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Mayer, who still lives in Toronto, taught himself to paint at the age of 73. In 1990, he began to paint with acrylic on canvas everything he could remember about his hometown and his childhood there. As Mayer has written, "The places I remember exist no more. They are only in my head, and if I die they will disappear with me. I paint these scenes as I remember them as a little boy looking through the window."

FALL 2008

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The Breman's 2008-09 special exhibition season Offers

Art, Courage and memories of the Past


s the end of the year approaches, we are getting ready to send our long-anticipated, finally-realized original exhibition, Seeking Justice: The Leo Frank Case Revisited, on the road! It closes at The Breman on December 31, 2008, and opens in New York at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Battery Park on March 30, 2009, and will remain there through September 7, 2009. We'll keep you posted on its travel schedule after that. So, in answer to the much asked question, "What are you doing next?," we have scheduled the rest of our 2008­2009 Special Exhibition Season, to be displayed in the Marlene J. and William A. Schwartz Gallery. We believe we have a compelling mix of prolific folk painting, poignant stories, powerful imagery and personal testimonies. In January, The Breman will present They Called Me Mayer July featuring the paintings of Mayer Kirshenblatt, a "remarkable record--in words and images--of Jewish life in a small Polish town before World War II as seen through the eyes of an inquisitive boy." There were many Mayers in Opatów, or Apt, so to differentiate among them each was given a nickname. Kirshenblatt's was Mayer Tamuz, or literally, "Mayer July." July was the hottest month of the year, so "Mayer Tamuz" implies "Crazy Mayer" because, as he explains, "People get excited when it is hot, and I was an excitable kid."

together each summer to celebrate their lives and remember their pasts. The photographic exhibition, which contains forty-five images, and its accompanying documentar y film captures tightly bonded f riendships and the quest The exhibition text, and the text for inner of the beautiful book produced to peace despite accompany the exhibition, was written haunting by his daughter, Barbara Kirshenblattmemories. As Gimblett, and are the products of the one of them From Last Days at the Four Seasons, interviews Barbara did with her father © Rick Nahmias Photography tells us, "We over a forty-year span, from 1967 to live with the the present. She is a professor of past and the hope for a good future. When you Performance Studies at New York University. compare the good times to the bad, we came out The exhibition was organized by the Magnes winners." Museum in Berkeley, California, and will open at Last Days of the Four Seasons will be paired with The Breman January 18, 2009. It will remain on a smaller exhibition entitled 10 Jews Left. This display through April 5th before traveling to the exhibition, a photographic chronicle of Selma, Jewish Museum in New York and then to the Jewish Alabama's once vibrant Jewish community, was created Historical Museum in Amsterdam. by Selma native, now Atlanta-based, photographer

ast Days of the Four Seasons will be presented in the Schwartz Gallery from April 13 to August 9, 2009. In 1979, one hundred Jews from Germany and Poland, all survivors of the Holocaust, created a sprawling retreat in the Catskill Mountains of New York. The Four Seasons was a place After apapart,where they knew prenticing to no one would flinch "The Cracow Wedding" Purimshpil, from They Called Me Mayer July, an electrician © Meyer Kirshenblatt over hearing stories and a cobbler in about the camps, the Poland, Mayer atrocities, or about those who did not survive. On forty Kirshenblatt left for Canada in 1934 at the age of acres of forest and lawns, they swam, hiked, ate and seventeen. While he lost many members of his family cracked Yiddish jokes without apology. in the Holocaust, he himself escaped living through the horror. Mayer worked in a sweatshop in Toronto, From the darkness of Europe's death camps to painted houses and eventually opened his own wallpa- the lush Catskill Mountains, Last Days captures the per and paint store. He retired in 1977. final season for this community of survivors who came


Jerry Siegel about the demise of his home-town Jewish community.


o round out the year, The Breman is most fortunate to be able to present to you an award-winning exhibition created by the Museum of

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The President of the Board

Dear Friends,

ur critically acclaimed exhibition Seeking Justice has been hailed as the definitive explanation of the trial and lynching of Leo Frank, a significant event in American Jewish history that happened ninety-five years ago. It examines the case itself, the aftermath and the environment that exacerbated the events. I confess that as a boy growing up in Atlanta, my parents rarely mentioned Frank's name, much less the trial, and certainly not the circumstances surrounding his death. In the 1950s, during my college years at Cornell University, Frank's alma mater, a fellow student approached me, "You're from Atlanta? You must know all about Leo Frank!" I was embarrassed to admit ignorance. I made it my duty not only to unravel the "mystery" of Leo Frank, but also to study the prevailing economic and political atmosphere of the South. The result was a paper on Tom Watson, the populist leader and subsequent U.S. senator who fanned the flames of hatred with his virulent antisemitic rhetoric. I also questioned my parents about their knowledge of the case. My mother, who at the time of the case was nine-year-old Helen Elsas, recalled standing horrified on the porch of her family apartment at the corner of Peachtree and Ponce de Leon Avenue in 1915 as thousands of angry citizens sought vengeance on Governor Slaton for commuting Frank's death sentence. Years later my parents became close social friends with members of Frank's defense team. But the veil of silence had descended; it was a topic best left unmentioned.


In the current exhibition, I am intrigued by videotaped interviews with several descendants of Lucille and Leo Frank. They too admit that they were kept equally in the dark. The Breman has now focused a bright light on all of the key players, including the courageous Georgia governor, who sacrificed his political career attempting to right a wrong. The Leo Frank case was largely tried in the press, and The Breman tells the story primarily via original newspapers. But there's more: Frank's baby shoes, as well as his marriage certificate and Cornell diploma; a postcard written by Mary Phagan just days before she was murdered; a scale model of the National Pencil Company building where the crime occurred; a steel door from the Milledgeville prison infirmary where Frank was kidnapped prior to his lynching; plus shocking correspondence plotting the assassination of the governor. This unusual exhibition exemplifies The Breman's mission: to collect and preserve Jewish material culture and to educate individuals about history and culture, thereby promoting mutual respect and understanding. It's all there in a remarkable story on display through 2008. The Breman has a reputation for producing exceptional exhibitions. Many of them are traveling throughout the country to other museums. Next year, Seeking Justice will go to New York. Don't miss it at our Breman Museum! With warmest wishes for a healthy, happy new year,

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Thomas J. asher, President chuck Taylor, Vice President Norman Zoller, Vice President Peter fishman, Treasurer Beth arogeti, secretary

