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TPS Contact Sheet

The Bi-Monthly Publication of the Texas Photographic Society

Vol 26 No 2

Member's Images

Print Program artists announced:

Keith Carter, Richard Reynolds, Max Kellenberger, Polly Chandler, Sean Perry and Glynda Hatfield

Members joining at the Friend, Patron and Benefactor levels may choose from an exclusive selection of fine prints by prominent, contemporary photographers. Join TPS, or renew your membership, and select one or more prints from 5 artists for a mere $225 each. In addition, TPS is initiating a new ­ Featured Artist Print Selection for internationally recognized artists at a special price. The first Featured Artist is one of Texas foremost photographers, Keith Carter, whose image will sell for $500. You may receive all 6 prints for $1,500. Prices include shipping and handling. Remember, most print program artists work starts at $600 or more. This is a fine way to enhance your collection and to contribute to TPS programming. Since the program's inception in 1994, almost 1,000 images have been purchased, raising over $150,000 for TPS. Proceeds from the print program are used to enhance and support TPS programs, most notably funding of TPS exhibition catalogues and numerous exhibits TPS sponsors. Complete details about the artists and their prints can be found on the TPS website Note, some of the prints are limited edition, you may want to renew or join before the edition is sold out. fessor Award, and he was named the Lamar University Distinguished Lecturer. Eight monographs of his black and white photographs have been published. Called "a poet of the ordinary" by the Los Angeles Times, Mr. Carter's haunting, enigmatic photographs have been widely exhibited in Europe, The U.S., and Latin America.

Danny Conant

Chevy Chase, MD

Keith Carter Beaumont, Texas

Marianne Thomas

San Mateo, CA

Peter Brown

Houston, TX

Birth of Photography, Study #2, (Lacock Abbey) 2004 15x15 · Digital Pigment Print. This image was made in the rural English village of Lacock. Famous as William Henry Fox Talbot's ancestral English home and the site of his invention of the p o s it ive -n e gat ive process which came to be known as Photography. Keith Carter is an internationally recognized photographer and educator. He is the recipient of two National Endowment for the Arts Regional Survey Grants and the Lange-Taylor Prize from The Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. In 1997, Carter was the subject of an arts profile on the national network television show, CBS Sunday Morning. In 1998, he received Lamar University's highest teaching honor, the University Pro-

riChard reynolds Austin, Texas

Big Bend National Park, TX, January 2001 · 10x13 Ultrachrome archival ink print from 4x5 Fujichrome. Richard served as Chief Photographer for the Texas Tourist Development Agency, from 1983 to 1990. In 1990, he opened a stock photography business specializing in Texas landscapes. Richard has plunged headlong into the digital revolution. For the first time, a photographer is able to render a color print that realizes his original creative vision.

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Susan Huber

Salt Spring Isl, B.C., Canada

Print Exchange

Feeling lucky? How would you like to become the owner of a high-quality, possibly award winning print by a TPS member? All you have to do to receive it is send us one of your high-quality, possibly award winning prints. Yes, it's time again for the Texas Photographic Society's Members Print Exchange. We're better than the Lottery, because everybody wins! Your prints should be original and of exhibition quality in size and presentation. The print should be archivally processed, mounted and over-matted, we recommend two inch minimum mat space on each side of the print. TPS acts as the exchange point between TPS members participating in the Print Exchange program. Prints will be accepted at the mailing address given below. All prints received will be randomly reassigned and re-shipped by TPS to those submitting prints. Shipping materials will not be returned, therefore disposable packaging is advised One quick and inexpensive method for packing is to sandwich the matted print between two larger pieces of foam core board and then either tape all edges or wrap everything in kraft paper. (Austin Photographers Prints may be delivered by hand, but shipping materials must still be provided.) Although we at TPS will treat your beloved prints as though they were our own, TPS cannot be responsible for damage due to the well-documented vagaries of the shipping companies. Send your print and a $10.00 check made to TPS (for reshipping fees) by May 15 (postmarked) to: Lemuel Johnson c/o TPS Print Exchange 11913 Hornsby Street Austin TX 78753 Questions? Call Lem (512) 837-3906

Sparky Campanella

New York NY

Colleen Henderson

Bethesda MD

Texas PhoTograPhic socieTy officers ­ 2006 President, D. clarke evans, san antonio Vice President-austin, Laura calfee, Driftwood Vice President-state, Trish simonite, san antonio Treasurer, amanda stahl, Johnson city secretary, steve goff, odessa

certified Public accountant head of Photography Department, odessa college assistant Professor, Trinity University government liaison commercial photographer

Guest Columns

Practice, Practice, Practice by Richard Newman: Too many times as photographers

we let the camera do the work. "Just put it on automatic, you'll get a picture". When we do this, unless we're trying to make party pictures or just quick snaps, we are not photographers. Photography is one of the most opinionated art forms, you choose where to stand, what lens to use, to blur the background or keep it sharp, oh yea, color or black and white fits into this mix somewhere along the line. The camera does not see the world the same as you do, it flattens everything out, it's a hand holdable time machine. So what do we do with it? Practice, you don't even have to expose a frame, hold it to your eye, move it around, look at the world the way the camera sees. Make photographic practice part of your daily routine, how can any one of us expect to get better at anything without practice? If we wanted to play for the New York symphony, do you think you could do it without dedicating yourself to your instrument. Practice can happen at any time, but one place it can't happen is when you don't carry your camera with you, don't live the "wish I had my camera to get a picture of that" lifestyle, carry your camera and use it. Right now as photographers we've never had so many great tools at our disposal, these tools make our lame excuses for why we don't practice our photography, heck we don't even have to pay for film if we practice with our digital machines, another excuse down the drain. After practice, the rewards start to roll in, goodness we start taking better pictures, pictures we like to look at later. We also start to develop a personal style, our picture start to look like we even know what we're doing, that should be enough reward for any photographer. from your local home improvement store and buy high quality, high CRI Solux bulbs from tlistore. These lights are directional so plan on directing the bulbs towards a wall for indirect lighting, or purchase the Solux diffusers. This higher quality lighting will allow you to perceive finer details in your prints and allow your prints to look more like the image you see on a calibrated display. Photographers that make this switch are ecstatic about the results.

