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Theatre Training Initiative

WORKSHOPS at the Courtyard Theatre, N1

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Sat 19 - 20 Sep, 10am ­ 5pm, £95 / £85 conc.

Sat 31 Oct ­ Sun 1 Nov, 10 ­ 5pm, £95 / £85 conc.

London Butoh Festival


Photo: Naritada Takahashi

Yuko Kawamoto, artistic director of Shinonome Butoh, Tokyo, performed with Yukio Waguri, one of Hijikata's dancers and her work has emerged in direct dialogue with the origins of Butoh. Her workshops explore its deep, imagistic and transformational processes. Fran Barbe studied Butoh in Australia and Japan, before settling in Europe and joining Tadashi Endo's company. She combines Butoh with western dance, and theatre to produce a highly visceral performance aesthetic and a training system that balances imaginative and technical virtuosity. This joint workshop offers insight into their distinctive approaches and shares the results of their recent collaboration.

Ephia studied ritual dance in Ghana, Java and Bali, and Butoh with Min Tanaka, Kazuo and Yoshito Ohno, and Akira Kasai as well as with the late Anzu Furukawa, performing in her final production, GOYA: La Quinta del Sordo. She co-founded Djalma Primordial Science in 1998 and later began a collaboration with marionnettist Alexandra Vuillet, continuing her research Photo: Yekaterina Yushimnaova into `animating the inanimate', and shadow theatre. Her rigorous warm-ups unleash the body's energy and move this charge through the group before continuing with solo, partner, and group exercises exploring the relation of body and object.


Photo: Gigi Giannella

Sat 14 ­ Sun 15 Nov, 12 ­ 5pm, £85 / £75 conc.


Sat 3 ­ Sun 4 Oct, 12 ­ 5pm, £85 / £75 conc.

Stuart Lynch, director and choreographer based in Copenhagen, presents the Bodyweather training system which explores the relationship between movement and communication. Sometimes technical and exacting, sometimes freeand fun, Bodyweather investigates the body-self image and as such is often used as training for Butoh. It originated from `Body Weather' created by Min Tanaka, with whom Lynch worked from 1989 to 1992. Aimed at dance and movement practitioners, the workshop is open to anyone exploring the body. See `SCREENINGS & TALKS' for information on Stuart's talk on Sat 3rd October.

Tadashi is Director of the Butoh-Center MAMU and the Butoh-Festival MAMU in Göttingen, Germany. In 1989 he met Kazuo Ohno, forming a deep working relationship. His work draws on aspects of Noh theatre, Kabuki and Butoh, as well as Occidental theatre, which he studied at the Max-Reinhard-Seminar in Vienna. In synthesising worldwide traditions, he transcends boundaries, although Butoh continues to be the visible starting point of his movement. His extraordinary dances use the suggestive power of concentrated movement phrases to explore life's cycles. See `SCREENINGS & TALKS for Tadashi's screening on Sat 14th November.


Photo: Giuseppe Frusteri


Sat 17 ­ Sun 18 Oct, 12 ­ 5pm, £85 / £75 conc.


£15 per session (bookable separately) or £5 when booking a workshop on the same weekend.

Festival Director, Fran Barbe, explores a series of seminal butoh exercises offered as an introduction to those new to Butoh, or as a warm-up for anyone attending the afternoon workshops.

Photo: John Collingswood

`Developing the art of live performance through challenging practice'

Yumiko was a member of ARIADONE with Carlotta Ikeda and Ko Murobushi. Their 1978 performance "Le Dernier Eden" in Paris was Europe's first ever Butoh performance. After creating `Tatoeba: Theatre Danse Grotesque' she later co-founded her current company `TEN PEN CHii art labor' in 1995 with visual artist, Joachim Manger. Their work researches the interactivity between dance, space, and visual art, producing spectacular events on huge installations.

Saturdays 3 Oct, 17 Oct & 14 Nov, 10am ­ 11.30 am

Theatre, Bowling Green Walk,

40 Pitfield Street, London N1 6EU Nearest tube: Old St (3 mins)

The White Room, The Courtyard

Workshop Venue


These events are held at: Clore Management Centre Birkbeck, University of London 25-27 Torrington Square, London WC1E 7JL Weblink for a map: All events are free to attend, but booking is essential. Email : [email protected] to reserve a place.


Sat 14 Nov, 7pm - FREE SCREENING

Tadashi Endo introduces rare footage of works shown at the festival since its inception in 1992. Excerpts will include work such as Kazuo Ohno's Admiring la Argentina, Yumiko Yoshioka's IKI, Tadashi Endo, Urara Kusanagi, and Ko Murobushi in MAMUISH, Carlotta Ikeda's UTT, Anzu Furukawa's Crocodile Time, Mitsutaka Ishii's MU Dance I, and Tadashi Endo's MA. Following the screening, there will be a Q&A session with Tadashi, and a chance to purchase a signed copy of his beautiful new photo book `Tadashi Endo's Dance'.

Workshop Bookings

(£1.50 booking fee applies) or `SEE' Tickets +44 (0)870 163 0717


Fri 18 Sep, 7pm - FREE SCREENING

A rare chance to see excerpts from such early, seminal Butoh works as "A Story of Smallpox" and "Rebellion of the Body". There will be an introduction by Mr Takashi Morishita, archivist and researcher at the Hijikata Tatsumi archive at the Art Centre of Keio University (Tokyo), who has been involved with Butoh and Hijikata's studio Asbestos-kan since the 1970s.

Photo: Udo Rzadkowski

Butoh materials including Books and DVDs will be available at all festival events.

London Butoh Festival

Artistic Director: Executive Producer: Supported by: Frances Barbe Melanie Wynyard


Sat 3rd Oct, 7pm - FREE TALK

This talk introduces aspects of the dance form Butoh, and the body mind method Bodyweather. Stuart investigates the similarities and differences between both practices in terms of their aesthetics, histories and philosophies. It addresses some of the problematics and possibilities they provoke. Both a creative artist, teacher and accredited coach, Stuart offers a fascinating and highly informed perspective from both an artistic and educational viewpoint. As a chorographer he applies Butoh to contemporary dance as a technique stripped of its aesthetic and as a teacher and coach he continues to research the possibilities of Bodyweather within the contexts of art studies, occupational therapy, psychotherapy, sports psychology and other related areas. Brochure design: Zep



A collaborative residency between Yuko Kawamoto and Fran Barbe takes place at `[email protected] Clarence Mews' throughout September 2009. A research presentation sharing their work takes place at the University of Kent in Canterbury on 25th September 2009. Email [email protected] for information. Community outreach work includes Butoh workshops for William Morris Sixth Form College in Hammersmith and Monday Moves, the visually impaired dance group at Royal Opera House.

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