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Remote Control Speakermic with Display

· PoweredbyAN/PRC-154Riflemanor


· Extremelylowpowerconsumption · Audiomixing(2radioconfiguration) · Fullyimmersibleto2meters · Quickdisconnectimmersibleconnectors · Highoutputspeaker(>90dBSPL) · Integratedkeypadwithbacklight · Fieldupgradablefirmware · Adjustableclothingclipw/360°rotation

Providing Access to the Advanced Features of the AN/PRC-154 Rifleman Radio

Remote Control Speakermic with Display


TheRemoteControlSpeakermicwithDisplay(RCSD)is a rugged peripheral designed specifically for use with theAN/PRC-154RiflemanRadio.TheRCSDintegrated speaker is loud enough to overcome background noise when operating in noisy environments, and its Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) provides immediate access to Rifleman Soldier Radio Waveform network status, selected preset channel, current volume level, and battery charge level. The versatile auxiliary connector maybecombinedwithaccessorycablesfor:

· Interfacing the AN/PRC-154 Rifleman radio with a

· ViaAuxiliaryConnector

Asecondradio(e.g.,AN/PRC-148) Anexternalheadset(e.g.,PeltorACH) PLGR/DAGR LaptopPC Adaptercablesarerequiredforeachoftheabove

Smart Phone, Digital Camera, PLGR/DAGR, Laptop PC,PDA,orsimilardevicesthatuseUSBand/orRS232serialinterfaces. · Supporting a second radio. In this configuration, the RCSD simultaneously mixes the audio from both radiostoensurenolossofcommunications. · Simultaneous use with an external hearingprotection/noise-reductionheadset. The RCSD is fully ruggedized for use in harsh military environments, qualified to meet MIL-STD-810 environmental requirements and MIL-STD-461 EMC requirements. The keypad is large enough to operate the radio with gloves. Backlight OFF and MUTE functions are provided for covert operations. RCSD cables may be quickly disconnected for easy replacementandarefullyimmersiblewhetherattached ordetachedfromtheRCSD.Theextremelylowpower consumption of the RCSD has little effect on the radio battery life. When operating with two radios, the RCSDmaybepoweredbyeitherradio. GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Displays · Batterychargestatus · SRWnetworkstatus · Presetselected · Volumelevel · Keypadlockstatus · BuiltInSelfTest(BIST)status Interfaces · ViaAN/PRC-154Riflemansideconnectorcable 36"ruggedized,shieldedcable Audiosignals Serialradiocontrolinterface USBpassthrough PLGR/DAGRpassthrough

Controls · Keypadsuitableforgloveduse · TalkGroup/AuxRadioselect(supportsupto3talk groups) · PTT(selectedtalkgrouporauxradio) · Rotarytopvolumecontrol · Presetselect · Radiostatus · KeypadandLCDbacklightOn/Off · ALT-KeypadLOCK · ALT-SpeakerMUTE(forcovertops) Physical Specifications · Dimensions: 3.3"Wx3.6"Hx1.2"D · Weight: 9.7ounces Ruggedized to MIL-STD-810F Environmental Requirements · Operationalandstoragetemperature · Humidity · Vibration · Shock--transitdrop · Altitude--operational,storage,anddecompression · Immersion · SaltFog · Rainfall · Solarradiation · Sandanddust · Explosiveatmosphere · Fungus MIL-STD-461E EMC · RE101--RadiatedEmissions,MagneticField · RE102--RadiatedEmissions,ElectricField · CS114--ConductedSusceptibilityforBulkCable Injection · ESD

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