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Ice cream solutions



Tetra Pak is the world-leading single-source manufacturer and supplier of complete solutions, equipment and consumables for processing and packaging ice cream. The full range of Tetra Pak equipment starts with raw material storage and continues through mix preparation to continuous freezing and inclusion systems. Our production solutions include the extrusion, moulding, filling, hardening and packaging of stick products, cups, cones, sandwiches, cakes and family packs ­ in fact the whole range of delicious ice cream products that consumers desire and enjoy. Our range also includes complete production solutions for low temperature ice cream, an exciting new concept, called Hoyer DeepBlue that offers great opportunities in new products, consumer satisfaction and economical production. We cooperate closely with customers in order to satisfy their particular ice cream needs, whether for high- or low-volume production.


Supporting you all the way We provide our customers with complete lifecycle support, ranging from pre-project consultancy, through installation and start up, to scheduled maintenance, plant optimisation, on-demand service and training. To maintain our leading position, research and development activities are carried out to advance ice cream making technology and introduce new products. Our Ice Cream Product Development Centre in Denmark is dedicated in helping you convert ideas into commercially viable consumer products through innovative R&D activities. We conduct customer trials in close collaboration with you regarding product development and recipe formulation and specification. We also provide production expertise concerning new product development as well as performance optimisation of existing lines.



Moulding & hardening Wrapping Mix preparation Freezing & Inclusion Extrusion & hardening Filling Hardening Cartoning

Tetra Pak offers a complete range of mix preparation equipment from small, pre-assembled units producing from 300 to 3000 litres of mix per hour to specially designed mix plants, capable of producing many thousands of litres per hour. The Tetra Pak group has an extremely high level of expertise and experience within the field of liquid food processing and is, therefore, an ideal partner able to design, supply and support different mix plant solutions.

Ice Cream Mix Plants Tetra Pak mix plants for medium and large capacities are modular in design and include all stages of mix processing, from liquid and solids intake, to weighing and batching, mixing, homogenisation, pasteurisation and ageing. Mix preparation solutions are based on well-proven Tetra Pak branded components including: Tetra Almix®­ for mixing liquid and powder ingredients Tetra Therm ­ Lacta - platform based pasteurisation units

® Tetra Plex ­ plate heat exchangers ® Tetra Alex ­ high pressure homogenisers ®

In addition Tetra PlantMasterTM automation system offers optimal control of processing steps and parameters. Different levels of automation are available and special modules for traceability, data collection, data analysis and other requirements are available.


Full capacity range for all ice cream mix types

Pre-assembled Mix Units Hoyer Promix platform based mix units are ideally suited to meeting the mix preparation requirements of small to medium capacity ice cream producers. Hoyer Promix units are equipped with all the components necessary for the preparation of ice cream mix and are ready for immediate production after connection to utilities. Hoyer Promix mix units are supplied either for batch pasteurisation, the Hoyer Promix C model, or continuous HTST (High Temperature-Short Time) pasteurisation, the N model. Both types produce a continuous flow of ice cream mix. A range of accessory equipment such as mix pumps, ageing tanks and chiller units is available.

Model Hoyer Promix 300 C Hoyer Promix 600 C Hoyer Promix 600 N Hoyer Promix 1200 N Hoyer Promix 2000 N Hoyer Promix 3000 N

l/h 300 600 600 1,200 2,000 3,000

US gph 80 160 160 320 530 800

Actual outlet capacities will depend upon mix formulation and production conditions.



Moulding & hardening Wrapping Mix preparation Freezing & Inclusion Extrusion & hardening Filling Hardening Cartoning

Step one in transforming ice cream mix to delicious and attractive ice cream products is continuous freezing and the incorporation of air. The first ice cream freezer produced by Tetra Pak was introduced in 1948 and the fact that some of the first Hoyer freezers are still in operation today is evidence of the quality and craftsmanship that characterize Hoyer freezers. Today, Tetra Pak offers a comprehensive programme of Hoyer continuous freezers with capacities from 20 l/h to 4,000 l/h (5 US gph to 1000 US gph). The programme includes the Hoyer Frigus KF range designed for centralized refrigeration, the Hoyer Frigus SF series of stand-alone units and the Hoyer DeepBlue CK second-stage freezer for low temperature ice cream.

