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Volunteer Packet: General Information

Volunteer Packet Contents Section 1. About Together for Education 2. Volunteer Expectations 3. Volunteer Guidelines & Procedures 4. Working With Students 5. Frequently Asked Questions from Volunteers 6. Clearance Forms 7. Volunteer Opportunities 8. Directions to New Garden Elementary 9. About Kennett Consolidated School District page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 7

1. About Together for Education Together for Education is a catalyst for community involvement in education. We seek to strengthen the partnership among parents, educators, students and the community through quality program development and communication. Together for Education provides support to ensure an outstanding education for the community's children via the public school system in the Kennett Consolidated School District. Together for Education is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. 2. Volunteer Expectations Each volunteer can expect to commit about one hour per week to working with students. Volunteers will help reinforce core academic skills in reading or math by assisting students on an individual and small group basis. Equally important, volunteers will serve as role models, helping students build confidence, social skills and a lifelong love for learning. While this is volunteering, we are working to create a strong partnership with the Kennett Consolidated School District. As we form this partnership we believe it is critical for us to honor our commitments. We also understand that volunteers must fulfill their work and personal commitments as well. If you need to miss a session, please let your teacher or myself know immediately. We shy away from a rule based approach that enforces and polices attendance. Rather we seek to establish principals that will both help the students and teachers and ensure your time is valuable and rewarding: · Build trust by keeping commitments or communicating in advance if we cannot · Build long term relationships with students and teachers · Make volunteering possible for volunteers knowing that unexpected obligations arise

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3. Volunteer Guidelines & Procedures · Volunteers are an essential element of a successful school; schools cannot buy what volunteers give to a school. · Schools are committed at all times to providing a safe environment in which students can grow mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. · Volunteers must respect the confidential nature of anything they see or hear. Concerns should be shared only with the classroom teacher or principal at school. · The professional staff of the school is responsible for everything that goes on at school including student instruction, safety and discipline. Volunteers work under the direction and guidance of the teachers, supplementing and supporting the program. · Volunteers should not: o Discipline students o Diagnose student needs o Evaluate achievements o Counsel students o Discuss student progress and concerns with parents o Have access to materials in students' permanent record files · Because students are the priority, the right to be a volunteer can be rescinded at any time due to behavior that is in conflict with Together for Education and The Kennett Consolidated School District's Guidelines for Volunteers. Signing In · You will go directly to the school's office and sign at the front desk. · The secretaries are Carmen Ortiz and Angela McGrath! Either one can help you if you have any questions. They are wonderful ladies!!! · On the counter in the main office, there will be a KCSD sign in page for you to sign in on each time you come. Please wear your TFED badge you've been provided with so teachers/staff can identify you. · Once you have on your badge you can go to your designated classroom and check in with the teacher. Calling Out · Advanced Notice Cancellation o If you know in advance that you are unable to volunteer you can: Contact at Jen Lewis (610) 742-2505 or [email protected] · Last Minute Cancellation o If you need to cancel at the last minute you can: Call the school's office 610-268-6900 or email Angela at [email protected] (OR DO BOTH TO BE SAFE!) Angela is there by 7am and she will contact the teacher.

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4. Working with Students How Students Learn 1. Students learn by doing, not by passive observance. 2. Students learn by asking questions and by searching for answers to their questions. 3. Students learn by discovery. 4. Students learn by using all of their senses, whenever possible. 5. Students learn by experimenting. 6. Students learn by sorting and combining objects. 7. Students learn by repeating experiences. 8. Students learn by building their self-confidence. Helping an Individual Student 1. A student's name is very important. Make sure you say and spell it correctly. 2. Make sure your student knows and can pronounce your name. 3. Students make mistakes. Let them know that it is part of learning. Do not be afraid of making a few mistakes yourself. 4. Build the student's self-confidence. Praise your student honestly and frequently. 5. Let students discover. 6. Ask questions which may lead to the answer instead of providing the answer. 7. Give the students as much time as they need to understand new ideas. Helping In a Small Group 1. Offer each student a chance to participate. Quiet students are sometimes ignored. 2. Do not expect every student to enter into all activities in the beginning. The teacher will tell you at what point they all should be involved. 3. Allow each student to grow in independence by letting him/her do as much as possible without your help. How to Communicate with Students The following suggestions are provided to help you communicate with students in order to get positive results. 1. Be sure the students understand what you are saying. We sometimes use words that they do not comprehend. 2. Keep your voice as low as possible. The students will get louder as your voice gets louder. 3. Instruct students as though you expect them to comply. Give sufficient warnings and time. Example: "Jimmy, in five minutes you will need to stop reading and put your book away." 4. If students gain your attention and praise only when they behave, they will soon learn your expectations of proper conduct. 5. Smile! It's simple but effective!