Tom Asher

Tom Asher, President

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The executive Director married to Mary Phagan's second cousin. Margaret Dear Friends: did not have the cash to pay her tab at the bar and

ou all may know about the TV show called "History Detectives" which, in each segment, follows the twists and turns of a story until the conclusion or solution is revealed. We at The Breman continue to feel like detectivbes with every new addition to this 95-year-oild story. After leading a Sunday afternoon tour for a group of history buffs organized by a retired Georgia State professor, Breman Volunteer Museum Educator Doris Goldstein was curious when a young woman on the tour said, "I have something in my car that you may be interested in." From her car, the woman removed a small shoe box, handed it to Doris and said, "Inside this box are Mary Phagan's baby clothes." "Wow!" along with goose bumps was Doris' reaction and the reaction of everyone else who has now heard this story. It turns out that the young woman's grandparents owned a bar in Marietta. A regular customer was a woman named Margaret, who was visit our web site:


the owner never charged her. Years later, as a "thank you" for his earlier kindness, Margaret gave him the baby clothes. They had been kept in the grandparents' home in their original box until this young woman brought them to The Breman. The clothes, in beautiful condition, are being framed in a shadow box and will be on display as part of our Seeking Justice exhibition. If you haven't seen the exhibition, which closes here December 31st and reopens in New York's Battery Park at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in March, come see it! If you have seen it, come back to see this wonderful discovery and poignant addition to our exhibition! L'shanah tovah u'mtukah, Jane D. Leavey, Exeutive Director the breman Community

Jane D. Leavey

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The IdA PeArle And JosePh CubA CoMMunITy ArChIves

what you should know about Louis Cohen (1849-1937)

by Sandra Berman, Archivist banker, a railroad magnate, a public servant and a philanthropist? No, I am not only describing Cornelius Vanderbilt, Andrew Mellon or John D. Rockefeller. The man I am writing about is familiar to few, other than perhaps his descendants, and those well versed in the histories of Sandersville and Washington County, Georgia. However, Louis Cohen was all of the above, and his community involvement helped to improve the lives of the people of central Georgia. The recent donation of the Louis Cohen Family Papers to the Ida Pearle and Joseph Cuba Archives of The Breman will ensure that his numerous contributions are remembered. Born in Germany in 1849, Louis Cohen immigrated with his parents to Georgia in 1852. Louis was raised in Americus, then moved to Sandersville in 1877, where he established a general merchandise business.


Railway, and served as its president. This threemile short-line railroad is still in existence, providing excellent freight service to Washington County. Louis Cohen was elected mayor of Sandersville in Louis Cohen, far right, Sandersville, c. 1891. 1887 and served several terms. It is believed that Cohen was the first Jew elected to that office in Georgia.


Bank note from the Cohen National Bank of Sandersville featuring a picture of Louis Cohen's daughters.

few months ago, State of Georgia Project Coordinator Ruth Einstein and I were discussing Louis Cohen, and we were stumped as to how to go about locating the descendants of such an intriguing personage. Serendipitously, I received a telephone call later that day from Davie Lemer Davis, who turned out to be the greatgranddaughter of Cohen! The mystery was solved! Davie is a high school friend of Breman Volunteer Museum Educator, Judy Cohen, who had encouraged her to The not-too-shabby Cohen family home in Sandersville. call the museum to discuss the disposition of her family's papers. Davie donated this marvelous collection to The Breman Museum, and the rest is history!

In 1887, in partnership with Morris Happ, he established a bank, which later became the Banking House of Louis Cohen. Described as "a conspicuous and worthy representative of that class of American citizens, native-born and naturalized, who have done so much toward the rehabilitation of the south and developing her magnificent possibilities," Cohen led the campaign for the construction of the Sandersville and Tennille

new Accessions at The Breman's Cuba Archives

In addition to the Louis Cohen Family Papers, The Breman has also accessioned other noteworthy collections and objects:

Norris Candy Company Sign

On a recent trip to the Scott's Antique Market I was rewarded with the rare find of a metal sign from the Norris Candy Company. Norris was founded in 1910 by brothers Max, Frank and William Lowenstein, with partner A.L. Norris, and became one of the largest candy manufacturers in the country. The company was known for its artistic box designs created by Frank Lowenstein. The boxes can often be found on eBay or at antique stores. The metal sign, however, is a rarity among collectibles. It would have originally been found hanging from a store window or in a display case selling the Norris brand of candies in the early part of the 20th century. new acquisitions to the Archives are supported by the rae Alice and Bernard Cohen memorial endowment Fund, given with love by their children, Alan & Pam Cohen; Dayl Cohen; Dr. Perry Cohen & mrs. rosalie mandelbaum visit our web site:

Rabbi Nathan Katz Family Papers

Rabbi Nathan Katz was born in Kiev in 1906. He immigrated with his family to America in 1922 and settled in New York. Katz moved to Atlanta in 1938, and in 1952 he assumed the pulpit as a volunteer rabbi at Anshi Sfard, a small Orthodox congregation that has been located in the Morningside neighborhood in Atlanta for over fifty years. Rabbi Katz's daughter, Reva Katz, who lives in Alaska, recently donated his papers to The Breman because she wanted her father to be remembered in the city which was his home for so many decades. The collection contains correspondence and sermons in both Yiddish and English. Of special interest is the sermon written by Rabbi Katz in 1948, on his tenth anniversary of living in Atlanta. The sermon, entitled "My First Impression of Atlanta, Georgia" recounts Rabbi Katz's fears as he navigated through the complicated and unfamiliar rules governing the Jim Crow South of the 1950s. He wrote: "When I arrived to Atlanta, I was very scared because I saw that even on the train going there, it was negro discrimination, and that a white person, male or female, wasn't allowed to stay in the same car, and when I saw that at the Atlanta Terminal Station there are separate waiting rooms, and also separate water fountains to drink with signs on each one `For Whites Only' `For Colored Only,' I was afraid, I might make a mistake, from habit of New York, where discrimination against negroes don't exist, and they will put me in jail." the breman Community


gift From stanley srochi will allow The southern israelite to be indexed

need to be threaded through the reader, then scoured in the hopes of finding that one illusive article. The index will allow users to access back issues of the paper by typing in a key word, in much the same way as researching back issues of the Atlanta JournalConstitution and New York Times is accomplished. Access to the index will be available through the websites of The Breman Museum and the Digital Library of Georgia. This index will offer new research opportunities for academics, genealogists and the general public wishing to explore and discover the past through the articles and photographs printed in the pages of the Southern Israelite.

hanks to the generosity of Stanley Srochi, The Breman Museum, in partnership with the Digital Library of Georgia at the University of Georgia, will index the Southern Israelite newspaper, dated 1929 to 1983. The Southern Israelite, which was published in Atlanta following a four-year stint in Augusta, covered all of the newsworthy events of the Southeast. Just one page of the Southern Israelite reveals so much: social engagements, births, deaths and marriages, human interest stories and current events were all reported. Presently, researching the Southern Israelite is a frustrating experience. Reels and reels of microfilm


Voices from the Past

he oral history collection at The Breman's Cuba Archives is full of hidden treasures ­ interviews with prominent Jewish Atlantans, interviews with Holocaust survivors, and many interviews with Jews who grew up in small towns in Georgia. But all these voices were locked away ­ technological changes made playing old audio cassette tapes difficult, and the passage of time causes their deterioration. But we live in the information age! Students from the Georgia Institute of Technology Computer Design program have created a computer player for digitized versions of archived tapes and transcripts. Georgia Tech seniors Beth York, Scott Ehardt, Kia Thomas and Daniel Vargas were required to implement a design project to show what they had learned. The students were looking for something that would be both interesting and rewarding. Although they had never heard of any of the interview subjects (only Beth was born in Atlanta; Kia is from Tortola in the British Virgin Islands; Scott is from Houston, Texas; and Daniel was born in Bogota, Colombia), the opportunity to design a project that would actually be used by an interested audience appealed to them after years of theory. Beginning in January, the students met with Sandy Berman and Ruth Einstein, and with Peggy Freedman, of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Georgia. The students asked questions about the material in the archives, and the goal for making it available to users. After researching various content management systems and designing the computer interface, they worked hard to put it all together. Peggy Freedman helped to coordinate the project and acted as liaison between the students and the museum. This Oral History Browser system allows visitors to listen to interviews, read the transcripts while listening, and search the interviews by every word. The completed application is now available in the Breman library, although many oral histories are still to be uploaded and transcripts are in the process of being digitized. However, if you are interested in listening to some of these voices from the past, please contact Ruth Einstein at 678-222-3732 or [email protected] to set up an appointment and to make sure that your requested oral history is in the system.

