single execution or board formation, suitable for a system voltage of 3 Phase 415 incoming feeder to LT panel will be directly coupled with the LT flange of the transformers. The outgoing feeder will have either cable box or plug & socket arrangement for feeding power to LT equipment.

Setting high Standards as a consistent guarantee of the highest quality the company have achieved ISO 9001 certification for all its transformers. Regular internal and external quality audits ensure full and continuos conformity with the international standards. The company's material and components suppliers are also required to satisfy these ISO standards.

Quality control is earned out at each stage of production on a self-assessment basic. Each employee regards the next workstation as his customer and performs a series of quality checks before passing on a product down the line. The quality development department monitors all quality control documents and carries out its own additional inspection at strategic points in the production process. This system of checks and counter checks allows immediate action to be taken and modification to be made as required. All transformer tanks are tested before being released to the customer. Testing includes leakage test and pressure test.

What prevails at tesla is a continuos urge to stay ahead, preserve, innovate and make a qualitative difference through sincere efforts. It is this overriding commitment that has seen the company mile ahead of others. At Tesla, the distinguishing feature is better and assured quality. A series of stringent quality control tests endow the tesla transformer with operational reliability and long life. The intermediary and final inspection comprise of a large numbers of test in accordance with national & international standards like IS -2026, BS-171, and IEC -76, using precision grade instruments. Test reports are supplied along with the transformers. The vindication of Company's merits is also reflected in it being one of the very few transformer manufacturers in India to have secured ISO 9001 Quality Certification From ANSI-RAB, USA. This internationally acknowledged quality assurance system ensures manufacture and supply of products conforming to specified customer requirements along with continuos improvement in quality & performance. The Company takes extra care to ensure timely delivery once an order is placed and a qualified team of engineers provide efficient after sales services.

Winding Connections

Tapping and phase leads are run in paper-covered conductors, the phase leads being separated from the tapping leads by adequate barriers. These tubes are rigidly brazed to ensure that required clearance from coil to tank is being maintained. L.V. Leads, larger in cross section, are generally sufficient robust, but where necessary supports are provided.

Tank Construction

All tanks are made from mild sheet of adequate thickness with pressed steel fins /cooling tube for heat dissipation. All tanks are checked by magnaflux ultraviolet ray die penetrating system to ensure that there is absolutely no leakage from any part of the tank.

Quality Finish Through Use Of Shot Blasting Technology

Tanks are shot blasted/ Grit blasted to remove mill and welding scale and then a primer coat is immediately applied to the exterior to eliminate rust formation. After priming all tanks receive a coat of intermediate paint, and after pressure testing, they receive a final coat of high gloss paint applied by spray. This ensures high coverage helping to combat corrosion in inaccessible places.

Insulation And Impregnation

The principal component of insulation is insulating Pre-compressed Press Board. The components like rings, duct, dovetailed spacers, blocks etc. are put under compression along with the coil assembly for pre-shrinking. Providing additional insulation compensates the slight recovery in dimensions after the pre-shrinking. This reduces the probability of coils getting loose during operation and also minimizes the failure due to circuit forces.

In order to meet the outgoing demand of transformers with short deliveries in domestic supply. Tesla has developed a Separate production system called TST (Tesla standard Transformers). This range of TST's are manufactured with standard losses and compiling with IS-2026, latest edition. Tesla can supply a comprehensive range as depicted below, in short delivery period. The second of our production system known as Tesla Repeat Transformers, enable us to reproduce any of our previously made transformer designs again and with the object of cutting down delivery time to a minimum . Details of specifications (Characteristics & dimension) of Tesla Standard Transformers with standard fittings, Manufactured in accordance with IS -2026 latest edition and IEC-76 that can be delivered in short delivery period upon order confirmation. As all the transformers are usually designed and built to the customers specifications, their exact weight and dimension can vary and due to improvements continuously taking place in design, the details given here may vary marginally irrespective of length, width, height, oil and total weight. However the variation will be within permissible tolerance limit as per IS-2026 and IEC standards.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. Oil Level Gauge L.V. Bushing Box (Cable Box) Pressure Release Device Shut off valve Buchholz Relay Off Load Tap Changer Breather Name Plate Sampling Valve Marshalling Box Drain Valve Skid Base Roller Oil Filling hole with cap Lifting Eye H.V. Bushing L.V. Bushing Lifting Lug Filter Valve Radiator Conservator Drain Valve Oil Temperature Indicator Winding Temperature Indicator Radiator Valve Jacking Pad Earthing Terminal


