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Amber fixation unit

Perfect fixing for short print runs

Stork Digital Imaging

No matter how advanced your digital printing capabilities, the quality of the end result is always significantly influenced by the fixation process. If you can't achieve sufficient bonding between the dyestuff and the fabric, there is a possibility that colours will not be as brilliant and will fade quicker. Brilliant, accurate and longlasting The Amber fixation unit from Stork has been specially developed for use in combination with our digital printers. It is perfect for fixing short print runs and samples up to 8 metres in length. It is compatible with both reactive and acid dyes, giving a brilliant and accurate end result that lasts for a long, long time. It is also extremely easy-touse, and its compact design takes up very little floorspace, so it can easily be integrated into existing facilities. In addition, it is economical and environmentally friendly in operation. It is characterised by low water consumption, and fixes fabrics in a clean and quiet manner. You can set the cycle time yourself for optimum results with different substrate types and batch sizes. Having in-house fixation capabilities brings much greater levels of speed, efficiency, flexibility and independence to your organisation. The Amber fixation unit is a valuable addition for conventional textile printers, designers, design studios, graphics agencies; in fact for anyone who digitally prints relatively small batches of textile. Comprehensive range The Amber fixation unit is part of a wider range of digital printers and associated equipment from Stork. We offer digital printing systems that enable everything from sampling to small- and even medium-volume production print runs. These are complemented by auxiliary equipment like external ink

systems. And everything is backed up by our unrivalled level of application knowledge and global support network. For full details, see

Technical specifications Ink types Substrate Maximum substrate capacity Heating-up time Size, horizontal Size, vertical Weight Demin. water consumption Voltage Frequency

Acid and Reactive Natural 8 m x 1.50 m 10-15 min. 450 mm (W) x 1900 mm (L) x 1500 mm (H) 450 mm (W) x 1000 mm (L) x 2300 mm (H) 120 kg 1 l/hr 110 V or 220 V (through switch) 50 Hz or 60 Hz (through switch)

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