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Next Generation Compression Connectors

Solutions for RF Braided Cables

PPC ­ Introducing Patented Technologies

PPC is known best as an innovative, high-quality manufacturing partner of large system operators in various communication industries around the globe. In its 60 year History, PPC's design teams have developed many industry firsts including universal crimp and compression connectors, glass-to-metal sealed traps, reusable hardline connectors, and integrated weatherproofing. PPC's commitment to innovation has garnered over 88 unique patents, reaffirming PPC's position as the industry leader. PPC's newest product offering, the CompPro Compression Connector line for 50 Ohm Braided cable, offers revolutionary advantages for a water-tight connection, easier installation, and improved system reliability.



Syracuse, NY - US Headquarters

PPC ­ A Global Partner

With direct representation around the globe, PPC offers customer support and service unmatched in the industry. All PPC factories and warehouses around the world are computer linked to offer guaranteed delivery times, customer reserve stocking inventories, electronic order confirmation, and automated shipment tracking. PPC also offers training and support at levels that are unmatched in any industry. Our mobile training trucks and onsite programs offer interactive learning to create awareness of product solutions, and craft issues that plague operational budgets with excessive service calls.


Compression Technology for Greater Strength and Signal Performance


Highest Pull Strength Rating in Industry - 200 Lbs 2X Pin Strength for Superior RF Signal Performance No Assembly No Loose or Lost Parts


Patented Compression 360º Around Cable Seals Out Water, Dust, and Air No Heat Shrink Needed Reduce Water Service Issues

Internal cavity tuned for optimal VSWR characteristics

Large compression area with patented technology and materials

Threaded post for 4x pull-strength rating, strain relief, and better grounding contact 2x thicker collect design for stronger hold, better signal contact

Gold-plated center conductor pin contact


Solid 1-piece Construction 1 Minute, Simple Installation No Crimping No Soldering No Loose Parts - No Lost Parts - No Assembly Universal Fit on Any Cable Manufacturer


Increase System Up-time and Reliability Connectors Are the Highest Volume Part

Choosing a connector that offers more reliable results will reduce service issues. CompPro connectors are designed for easier installation and consistecy in performance no matter who installs the system.

Grounding Amplifiers Antennae Radios Connectors

What Is Your True Connector Cost?

Consider the time and man-power costs to run preventive maintenance, QC checks, and service calls. Operational expenses can far out-way the material costs associated with connectors. CompPro connectors' water-tight design and higher pull strength reduce service calls and operational expenses.

True Connector Cost


The First Connector Innovation in 30 Years

Our customers are building the most sophisticated networked systems in the world. Every day they stake their reputations and their capital on the quality of their services with one goal in mind: perfect signals delivered flawlessly to the most demanding subscribers in today's digital world. Our customers know they can depend on PPC products to help them achieve this goal. Here's why.

World-Class Laboratory Facilities

Red-Dye Challenge

100% Water-Proof Protection ­100% of the Time Universal Fit on All Cable Manufacturers Reduce Corrosion & Water Service Costs No Heat Shrink Needed

Precision Pin Contact

Larger Contact Area 2X Stronger Holding Power Reduce Intermittent Signal Problems

Patented Technology, Made in USA

Real-World Results

Simple Installation Approach Reduces Craft Errors Innovative Tools For Accurate Results Consistent Results Across All Sites Reduce Service Calls & Operational Expenses Compression Technology seals out moisture, air & dust in changing temperatures and conditions


Full Line of Wireless Products:

Corrugated Connectors & Adapters

1 " /2

Reg & Super Flex, 7 8", 11 4 ", & 1 5 8" Corrugated Copper Cables

Argenloy-NiTin Plating

DIN & N (Interfaces)

Universal Fit on All Cable Manufacturers O-ring Seals on Outer Conductor, Inner Conductor, and Jacket for Maximum Weather-proof Protection Metal-to-Metal Positive Stop Easy Installation ­ No Custom Tools Needed Superior PIM and VSWR 360º Compression Seals Out Moisture, Dust, & Air Highest Pull Strength in Industry - 200 Lbs Low VSWR & Insertion Loss No Crimping - No Soldering - No Heat Shrink Solid, 1 Piece Construction for Easy Installation Only Compression Style Jumpers Available Highest Pull Strength Rating Possible 360º Compression Seals Out Moisture, Dust, & Air Each Jumper Shipped With Actual Sweep Test Plot & Performance Guarantee Standard & Custom Lengths Available

Braided Compression Connectors

Full Range of Sizes for 50 Ohm RF Braided Coaxial Cables

N, DIN, TNC, SMA, & BNC Interfaces Male, Female, Right Angle, Reverse Polarity, Bulkhead

Pre-Assembled Jumpers

For Braided Coaxial Cables & 1/2" Reg & SuperFlex Corrugated Copper Cable

All Interface Types Made in U.S.A & Denmark

Surge Suppressors

Quarter Wave Tuned Narrow & Wide Band for All PCS & Cellular Frequencies

DIN & N Interfaces Made in Denmark

Designed to Withstand Multiple Strikes Rated for Direct & Indirect Strikes Easy Mounting & Grounding Low VSWR & Insertion Loss

Tools & Tool Kits

In-house Design & Manufacturer of Quality Tools & Pre-Assembled Kits

Kits ­ Everything you need in 1 place Prep ­ Easy to Use, Precise and Reliable Results Compression - Easy to Use, Seals 360º Around Cable.

High Quality - Reasonably Priced Multi-Use Tools for Range of Sizes and Styles No Adjustment or Assembly Needed Illustrated Instructions ­ English Text - Simplified Steps 60 Years Experience With Tool Design



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