Voltage Ratio KVA in KV Efficiency Voltage W (%) Regulation(%) (mm) D (mm) H (mm) Oil (Ltr.) Weight (Kgs)


25 40 63 100 125 160 200 250 315 400 500 630 750 1000 1250 1600 2000 2500 200 250 315 400 500 630 750 1000 1250 1600 2000 2500 200 250 315 400 500 630 750 1000 1250 1600 2000 2500

96.88 97.28 97.75 97.98 98.16 98.02 98.25 98.30 98.32 98.43 98.52 98.62 98.55 98.72 98.80 98.87 98.95 98.10 98.18 98.24 98.25 98.37 98.47 98.57 98.49 98.67 98.76 98.83 98.91 99.06 98.16 98.21 98.23 98.34 98.44 98.55 98.47 98.65 98.74 98.81 98.89 99.05

2.80 2.45 2.04 1.85 1.70 1.84 1.61 1.59 1.57 1.49 1.42 1.31 1.38 1.22 1.23 1.16 1.09 0.97 1.63 1.61 1.59 1.51 1.43 1.33 1.41 1.24 1.19 1.18 1.11 0.99 1.63 1.61 1.59 1.51 1.43 1.34 1.42 1.25 1.19 1.19 1.12 1.00

900 950 1000 1050 1175 1225 1350 1400 1460 1500 1700 2000 2100 2400 2450 2450 2500 2800 1260 1420 1480 1520 1750 2000 2100 2400 2500 2500 2500 2700 1540 1600 1640 1700 1800 2000 2120 2440 2550 2700 2500 2700

630 650 720 800 1050 1085 1250 1300 1250 1300 1400 1500 1850 1700 1700 2300 2400 2500 1280 1300 1340 1450 1620 1700 1730 1870 1900 2400 2700 2850 1060 1100 1150 1210 1420 1540 1770 1850 2000 2080 2800 2900

1120 1170 1220 1280 1320 1425 1350 1600 1800 1800 1900 2100 2180 2300 2350 2400 2500 2600 1750 1830 1860 1950 2150 2200 2200 2350 2450 2450 2500 2700 1880 1920 2000 2200 2240 2300 2380 2420 2500 2620 2600 2850

86 110 135 165 185 210 260 300 350 365 400 445 600 830 980 1050 1250 1750 300 345 410 460 480 580 720 930 1020 1300 1900 2200 465 510 570 650 710 795 860 1035 1275 1420 1420 2200

265 350 445 565 695 865 960 1150 1290 1450 1750 2050 2450 3200 3500 4000 4400 6500 1125 1250 1450 1670 1816 2125 2615 3500 3840 4500 5400 7000 1275 1515 1640 1900 2150 2455 2775 3750 4215 4800 5800 7500




1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. Conservator for main transformer. Conservator for OLTC Magnetic type Oil gauge Silica Gel Breather Buchholz Relay Pressure relief Device (PRV/PRD) Thermometer Pocket Oil Temperature Indicator Winding Temperature Indicator Drain Valve Filter Valve Sampling Valve Air release plug Valve between cooler and tank Earthing terminals Rating, diagram, terminal marking, schematic wiring and valve position plates (stainless steel) Inspection cover Bi-directional rollers Lifting and hauling facilities i) Lifting Lugs ii) Pulling eyes iii) Jacking pads iv) Latching hugs v) Lifting eyes vi) Fixed ladder Weather proof marshalling boxes for housing control equipment and terminal connectors. OLTC Gear with RTCC Panel.


20. 21.