The Hoyer Frigus® KF Series The Hoyer Frigus KF freezers offer high performance with a very low variance of temperature, mass flow and overrun resulting in excellent output stability. There are 3 models, each equipped with different types of control systems; the manually controlled C-model, the N-model with automatic controlled main functions and the fully computerized F-model. To expand product possibilities Hoyer KF freezers can be supplied with a recirculation pump, a double outlet pump and/or an aerator.


Model Hoyer Frigus KF 80 F Hoyer Frigus KF 500 C / F Hoyer Frigus KF 1000 C / N / F Hoyer Frigus KF 2000 C / F Hoyer Frigus KF 3000 C / F Hoyer Frigus KF 4000 C / F Hoyer Frigus SF 300 C Hoyer Frigus SF 400 C / N Hoyer Frigus SF 600 C / N Hoyer Frigus SF 1200 C Hoyer DeepBlue CK 1400 F

40 50 100 230 300 400 180 170 150 400 500

l/h ­ 100 ­ 500 ­ 1000 ­ 2300 ­ 3000 ­ 4000 ­ 300 ­ 450 ­ 600 ­ 1200 ­ 1400

US gph 10 ­ 20 13 ­ 130 26 ­ 260 60 ­ 600 80 ­ 800 100 ­ 1000 48 ­ 80 45 ­ 118 40 ­ 158 106 ­ 317 132 ­ 370

Actual outlet capacities will depend upon mix formulation, outlet temperatures and other factors. Capacities are based on 100% overrun.

High performance, quality and craftsmanship

The Hoyer Frigus® SF Series Hoyer Frigus SF freezers are the choice for medium and smaller size production. Equipped with a self-contained freon refrigeration unit they are designed for easy installation and mobility in the factory. They are easily operated from a control panel and a hot gas defrosting system provides accurate regulation of viscosity as well as automatic freeze-up protection. Hoyer Frigus SF freezers are available in two models; the manually controlled C-model with a double piston pump and the PLC controlled N-model with a rotary pump.



Moulding & hardening Wrapping Mix preparation Freezing & Inclusion Extrusion & hardening Filling Hardening Cartoning

Hoyer DeepBlueTM Hoyer DeepBlue is the brand name for the new low temperature ice cream concept developed by Tetra Pak. At the heart of this new technology is the Hoyer DeepBlue CK second stage freezer, which cools low temperature ice cream down to -12 to -15 °C (10 to 5 °F) where it becomes very viscous, rather like soft clay, which is ideal for shaping into a variety of new products. Low temperature ice cream undergoes a cold kneading process in the Hoyer DeepBlue CK freezer creating a fine structured ice cream with a smoother mouthfeel and creamier taste. Even with ice cream having very low fat contents excellent creaminess can be achieved so that healthier low fat products can taste just as good as top-of-the-range traditional ice cream.


Total concept for low temperature ice cream

With the Hoyer DeepBlue concept you have the possibility of reducing raw material costs either by reducing the amount of expensive ingredients such as cream or butterfat or by using less expensive ingredients like vegetable fat. In addition there are a number of cost saving production benefits Hoyer DeepBlue is a modular concept and in addition to the dedicated Hoyer DeepBlue low temperature freezer Tetra Pak offers ingredient addition and the filling and shaping modules needed to provide complete production solutions for a a whole range of exciting, new and healthier products.



