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Sepura SRM3500 Desk Mount

Thedeskmountunit(DMU)providesaneatsolutionforusingtheSRM3500ortheSRG3500 radios in the office environment and has a range of suitable accessories. The unit is powered froma12VDCvehiclefeed-formobilecontrolroomapplications­orfromaseparate universal mains power supply, which is supplied as standard. The radio slots into the rear of the unit, secured by the supplied fixings it allows easy access to all its connections. The DMU has its own built in loudspeaker and the console is pivot mounted allowing the console viewing angle be securely adjusted for user comfort. TheflexibleSRM3500issuitableforinstallationinalltypesofvehicleswithawiderangeof operationalrequirements.Theconsolehasalargedisplayandawellspacedkeypadand thecommonSepuraUserInterfaceminimisestrainingrequirements.Performancemonitoring allowsanorganisationtoconfirmthequalityofserviceprovidedbytheTETRAnetworkand automatically build up statistical data.

Key Features

Desk Mount unit · Compact,tidysolutionforthedesktop · CompatiblewiththeSRM3500andSRG3500 · Integralloudspeaker · FlexibleaccessoriesSRM3500 · 10WattsRFPower · CommonSepuraUserInterface · E2EEncryptionenabled,withsupportfortwoalgorithms · RealTimeClock · TimestampedStatusmessagesforworkflowmanagement · IntelligentcallroutingfromTMOtoDMO · PerformanceMonitoring · ShortDataApplications(SDA's)andWAP · Largewellspacekeypad · OvertandCovertinstallations · VirtualConsoletocontroltheterminalfromaMobileDataTerminal(MDT) · OptionalGPSmodule­integralwithinthetransceiver · Supportfor0,1or2consolesand2PEIdataports · LargeTextMode · TxInhibit

The above listing gives an overview of the product features a full specification sheet is provided inthebackofthisfolder.PricingandordernumbersareprovidedinthePricingDocument Accessories:Sepuraofferafullrangeofaccessorieswiththeirhandportablesincluding Chargers,Batteries,InVehiclesolutions,AudioandCarryAccessoriesandAntennas­full details are provided in the accessories and pricing sections


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