Stanley Srochi and Breman Archivist Sandy Berman, taking a look at the bound volumes of the Southern Israelite waiting to be indexed.

Georgia Tech Computer Design students (left to right): Beth York, Scott Ehardt, Kia Thomas and Daniel Vargas.

The Cuba Archives and the Esther & Herbert Taylor Oral History Project are supported in part by: Elaine & Miles Alexander and Family · Judith & Elliott Cohen The Rae Alice and Bernard Cohen Memorial Endowment Fund Laura & Marshall Dinerman · Joan & George Goldman The Lyons and Jo Heyman Family Foundation Institute of Museum and Library Services Jewish Federation of Columbus, Georgia Madeline & Herbert Shessel · Judith & Mark Taylor

Every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of this listing. We apologize for any errors or omissions.

Save the Date

Yom HaShoah Holocaust Remembrance Day

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Annual Atlanta Jewish Community Commemoration 10:30 a.m. at the Memorial to the Six Million greenwood Cemetery, rain or shine

the breman Community

Teaching the Leo Frank Case

by Sally N. Levine, Specialist for Teacher and Curriculum Development n Thursday, June 12, 2008, I was pleased to present a course entitled "Teaching the Leo Frank Case" to twenty local educators. The course afforded these educators the opportunity to review and evaluate materials and strategies for teaching about the case and its social and historical context. Through scholarly lectures, first person accounts, primary sources from The Breman's Ida Pearle and Joseph Cuba Archives, films and photographs, readings and discussions, teachers were provided with the background necessary to teach about Leo Frank in the context of world history, American history and Georgia history. The course content was closely aligned with state standards for the teaching of language arts and social studies. Areas addressed in the workshop included: · Preparing a timeline of the case and its aftermath · Determining the significance of the case today · Developing a working vocabulary related to the Leo Frank Case ·



· · · · ·

· Learning about the history of lynching and the noose as a symbol of hate today

participant wrote, "The workshop broadened my understanding of the complexities of the case and helped me to see the relevance to events and issues Understanding the historical context of the today." Another participant realized that "we have case, including Reconstruction in Georgia, the much work to do in identifying bias and prejudice Cotton States International Exposition, the in America and the world." "Helping students learn vision of the New South, and the Atlanta race empathy and realize how riots of 1906 easily hate can corrupt," we have much work to do in will be the goal of another Learning about the lives of the identifying bias and prejudice in educator. protagonists in America and the world. the case ecognizing that a museum tells its Examining the lyrics stories through primary sources, a teacher commented of "The Ballad of Mary Phagan" that "being able to see the documents and artifacts Evaluating the role of the press in the outcome helped me to reconstruct the story." Other comments of the trial and subsequent events included these: "Please continue to be a resource of information"; "I will be bringing my students to Understanding the role of scapegoats the museum"; "Continue to offer hands-on, relevant Investigating the conspiracy: the abduction and courses"; "I love The Breman and every class I've taken lynching of Leo Frank here has been outstanding." Reviewing famous quotes about the case We're proud that teachers clearly came away from


Teachers who completed the one-day course anticipate that the presentations and pedagogical approaches will be useful in their classrooms. One

the workshop with an appreciation of the work and broad educational underpinnings of The Breman and its exhibitions.

Teacher's guide to Accompany Seeking Justice: The Leo Frank Case Revisited


eeking Justice: The Leo Frank Case Revisited is an exhibition designed to tell the story of Leo M. Frank in the context of a newly industrializing South ­ a South experiencing extraordinary economic, political and social change. As a Jewish heritage museum located in Atlanta, it is imperative that The Breman preserve this history and present this exhibition in order to demonstrate the profound and enduring effect of hate, high level conspiracy, and the failure of justice.

judicial system and its effect on due process are part of a national conversation. Although it is an Atlanta story, a southern story, the issues it raises are universal. The exhibition presents the history of the Leo Frank case by setting the events in the context of the New South. This period of upheaval, of the transition from the agrarian society of pre-Civil War Georgia to an economy more reliant on manufacturing, created new problems for a section of the country already reeling from enormous human and financial losses.

need for capital in the South; the pursuit of yellow journalism; and long-held sectional, racial and religious prejudices all served to set the stage for the twists and turns of the trial.


guide is being created to assist teachers in addressing these issues in their classrooms. Readings, questions for discussion and student activities are based on the history of the case and the artifacts and documents in the exhibit. The guide also raises contemporary issues related to the themes of the case. This teacher's guide will travel with the exhibition to New York's Museum of Jewish Heritage and beyond after its departure from Atlanta at the end of the year. The fundamental goal of the exhibition and classroom activities is to address the role of citizenship as well as individual and collective ethical responsibility; the need to embrace diversity; the strengths and weaknesses of our judicial and democratic systems; and the importance of community. This exhibition and teacher's guide are designed to inspire students to examine their own beliefs, actions and responsibilities as they relate to individuals and their community. For information regarding this teacher's guide please contact Sally N. Levine, Specialist for Teacher and Curriculum Development, at [email protected]

The story of the Leo Frank Case is a story of an outsider, Lynching of an unidentified black man in Marietta, Georgia, c.1910. a Jew and a northerner; it In Georgia alone there were 81 lynching incidents between 188 and 190 that Changes is a story of the claimed a total of 8 victims, of whom were black. Georgia was second only in social and to Mississippi as the state with the highest number of recorded lynchings. influence of the economic stapress, and the tus; an influx results of the racial and religious prejudices of the of rural families, as well as African Americans and time and place; it is a story of the power of vengeance. European immigrants into the cities; the arrival of The lasting impact it has had on the American carpetbaggers from the North, eager to exploit the visit our web site:

the breman Community

The Breman's 2008-2009 special exhibition season

Jewish Heritage in New York, Ours to Fight For: American Jews in the Second World War. The exhibition examines experiences in the military and on the home front through personal narratives, artifacts, letters and photographs. America's collective contribution to World War II is only part of the story; Ours to Fight For explores the individual stories of Jewish participants ­ stories of the men and women who heeded their nation's call and, years later as veterans, provided intimate narratives of their experiences. Historians often cite oral history testimony as being subjective and not always factual; yet oral history ­ recorded memory ­ helps us understand the personal impact of war on the men and women who participated in it. Temple Mishkan Israel, Selma, Alabama. It provides us with Ten Jews Left. Jerry Siegel, photographer / Susan Todd-Raque, curator the details and the emotions not found in more traditional sources, such as archives or official documents. The testimonies of these veterans provide the "voice" of the exhibition and, when taken together, give us a compelling record of the war. For the memoirists, they are indelible impressions of extraordinary events.

