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2012 (Round 1) Young Farmer Grant Recipients


David A. Yates Kelly K. Crawford William Robert Thorman Edwin J. Rollmann Jr. Jenifer Schwertner Lane Rachel E. Willman Blaine C. Schroeder David E. George Thomas C. Paben Brandon W. Ripple John M. Chandler Amy C. Crowell Scott L. Milligan Joseph D. Hagel Hunter A. Cure


Kaufman Palo Pinto Archer Burnet Taylor Eastland Archer Hansford Waller Tom Green Bastrop Hays Oldham Victoria Archer

Project Location

Van Zandt Co. Kaufman Co. Archer Co. Joppa Rochester Desdemona Windthorst Spearman Waller Wall Rosanky Hays Co. Vega Victoria Co. Holliday

Type of Operation

Crop & Livestock Crop & Livestock Livestock Viticulture Crop Operation Crop Operation Livestock Aerial Application Livestock Agricultural Research Aquaculture Horticulture Livestock Livestock Livestock

Texas Department of Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples


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