Moulding & hardening Wrapping Mix preparation Freezing & Inclusion Extrusion & hardening Filling Hardening Cartoning

One way of increasing the value of ice cream products is by making them tastier and more eye-catching - simply more delicious and attractive. Chocolates, nuts, fruit, candies, caramel, jam, sauces and fudge are just a small selection of the many types of ingredients that can be added to ice cream with the help of Tetra Pak ingredient feeders.

The Hoyer AddusTM Series Hoyer Addus ingredient feeders offer high dosing accuracy together with a uniform distribution of ingredients throughout the ice cream. Three types are available for different purposes: · Hoyer Addus FF ingredient feeder for continuous and accurate injection of free flowing granulates or highly viscous ingredients with inclusions. · Hoyer Addus VF variegate feeder for continuous and accurate injection of viscous liquids like caramel, jam and fudge into ice cream. · Hoyer Addus AF auxiliary ingredient feeder is designed to dose ingredients into the inlet funnel of a primary ingredient feeder, chocolate tank or similar device. The three types are built on the same platform and principles and are supplied in different capacities, with manual or computerized control systems and with or without the well-proven loss-in-weight dosing principle which ensures greater product uniformity and avoids excess consumption of ingredients: · C-models are manually controlled. The operator selects the speed of the dosing screw for constant flow of ingredients into the lamella pump. · N-models are equipped with a computerized control system and operate with the loss-in-weight dosing principle securing automatic adaptation of ingredient flow according to the pre-selected flow. · F-models offer a highly advanced computerized control system with a high degree of production flexibility. A more sophisticated loss in weight system achieves optimum dosing accuracy.


The Hoyer PropumpTM Series Hoyer Propump pump stations are built for the accurate supply of liquid ingredients at precise and constant temperatures. They are available with different types of control systems, highly accurate temperature control and easy changeable pumps to cover various filling and dosing applications. Capacity is dependent on the pump type.

Greater product uniformity Ingredient savings


Typical Capacity Intervals l/h US gph 10 ­ 200 15 ­ 1200 150 ­ 1000 15 ­ 1200 10 ­ 900 3 ­ 53 4 ­ 317 40 ­ 264 4 ­ 317 3 ­ 240

Hoyer Addus FF 2000 C / N Hoyer Addus FF 4000 C / F Hoyer Addus VF 1000 F Hoyer Addus AF F Hoyer Propump

Capacity intervals will depend upon dosing screw type, gear ratio and ingredients.



Moulding & hardening Wrapping Mix preparation Freezing & Inclusion Extrusion & hardening Filling Hardening Cartoning

Tetra Pak offers a full range of Hoyer Rollo RM moulded stick novelty lines which operate efficiently in hundreds of plants throughout the world. They are designed for the production of a large variety of ice cream and water ice stick novelties that are formed and frozen in moulds. Hoyer Rollo RM stick novelty machines are integrated with other components in the line including continuous freezers, wrappers and cartoners to provide a complete production solution.

Hoyer Rollo® RM Hoyer Rollo RM lines are supplied for different capacities and with different degrees of automation. The rotary design of Hoyer Rollo RM stick novelty freezers is space-saving and avoids the inversion of moulds minimising both product and brine loss. The brine system is completely enclosed so that brine is unable to enter the moulds and contaminate the products. A wide range of filling equipment is available for the production of a variety of stick novelty products. The range includes the Hoyer Bottom Filler for time-elapse filling and the Hoyer Profill F volumetric bottom filler, both multi-purpose units producing numerous exciting stick products. Hoyer Profill F easily accommodates bulky inclusions such as pieces of fruit, nuts, chocolate and wine gums, providing endless opportunities to raise the attraction value of new products. After extraction from the moulds, the bars can be coated with chocolate and dry ingredients, if desired.