In Order to prevent deformation under short-circuit forces, solid insulator end blocks and rings are used. Windings are compressed under top and bottom clamping members with the help of tie rods. The axial end thrust under fault condition is minimized by the suitable balance to the ampere-turns over the length of windings. In case of bigger transformers, the HV taping leads are taken out from two positions to balance the short circuit forces in a much better way. At Tesla each and every component used in transformer undergoes a series of stringent checks and controls at each stage of manufacturing and it is ensured that strict technical & qualitative specifications are adhered to. Utmost care is taken while manufacturing and assembling every component of a transformer. The main process line of a transformer is:


The core is constructed from lamination of imported Cold Rolled Grain Oriented (CRGO), low loss electrical steel. The cores are assembled in jigs prior to tapping and clamping in a manner that reduces vibration and inherent varnish, which is both oil and heat resistant and complete core is connected to the clamps to ensure that it is effectively earthen. The core legs are surely bound with heavy duty insulating tape and the yokes are firmly clamped between folded steel channels. Tops & bottoms clamps are secured to each other by means of tie rods which serve the dual purpose of securing the windings in the place and of transferring the load form the bottom to the top clamps when the core and windings are lifted. This prevents any tensile stress being setup in the core legs which could adversely affect the iron losses.


Transformers windings, or Coils are designed to meet three fundamental requirements, mechanical, Thermal & electrical. They are cylindrical in shape and are wound concentrically. Both H.V. & L.V. windings are wounds with adequate brazing and securing tapes in order to achieve a strong and self-supporting structure. Inter layer ducts are provided to ensure low temperature gradient between winding and oil and thus any hot spot temperature is kept to minimum. This insures that the rate of insulation deterioration is minimized and high life expectancy is achieved.

Tesla Project Engineering & Management Division was set up in 1986 with the backing of Tesla's reputed design, manufacturing, erection and commissioning, experience of power & distribution Transformers and allied equipments, of nearly two decades. This division has executed a number of HV Substations on turnkey basis for customers, these include Indian Railways, Electrical Utilities etc. Tesla has also executed some projects of 132 kV class recently. Tesla is having its own Manufacturing capacity and tie -ups for almost all major Substation Equipments like Distribution and Power Transformers, HT & LT Switchgear, CT's & PT's and Control Panels, Bus Ducts, Transmission Towers etc. It has all the required machinery, Tools, testing equipments & manpower to carry out electrical turnkey Contracts.

Projects Management Capabilities:

Tesla has acquired extensive experience in project execution. It has integrated its experience of manufacturing transformers /electrical equipment's, material procurement, quality control, construction and commissioning in successful execution of the projects with single point responsibility. s From Packages to total plant supplies up to 220 KV voltage range. s Export contract execution of all electrical equipment's. s Restructuring/Up gradation of Power Plants/Sub station up to 220 KV class. s Construction of sub station up to 220 KV Class.

The strength of Tesla

Highly qualified and experienced personnel for development and certification of new products. s State of art s 2D and 3D CAD facility with sophisticated plant design system and high-end computer aided engineering discipline. Quality system procedures for ensuring quality / cost effectiveness and timely delivery. s Extensive s database on global and indigenous sources for procurement. Committed s delivery schedule. Quick after s sales service.

Tesla PEMD Overseas Business

Tesla has also undertaken engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning services for process based plants and system for overseas projects. Quality systems are in accordance with ISO 9001 and geared to ensure international standards of quality, cost effectiveness and delivery schedules.

Tesla has many years of experience as main contractor for turnkey projects. Our Projects Management staff of well-trained engineers and technicians have at their disposal effective systems for Project Management and follow up. This ensues dependable, technical, economical and time saving project handling at sites. A typical delivery contract of transformers station by Tesla includes; n Site preparation n Foundation n Buildings n Roads n Fencing around high voltage equipments, Transformers, Isolators, Load Break Switches, Cables and Conductors, Connection items etc. n Station earthing equipments and surge protection. Project handling When a Contract is Awarded, a project organisation is set up under the leadership of Project Manager who is then responsible for the project until the plant or installation is handed over to the customer . Scheduling Well-developed routine for planning and follow up by adequate computer aid (MS Project) in every project, being controlled to the minutest detail, a requisite for reliable deliveries. Quality assurance A well-documented programme for quality assurance, Project Quality Planning (PQP) with routines for control of activities within the project guarantees that high quality will be achieved . Erection Complete erection or erection supervision alone can be included in a substation delivery contract by Tesla. Tesla has skilled staff and well established method for erection, execution, planing and documentation. Commissioning Tesla's commissioning engineers follow the course of work right from the design stage to properly acquaint themselves with the plant on order on us and relevant demands and conditions of contract.

