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How to Install and Activate 3D PDF Converter

Important: These instructions are for customers who have purchased 3D PDF Converter or 3D PDF Converter Premium. For more information on how to purchase or request a free trial visit

How to download software

3D PDF Converter and 3D PDF Converter Premium Software is available to download as part of your Tetra 4D Account. Either when you registered, or purchased software, an account was created that allows you to access the software you purchased, log support issues or subscribe to upcoming news and events. If you have registered, sign-in at

My Account at website

After you have logged in, select "My Downloads". Here you will find the latest versions of Software available for you to download based on your purchase of 3D PDF Converter or 3D PD Converter Premium. Note: If you haven't not purchased you will not be able to download the software. Please

"My Downloads" link

Alternatively, the latest copy of 3D PDF Converter and Acrobat X Pro can be downloaded from

The Trial version is identical to the publically released version.

Activation and registration of Acrobat X Pro

Installation of Acrobat X Pro

Before 3D PDF Converter can be installed and activate, Acrobat X Pro must be installed. Please refer to for detailed instructions and troubleshooting related to Acrobat X Pro and LiveCycle Designer ES2. Also, for information regarding Activation and Deactivation of Acrobat X Pro, please refer to for more information.

Installation of 3D PDF Converter

1. Download and Execute "3D PDF Converter" Software 2. Select Setup Language

Setup Language

3. Welcome to 3D PDF Converter Installation Wizard 4. Read and Accept 3D PDF End User License Agreement.

End User License Agreement

5. Enter you User Information 6. Install Software and Finish Installation Process

License activation

After the installation process, your 3D PDF Converter product will require activation via a product license key. To request a product license key please follow these simple steps; 1. Open Acrobat X Pro (Start > Acrobat X Pro) 2. If 3D PDF Converter is installed and unlicensed the following dialogue will appear

License Evaluation Window

3. If you have already purchased a copy of 3D PDF Converter, Select the "I already have code" Button. If you have not purchased a license, then you can either "Buy Now" or continue your 21 day free trial. 4. To register and activate your License key, please copy your "computer id"

License Activation Window

5. Go to 6. Enter your : a. Email Address ­ This is the email where you would like the request to be sent to b. Customer Registration Token ­ This is the token that was sent as part of the sales order. Please see your accounts / system administrator for this token c. Computer Id ­ This is the computer ID of the computer that 3D PDF Converter is installed on.

License Key Request Window

7. Your License code will be processed and email to registered user. This may take up to 12hrs, however, if you do not receive your key, please go to your Tetra 4D Account and submit a support ticket

License activation

1. You will receive an email from Tetra 4D with your license information that includes a. License Name b. License Code 2. Open Acrobat X Pro (Start > Acrobat X Pro) 3. The license Dialogue Box will open. Select enter code. If this box does not open (possible because you have selected continue trial) then select 3D PDF Converter > About 3D PDF Converter

License Activation Window

4. Copy and Paste your "License Name" and "License Code" into the License Activation Window

License Activation Window

5. If your license is successful, the following dialogue is show. (Please note ­ on some systems you may need to install the license as Administrator. To do this, open Acrobat X Pro by right selecting the program and then selecting "run as administrator".

License Success Window

6. To test 3D PDF Converter, select a supported CAD file and open. The file will be presented in 3D.

3D PDF Converter CAD Example


3D PDF Converter License and Activation FAQ

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