MeMber of The execUTiVe coMMiTTee Jean caslin, houston

Partner, caslin gregory & associates

MeMbers of The boarD e. Lynn baldwin, houston Kenny braun, austin Pat brown, austin

commercial photographer fine art photographer

commercial & art photographer

scott c. campbell, Longview

Tammy cromer-campbell, Longview Kay J. Denton, austin

fine art & commercial photographer fine art photographer

fine art & commercial photographer

amy holmes george, Nacogdoches David h. gibson, Dallas glynda hatfield, austin Lem Johnson, austin

engineer for ibM fine art photographer fine art photographer

assistant Professor of Photography & Digital Media stephen f. austin state University

The Digital Column by Scott Martin:

thoughts and tips from digital photography consultant Scott Martin ( Incandescent lighting in digital darkrooms and studios causes all sorts of trouble. It is narrow spectrum, yellow, energy inefficient, and it contributes to eye fatigue. Most importantly incandescent lighting leads to poor print-toscreen color matching as we cannot calibrate displays to completely match the exceptionally poor qualities of incandescent light. Consider purchasing track lighting with MR16 fixtures

o. rufus Lovett, Longview scott Martin, san antonio Michael o'brien, austin richard orton, austin

instructor of Photography, Kilgore college

owner, onsight, a digital imaging consulting firm & fine art photographer editorial & fine art Photographer Photographer, Texas house of representatives co-owner of oswald gallery

Leya simmons oswald, austin Jody richardson, austin

Luther smith, fort Worth Victoria smith, austin William Tolan, austin

attorney, akin gump strauss hauer & feld, LLP associate Professor of art, T.c.U. staff Photographer, holt rinehart & Winston

Photographer & educator

aDVisory coUNciL MeMbers Dan burkholder, carrollton reid callanan, santa fe, NM Keith carter, beaumont Dennis Darling, austin roy flukinger, austin

Director, santa fe Workshops

Letting Go by Rob Goldman: When I

author, fine art photographer & teacher

author, fine art photographer & teacher Photography sequence Director, Department of Journalism, University of Texas at austin research curator of Photography, University of Texas humanities research center chairman ­ Media arts Department, The University of the arts fine art photographer

harris fogel, Philadelphia, Pa

chip hooper, carmel Valley, ca christopher James, boston, Ma

richard Newman, Pacific grove, ca stephen Perloff, Langhorne, Pa Nancy scanlan, austin

author, artist, photographer and Professor and chair, The art institute of boston National education coordinator, calumet Photographic editor, The Photograph collector & The Photo review freelance photographer & teacher Marketing consultant & educator

speak of the concept of "letting go", I am often assailed and accused of "not being realistic." I hear all about the realities of people's lives and the impossibility of the pursuits of their dreams. It is they, however, who are not realistic. The reality is that they are scared to death! Scared of relinquishing control of their predictable lives, scared of change, scared of the unknown, scared of failing, scared of being laughed at, scared of the future, scared of the past, scared of being wrong. And scared of letting go! Their self-doubt and stubborn insistence wickedly fuel a self-defeating, self-fulfilling prophecy. They have sentenced themselves to life in a hamster cage. Much of our upbringing hinges around a destructive, little, four-letter word, "CAN'T," often followed by potentially detrimental consequences: "You can't do that or you'll get hurt." "You can't wander away or you'll get lost." "You can't wear those strange clothes or people will make fun of you." "You can't make a mistake or you'll let down your teammates." Can't, can't, can't! But the truth--the reality, per se--is that you can, can, can! In Awaken the Giant Within, author, Anthony Robbins writes of an amazing man who became paralyzed from the neck down at the


age of fourteen. Ed Roberts is confined to a wheel chair and breathes through a mechanical device. Robbins expounds, "Facing a multitude of myths about the capabilities of the physically challenged, Ed educated the public and initiated everything from wheelchair access ramps and special parking spaces to grab bars. He became the first quadriplegic to graduate from the University of California, Berkeley, and he eventually held the position of director of the California State Department of Rehabilitation." Ed Roberts swam against that tide and helped millions along the way. Why? How? From the moment of birth, your well-meaning parents and caretakers (hopefully) lovingly protected you from harm of every sort--strategically keeping you on the course of the tried and true. Protection is, after all, a primal instinct. Protection of our physical selves, of our egos, of our possessions, and of course, of our loved ones. However, as we mature, we feel compelled to free ourselves of that proverbial "Can't trap." When you do the work necessary and consciously travel your own path, you grow to realize that many of these rules have worn out their purpose. New, constructive guidelines must be initiated if you are to evolve into a fully realized human being. Pure logic substantiates that that entails letting go. Changing. Growing.

