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A Basic Space Planning Matrix

What is a Space Planning Matrix? A space planning matrix is a tool used to identify the space requirements for a businesses needs. While these matrices can be very involved and include information such as communications, furniture, specialty equipment, etc, the basic matrix has three parts: area name, the area use, and the approximate size.

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How Should This Space Planning Matrix Be Used? This is a simple space planning matrix that can be used as a starting point for identifying the area requirements for a business. It can be used before a space is acquired so real estate agents can show properties appropriate to the business or as a tool to redesign a current location or as a starting and talking point for the design professional to begin the planning process. Guide to the Planning Matrix Headings AREA NAME: Such as: "Office', "Lab", "Warehouse" USE: Such as: "Marketing", "Glass Repair", "High Security Storage" APPROXIMATE SIZE: Either as an area (100 ft2) or as a size (10`x10') AREA NAME USE APPROXIMATE SIZE

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Space Panning Matrix

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