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Commending Students Praising students for excellence, improvement or effort is very important to their success in school and in life. Honest praise helps students to assess their personal value and build their self-esteem. Mounting research shows that high self-esteem is important for academic success. All children have the potential for liking themselves and having high self-esteem. This is not conceit, but rather the child's quiet comfort about whom he/she is. Positive statements greatly influence students' attitudes about themselves and their success-building experiences. Be creative. Praise is a stronger motivator than gifts of candy. Think of the many ways you can boost a student's self-image by using words of encouragement and kindness. Here are some examples of ways to praise: · "I like the way you are working!" · "That's right! Good for you!" · "I'm very proud of the way you worked today!" · "That's quite an improvement!" · "It looks like you put a lot of work into this." · "I'm happy to be around you!" 5. Frequently Asked Questions from Volunteers Q. How would you like us to discipline the students so we aren't too strict or too lenient? [From a teacher:] Please ask the volunteers to send them back in to me. I will try to find out what happened and take it from there. If the student will not return to the classroom, come get me immediately. Q. How can we reinforce the reading skills better? (i.e. How do you want us to sound out words? Ask comprehension questions? When shouldn't we sound out words because they are sight words?) [From a teacher:] Read over the materials provided by Together for Education on before, during, and after reading strategies. If you would like something more specific to focus on, ask me (teacher) what we're working on and I'll try to provide you with a basic framework. If a child is stuck on a sight word, give them about 3-5 seconds to remember the word, if they don't recall it, please provide the word. If you're able to, keep a list of missed sight words. You could review these words each week before you begin! Q. Do we need to worry about noise when working in the hallway? Yes. Please try to keep the noise level down so we don't disrupt other classes. If you need help in keeping voices low, please ask Jen Lewis or the classroom teacher for suggestions. Q. If the kids want to hug, is that okay? [From a teacher:] Hugs...I think they are fine. I hug the children often as long as the children are initiating it.

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6. Clearance Forms Thank you again for being a partner to help students in the Kennett Consolidated School District! Your time will be well spent, not only through the educational reinforcement you give but also by providing a role model and personal attention for the students. In order to protect the students, school district, Together for Education and yourself, it is imperative that all of our volunteers undergo a background check. This check consists of two parts, each with their related form. For instructions, please visit: and scroll to the bottom of the page for links to instructions and the forms. 1. Criminal Record Check (Form SP4-164) Submitted to the Pennsylvania State Police. Obtain the form by going to our website ( Click on VOLUNTEERS and look at the bottom of the page. If you'd like me to print one for you, please just ask! This form can also be completed online here: Please note that we cannot reimburse you if you pay for the background check. 2. Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance (Form CY-113) Submitted to the PA Department of Public Welfare Obtain the form by going to our website ( Click on VOLUNTEERS and look at the bottom of the page. If you'd like me to print one for you, please just ask! Please note that we cannot reimburse you if you pay for the background check. We understand that the background check is certainly not an enjoyable part of the volunteer process; however, as someone who wants the best for the children of our community we are sure you agree that it is a very important one! If you have any questions, please contact us!