Mary Virginia swanson, Tucson, aZ/Nyc ann Tucker, houston

curator of Photography, Museum of fine arts, houston assistant Professor of art & chair of Music University of the incarnate Word Photographer, workshop leader co-founder & curator, houston international fotofest author, fine art photographer

Kathy Vargas, san antonio

craig Varjabedian, santa fe, NM Wendy Watriss, houston bill Wright, abilene / Texas Photographic Society / Contact Sheet / Vol 26 No 2 · 2006



Partner Texas commission on the arts

tPs EvEnts

Galveston, tX

Galveston Art Center. 2127 Strand. 77550. 409-7632403. Tu-Sa 10a-5p; Su 12n-5p. TPS's The Photo Project: An Act of Dedication and Perseverance, thru Apl 9. Also, Robert Langham, III [Tyler]: Shiprock and White Trees. Both exhibits in conjunction with Fotofest.

el Paso, tX

Stanlee and Gerald Rubin Center for the Visul Arts. The University of El Paso Project Space. 915-747-6151. Tu Wd Fr 10a-5p; Th 10a-7p; Sa 12-5. Bruce Berman [El Paso]: Border Document, 19852005, thru Apl 1.

FredriCKsBurG, tX

Photography 414. 414 E. Main St. 830-990-1330. Tu-Sa 11a-7p. Ansen Seale's [San Antonio] Seen and Unseen, thru Mar 30.

houston, tX

Beautique Day Spa and Salon. 2507 Times Blvd. 77005. 713-526-1126. TPS's 21st Annual Members' Only Show, thru Apl 23.

BeneFactors accurate Printing & Litho, san antonio akin, gump, strauss, hauer & feld, L.L.P., austin Davis gallery, austin Mccombs foundation, san antonio Dan burkholder, carrollton Keith carter, beaumont Polly chandler, austin richard chepey, corpus christi Jerry & Marilyn comer, richardson bill Davis, austin

Patrons river city silver, san antonio sWbc, inc, san antonio santa fe Workshops, santa fe eric banks, elmira, Ny Kate breakey, Tucson aZ Laura Pickett calfee, Driftwood Marty carden, richmond Jean caslin, houston Friends agave Print, austin

roy flukinger, austin Michael T. harper, austin glynda hatfield, austin chip hooper, carmel Valley ca Max Kellenberger, san francisco richard Newman, Pacific grove ca sean Perry, austin richard reynolds, austin ron rosenstock, holden Ma amanda stahl, Johnson city steve Tabb, Dallas Douglas r. Wong, Milpitas ca

steve goff, odessa amy a. griffin, austin richard griffin, austin Paul Kozal, gualala ca beckwith Thompson, odessa alice Wright, abilene bill Wright, abilene

houston, tX

Center for Performing Arts. The Methodist Hospital. 6565 Fannin. 77030. 832-667-5840. At Play, curated by Anne Wilkes Tucker [Houston] includes work by Ken Rosenthal [Tucson [AZ], thru Apl. DeFrog Gallery. 218 Westcott. Mo-Sa 9a-12p & 1:30p5:30p. 713-869-2345. John Bernhard [Houston]: Transition, thru Apl 30. Fotofest, Vine Street Studios. 1113 Vine Street, Suite 101. 77002. 713-223-5522 ext 19. Mo-Fr 10a-5p; Sa 12n-5p. 20 exhibitions curated by FotoFest. 100+ exhibitions by participating museums and galleries, thru April 23. Film and Video Series, features, documentaries and animated shorts about The Earth with the Environmental Film Festival (Washington D.C.) and the Museum of Fine Arts Film Department, Mar 31-Apl 15. Green @ London Hair Company. 2227 Richmond Ave. 77098. Toy Joy: A Juried Exhibition of Plastic Camera Images. Juried by Will Michels [Houston], Includes work by: Cynthia Batmanis [Houston], Susan Burnstine [Los Angeles, CA], Jean Caslin [Houston], D. Clarke Evans [San Antonio], Diane Gregory [Houston], Emily Gross [Houston], Royce Ann Sline [Houston], Ann Texter [Georgetown], Bill Vaccaro [Chicago, IL], and Barbara Winderman [Houston], thru Apl 23. Houston Center for Photography. 1441 West Alabama. 77006. 713-529-4755. Wd-Fr 11a-6p; Sa & Su 12n-5p. Peter Brown [Houston] and Rick Dingus [Lubbock]: El Llano Estacado: Island in the Sky, thru Apl 16. Margolis Gallery at Congregation Beth Israel. 5600 N. Breaswood. 77096. 713-721-6221. Robert Glenn Ketchum [Los Angeles, CA]: The New American Landscape Photographer Attending the Earth, thru Apl 23.

odessa, tX

Options Gallery at Odessa College. 915-335-6497. Mo-Th 8a-10p; Fr 8a-5p; Sa 2p-5p. TPS 14: The National Competition, thru Apl 7.


austin, tX

f/8 Gallery. 1137 W. 6th St. Tu-Fr 11a-7p; Sa 10a5p. Pulse, includes work by Faustinus Deraet [Austin] Mientras vagaba por el D.F. 55 B&W images of Mexico City, thru Mar 25.

© Faustinus Deraet Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center. Atrium, 4th flr, Flawn Academic Ctr, UT Austin. 512-4718944. Permanent: The world's first photography by Frenchman Joseph Nicéphore Niépce produced in 1826. The Image Wrought pairs 19th century photography with present © Kay Denton day artists working in like manner. Kay Denton's [Austin] albumen print Dos Manos is paired with a vintage image by Lewis Carroll, thru Aug 6. Oswald Gallery. Between 7th & 8th Sts on Congress Ave. 512-494-9440. John Dyer: Conjunto, portraits of musicians defining a genre, thru April 26. © John Dyer, oic

luBBoCK, tX

SRO Gallery, Department of Art, Texas Tech Univ. 806-742-3825. Matthew Linton [Houston]: Roadside America, thru Apl 15. Paul Thulin: Dissolving Boundaries of the Self, Apl 17-May 13.