Unique new product combinations on high capacity lines

Model Hoyer Rollo RM 16 C1 Hoyer Rollo RM 23 C1 Hoyer Rollo RM 27 N2 Hoyer Rollo RM 27 F1 Hoyer Rollo RM 35 F1

Typical capacity 4,500 ­ 6,000 products per hour 6,000 ­ 9,000 products per hour 9,000 ­ 18,000 products per hour 9,000 ­ 21,000 products per hour 18,000 ­ 36,000 products per hour

Actual outlet capacities will depend upon product type, volume and shape.



Moulding & hardening Wrapping Mix preparation Freezing & Inclusion Extrusion & hardening Filling Hardening Cartoning

The extrusion process enables manufacturers to produce a wide range of different and appealing ice cream products that are popular with consumers. The quality of extruded products is optimized because ice cream can be extruded at high viscosities which enhances the texture and mouthfeel of the ice cream. For even more unique and innovative products the stand-alone Hoyer Forma SF unit can be added to the line allowing attractively shaped or embossed products to be produced.

Hoyer StraightlineTM Range There are two main Hoyer Straightline models to choose from: the compact and self-contained Hoyer Straightline C and the extremely versatile Hoyer Straightline F2. Each Hoyer Straightline functions as an integrated processing line incorporating product transfer to a suitable wrapping and/or packaging system. The Hoyer Straightline F2 introduces a new generation of extrusion lines to the ice cream industry. The design of the tunnel is based on a new concept (patent pending) that improves airflow and increases hardening efficiency. This state-of-the-art model provides full product versatility, set-up flexibility, advanced electronic synchronisation and exceptional hygienic standards. In addition to Hoyer Straightline various smaller extrusion systems are available for the production of extruded multi-layer log products onto cardboard or plastic trays and for production of round or rectangular shaped sandwiches.

Capacity range: max. products per hour Product Type: Hoyer Straightline 400 C 4,800 3,850 4,300 4,800 Approx.550 Hoyer Straightline 600 C 6,500 5,200 5,800 6,500 Approx.750 9,000 Hoyer Straightline 800 C 9,000 7,000 8,000 7,000 Approx.1,000 9,000 Hoyer Straightline F2 27,000 18,000 24,000 18,000 Approx 1,800 24,000

Stick Products Ball-top Cones Sandwich Desserts/Slices Logs Candy Bars


Product Transfer and Dipping For the transfer and dipping of stick novelties, sandwiches and cones, different Hoyer Dino models are produced to match the various Hoyer Straightline types. All models can be equipped to coat with juice as well as chocolate. Hoyer Dino F offers flexible dipping times and configurations whereby it is possible to dip with other coatings such as caramel in several different layers. The production of different coloured or flavoured coatings at the same time in one production process is also possible. Hoyer DeepBlueTM extrusion solutions A Hoyer DeepBlue ECM extrusion and cutting module is available for the production of extruded low temperature ice cream slices and logs. For sandwiches, a special Hoyer DeepBlue SM, stand-alone module has been designed.

Creating novel products


Moulding & hardening


Wrapping Mix preparation Freezing & Inclusion Extrusion & hardening Filling Hardening Cartoning

Not only does Tetra Pak's ice cream filling machine programme offer complete solutions for standard cup, cone, squeeze-up and bulk products it also enables manufacturers to create a variety of sophisticated, attractive and eye-catching products.

® The Hoyer Comet Range

The Hoyer Comet range consists of two in-line machines, the Hoyer Comet N and Hoyer Comet C and one rotary model, the Hoyer Comet RC. Hoyer Comet RC ­ is recommended for the production of cups, cones and tubes where smaller capacities are required. The machine is fully automatic with many decorating possibilities for both cups and cones. Hoyer Comet C ­ for medium capacity requirements and a high degree of flexibility the Hoyer Comet C in-line machine is an ideal choice. Hoyer Comet N ­ for the high capacity production of filled products the Hoyer Comet N is an extremly efficient and economic filling machine.