continued from page 1

The history conveyed in this exhibition is strongly connected to that of one of The Breman's signature exhibitions, Absence of Humanity: The Holocaust Years. As Robert M. Morgenthau, chair of the Museum of Jewish Heritage at the time Ours to Fight For was created commented, "...those who survived the Holocaust would not be able to tell their story if it had not been for the men and women who served." In anticipation of presenting this exhibition to Atlantans and, indeed, to all Georgians, The Breman is collecting the memories and stories of those in our community who felt the call of duty, honor and loyalty to this country and who served overseas or at home.

Philip Topial after graduating primary aviation training at Thunderbird Field in Arizona, from Ours to Fight For © Museum of Jewish Heritage

If you wish to share your story or that of a family member, photographs, letters or artifacts that may become a part of The Breman's celebration of the men and women that Tom Brokaw has called "The Greatest Generation," please contact Breman Archivist Sandy Berman at 404/870-1862 or [email protected]

The JewIsh geneAlogy soCIeTy oF georgIA

howard margol receives Lifetime Achievement Award at international Jewish genealogy Conference

by Peggy Freedman, Jewish Genealogy Society of Georgia


hen Howard Margol returned from his first trip to Lithuania and decided to become involved with organized Jewish Genealogy, he volunteered to be program chairman of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Georgia. The meetings and beginner classes that he planned brought in members from all over Georgia. He was president of our society from 1995 until 1997.

In addition to making archival records available and conducting tours, Howard has written extensively on genealogy related topics for Avotaynu and other publications and newsletters. He has shared his knowledge and expertise by speaking frequently before many Jewish genealogical societies, at international conferences, and for many other organizations. This summer, at the 28th International Conference on Jewish Genealogy in Chicago, Howard Margol received the Lifetime Achievement Award for his leadership, his dedicated efforts to researching and educating about Jewish genealogy and for his commitment to strengthening the ties that bind the generations of Litvaks, Lithuanian Jews.

Howard Margol

Mazel tov, Howard!

Howard began attending annual Jewish genealogy conferences in 1995, and applied his skills in organizing and speaking to both the The International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (then called the Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies) and the special interest groups within the organization. Howard served on the Board of the IAJGS for nine years, including two years as president. He has been active in records acquisitions for LitvakSIG (the Litvak Special Interest Group, dedicated to preserving Jewish Lithuanian heritage) and BelarusSIG for a number of years. Howard became president of LitvakSIG in 2006 and increased membership in the organization from 118 to 470 members. Over 100,000 records were added to the All Lithuania Database during his tenure. Howard has also planned and led fifteen genealogical tours to Lithuania, assisting hundreds of genealogists with family roots in Lithuania and surrounding countries to visit places of Jewish interest, archives, and their families' shtetlach (villages).

Digging Up Your Family roots

4 Thursday Evenings, October 16 - November 6 · 7:30 - 9:00 PM

Member Fee: $8.00 (MJCCA and Breman members) Non-Members: $0.00 The Jewish Genealogical Society of Georgia will present a workshop on tracing your family tree. You will learn how to get started, how to search American and international sources for vital, census, and immigration records, and how to put it all together. Learn about newly released archival and Holocaust records. This class will be held in the ORT computer lab at the MJCCA. For more info contact: Beth Goldner at 8.81.09 or [email protected] the breman Community


The Jane Fund

Tribute gifts

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s many of you may know, Jane Leavey, founding executive director of The Breman, celebrated a special birthday on June 28th. In addition to this meaningful personal event, Jane achieved a professional milestone this year: twenty-five years of Jewish community service in Atlanta. Since words and gifts could not begin to adequately express how deeply Jane's family, friends and colleagues treasure her vision, leadership, and wisdom, as well as her time, talents and hugs, a small Jane (2nd from left) and Executive Director of number of individuals decided to Federation, David Sarnat (far right) at the opening launch The Jane Fund, a new speof The Breman Museum in 1996. cial fund designated to be used at the executive director's discretion for fostering the creative process and furthering the mission of The Breman. With only a few individuals initially contributing, the Jane Fund has reached close to $15,000. The Breman Board of Directors and staff are extremely grateful to each donor for their special support of this meaningful and ongoing fund, in which anyone can now participate. For more information, contact Phyllis at 404-870-7684 or [email protected]

Contributors to The Jane Fund as of September 10. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all information; we apologize for any errors.

Judy & Aaron Alembik · Elaine & Miles Alexander · Ellen Arnovitz Eliot Arnovitz · Spring & Tom Asher · Judi Ayal & Gilbert Sherr Lili & Tom Baxter · Sandy & Ozzie Berman · Lois Blonder Penny Bowman · Elinor R. Breman · Shirley & Perry Brickman Judith & Elliott Cohen · Sally & Sammy Coolik · Kathy & David Dorough Ruth Einstein · Laurie & Jeffrey Evans · Kathy & Jason Evans Gail H. Evans & Alvin Goldstein · Sharon & Howard Fagin · Clara Feldman Murray & Lynn Friedman · Gloria & Geoff Frisch · Sara Ghitis Cherryl & Eric Goldstein · Leonard Greenstein Beatrice Gruss & Benson Caplan · Demece Harvey Shirley Michalove & Arthur Heyman · Pearlann & Jerry Horowitz Debbie James · Barbara & Alan Kaplan · Julianna & Greg Kaplan Randy & Tom Karsch · Marianna Kaufman & Diana Aléman Marsha & Andre Kessler · Frances & Herbert Kohn Phyllis & Wayne Lazarus · Anna & David Leavey · Bob Leavey Jennifer & Michael Leavey · Susan Leavey & John Chapin Debbie & Anthony Levinson · Jarvin Levison · Murray Lynn Ellen Mazer & Andy Segal · Jackie & Tony Montag · Valerie & Bill Needle Debbie & Lon Neese · Carol & Bob Nemo · Shirley Leder Osterneck Judi & Richard Pawliger · Barbara & Dick Planer · Joan Pressman Pat & Bob Pugrant · Karen & Steve Rakitt · Nicole Ellerine & A.J. Robinson Maxine & Ron Rosen · Dulcy & Jerry Rosenberg · Judy & Joel Schancupp Jane Schiff & Lon Gratz · Ellen & Sandy Schwartz · Joyce & Sonny Shlesinger Marilyn & Josh Shubin · Carla & Arthur Silver · Saba & Victor Silverman Cantor Jill & Herbert Spasser · Helen & Frank Spiegel Margie & George Stern · Judith & Mark Taylor · Bob & Dede Thompson Ronit Walker & Matt Bronfman · Halli Cohn & Rich Warren Margaret & Bill Weiller · Linda & Michael Weinroth Joan & Howard Weinstein · Jennifer Yaffe