Tesla Exports truly be termed as "A single source for all your electrical needs". It is a trading concern (Tesla Trading Corporation) that exports both the products manufactured by the Tesla group as well as products manufactured by several associates in India. A wide range of Electrical items such as: s & Power Transformers. Distribution s Indoor & Outdoor HT & LT Switchgear / Control and Relay Panel. s Vacuum Circuit Breaker & SF6 Circuit breaker. sLoad Break Switch Fuse Unit, Ring Main Unit. Isolators, s s and Bus Bars along with support. HT & LT Cable s Towers. Transmission For various applications the insulating materials, brass items etc. are also exported by us. All items are thoroughly inspected inhouse prior to export. Type test certificates are also available for all materials. The company exports to countries across the worldTesla is positioned to meet the needs of both the dealers and OEM's by offering a complete range of electrical equipments. This saves time and effort for you to look for and deals with several manufacturers of various equipments required by your organisation. You can instead procure these from a single source.


s Australia s Afghanistan s Bangladesh Namibia s Sudan s s Tanzania s Saudi Arabia Spain s South Africa s s Ethiopia s Iraq s Kenya s Malta s Nepal s Nigeria s Oman s Qatar s Singapore s UAE


s Akaram Spinning Mills Pvt. Ltd. sKniting Mills Armstong s AKCT Chitambaram Cotton Mills s Spinning Mills Pvt. Ltd. Amritlakshmi sTextiles Pvt. Ltd. Karvemba s Khader's Spinners Pvt. Ltd. s Pvt. Ltd. Loya Textiles s Spinners Pvt. Ltd. Sri Ratnagiri s Textiles Selvakumaran s Sangeeta Textiles


s Chemicals Ltd. Bindal Agro s Ltd. Betul Oil Mills s Agro Process Pvt. Ltd. Glamptech s Flour Mills Pvt. Ltd. Itarsi Oil & sMills Pvt. Ltd. Kochar Oil s Exxoils Ltd. Madhyavart s Oil Mills Ltd. Oswal Agro s Ltd. Surya Agroils s Pvt. Ltd. Soya Udyog s Flour Mills Pvt. Ltd. Shorewala s Oil & Food Products Vindhya Soya


s Asian Paints s Chemicals Ltd. Bindal Agro s Deccan Sugars s Agro Process Pvt. Ltd. Glamptech s ICI India Ltd. s Ltd. K.P. Solvex s Raigarh Solvent Extraction Pvt. Ltd. s Ltd. SKG Solvex s Extraction Pvt. Ltd. SKG Solvent s Unialkem Fertilizers Ltd.


s Limited Amtek Auto s Ltd. Areva T&D s Projects Bright Power s Ltd. Brakes India sGreaves Ltd. Crompton s Distinct Infrastructure Ltd. s Construction Limited East Coast s Govindji Trikhmdes Export Ltd. s Industries Ltd. GEI Hammon s Pvt. Ltd. Golcha Oxides s Copper Ltd. Hindustan s Ltd. IFB Industries s L&T Limited s Development Corp. Manas Land sMercantile Mc Leyers s Modipon Timbres Co. s Narasus Roller Floor Mills s Pan India Paryatan Ltd. s Powereeka s Pvt. Ltd. SRC Projects s Tulshyon Enterprises Ltd. s Tools Ltd. UCAL Machine


s NTPC Limited sLimited Powergrid


s LTD. APTRANSCO s Board (DVB) Delhi Vidyut s Director General of Supplies & Disposals (DGS&D) sOf Orissa Ltd. (GRIDCO) Grid Corp. s Haryana Vidyut Prasaran Nigam Ltd. (HVPNL) s Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) s Instrumentation Limited sElectricity Board (KEB) Karnataka s Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board (MPEB) s State Electricity Board (MSEB) Maharashtra s Development Authority (PUDA) Punjab Urban s Corporation of India Ltd. Power Grid sState Electricity Board (RSEB) Rajasthan s Electricity Board Tamil Nadu s U.P. State Electricity Board (UPSEB)


