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Organizational Health Survey

Entec Corporation



Organizational Culture

The Organizational Health Survey is used to improve employees' working experiencing and thereby increasing their satisfaction, motivation, commitment and performance.

Needs Assessment Validity/Reliability Evaluation Conducted Cost Proprietary Organizational Culture Paper Access Online Access Made in Canada French Medium Completion Time

Tool Construction

4 sections, which include the following topics: My Department; My Manager; Corporate Practices and Policies; and Mission and Values. There are also 3 open-ended questions.

Contact Information

Michael Koscec President Entec Corporation 283 Danforth Avenue Suite 318 Toronto, ON M4K 1N2 Canada Toll Free: 1-888-858-8174

Employee Completion External Implementation


Comprehensive Workplace Health Promotion


Current Status: Developed:

Active 1996

Adapted From/Built On:



Intended Sectors/Sizes of Workplaces

Not size or sector specific.

Intended Users

All employees are encouraged to complete the survey.

Known Users

ACT Canada Inc.; Almag Aluminum; Atlantic Blue Cross Care; ATC Frost Magnetics; Guelph Hydro; Hamilton Community Care Access Centre; International SEMATECH (Austin Texas); Laser Networks; London Hydro; Novopharm; Scarborough Hydro (now part of Toronto Hydro); Soft Signs Inc.; The Hospital for Sick Kids Foundation.


A. Process

Who is Involved

1. Implemented by

Entec, with the help and support of the workplace.

2. Workplace staff involvement

Individuals (everybody in the workplace, from top to bottom) are involved at the post-survey action planning and implementation phases (such as the implementation planning workshops).

Recommended and Promising Practices For Situational Assessment Tools


Organizational Health Survey cont'd

3. Workplace leader involvement

Senior managers review the tool and provide minor amendments to the wording to ensure the tool reflects the nuances of their business. They are also involved in the pre-survey communication process through discussions with their staff to ensure that there is complete understanding and opportunity for questions to be answered regarding the survey, the process and the outcomes. Entec always obtains senior management commitment for follow up action. Commitment is secured in writing. Entec will not implement the survey if there is no commitment before starting.

4. Collaborative aspects

Only the client organization is involved. If there is a union, the union is brought into the process at the very beginning to ensure that they are a partner in the project.

Time Involved

1. Time to complete tool

Under 10 minutes per employee.

2. Time from distribution to presentation of results

Typically between 8-12 weeks.

3. Recommended implementation cycle

Either annually or every two years.

Analysis Involved

1. Analysis completed by

In-house: External: No Yes

Entec completes all analysis.

2. Process to analyze

Electronic: Yes Manual: Yes

Entec scans paper copies of the completed surveys using high speed scanners. For online copies, the internet survey data drops into the database automatically and all of the data is analyzed electronically. Both custom software and SPSS are used to prepare the statistical reports.

3. Time to analyze

Four weeks.

4. Outcome of analysis

Statistical reports are generated by a research analyst based on specific instructions for the project. A professional consultant with expertise in organizational development, strategic management and leadership prepares the survey report. Reports are prepared that provide results by job levels and job functions. For example, in a


Comprehensive Workplace Health Promotion

hospital, this type of analysis will provide data for different levels of managers, various union groups (Ontario Nurses Association - ONA, Service Employee International Union - SEIU) non-union positions, part-time, fulltime etc., as well as by all the divisions and departments. This type of analysis is provided for every organization and it reflects their unique job level or job function structure. Reports are generated to provide data starting from the top and than layered down the organization to the individual work units. For example, a report will show the results for an individual Vice President (i.e. his or her total group) than for each Director in that group cascading down to Managers and Supervisors, while maintaining confidentiality.

B. Economics

Total Cost: No information available. Cost per unit/respondent: No information available. Workplace Resources Used

Printing of survey when administered on paper and time given to employees to complete survey.

C. Other Considerations

Supports for Implementation (materials and training)

Not applicable. Entec implements all steps.


Tool can be slightly modified to reflect the nuances of the workplace.

Skills required to implement, and to analyze and report

For implementation, not applicable. Entec completes all steps. For analysis and reporting, not applicable. Entec completes all steps.

Languages: English, French Tested for Cultural Appropriateness: No Tested for literacy level: No

D. Access

Packaged, ready-to-use: Yes How to access

Contact Entec Corporation (See contact information above).

Restrictions or conditions of access or use

The tool is copyrighted. As well, senior management of a workplace must commit to follow up implementation.

Recommended and Promising Practices For Situational Assessment Tools


Organizational Health Survey cont'd



Reliability and Validity

Validity: No

Entec conducted testing where the survey results were compared to the performance of the organization, however no formal validity testing was done. For example, Entec surveyed three electric utilities of similar size and similar customer profile (ratio of residential to business customers). There was a direct correlation between the survey results and the financial performance of each utility. It was evaluated as a whole, rather than question by question. Reliability: Yes The reliability testing was conducted by the Research Services Unit at Georgian College. Entec waited to conduct the reliability testing until they had a large employee number. This was done two years later by the Research Services Unit at Georgian College with a client of 3,500 employees. There was a paper written on three utilities and presented at the American Water Works Association (an association of water and electric utilities) Annual Conference in Chicago in 1998.

Formative Testing

Pilot testing: Yes

Consultations: No information available. Focus Groups: Yes All of the testing was conducted during the development stage. This comprised a rigorous process that included focus groups, modeling, followed by focus groups, testing, pilots and then introduction into the market.

Process Evaluation

Response rates have been between 82%-95% and where the surveys were repeated in an organization in subsequent years the response rates were always higher than in the preceding years. Due to these very high response rates it was determined that process evaluation was not necessary.


Theoretical Underpinnings

The team of experts and academics came up with the model. The model initially started out as an organizational health model, based on leadership behavioural research and basic organizational development principles.


Comprehensive Workplace Health Promotion



This is an excellent tool to assess organizational culture. Questions are concise and straightforward. There is evidence of a high response rate with this survey (averaging 82% to 95%). There are several pre-scripted, pre-implementation communication messages that are available for organizations to use. Directions for implementation are easy to follow and self-explanatory. There is also a requirement for commitment by senior administration to enter into an agreement with Entec that ensures follow-up mechanisms and strategies are part of the actual plan.


The link to a comprehensive wellness strategy is not well defined. There has been no formal review of the survey for literacy and cultural appropriateness.

General Comments

No comments provided.

Recommended and Promising Practices For Situational Assessment Tools




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