John Benator, in memory of Max Benator, from Jacquie & Ben Hirsch Sylvia Benator, in memory of Max Benator, from Jacquie & Ben Hirsch Jane Bick, in memory of Maurice Horowitz, from Kristin Wohlleben Sheila Bleich, in memory of her mother, Esther Sirower, from Jacquie & Ben Hirsch Mr. & Mrs. Allan Bowman & Family, in memory of Allan's father, Harold Bowman, from Janice & Steve Hefter Penny Bowman and Family, in memory of Harold Bowman, from Judi Ayal & Gilbert Sherr, Barbara & Don Backer, the Board & Staff of The Breman, Judy Cohen, Naomi & Chester Gaynes, Donna & Rick Greene, Ruth & Sandy Herman, Jody & Herschel Kahn and Family, Marsha & André Kessler, Frances & Herbert Kohn, Susan & Barry Koretzky, Yukiko & Larry Nyhan, Joan Pressman, Judy & Joel Schancupp, Tosia & Fred Schneider Neal Busch, in memory of his mother, Rose Busch, from Jacquie & Ben Hirsch Mrs. Pauline Cohen & Family, in memory of Dorothy Rosenblum, from Edith Smith Shana Eichel, in memory of her mother, Fela Horszowski, from Oglethorpe Power Corporation In memory of Bill Fields, from Susan & Bobby Kahn Jared Fishman, in memory of his mother, Barbara Fishman, from Judi & Jerry Lerman, Renay Levenson, Dorothy Rosenblum, Judith & Mark Taylor Peter Fishman and Family, in memory of Barbara Fishman, from Jeannine Addams, Jill George, Shelley Howard, Judi & Jerry Lerman, Rita & Michael LeVine, Judi & Ed Neiss, Donna Perry, Brenda & Bill Rothschild, Saba & Victor Silverman Marie Foah & Family, in memory of Luciana Foah, from Lois Blonder In memory of Joe Franco, from Barbara & Dick Planer Mrs. Marlene Frankel and Family, in memory of Sam Frankel, from Harriet Greenblatt, Erna & Larry Martino Chuck Ganz, in memory of his mother, from Saba & Victor Silverman Joan Goldman, in memory of George Goldman, from Constance & Seymour Lavine Cantor Isaac Goodfriend & Family, in memory of Betty Goodfriend, from Judi Ayal & Gilbert Sherr, Dr. & Mrs. Jerry Blumenthal, The Board and Staff of The Breman, Carole & Joel Goldberg, Frances & Herbert Kohn, Jane Schiff & Lon Gratz, Jane & Bob Leavey, Marsha & André Kessler, Erna & Larry Martino, Glenda & David Minkin, Barbara & Richard Planer, Joan Pressman, Anta & Mendel Romm, Betty & Alan Sunshine Kim & Enoch Goodfriend, in memory of Enoch's mother, Betty Goodfriend, from Judi, Ofer & Eran Ayal; The Board and Staff of The Breman; Jane & Bob Leavey; Judy & Joel Schancupp; Linda & Michael Weinroth Dr. Sharon Habif, in memory of her father, Ernest Rapp, from Jacquie & Ben Hirsch Ronnie & Nicki Herman, in memory of Gertrude Herman, from Ben Walker Yvonne & Emil Horesh, in memory of Joseph Horesh, from Marsha & André Kessler Nancy Isenberg, in memory of her mother, from Nancy & Zane Pollard Charlotte Janis, in memory of her mother, Gertrude Herman, from the Board & Staff of The Breman Marilyn & Les Kelman, in memory of Bea Samols, from Eva & Gary Beldick Stan Lefco and Family, in memory of Jane Darling Lefco, from Eva & Gary Beldick, Goldie & Lou Bertone, The Board and Staff of The Breman, Marsha & André Kessler, Linda & Michael Weinroth Bo Lefkoff & Family, in memory of Sam Frankel, from Mark Fishman, Jill & Art George Renay Levenson, in memory of her mother, Dorothy Rosenblum, from Penny Berk, Elizabeth Levine, Nancy & Zane Pollard Ann & Michael Levin, in memory of Flora J. Levin, from Suzanne & Ervin Gerson Mr. R. Loeb & Family, in memory of Michael Loeb, from Mimi & Phil Callner Roselle Raynes, in memory of her husband, Julian Raynes, from Jacquie & Ben Hirsch Harriet Romano, in memory of her mother, Esther Sirower, from Jacquie & Ben Hirsch Arlene Rothstein & Family, in memory of Arlene's father, Jack Pasmanick, from Judi Ayal & Gilbert Sherr Margie Stern, in memory of her mother, Ann Bomes, from Goldie & Lou Bertone, Saba & Victor Silverman, Judith & Mark Taylor Temi Silver & Family, in memory of Rosalind Siegal Bresler, from Carole & Joel Goldberg, Anta & Mendel Romm Gary Unell and Family, in memory of Ruth Unell, from Sam & Gary Alexander, Betty & Alan Sunshine Aviva & Mort Waitzman and Family, in memory of Mort's brother, Harold Waitzman, from the Board and Staff of The Breman, Geraldine Pine and Family Mrs. Carolyn Wasser & Family, in memory of Dick Wasser, from Penny Berk, Henrietta Gilbert, Carole & Joel Goldberg, Anta & Mendel Romm Beryl Weiner & Family, in memory of Irving Weiner, from Elinor Breman, Mimi & Phil Callner Leora Wollner and Family, in memory Harold Bowman, from Barbara & Don Backer; The Board and Staff of The Breman; Brenda & Bill Rothschild; Wendy & Jonathan Rutkoff; Joyce, Jeff, Richard & Mitchell Spielberger


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70th Commemoration of Kristallnacht Sunday, November 9 2008

at The Temple

1589 Peachtree Street, Atlanta

Meet The Breman's Newest Trustees!