Belton, tX

Arla Ray Tyson Art Gallery, University of Mary Hardin Baylor. 900 College St. 76513. Mo-Th 7:30a11p; Fr 7:30a-5:30p; Sa 10a-5p; Su 2p-6p. Gabriela Kolcavova [Denton]: Beads on a String, B&W toned photographs of Czech republic and Texas, thru March 31. © Gabriela Kolcavova

Plano, tX

14th Street Gallery. 1412 14th St. 972-633-3822. MoFr 10a-6p; & Sa 1p-5p. Counterpoint, Images of Asia by Jack and Bonni Yardley, thru Mar 27.

austin Photo imaging, austin austin Prints for Publication, austin calumet inc, chicago iL hasselblad Usa, fairfield NJ ilford Photo, Paramus NJ Photo express, san antonio Photo eye books, santa fe NM Precision camera, austin barry anderson, highland heights Ky hank auderer, san antonio e. Lynn baldwin, houston Kipp baker, fort Worth gregg barckholtz, saginaw Mi Jeff becon, Pacific grove ca Lee bennack, san antonio gerhard bock, Davis ca andrew borowiec, akron oh susan bowen, brooklyn Ny Dave bown, Provo UT ryan bown, Provo UT Kenny braun, austin christopher broughton, carpinteria ca eleanor brown, houston Pat brown, austin robert brown, Dallas Jill skupin burkholder, carrollton reid callanan, santa fe NM shelly calton, sugar Land John campbell, austin scott campbell, Longview Marty carden, richmond richard chepey, corpus christi John christian, Dallas Danny conant, chevy chase MD susan cook, houston Mark cox, Midland Tammy cromer-campbell, Longview Dennis Darling, smithville sam Davis, Las Vegas NV Leah Missbach Day, chicago iL Pat Deleon, chicago iL Kay Denton, austin faustinus Deraet, austin Perry Dilbeck, Locust grove ga richard Dupre, Weston cT David Durham, abilene richard & robin edwards, oakland ca Jill enfield, New york Ny Joyce ernst, Dallas Mark L. eshbaugh, chelmsford Ma charles evans, Waco D. clarke evans, san antonio James h. evans, Marathon Dennis fagan, austin ben fink, New york Ny Lisa folino, Newport beach ca Nine francois, austin greg L. garrison, Lubbock Jim geitgey, Midland Linda genet, austin David h. gibson, Dallas Jan goddard-finegold, houston Joy goldkind, st, James Ny rob goldman, huntington Ny Mark greenberg, san antonio Paul a. greenberg, Dallas Kimberly gremillion, houston Martha grenon, austin bob gulley, houston betsy haas, houston Debe hale, sherman oaks ca clay harmon, Kingwood gray hawn, austin carol hayman, austin sonja heldt harris, spring branch Tracy anne hart, houston Nick hermanns, Munich germany barbara houghton, alexandria Ky craig huber, Woodinville Wa Lola huitt, spring branch christopher James, Dublin Nh Lem Johnson, austin blake Justice, austin Michael Keefe, Moreno Vallery ca

Lance Keimig, Pembroke Ma bill Kennedy, austin frazier King, houston Michael Kitei, ft. Lauderdale fL stefanie Klavens, boston Ma Maureen Knoll, san francisco ca Lois M. Kruse, Topeka Ks Pete Lacker, Dallas Dick Lane, arlington robert Langham, iii, Tyler John Langmore, austin Jean Laughton, interior sD Willis f. Lee, santa fe NM Wendy Levine, hosuton o. rufus Lovett, Longview ann W. McDonald, Lubbock eliott McDowell, santa fe NM Kevin McKinnon, san bruni ca susan Dunkerley Maguire, Waco Mary Meredith, austin Monika Merva, New york Ny Mary e. Miller, austin amy Morgenweck, New york Ny chris Moseley, Dallas steve Mulligan, Moab UT Lori Nix, brooklyn Ny Kenda North, Dallas William c. Nowlin, Jr., austin Katherine L. o'brien, buda Michael o'brien, austin hank o'Neal, New york, Ny charles ondrej, san antonio elizabeth opalenik, oakland ca richard orton, austin Leya oswald, austin James overturf, richardson Daksha M. Patel, Plano Lou Paulson, Walnut creek ca Kristy Peet, savannah ga Walker Pickering, cedar Park Lauren Piperno, Kingston Ny bill Plunkett, Longview sherry Powell, Muncie iN chris regas, Dallas Dorothy richardson, grafton, canada Lisa M. robinson, Jackson hts Ny David ruderman, sacramento ca rosira correia sasser, Phoenix aZ Nancy scanlan, austin William scott, fort bragg ca ansen seale, san antonio sharon seligman, austin Tom sikes, austin Trish simonite, san antonio allison V. smith, Dallas Luther smith, fort Worth Victoria smith, austin aline smithson, Los angeles ca harvey stein, New york Ny Kevin D. stewart, New york Ny shaun sullivan, san francisco ca gail & rodney susholtz, austin John a. sunkiskis, Lambertville NJ robert b. Taylor, Ukiah ca ashton Thornhill, Lubbock William Tolan, austin ron Tucker, London canada Teresa Van hatten-granath, Nashville TN Kathy Vargas, san antonio craig Varjabedian, santa fe NM Todd Vinson, Leonardtown MD Linde Waidhofer, crestone co Paul Wainwright, atkinson Nh Tav Wallraven, Dallas robert J. Warren, New york Ny carol Watson, Wimberley Kathryn Watts-Martinez, buda eric c. Weller, san Marcos gina Weston, carmel ca Kim Weston, carmel ca Nevada Wier, santa fe NM sonny Williams, atlanta ga chad Windham, Dallas Lawrence Worcester, seattle Wa

san antonio, tX

Art Gallery of the University of Texas at San Antonio, 6900 North Loop 1694 West, 78249-0542. Mo-Fr 10a4p; & Su 2p-4p. 210-458-1391. Liminal Britain includes work by Trish Simonite [San Antonio], thru Apl 2 Continued on page 6.


