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Americ Disc Addendum

Delivery Note: All Items Are To Be Removed Or Removal Arrangements Are to Be Made No Later Than July 27th , 2007. Please Contact Brandon Girard at 203-6876443 To Schedule All Removals. Lot:



Makita Model 9505BH 5'' Disk Grinder, One Lot of Miscellaneous Bearing Pullers, Various Size, Please Inspect (4) Hovaire 2,500 LBS Capacity Pneumatic Moving Dollies Complete with Remote Air Distribution Controller (2) Rol-A-Lift 3000 Lbs Capacity Out of Sale 14" Abrasive Cut-Off Saw Out of Sale Out of Sale Fender Passport PD-150 Sound System Out of Sale Out of Sale Out of Sale Out of Sale Sony Model DMR-4000 Digital Mastering Recorder Sony Model DMR-4000 Digital Mastering Recorder Out of Sale MetOne Model A2400 Laser Particle Counter (10) Skids of Misc Computers, Monitors and Printers Please Inspect Lumonics Lightwriter CO2 Laser Complete with Power Supply and Computer Controller 37.4mm x 138mm Stamper Die Set 37.4mm x 138mm Stamper Die Set 36mm x 138mm Stamper Die Set 36mm x 138mm Stamper Die Set 34mm x 138mm Stamper Die Set Misc Stamper Dies Various Size Please Inspect (1) Equipto 5-Drawer Small Parts Storage Cabinet Out of Sale Out of Sale Advantage Sentra Model S-925-21C1X Temperature Controller With Digital Readout Axxicon CD Replication Mold (3) CD Replication Mold Carts and Contents of Misc Spare Mold Mirrors, Ejector Pins and Rings Misc Conair Franklin Vacuum Loader Parts Out of Sale Out of Sale (3) Stainless Steel 2-Shelf Carts, (2) 55 Gallon Drum Dollies, (1) 2 Shelf Steel Cart 4-Wheel Refrigerated Dolly, (1) 1-Ton Chain Fall (Qty) of 10 ­ 30 Gallon Trash Cans Liconix Model 4240 PS Laser Power Source Liconix Model 4240 PS Laser Power Source Liconix Model 4240 PS Laser Power Source One Lot of (2) Blak-Ray Long Wave Ultra Violet Portable Lamps


12A 12B 14 23 60 66 94 117 119 154 155 180 181 203 228 266 308A 312A 312B 312C 312D 312E 312F 322A 324 325 457 462K ­ 462O 426P 462Q ­ 462R 462S 517 518 563A 579 626A 717A 717B 717C 768


779B 779C 779D

794 808 816A 816B 816C 816D 816D 816F 821 837 855A 855B 858A 975 989A 989B


992B 992C Please Note:

Emerson Model PCM11 Positioning Drive, (2) Parker Digiplan PK3/115V Stepping Motor Drivers, (5) Parker Compumotor SXB-Drive Motor Drives, GE Fanuc PLC Controller and Cart EIT MicroCure MC-2 Radiometer w/ MicroCure DataReader Majectech pocket Surf III Rz Meter w/ Federal Calsurf Roughness Standard Cloudy Day Continuous Diffuse Illuminator w/ Donpisha 3CCD Color Closed Circuit Camera, (1) Diffuse Illuminator w/ CCD Camera, (2) Sony DC-77RR Camera Adapters, (1) Fostec Fiber Optic Illuminator Out of Sale Helix Technology Corp. Model CTI-Cryogenics 8200 Cryo Compressor (1) Perkins Elmer Lambda II UV/VIS Spectrophotometer Model BL120V Advantest Optical Actuator Test Head TQ88091 Acer Model AC1711 17" LCD Flat Panel Monitor Systemax 15" LCD Flat Panel Monitor Hewlett Packard 1000 Series LaserJet Laser Printer, (1) Hewlett Packard 1018 Series LaserJet Laser Printer (2) Road Cases Out Of Sale Manufacturing Techniques Pneumatic Sleever Rena L326 Label Counter Complete with Unwinder Label-aire Model 2115CD Spine Labeler w/ Side Mount and Pedestal Stands (1) Labeler Stand Complete with Conveyor and (1) Hytrol 60" x 24" Conveyor Out of Sale (1) LabelMate UCAT-2 Heavy Duty Unwinder, (1) LabelMate CAT-2 Heavy Duty Rewinder (2) Intermec 3400 Thermal Label Printers, (1) Intermec 4400 Thermal Label Printers, (1) Zebra 170 Xi III Thermal Label Printers, (1) Zebra 140 Xi III Thermal Label Printers, (1) Zebra 105S Thermal Label Printers, 3Com NBX-100 Phone System Complete w/ (1) 3Com 3C10110 NBX Call Processor, (2) 3Com Model 3C10114 NBX 4 Port Analog Line Cards, (8) 3Com Model 655000803 47 Button Handsets Neopost Model SM94 Mailing Machine w/ Model 8854 Interface, (1) Neopost 9419 Power Stacker, (1) Neopost SE37 Rate Scale Identicard Badge Making System

th th All Pallet Racking To Be Sold Late Delivery August 10 and Needs To Be Removed by August 17


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