All Hoyer Comet in-line machines are equipped with PLC control systems to provide very accurate control of production parameters and easy changeover through pre-programming facilities. Quick-lock lamellas and readily mountable equipment also keep product changeover times to a minimum. In addition to the Hoyer Comet filling machines various manually operated filling units are available for the production of family packs or bulk containers with one or more flavours and ripples in sizes from 1 to 5 litres (1/4 to 5/4 gals). Hoyer DeepBlueTM FM Filling Module This stand-alone unit is specially designed for filling highly viscous low temperature ice cream, producing products with different heights and tops with excellent shape stability. The module combines with all in-line filling machines including the Hoyer Comet C.

Attractive eye-catching products

Model Lanes/pitch Typical products Max. products per hour* Hoyer Comet RC 1,12 station Cups/Cones 3,600 Hoyer Comet RC 2,12 station Squeeze-up Tubes 4,800 Hoyer Comet RC 1,6 station Cups/Bulk 1,200 Hoyer Comet C 1 / 210 mm (8.3 in) Bulk Containers 2,400 Hoyer Comet C 2 / 210 mm (8.3 in) Cups/Bulk Containers 4,800 Hoyer Comet C 2 / 140 mm (5.5 in) Cups/Cones 6,000 Hoyer Comet C 3 / 140 mm (5.5 in) Cups/Cones 9,000 Hoyer Comet C 4 / 140 mm (5.5 in) Cups/Cones 12,000 Hoyer Comet C 1 / 280 mm (11 in) Bulk Containers 1,320 Hoyer Comet C 2 / 280 mm (11 in) Bulk Containers 2,640 Hoyer Comet N 1 / 210 mm (8.3 in) Containers 2,400 Hoyer Comet N 2 / 210 mm (8.3 in) Containers 4,800 Hoyer Comet N 4 / 210 mm (8.3 in) Containers 9,600 Hoyer Comet N 4 / 140 mm (5.5 in) Cups/Cones 12,000 Hoyer Comet N 6 / 140 mm (5.5 in) Cups/Cones 18,000 *Actual product capacity will depend upon product size and design, processing conditions as well as the transfer and handling system.



Moulding & hardening Wrapping Mix preparation Freezing & Inclusion Extrusion & hardening Filling Hardening Cartoning

Filled products like cups, cones and all sizes of containers normally require hardening before they are transferred to a cold store. Products can be hardened individually or after they are wrapped in bundles, loaded into cartons or placed in cassettes. Capacities up to 30.000 l/h can be handled. Hoyer ProcolTM hardening tunnels Tetra Pak offers three types of hardening tunnel in the Hoyer Procol series. Each tunnel can be custom-built to suit particular capacity, automation and lay-out requirements. The Hoyer Procol HT tunnels consist of an endless tray conveyor system which, with the aid of an elevator and turning stations, follows a horizontal path back and forth in an insulated tunnel fitted with cooling units. The Hoyer Procol PT tunnel is especially suitable for large capacities of bulk ice cream products and is designed for very fast and efficient hardening. The tunnel is equipped with a tray carrier system which circulates through an upper and lower cooling section.

Flexible hardening systems


The Hoyer Procol FT flexible tunnel is a highly efficient automated hardening system able to harden a number of different types of product with different hardening times simultaneously and discharge them from the machine when the specific hardening time of each product has been reached. This outstanding flexibility maximises the production capacity of the line Hoyer StraightlineTM tray tunnel systems Tetra Pak offers automatic freezing systems based on Hoyer Straightline tray tunnels that are suitable for capacities ranging from 500 to 3,000 litres of ice cream per hour (130 to 800 gph). Cup or cone products, for instance, can be produced on a Hoyer Comet filling machine and then transferred to the Hoyer Straightline tunnel for hardening. Hoyer ProcolTM AC cooling tunnels Tetra Pak produces a range of self-contained cooling tunnels in different widths especially designed for cooling ice cream products after enrobing with chocolate or similar coatings.