The contact sheet is the bi-monthly publication of: Texas Photographic society 6338 N. New braunfels #174 san antonio Tx 78209 editor: D. clarke evans advertising: D. clarke evans all public service announcements, workshop and competition notices, and information submitted for the Member's News must be typed and emailed to: [email protected] / Texas Photographic Society / Contact Sheet / Vol 26 No 2 · 2006

Accepted entries · Texas Photographic Society's TPS 14: The National Competition

First Prize Second Prize Third Prize Honorable Mention Honorable Mention

Lawrence Gund Sherman oaks, CA

Margo Cooper Nashua, NH

Polly Chandler Austin, TX

Raymond G. Soto Houston, TX

Robert Sky Bradshaw Santa Barbara, CA

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention

Accepted Entries

Nick Hermanns Munich, Germany

Ryan Jackson Rochester, NY

Marilyn Hunt Louisville, Co

Chris Akin Houston, TX

Thomas Athey Austin, TX

Polly Chandler Austin, TX

Mark Howell Placerville, CA

Sparky Campanella New York, NY

Monica Denevan San Francisco, CA

Kay J. Denton Austin, TX

Faustinus Dereat Austin, TX

Todd Dobbs Newark, oH

James Felder New York, NY

Wayne Lambert Colorado Springs, Co

Gray Hawn Austin, TX

Susan Brockman Austin, TX

Lola Huitt Spring Branch, TX

Jill Janss El Paso, TX

Amanda Keller-Konya Santa Monica, CA

Kai Kiuchi Elmhurst, NY

Joyce Woolems Alameda, CA

Dean Dablow Ruston, LA

4 / Texas Photographic Society / Contact Sheet / Vol 26 No 2 · 2006

Juror, Ben Breard, Owner/Director of the Afterimage Gallery, Dallas

Nelly Thomas Langenselbold, Germany

Joe Englander Buda, TX

Barbara Houghton Alexandria, KY

Susan Hayre Thelwell Hulls Cove, ME

Sean Perry Austin, TX

Lisa Robinson Jackson Heights, NY

John J. Martinott Bothell, WA

Colleen Meacham Kirkland, WA

Susan Moore Jerseyville, IL

Wayne Scott Wolfe Raymond, NH

Dee Smart Cincinnati, oH

John Langmore Austin, TX

David L. Simonton Raleigh, NC

Erin Malone San Jose, CA

Scott Stoughton Camden, ME

Rita D. Swinford Houston, TX

Brigitte Lustenberger Brooklyn, NY

Frank Zurey Golden, Co

Vaughn Wascovieib Fulton, Mo

Tom Urgo Brooklyn, NY

Ashton Thornhill Lubbock, TX

Carol Watson Wimberley, TX

Susan Brockman Austin, TX

Bonnie Landis Anchorage, AK

Natalie Young El Segundo, CA

Alice Wright Abilene, TX

Jean Laughton Interior, SD

Linda Winski Dallas, TX

Scott C. Campbell Longview, TX

Donald Woodman Belen, NM / Texas Photographic Society / Contact Sheet / Vol 26 No 2 · 2006



san MarCos, tX

Wittliff Gallery of Southwestern & Mexican Photography. Alkek Library, 7th floor. Texas State University­San Marcos. 512-245-2313. Mo Tu Fr 8a-5p; We Th 8a-7p; Sa 9a-5p; Su 2p-6p. Free. La Vida Brinca| Life Jumps: Photographs by Bill Wittliff [Austin]. Titled after Wittliff's second book published with the University of Texas Press, this celebratory exhibition features almost 60 of his hand-toned silvergelatin photographs.

va, aleXandria

Multiple Exposures Gallery. 105 N. Union St. 22314. 11a-5p daily. 703-683-2205. Danny Conant: [Chevy Chase. MD] Fresco Buon Gusto and Colleen Spencer Henderson: [Bethesda, MD] Up Close, thru Apl 2.

the sPirit oF ireland July 31 ­ auGust 10 triP leader: Karen sChulMan

The trip is an exploration of the art and craft of photography and of Ireland itself, an immersion in the land and its culture. Join native Western Ireland guides and teacher this summer for an opportunity to expand your personal vision, make new friends and experience a very special place through new eyes. Trip cost of $2695 includes comfortable lodging at Hillcrest House, breakfast and dinner daily, photo instruction as needed, roomy van transportation, and extensive pre-trip materials. For info on Strabo Tours Program visit

Canada, BaniFF, alBerta

Whyte Museum of the Rockies. 111 Bear St. Susan Huber [Salt Spring Island, B.C. Canada]: Prairies and the Rockies, thru March.

stanFord, tX

Southwest Chinese Baptist Church. 12525 Sugar Ridge Blvd. Mo-Fr 9a-5p; Sa-Su 12n-5p. 281-495-1511. Participating Space, Open Windows: Looking Into Metaphors by Nan Dickson [Temple], thru Apl 2.


deadline: May 1

Women In Photography International sponsors Turning Silver, a call for entries to create a special collection of 100 B&W images and artist statements will be showcased along with 25 invitational images. For details:

Ca, Fullerton

Muckenthaler Cultural Center. 1201 W. Malvern Ave. Wd-Su 12n-4p. 714-738-6595. 3rd Biennial Orange County Juried Exhibition includes work by Amandine Nabarra-Piomelli [Irvine, CA], thru Mar 26.

