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Quantitative analysis will be applied in the objective of studying international tourist. The interviewing technique and the structured questions interviewing for both specific and open-ended ethnographic questions will be used with 400 foreign tourists who spend their nights in Khao Sarn road and its area. This will be applied to clarify their attitudes and the point of views which will concern to their consuming behaviors. Techniques will also be used based on the observation of the tourists' behaviors. Sample size Population of this study will be referred with the calculating method of Taro Yamane: 1973. According to the population of the study, the statistics of Chanasongkram metro police declares that there is approximately 2,500 international tourists visit Chanasongkram district daily. So, that means there are 75,000 international tourists who visit Chanasongkram district per month. (Information from Chanasongkram Metro Police's Website) Then, referring to the calculating method of Taro Yamane (Taro Yamane: 1973), his formula has been set as follows; n = N 1+Ne2 When n N e = = = Sample size Population size The error of sampling

* This study allows the error of sampling on 0.05 so; the sample size shows as follows;





N 1+N (0.05) 2


75,000 1 + 15,000(0.0025)

= 399

From above calculating, it could be concluded that the totals of sample size is 399 persons. Research area The main location will be on Khao Sarn Road and its close by area. The main streets are Pra-a-thit rd., Chakrapong rd., and Khao Sarn rd. as those are the core areas of low cost tourism where provide variety of affordable accommodations, products and services. However, the other small soi(s) which are linked to the 3 main streets will be included as an observation area accordingly. The related areas of this research are included Khao Sarn Road, Jakkapong Road, Soi. Kienniwas, Krisri Road, Soi. Kai Jae, Bawonniwes Road, Rambuttri Road, Tanow Road and Tani Road respectively. Starting from February, 2006, the information will be gathered by interviewing the international tourists. In the period, 3 months of interviewing and observation there.


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