Moulding & hardening Wrapping Mix preparation Freezing & Inclusion Extrusion & hardening Filling Hardening Cartoning

The development of new products and innovative packagings as well as the trend toward higher capacities and more automated plants have placed increasing demands on the wrapping and packaging section of the processing line. Tetra Pak offers single and multi-lane wrapping machines together with topand side-load cartoning systems that provide flexible solutions for the wrapping and packaging of ice cream products. Depending on the requirements of the line both simple and sophisticated infeed and transfer systems are available together with a variety of gripper devices and pick-and-place units. Accessory equipment includes bar stackers and inter-leavers, as well as accumulation, separation, spacing and aligning mechanisms.

Hoyer FlowrapTM wrapping machines For high capacity wrapping the Hoyer Flowrap MW multi-lane wrapper provides precise and reliable wrapping with a wide range of wrapping materials including very thin materials. Features such as no product, no wrap are offered. Lower capacity requirements are covered by the Hoyer Flowrap SW single-lane series. With their modular design Hoyer Flowrap machines can be adapted to suit customer requirements. The Hoyer Flowrap SW models can all be delivered with equipment for sandwich production either with the ice cream slice produced and hardened on a Hoyer Straightline or with the ice cream slice extruded directly on the biscuit (Hoyer Transsandwich). The Hoyer DeepBlue SM sandwich module can be combined with Hoyer single-lane wrappers for the production of low temperature ice cream sandwiches.


Hoyer Cartoning Systems Tetra Pak offers a full range of automatic and semi-automatic cartoning systems. The Hoyer Flopac series of automatic side-load cartoners is designed for packing ice cream products singly or in multi-packs. For high capacity automatic cartoning, the versatile Hoyer Flexpac series offers systems for both side-load and top-load cartons. The Hoyer Flexpac system can transfer products into cartons in different groups or patterns in different directions and on different levels. Cartoning systems are available for wrapped novelties, sleeved cones, cups, tubes and other products.

Flexible wrapping and packaging solutions

Model Hoyer Flowrap MW 700 N Hoyer Flowrap MW 800 Hoyer Flowrap MW 1200 Hoyer Flowrap MW 1500 Hoyer Flowrap MW 1700

Max no.of lanes 5 7 12 12 16

Capacity/h*) 18,000 27,000 46,000 46,000 62,000

* Actual capacities will depend upon the type and size of the product, paper/folio quality, and the infeed system chosen.

Models Hoyer Flowrap SW 100 Top Hoyer Flowrap SW 150 Top Hoyer Flowrap SL 80

Sealing 6,000 9,000 Top



* Actual capacities will depend upon the type and size of the product, paper/folio quality, and the infeed system chosen.

Model Hoyer Flopac 50 Hoyer Flopac 100 Hoyer Flexpac

Type Intermittent Continuous Continuous

Cartons/min.*) Up to 35

Up to 300 Up to 300

* Actual capacities will depend upon carton size and pitch between cartons.




Tetra Pak provides ice cream producers with an easy link to a global network of suppliers and know-how. Through our subsidiary Danice Services, Tetra Pak has established partnerships with key producers making it possible to supply all kinds of raw materials, ingredients, packaging materials as well as distribution equipment such as cabinets and delivery vans. In short anything ice cream producers need to produce and market their product including:

· milk, whey and functional milk powders · milk and vegetable fats · cocoa powder and cocoa mass/butter · stabilizers and emulsifiers · flavours and colours · chocolate and fruit coatings · ripples and dry ingredients · food additives · wrapping paper and foils · cups, containers and lids · cone sleeves and lids · sticks and spoons · display cabinets · refrigerated vehicles

An easy link to consumables supply and know-how

We assist with the right specification of raw materials and packaging, selection of suppliers as well as correct legal and customs documentation. Planning and logistics are essential to ensure timely production, distribution and sales and Tetra Pak ensures on-time delivery of your requirements. We offer advice on products and merchandizing and through our experienced network we can develop advertising campaigns and materials. Tetra Pak can also help ice cream producers to recruit plant management on either a short or long term basis.