July 14 - 16 PhotoGraPhy, seeinG and CoMPosition hill County arts Foundation

Clint Kastner's [Kerrville] class, offered to ages 14 and up, will show students how to properly see and compose a photograph. The course offers local processing and critiques of each student's work. Equipment should include a 35mm film or digital camera (No disposable cameras). For more info, check the Hill Country Arts Foundation website:

deadline: May 15

Philip Brookman, Senior Curator of Photography and Media Arts, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, will be the juror for the 22nd annual 2006 Photo Review Photography Competition. The Photo Review will reproduce accepted entries in its 2006 competition issue. The prize-winning photographers will have an exhibition at the photography gallery of The University of the Arts, Philadelphia. Other awards: Microtek i800 scanner, $350 in gift certificates from Calumet, two Lensbaby 2.0 SLR selective focus lenses with macro kits, two $100 gift certificates from Sprint Systems, and $250 in cash prizes. For info: or call 215-891-0214.

Ca, lonG BeaCh

2nd City Council Gallery. 435 Alamitos Ave. [email protected] Women's Festival of the Arts includes Amandine Nabarra-Piomelli [Irvine, CA], thru Apl 27. Reception, Mar 25, 11a-6p.

2006 WorKshoP sChedule elizaBeth oPaleniK

Elizabeth Opalenik [Oakland, CA] is offering classes in such locations as Provence, Tuscany, Santa Fe Photographic, The Maine Photographic, Center for Photography at Woodstock and a healing retreat for the F. Holland Day Center for Creativity and Healing. Visit her website for a special print offer and for more detail. One workshop not posted is Santorini Greece, June 10-18. This is a digital workshop organized by a group of alumni students and will be team taught with Tomasz Tomaszewski.

Ca, saCraMento

Viewpoint Photographic Art Center. 551 Sequoia Pacific Blvd, 95814. www. 916 441-2341. Tu-Sa. Victoria & David Ruderman [Sacramento, CA ]: Double Vision; and Jo Ann & George Aiello [Rocklin, CA]: The Land of Glittering Dreams are featured in Couples Who Photograph Together, thru Apl 1.


2006 sChedule santa Fe WorKshoPs

The complement of photography workshops is designed for participants of all skill levels. For more information, visit for course details, tuitions, housing and to sign up for the Email newsletter. For a free catalog, phone 505-9831400 or email [email protected]

© David Ruderman

the Fine diGital Print John Paul CaPoniGro

The Fine Digital Print workshop translates traditional photographic language and practices into new digital media. You'll see, use, and evaluate a variety of printers, ink, papers, RIPs and profiles. By the end of the week you will have an overview of the digital imaging process, a recommended workflow, and a variety of techniques and tools to help improve and refine your digital files and prints. Course will be conducted by John Paul Caponigro [Cushing, ME], one of Canon USA's Explorers of Light and Epson's Stylus Pros. For more info, visit or contact Caponigro toll free at 877-577-7700.

© George Aiello

suMMer 2006 PhotoGraPhinG the historiC Bell ranCh neW MeXiCo PhotoGraPhy Field sChool

You will photograph a large family-run working cattle and majestic vistas. Craig Varjabedian [Santa Fe, NM] has been teaching photography for twenty-five years. Joining him is William Plunkett, landscape and nature photographer and Myra Bullington. Canon USA has loaned EOS 10D cameras for students. For info: or call Associate Director, Cindy Lane at 505-983-2934. Also, For Women Only: June 18­24. Women will explore and photograph: the special places, the diverse culture, and the landscape of New Mexico. Instructor Myra Bullington, will take your personal and creative vision to a new place.

la, shrevePort

ArtSpace. 710 Texas St. Mike Rosebury [Lake Worth, FL], with medical writer Charles Goldthwaite: Forgotten Shreveport, 75 contemporary photographs of the city's abandoned and neglected spaces, thru Apl 27.

Ma, duXBury

The Art Complex Museum. 189 Alden St. Winter Juried Show, includes photography by Linda Hirsch [Wayland, MA] thru Apl 30.

2006 Calendar KiM Weston PhotoGraPhy WorKshoP series

Kim and Gina Weston [Carmel, CA] of Weston Photography will be holding several workshops: Wildcat Studio Nude I and II, a Large Format Workshop, and a Platinum Workshops with Kim Weston & Ryuijie. Weston Photography is also offering workshops to Scotland and Mexico. These offer beautiful scenery with professional photographers. For a complete list and detail, visit or email directly [email protected] or call Gina Weston at 831-624-8111.

Ma, WorCester

JCC Gallery. 633 Salisbury St. Ron Rosenstock [Holden, MA]: A Colorful World. Ron's first all-color exhibition, thru Apl. Click on Color Gallery at www.

PhotoGraPhy WorKshoPs 2006 neW Jersey Media Center

The NJMC in Cape May will hold several workshops: Nancy J. Ori's [Berkeley Heights, NJ] include Creative Landscape and Architecture Photography, and Harvey Stein [New York, NY] will teach Photographing People, Places & Things. Costs vary. For details, visit, or phone 908-790-8820.

nM, santa Fe

Verve Fine Arts. 219 Marcy Street. 87501. 505-982-5009. Tu-Sa 11a-6p or by apt. Arlene Becker, Robert Miller & Ford Robbins, thru Apl 15.