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7. Volunteer Opportunities at New Garden Elementary School Grade 2nd grade 3rd grade 3rd grade 4th grade 5rd grade Teacher Beth Metz Beth Conrad Katy Miller Stacy Trinidad Katherine Pedrick Day(s) Anyday! Anyday! Wed or Thurs Anyday! Friday Time 2:30-3:30pm 8:45-9:30am 10:00-11:00am 10:00-11:10am 10:15-10:45am Description In Class: Reading (using

the Read Naturally Program) In Class: Reading (using the Read Naturally Program)

In Class: Reading In Class: Math Together for Reading

8. Directions to New Garden Elementary School Address Phone 265 New Garden Road (610) 268-6900 Toughkenamon, PA 19374 Directions FROM NEWARK/UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE: Take PAPERMILL ROAD North towards PA (Pass Timothy's Bar on your right) Continue about 5 minutes (past Bank of America on your left, the park on your right, Whiteman's Garage on your left), until you come to NORTH STAR ROAD. Make a LEFT. (I believe it is your 6th light from Cleveland Avenue.) Continue straight thru 1 stop sign to your first light. Make a LEFT onto LIMESTONE ROAD. Continue 3-5 minutes to GAP NEWPORT PIKE/RT.41. Go under the overpass and make a left onto Rt.41 Continue on Rt.41 2-3 minutes. Make a SLIGHT RIGHT onto NEW GARDEN RD. New Garden Elementary School is on your right. FROM WEST CHESTER (RT. 1 SOUTH): Take Lenape Road/Rt.52 toward Kennett Square Turn right onto Us-1/E Baltimore Pike. Follow Rt. 1 North to the TOUGHKENAMON exit. At the bottom of the exit ramp, TURN LEFT onto NEWARK ROAD. Go straight through the first light. Continue about ½ mile and TURN SLIGHT LEFT onto NEW GARDEN ROAD. New Garden Elementary School is on your left. FROM OXFORD/WEST GROVE/LINCOLN UNIVERSITY/ (RT. 1 NORTH): Follow Rt. 1 North to the TOUGHKENAMON exit. Turn RIGHT onto NEWARK ROAD and follow it to your first light. Go straight through the first light. Continue about ½ mile and TURN SLIGHT LEFT onto NEW GARDEN ROAD. New Garden Elementary School is on your left.

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9. About the Kennett Consolidated School District Mission The Kennett Consolidated School District is a public school system committed to providing the best education possible at the most reasonable cost to the taxpaying public. To accomplish this, the Board of Directors has adopted the following Mission Statement as a guide for the Board, administrators, faculty, and staff: The Mission of the Kennett Consolidated School District is to provide a quality education that increases the achievement of every student in order for all to become successful and thoughtful contributors to society. School District Overview The District has had a complete jointure of all grades since 1932. It was reorganized as a third class district on June 30, 1966, and retained its original designation Kennett Consolidated School District. The District is fortunate in that the composition of the student body is balanced, including 5% African-American and 35% Hispanic. Religious, ethnic, and minority groups are representative of national averages. The Kennett Consolidated School District is committed to a high quality educational program and continues to seek improvements in all areas of instruction. Faculty for the operation of the District is provided by a certified staff of classroom teachers, guidance counselors, reading specialists, librarians, nurses, special teachers, and psychologists. There are five principals, two assistant high school principals, two assistant middle school principals, an elementary assistant principal, and an athletic director. Working closely with the Superintendent are the Director of Business Administration, Director of Human Resources, Director of Instruction, Director of construction and facilities, and a Director of Pupil Services and Special Education. Physical Plant Three elementary schools are organized to accommodate all pupils from kindergarten through grade five. The Middle School has been developed for grades six, seven and eight, and the High School for grades nine through twelve. The New Garden Elementary School, serving New Garden Township, opened in 1955 with additions in 1960, 1966, 1989, 1994 and 1998. Mary D. Lang Elementary School, located in the Borough of Kennett Square, opened in 1972, and Greenwood Elementary, which serves the students in Kennett Township, opened in 1963. The new Kennett Middle School serves all District students in grades six, seven and eight and was opened in 2002. Kennett High School, which observed its seventy-fifth anniversary in 2008, completed renovations of the facility and to its athletic fields which now include a new twenty-five hundred person stadium.

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