Miles Alexander I am co-chairman of the KilpatrickStockton LLP, a 470-lawyer Southeasternbased law firm with offices worldwide. I specialize in all aspects of trademark and unfair competition practice, counsel clients in other intellectual property fields and lecture at numerous Georgia continuing legal education programs in fields of tax, corporations, trademark, antitrust and unfair competition. I am particularly interested in The Breman's on-going process of oral history testimony from individuals throughout the state who share their memories and impressions related to their personal connection to the Georgia Jewish experience. My family and I have created an endowment fund at The Breman to provide annual support for the digitization of these oral history interviews so that the actual voices of the memoirists, in addition to their stories, will be preserved. My wife, Elaine, and I have four children and eleven grandchildren. I have served and continue to serve on a number of non-profit boards, among them the Anti-Defamation League and The Carter Center Board of Councilors and, now, The Breman. Ellen Arnovitz I am the "unofficial archivist" of my extended family and have held this title since I was a child! I have always loved preserving pictures, stories, and memories. A couple of years ago, I completed a family history video "Who Are the Feldmans?" in honor of the second bar mitzvah of my father, Leon Feldman, at the age of 83. At The Breman, you do this for the entire Atlanta Jewish community and beyond. You educate inspire help us to understand our roots and our history so that we have a real sense of who we are as a community and as a people. You also share our story with others, which goes a long way in dealing with antisemitism! I look forward to serving on The Breman Board and being a part of this wonderful museum and the work you do. Tony Montag I am CEO of A Montag & Associates, an investment management firm now run by my wife, Jackie and our sons, Ned and John. I have been in the investment business since 1960 (maybe too long!). I am a member of the Westminster School Endowment Fund Committee and have taught personal finance there to seniors. I have been chair of The Galloway School Board, the Atlanta Speech School Board, and the Families First (a social service agency) Board and have participated in numerous other Atlanta non-profit boards. Jackie and I have four children and fifteen grandchildren, including two step grandkids. I was born in Atlanta, as were my father and grandmother, and grew up in Druid Hills on Oakdale Road, where four Montag families lived at one time. We belong to the Temple, where Jackie served as the first woman president. Joyce Zacks Shlesinger I moved to Atlanta in 1981 to take the position of Director of Development for the Atlanta Symphony. I worked at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra for five years and then retired to continue working on a volunteer basis with many non-profits. My main challenge has been in the area of AIDS, and I am on the board of Aid Atlanta doing fund raising and special events. I have also been involved with The Temple, National Council of Jewish Women, the Winship Cancer Center and the Mental Health Association. I have thirteen grandchildren, five children and have been married to Sonny Shlesinger for 25 years. I look forward to working with The Breman Jewish Heritage and Holocaust Museum in the areas of marketing and membership. Paul Steinfeld Originally from Chicago, I sold my business and moved to Atlanta in 2000 from Knoxville, Tennessee, after having lived there since 1978. While living in Tennessee, I served on the Tennessee Commission for Holocaust Education, a governorappointed position, for three terms. My family endowed the first chair and then the program in Judaic & Religious Studies at the University of Tennessee. In addition to The Breman Board, I serve on The Boards of Directors of the High Museum and the Museum of Design Atlanta, and am a member of the University of Tennessee Development Council. I am also a past chairman of the

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A community-wide commemoration facilitated by The Breman's Volunteer Museum Educators

The program will feature renowned violinist Cecylia Arzewski performing the world premiere of Juan Ramirez's "Elegy for Violin and Piano," written especially for this evening. Ms. Arzewski is the former concertmaster of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and a child of Holocaust survivors from Poland. The program will also feature Dr. David Blumenthal, Jay and Leslie Cohen Professor of Judaic Studies of Emory University, and will include presentations by the Israeli and German consuls, as well as participation by students from a number of public and private schools. PRESENTED BY The Breman Jewish Heritage & Holocaust Museum CO-SPONSORS Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta · Eternal Life Hemshech, Inc Atlanta Jewish Times · American Jewish Committee Anti-Defamation League, Southern Region · Jewish Family & Career Services Kennesaw State University

Event sponsors as of August 31. Every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of all information; we apologize for any errors.

Rita & Albert Baron · Karen & David Birnbrey · Joanne & Eddie Birnbrey Shirlye & Henry Birnbrey · Manuela Bornstein · Shirley & Perry Brickman Frances Bunzl · Miriam & Stephen Cole · Maria Dziewinski Jan & Warren Epstein · Sharon & Howard Fagin · Eve & Joel Goldstein Doris & Marty Goldstein · Rose & Mike Haber Shirley Michalove & Arthur Heyman · Gladys Hirsch Marianna Kaufman & Diana Aléman · Barbara & Richard Kaufman Nancy & Mark Kaufman · Alison & Jeff Kaufman · Marsha & André Kessler Frances & Herbert Kohn · Joyce Lowenstein · Sonia & Murray Lynn Billi & Bernie Marcus · Erna & Larry Martino · Betty & Malcolm Minsk Sheila & Donald Minsk · Debbie & Lon Neese · Melanie & Allan Nelkin Shirley Osterneck · Barbara & Dick Planer · Nancy & Zane Pollard Joan Pressman · Pamela & George Rishfeld · Inge & George Robbins Judy & Shai Robkin · Maxine & Ron Rosen · Judy & Joel Schancupp Tosia & Fred Schneider · Joan Schwartz · Marcia & Michael Schwarz Linda & Steve Selig · Karen Kaufman Senft & Craig Senft Edith & Rubin Silverstein · Barbara & Mathew Sikorski Sylvia & Werner Spiegel · Robin & Mark Spiegel · Helen & Frank Spiegel Anita & Jeff Stein · Margie & George Stern · Betty & Alan Sunshine Rosalind Taranto · Dede & Bob Thompson · Aviva & Mort Waitzman Linda & Michael Weinroth · Suzy Wilner Thank you to all those who have helped support this significant event.

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2009 special exhibitions

In the Marlene J. and William A. Schwartz Special Exhibitions Gallery

They Called Me Mayer July

Mayer Kirshenblatt remembers the world of his childhood in Poland before the Holocaust January 18 ­ April 5, 2009

Through December 31, 2008

Last Days of The Four Seasons & 10 Jews Left

April 12 - June 29, 2009

Ours to Fight For

American Jews in the Second World War August 13 - December 3, 2009

Boy With Herring © Mayer Kirshenblatt

interested in supporting this exciting special exhibition season? Contact ellen mazer at [email protected] or 678-222-3742.

© Rick Nahmias Photography, from Last Days of The Four Seasons

© Jerry Siegel, from 10 Jews Left

Programs & events


Jews in A ChAnging sOUTh November 1­3, 2008. Hosted by Emory University's Tam Institute for Jewish Studies SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 1 ~ AN EVENING AT THE BREMAN The Breman Museum will open the SJHS conference to Jewish history buffs, genealogists and scholars PM Museum opens for tours of Seeking Justice: The Leo Frank Case Revisited and Creating Community: The Jews of Atlanta, 1845 to the Present. 8 PM PROGRAM. WELCOME: Jane Leavey and Sandy Berman KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Jenna Weissman Joselit, professor at Princeton University, "When Moses Came Down from the Mountain and Headed South: The Americanization of the Ten Commandments" A dessert reception will follow. Open to all Breman members. $0 per person, RSVP required: 0-80-8 or [email protected] Learn more about the conference at The Lewis Winter People of the Book Series: Author Book Talks and Signings


The Breman's film series, "Screening a Lynching: The Leo Frank Case in Film and TV," continues with "The Leo Frank Case on American TV." The series will be presented by Dr. Matthew H. Bernstein, Professor and Chair, Film Studies Department, Emory University, and the host/moderator of Atlanta's Key Sunday Cinema Club. sunday, October 5, 2 p.m.