s Escotel Ltd. s Infosys Technologies Ltd. s LG Electronics


sPetroleum Industry (In Mobile Substation) Australian sCorporation Ltd.(IOCL) Indian Oil s K.N. Oil Industries sDevelopment Oman (PDO) Petroleum s Gas Qatar Oil and s Reliance Petroleum Ltd. s Southern Petrochemical Ind. Corpn. Ltd.


s Anurag Biscuits Pvt. Ltd. s & Products Pvt. Ltd. Arise Food sProducts Ajay Food s Institute Food Craft s Products Pvt. Ltd. Kayvees Food s Kisan Group s Products Pvt. Ltd. M.P.V. Fruit s of Industries Parle Group s Industries Ltd. Reliable Food s Limited. Shakti Masala s Pvt. Ltd. Septech Foods s Oil & Food Products Vindhya Soya


s ABB Ltd. s Ltd. SPIC-SMO s Bgm Pvt. Ltd. Alucast Found s Electricals Limited (BHEL) Bharat Heavy s Bajaj Electricals Ltd. s Cable Corporation of India Ltd. sGreaves Ltd. Crompton s Havells Ltd. s India Ltd. Lapp Kabel s Neycer Electricals Pvt. Ltd. s Ltd. Ravin Cables s Ltd. Surya Roshni s Ltd. TATA Power


s BSES Ltd. s Reliance Energy Ltd. s Siemens Ltd.


s of Telecom (BSNL) Department s Indian Railways s Military Engineering Services (MES) s (Broadcasting Corpo. of India) Prasar Bharati s TATA Teleservices


s Hi-Tech Medical Products Ltd. s Ltd. Invinex Lab s Lupin Laboratories Ltd. s Ltd. Novamed Pvt. s Mfg. Pvt. Ltd. Reliable Drug s Ranbaxy s R.M. Chemicals Ltd.


sMining Industry (In Mobile Substation) Australian sMining Corporation M.P. State s Northern Coalfields Ltd. (NCL) s Corporation Ltd. (NLCL) Neyveli Lignite s Coalfields Ltd. (SECL) South Eastern s Western Coalfields Ltd. (WCL)


REPL Engineering Ltd. s Suzlon Energy s Ltd. s Energy Ltd. Vestas Wind Vestas RRB s India Ltd.


s Ltd. Casino Hotels s Palace Hotel Area s Hotel Raipur sPalace Hotel Jagdamba s Piccadily Hotels Pvt. Ltd.


s AD Hydro Power Ltd. s Consultancy Services Indo Canadian


s Mills Badrish Paper s Ltd. Duplex Board s Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd. Prabhakar s Reliance Paper Mill s & Boards Ltd. Raigarh Paper s Mills (Govt. of India Enterprise) Security Paper


s Bharat Aluminum Co. Ltd.(BALCO) sIndia Ltd. ENERCON s IRCON International Ltd. s IVRCL Ltd. s Development Corporation M.P. Tourism s Board M.P. Housing s Board M.P. Education s Corporation Neyveli Lignite s Department (PHD) Public Health s RRL Ltd. s Visakapatanam Port Trust, Hyderabad


s Plant ACC Cements s Steel Works Construction Ltd. (HSCL) Hindustan s Ltd. Kakda Steels s Ltd. Sian Steels


s Thermal Power Station (ATPS) Amarkantak s Thermal Power Station (SGTPS) Sanjay Gandhi


s Bose Institute s Research Institute (CPRI) Central Power sAdvanced Technology (CAT) Center for s Regional Research Laboratory (RRL)


s Exchange Rajkot Stock s of India (SBI) State Bank


30 "B", Industrial Area, Govindpura Bhopal (MP) INDIA-462023 Phone:+91 755 2586778, 2586328, 4271973 Fax : +91-755- 2581865 Email: [email protected] [email protected] / [email protected]


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