Experienced plant technicians will make sure that your new Tetra Pak line is properly installed and running at top performance. To prolong the lifetime of your plant and make sure it continues to run efficiently and smoothly Tetra Pak offers a number of essential products and services. Our global technical service network operates from more than 70 countries. Tetra PlantCareTM increases profitability A correct level of planned maintenance will increase profitability dramatically through reduced revenue losses as well as reduced maintenance costs such as labour, damaged parts, consumables, overtime for lost production and product waste. Through the Tetra PlantCare programme we can provide manufacturers with custom designed regular preventive maintenance. Tetra Pak will work together with you to perform a maintenance requirement analysis leading to a maintenance agreement specifying activities, frequencies and methods that suit your needs. A Tetra PlantCare agreement can cover everything from a single piece of equipment to a complete plant.

Prolong plant lifetime

Genuine spare parts save you money Using genuine Hoyer spare parts from Tetra Pak guarantees the reliable, efficient and safe operation of your Hoyer ice cream equipment. More than 6500 items are in stock for immediate delivery. Special parts not in stock will be manufactured in our own workshop based on original documentation and all parts are covered by a one-year guarantee. Genuine Hoyer spare parts from Tetra Pak save you money by increasing uptime and avoiding damage due to inferior quality of non-original parts. Spare part stock control can be simplified by using Hoyer repair and service kits designed to save you time and money. In addition Tetra Pak offers the Hoyer Exchange Programme which enables you to exchange existing key parts with fully reconditioned parts on favourable terms and equipped with a one year guarantee.





Ice cream producers are naturally always looking for ways to increase the productivity of existing lines by reducing costs or increasing output or both. Tetra Pak can help manufacturers by carrying out a line audit, by providing upgrades and by undertaking staff training.

Tetra Pak Line Audits Tetra Pak undertakes audits of Hoyer lines, which provide our customers with a detailed analysis of their production processes and makes recommendations for improving efficiency while maintaining product quality and cutting costs. Over a period of a week or more a senior service engineer will evaluate the line identifying bottlenecks and assessing efficiency. Recommendations for improvement are then made together with a payback analysis with focus on streamlining maintenance and production procedures, equipment upgrades and staff training.

Safeguard your investment

Upgrades R&D specialists at Tetra Pak are continually working to improve our machines and production lines. To make it possible for customers to benefit from this work we have developed a comprehensive upgrade programme enabling existing machinery to be modernized and upgraded. Our portfolio includes upgrades and equipment that will increase line efficiency and output, reduce costs and improve sanitation. Staff Training People take pride in doing a job well and staff training is a valuable tool in optimizing productivity. Tetra Pak conducts expert training courses combining hands-on training with theoretical training either on site or at our training centers. The courses are flexible and can be tailored to your specific Hoyer installed base. The instructors are specialists with extensive experience from servicing ice cream installations in the field.



Tetra Pak is the world-leading single-source manufacturer and supplier of complete solutions, equipment and consumables for processing and packaging ice cream. Therefore it is only natural that we provide you with a complete programme of support covering all aspects of ice cream production. Our Ice Cream Product Development Centre in Denmark is dedicated to helping you convert ideas into commercially viable consumer products through innovative R&D activities. We conduct customer trials in close collaboration with you regarding product development, and recipe formulation and specification. We also provide ice cream production expertise concerning new product development as well as performance optimisation of existing lines. Tetra Pak's extensive global service network enables us to take good care of your plant, make sure that it continues to run smoothly and efficiently, and prolong its lifetime. Choose Tetra Pak as your partner in safeguarding your investment.

We reserve the right to introduce design modifications without prior notice. Tetra Pak, , Hoyer and protects what's good are trademarks belonging to the Tetra Pak Group.

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