Using video clips, Matthew Bernstein will present a one-hour illustrated lecture on the two major American TV dramatizations of the Leo Frank case from 1964 and 1988, which shift focus to Governor John M. Slaton's difficult decision to commute Leo Frank's death sentence to life imprisonment and Frank's subsequent lynching. He will discuss the greatest difference of these shows from the films of the 1930s: their portrayal of the role of antisemitism in Leo Frank's fate. sunday, October 12, 2 p.m., Part i sunday, October 19, 2 p.m., Part ii

The murder of mary Phagan (mini-series, 1988)

This big-budget, two-part miniseries, was shot on location and features Jack Lemmon as Governor Slaton, Peter Gallagher as Leo Frank, Kevin Spacey as fictional reporter Wes Brent, and a host of accomplished stage, screen and TV actors in major roles. While partly fictionalized, The Murder of Mary Phagan remains the most comprehensive dramatization of the Leo Frank case. sunday, november 2, 2 p.m.

BENYAMIN COHEN My Jesus Year: A Rabbi's Son Wanders the Bible Belt in Search of His Own Faith

sunday, December 7, 4 ­ 6 p.m.

"What would it be like to be a Christian?" So begins Atlantan Benyamin Cohen's hilarious journey that is My Jesus Year, part memoir, part spiritual quest and part anthropologist's mission.

Profiles in Courage: governor John m. slaton (1964)

Michael Constantine as Tom Watson and Walter Matthau as Governor Slaton in "Profiles in Courage: Governor John M. Slaton"


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T he B reman S Taff

Judi Ayal Visitor Services & VME Support [email protected] 0-80-1 Liliane Kshensky Baxter, Ph.D. Director, Lillian & A.J. Weinberg Center for Holocaust Education [email protected] 0-80-18 sandra Berman Archivist [email protected] 0-80-18 Jennifer Campbell Curator, Special Exhibitions [email protected] 0-80-181 ruth einstein Legacy Project, State of Georgia Project, Webmaster, Newsletter Editor [email protected] 8-- Cherryl goldstein Development Specialist, Grants & Communications [email protected] Demece mickey harvey Archival Assistant [email protected] 8-9-0

Rob Kutner, with kvelling parents, Jeanney and Dr. Steve Kutner, after speaking to a crowd at The Breman about his new book, Apocalypse How, and offering a glimpse into life behind the scenes at his day job, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

The Breman is delighted to have Ellen Mazer, pictured above with son, Nathan Segal, and husband, Andy Segal, as the Museum's new Director of Development.

Pete Fishman, appreciating the tzedakah box given to him by Breman VMEs (docents and speakers) in memory of his wife, Barbara Fishman, z"l, who served with distinction as a Breman docent.

Debbie James Controller [email protected] 8-- Phyllis Lazarus Marketing / Media Relations [email protected] 0-80-8 Jane Leavey Executive Director [email protected] 0-80-181 sally Levine Specialist for Teacher & Curriculum Development [email protected] 8--00 maureen macLaughlin Archival Asst., Librarian [email protected] 8-- ellen mazer Development Director [email protected] 8-- Judy schancupp Membership/Museum Shop [email protected] 8--0 Kathryn r. smith Sunday Visitor Services michael weinroth Coordinator, State of Georgia Interviews & Holocaust Education Speakers [email protected] 0-80-10

Breman VME Sara Ghitis (far right) gives a gallery tour for teachers participating in the Seventeenth Annual Summer Institute for Teaching the Holocaust, held this past June.

Programs and Operations Made Possible in Part By the Following Endowments:

Elaine and Miles Alexander Family Endowment · The Anne & Bernard A. Birnbaum Fund for Holocaust Education · The Blonder Family Foundation · The Elinor & William Breman Endowment · The William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum Unrestricted Endowment Fund · The Judith & Elliott Cohen Oral History Collection The Rae Alice and Bernard Cohen Memorial Fund · The Barbara Fishman Volunteer Museum Educators' Enrichment Fund · The Adele Frankenauer Fund for Holocaust Education · The Richard & Edith Hecht Memorial Fund · The Jarvin Levison Family Fund for Creating Community · The Carol and Robert Nemo Family Fund · The Jerry and Dulcy Rosenberg Family Fund · The William A. Schwartz Family Gallery Endowment · The Spielberg Family Fund for Holocaust Education The Esther & Herbert Taylor Oral History Project · The Lillian & A.J. Weinberg Fund for Holocaust Education · Zachor Fund for Holocaust Education

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Our 2008­2009 Volunteer Museum Educators Open Minds and Hearts

vMe execuTive council

Dede Thompson, Co-Chair Joan Pressman, Chair

Meet The Breman's Super Summer Interns

The Breman was fortunate this summer to have not one, but two stellar interns who worked on special projects. Both Leah Mickens and Kristi Hartmann made significant contributions to the museum that will be useful and enlightening to visitors on site and online. The online exhibition is also to be used in conjunction with the instructional "trunks" that are being prepared for distribution to schools during the 2008-09 school year. "One Thousand Children" may be viewed at, or by following the link in the right column of The Breman's Home Page.

Manuela Bornstein · Mark Brooks · Judy Cohen, Anita Eidex · Howard Fagin · Beatrice Gruss Marianna Kaufman · Nancy Pollard


Eva Beldick · Shirley Brickman · Mark Brooks Jean Cooper · Trudy Davis · Anita Eidex Dot Cohen · Judy Cohen · Miriam Cole

Doris Goldstein · Eve Goldstein · Lenny Greenstein Ellen Herold · Monica Katz · Marianna Kaufman Phyllis Lazarus · Shirley Leaderman Andi Lefkovits · Tomas Lefkovits Paula Gris · Beatrice Gruss · Guenther Hecht

Howard Fagin · Murray Friedman · Sara Ghitis

Shirley Michalove · Debbie Neese · Melanie Nelkin Shirley Osterneck · Judi Pawliger · Barbara Planer Ron Rosen · Judy Schancupp · Ellen Schwartz Helen Spiegel · Rosalind Taranto · Dede Thompson Aviva Waitzman · Jennifer Walters · Jennifer Yaffe Joan Schwartz · Carla Silver · Frank Spiegel Nancy Pollard · Joan Pressman · Pat Pugrant

Leah Mickens grew up in Atlanta and graduated from a private school in Fayetteville, Kristi Hartmann is from Georgia. She attended Asheville, North Carolina, Oglethorpe University and and graduated from Agnes graduated in 2005 with a Scott College in 2007 with degree in international relaa bachelor's degree in history. tions with an emphasis on Kristi is presently enrolled in Asia and a double minor in a graduate program in pubJapanese and history. Leah Breman interns Kristi Harmann and Leah Mickens lic history at West Georgia received her master's degree from the University of South Carolina in Library and College and State University, and will earn a certificate Information Science in 2006, and is presently work- in museum studies. ing on a second master's degree in Digital Media This summer, Kristi wrote several new Survivor Technology at Georgia Tech. portraits, booklets that include a survivor's story and Leah spent her summer designing an educational family photographs that are given to school groups online exhibition for The Breman's website about to take home after touring Absence of Humanity: The Georgia's role in helping Jewish refugee children dur- Holocaust Years and hearing the story of one of The ing the Holocaust. The exhibition "One Thousand Breman's Survivor Speakers. Kristi also worked on Children" provides in-depth information about such the PowerPoint presentations that will accompany topics as Germany in between the World Wars, the Holocaust survivors' presentations to students. increasing proscriptions of anti-Jewish legislation, the The Museum thanks Leah and Kristi, whose efforts of organizations and individuals in Georgia to efforts will greatly enhance educational programs and provide a safe haven for children allowed to escape outreach at The Breman. through the "American Kindertransport," the stories of some of those children, and current political events relevant to genocide studies.