2006 WorKshoP sChedule the noCturnes & Mono laKe WorKshoPs

Lance Keimig [Pembroke, MA] will be returning to Scotland with his third photo tour to Skye and Orkney / Texas Photographic Society / Contact Sheet / Vol 26 No 2 · 2006

from July 9-21. Tim Baskerville, Christian Waeber, Tom Paiva and Keimig will be presenting The Nocturnes and Mono Lake Photo Workshops 2006 ­ Night Photography Conference in the Eastern Sierra. Baskerville and Keimig are also offering a night photography trip to the West of Ireland from September 3-13. Contact Lance at [email protected] The Scotland and Ireland trips are through Strabo Tours, Also see

Tony De Bone [Oakland, CA] exhibited a cross processed/giclee photograph in the February 2006 Juried Exhibition at the Muse Gallery and Foundation for the Arts in Philadelphia. Martha Grenon [Austin] had two photographs accepted in the January 2006 exhibit Our Land at Flash Gallery in Lakewood, Colorado. © Martha Grenon John Langmore [Austin] had an exhibit: Travel the streets of the world from Austin to Istanbul at the Hyde Park Bar & Grill in Austin. Doug Hodel [Abilene] has opened a photography gallery in the renovated historic Cockerell Building, 1133 N. 2nd St, Suite 214 in Abilene. Doug's work can be viewed at Ben Breard [Dallas], from the Afterimage Gallery in Dallas, was interviewed in the April issue of Black and White magazine. Marianne Thomas [San Mateo, CA] recently had 17 pieces up in the lobby of the New Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco, CA. Amandine Nabarra-Piomelli's [Irvine, CA] photographs were on display at the Brea Art Gallery in a group show Made in California. High Plains, shown at the Harris Gallery, Houston, is the first exhibition of work from the Dorothea Lange ­ Paul Taylor Prize which Peter Brown [Houston] and the writer Kent Haruf were awarded by Duke University's Center for Documentary Studies in 2005. For this project, Peter has photographed the rural landscape, small towns and people of the central high plains with a large format camera in color, and Kent Haruf has written short evocative prose pieces. Polly Chandler [Austin] had an image Port Aransas accepted in PDN's World In Focus Photography Contest, Photo District News, in February. She also had two pieces accepted in the 2006 National Juried Photographic Exhibition, Toledo Friends of Photography, Toledo, OH. juried by Kathy Vargas. Polly recently won 3rd Place B&W in the Santa Fe Center for Photography's Singular Image Awards. She was accepted into the 2006 5th Annual Joyce Elaine Grant Photography Exhibition, in Denton, TX. Bonnie Flamer [Sherman Oaks, CA] had nine images in New Mexico's Hubbard Museum of the American West's show The 14 Annual Fall American Photography Exhibition; she received three © Bonnie Flamer Honorable Mentions. She was awarded Best in Show in The Center for Fine Art Photography's, Fort Collins, CO, On the Road Exhibition and it will appear in Camera Arts Magazine. Lisa Folino [Newport Beach, CA] won first place in the Fine Art Still Life Category with three honorable mentions in the 2005 International Photography Lucie Awards. Ann Texter's [Georgetown] toy camera work was published in the Dec issue of Plastic Fantastic magazine. She had the cover image and several inside the issue with an interview. See

Walt Bistline, Artist in Residence at Earlham College in Richmond, IN has recently had several shows: My Eye at Indiana University East in Richmond, IN; South Padre Island at Photography Is Art Gallery in Fredericksburg; and Earthbound at Fleury Gallery in Houston, during FotoFest 2006. Walt also received the Best Photo award in the Richmond Art Museum's 2005 competition and the Chancellor's Purchase Award in the Indiana University East 2005 competition. Doug Hawks' [Diamond Bar, CA] Paris in Black & White was featured in an exhibition at Terry's Camera of Long Beach. Additionally, Mr. Hawks' Paris in Black & White series was awarded an Honorable Mention in the Fine Arts category at the 2005 International Photography Awards competition. Doug has also published a new book, Black & White Long Beach. © Doug Hawks Linda Hirsch [Wayland, MA] had images in the Members' Winter Juried Show II at the Sargent and Hartson Galleries in Newburyport, MA. Susan Huber [Salt Spring Isl, B.C., Canada] won an honourable mention in the High and Dry' Exhibition at the Texas Tech University/International Culture Center Fifth Annual Exhibition. She also had an exhibit at the Peter Whyte Gallery, Banff, Alberta with an exhibition of the alternative processes. Carol Watson [Wimberley] was one of 40 artists chosen as part of the 2005 Pilsner Urquell International Photography Awards Best of Show exhibition. An image of Carol's was accepted into the American Art Collector magazine's Southeast edition. Two of her digital infrared images were accepted into the Peek Through! Juried Exhibition at the Dangenart Gallery in Nashville, TN. Two of her portraits were accepted as part of the Coastal Arts League National Photo Competition in Half Moon Bay, CA. An image was accepted for the On the Road Exhibition at the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, CO. Five of her Austin and Texas Hill Country images were accepted into a group exhibition at the Austin Bergstrom International Airport. The exhibit was named after her photograph, Texas not Tuscany. Shannon Sullivan [San Anselmo, CA] exhibited New Work at the Sozo Salon and Gallery in Dallas. Sam Davis's [Las Vegas, NV]: Escape from Desert Island; Photographs and Sculpture was at the Donna Bean Fine Art Gallery at the University of Las Vegas. Tim Roda [New York, NY] had his first solo exhibition at the Klemens Gassner & Tanja Grunert Gallery in New York, NY. Tim's Photographs was shown at the Greg Kucera Gallery in Seattle, WA. Angilee Wilkerson [Denton] was in a group show at the Kirchman Gallery in Johnson City. William Tolan [Austin] was recently elected to be on the National Board of Directors of the Society for Photographic Education.

2006 sChedule harvey stein

Harvey Stein [New York, NY] is holding several workshops this year: Lighting for the Portrait, Pinhole Photography, a special visit to Coney Island, and others. Stein is also holding a travel workshop to Taos, New Mexico that will include shooting trips to the Ghost Ranch area, the Rio Grande Gorge, Native American pueblos, Santa Fe, and small Hispanic villages. For a complete list of workshops and more detail, check out or call 212-857-0064.

Members' News

Cynthia Leigh-Nussenblatt of [Galveston] has produced an exquisite handmade, limited-edition book called RUIN, an oversized handbound collection of ten Giclee prints and four poems. Her work will © Cynthia Leighbe featured in an exhibiNussenblatt tion at Houston Community College Central during FotoFest 2006. The artist studied photography and bookmaking at Texas Woman's University and received an MA in Photography from Stephen F. Austin State University. For further information, contact the artist at cynthia.leigh. [email protected] or 409-762-8001. Ron Rosenstock [Holden, MA] was in a group show, Masters of their Craft, at the Worcester Center for Crafts, in Worcester, MA. Ron also had a show at Anna Maria College in Paxton, MA, titled Sacred Places. There is still time to sign up for his Peru and Machu Picchu, trip (April 14-22). Please e-mail Jacque at: [email protected] Fannie Tapper [Houston] had three of her pictures (40 x 40 inches each, overall dimensions) hung in a group show at the Amsterdam Whitney gallery in Chelsea in New York, NY. Chris Dunker's [Logan, UT] Final Phase, The Shutdown and Dismantling of Geneva Steel, a one man show, will be shown at the BYU Museum of Art in early 08. This project was started in Nov 2003, and will end when the plant © Chris Dunker, oic is completely dismantled in 2007/2008. The project can be seen at in the gallery>industrial>geneva steel section. Rania Matar [Brookline, MA] had a show at the Eclipse Gallery in Boston MA, The Veil: Modesty, Fashion, Religion or Political Statement. Rania also had a show, The Forgotten People: The Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon at the Jerusalem Fund Gallery in Washington, DC.

Contact Sheet deadlines

News/Ad deadlinePublication April 24 May June July October November 15 17 2 27 June August October December 5 30 4 21 15

7 / Texas Photographic Society / Contact Sheet / Vol 26 No 2 · 2006

TPS Membership Form

Yes! i want to join TPs.

NaMe_________________________________________________________ aDDress______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ ciTy sTaTe / ZiP hoMe PhoNe ( WorK PhoNe ( e-MaiL aDDress checK oNe: checK creDiT carD # exPiraTioN DaTe sigNaTUre Visa MasTercarD ) )

Polly Chandler

Austin, Texas Aransas · 6x8 · limited edition of 25 silver gelatin prints. This photograph was taken with a 4x5 camera in Port Aransas, Texas on April 17, 2005. It took a lot of patience, a little luck and 5 sheets of film to get this shot. Polly's photographs have been published in magazines such as Photo District News, American Photo and Photo Life. See www.

sean Perry

Austin, Texas Truce · 6x6 toned gelatin silver print, 8 ply archival window matted · Artist Stamped and signed on verso · Special edition print for TPS. From a series that renderers static structures as symbols displaying an unexp e c t e d beauty and graceful clarity, only briefly revealed. A close friend once remarked my photographs seem to say, "Let me show you something you may have missed." Sean's work has been widely exhibited and published in many periodicals.

Glynda hatField

i WoULD LiKe To JoiN as: $ 25 student and over 65 ( same benefits as regular Member. Please send a copy of iD.) $ 35 regular (receives all contact sheets, Tech sheets, call for entry's and invitations to the society's programs.) $ 45 international (regular member benefits.) $ 60 advanced (regular member benefits plus all catalogs & literature printed during the year.) $ 225 friend (advanced benefits plus choice of print from Print Program.) $ 500 Patron (advanced benefits plus Keith carter print from Print Program.) $1500 benefactor (advanced benefits plus all six prints from Print Program.) $ 10 first class (additional cost to receive regular Member benefits mailed first class.

Austin, Texas Hi Ho Silver Away, #2 · 9x9 · limited edition of 25 silver gelatin print with oil paint. Over matted to 16x20 · Special edition for TPS. A pinhole i m a g e taken in the hill c o u n t r y, of a small, antique rocking horse. I have taken w o r k shops from some excellent photographers including: Barbara Hagen, Keith Carter, Jack Spencer, Allison Shaw, Richard Newman, Jackie Heigle and others. My work has been selected for juried shows at several universities and galleries, and TPS's Members Only Show and The National Competition.

To orDer PriNT PrograM PriNTs:


San Francisco, California Four Fishing Poles, San Francisco, 2003. 4x6.75 · Sepia and Selenium toned silver gelatin print · Mounted & overmatted to 16x20 Special Limited Edition for TPS of 20. The image was taken during a walk on a foggy morning on Crissy Field, near the Golden Gate Bridge. Since moving to the United States in 1991, Max has focused exclusively on fine art photography. He has been exhibiting work in the United States and Europe since 1972.

MaX KellenBerGer

1 ___ $ 225 4 ___ Texas Photographic Society$ 2 ___ $ 450 6338 N. New braunfels # 174

san antonio Tx$ 78209 3 ___ 650


Texas Photographic Society

6338 N. New braunfels # 174 san antonio Tx 78209

NoN-ProfiT U.s. PosTage PaiD saN aNToNio, Tx PerMiT No. 1997

5 6

___ $ 1,050 ___ $ 1,500

pleasemarkdesiredartist(notetheirsellingprice): or receiveallprintsfor$1500

Keith carter ­ $500

Polly chandler ­ $225

Max Kellenberger ­ $225 sean Perry ­ $225 richard reynolds ­ $225

glynda hatfield ­ $225

MaiL To: Texas Photographic society 6338 N. New braunfels # 174 · san antonio Tx 78209

all images are signed by the artist and may be purchased through Dec. 31, 2006. Questions? call D. clarke evans at (210) 824-4123.

sign up for membership at TPs Members receive a 10% discount on non-sale items at Photo eye books in santa fe, NM. Phone Photo-eye for details: (505) 988-4955. 8 Contact Sheet / Vol 25 No 2 · 2005


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