holocausT speakers council

Manuela Bornstein & Judy Cohen, Co-Chairs; Henry Birnbrey · André Kessler Murray Lynn · Tosia Schneider

Newest Breman Trustees continued from page 9

American Israel Chamber of Commerce. My wife, Sara, is an interior designer with her own firm, and our son, Jason, is a student at The Galloway School. We are members of the Temple and I serve as Honorary Consul for The Republic of Slovenia. I accepted the nomination to The Breman Board because of my belief in preserving and teaching about our Jewish heritage and experience. Margie Stern I'm delighted to be a member of the Breman Board of Trustees. For 24 years I was co-owner of The Paper Parlour, which fulfilled my creative side and my professional interests. After selling the business, I became a board member of the Auxiliary of The William Breman Jewish Home and began to spend a lot of my time volunteering with the residents. I am currently the president-elect, and will serve the next two years as co-president of the Auxiliary. I am married to George Stern, a recent addition to the Holocaust Survivor Speaker's Bureau of the Breman, through whom I became more aware of the Breman's presence in the city and how many lives it touches through its outreach programs and exhibits. Between George and me, we have five children, nine grandchildren and two on the way. I love my busy life and look forward to making a worthwhile contribution to The Breman Museum Board. Ronit Walker I am an Administrative Law Judge for the State of Georgia and have served on the boards of many non-profit organizations. I am delighted to be on the Board of The Breman ­ over the years I have brought our three children to activities and exhibits offered at the museum, and my father, Ben Walker, has been a long time volunteer and speaker in the area of Holocaust education. I am married to Matt Bronfman and we have three children, Kyra, Sam and Micah at the Epstein School. Our family lives in Morningside and attends Congregation Shearith Israel. Rich Warren I serve as vice president and associate general counsel of Turner Network Sales, Inc. (TNS), the domestic distribution arm of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., where I manage the legal and business affairs team. I joined TNS as senior counsel in 2000, after leaving an Atlanta-based litigation firm. I am married to Halli Cohn, a partner with the Atlanta law firm of King and Spalding, and we have two daughters, both of whom attend The Children's School. We are members The Temple. I currently serve on the Board of Directors of Imagine It! The Children's Museum of Atlanta.

Ex Officio: Herbert Kohn and Joan Pressman

(Holocaust Survivors, Child Survivors, Children of Holocaust Survivors & Liberators)


Eva Baron · Goldie Bertone · Henry Birnbrey Karen Lansky Edlin · Henry Friedman Manuela Bornstein · Penina Bowman

Aaron Alembik · Pola Arbiser · Al Baron

Henry Gallant · Kaiila Gutman · Benjamin Hirsch Tomas Lefkovits · Henry Lewin · Murray Lynn Erna Martino · Jennie Moret · Sarah Popowski Ilse Reiner · Paul Reisman · George Rishfeld André Kessler · Herbert Kohn · Stan Lefco

Tosia Schneider · Eugen Schoenfeld · Gilbert Sherr Mathew Sikorski · Saba Silverman · Frank Spiegel Betty Sunshine · Mort Waitzman · Ben Walker 1 visit our web site: Helen Spiegel · Werner Spiegel · George Stern

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Spring & Tom Asher Lois Blonder Elinor R. Breman Jim Breman Laura & Marshall Dinerman Shirley Glass Carole & Joel Goldberg S. Jarvin Levison Billi & Bernard Marcus Phyllis & Sidney Rodbell Marlene J. Schwartz Phyllis & Stanley Slutzky Lynne & Jack Halpern Jennings Hertz, Jr. Gladys Hirsch Pearlann & Jerry Horowitz Idlewood Foundation Eliot Arnovitz Ellen Arnovitz Ann & Ted Kaplan Ann & Michael Kay Jill & David Krischer Cathy Selig-Kuranoff & Steve Kuranoff Sally & Jeff Levine Joel & Irwin Lowenstein Peter Mallen Saul Mallen Debbie & Lon Neese Melanie & Allan Nelkin Saralyn & Gene Oberdorfer * * Marian Perling Barbara & Maury Riff Robin & Clyde Rodbell Virginia & Milton Saul Joyce & Henry Schwob Linda & Steve Selig Joyce & Sonny Shlesinger Joanne & Herb Singer Joan & Stanley Srochi Irene & Howard Stein Marlene & Gary Super Amy & Louis Taratoot Judith & Mark Taylor Katherine & Michael Woocher Barbara & Marty Pollock * * Marlene & Stanley Rinzler Inge & George Robbins * * Bunny & Charles Rosenberg Judy & Arnie Rubenstein Michelle & James Salmans Sonia & Bill Schwartz Marcia & Michael Schwarz Rita Hader & Jerry Siegel Marilyn & Mickey Steinberg Beth & Ed Sugarman April & Jerry Weiner Hylda & Dick Wilson Marilynn & Ron Winston Barbara & Buddy Ordover Judi & Richard Pawliger Mickey Pender Marian Perling Nancy & Zane Pollard Bernard & Elaine Pollock Pat & Bob Pugrant Brenda & Paul Raymon Shirley & Don Reisman Michelle & Alan Rosenberg Judy & Joel Schancupp Miti Scharff Barbara Schatten Susanne & Roger Schlaifer Susan & Ray Schoenbaum Joyce & Jay Schwartz Janece Shaffer & Bill Nigut Michele & Glenn Shear Sukey & Hymie Shemaria Carla & Arthur Silver Carol & Bob Silverman Saba & Victor Silverman Alan & Barbara Smith Judy Smith Kerri & Jeffrey Snow Debbie & Stan Sonenshine Cantor Jill & Herbert Spasser Ellen Spitz & Harvey Spiegel Margie Steiner Betty & Alan Sunshine Drs. Wendy & Cedric Suzman Nancy Thal Dede & Bob Thompson Linda Tzoref Leslie & Fred Wachter Felicia & Joe Weber Angie & Skip Weiland Donna & Michael Weinstock Jackie & Dave Wolf Rita & Harold Wolfson Sheila & Merrill Wynne Harriet & Norman Zoller Susie & Arnold Zweig Sara & Marshall Duke Carole & Marvin Epstein Kaydee Erdreich-Breman Elisa & Bobby Ezor Alvin Ferst Barbara & Bryan Fields Teresa & Fred Filsoof Phyllis & Richard Franco Sara & Robert Franco Cookie & Butch Frank Abby Friedman & Harry Heiman Shirley & Arnold Friedman * Yoki & Robbie Friedmann Gloria & Geoff Frisch * * Rachel & Morris Galanti Nancy & Steve Gallant Marianne & Steve Garber Micheline & Bob Gerson Shiela & Joe Gerstein Margo & Larry Gold Mollie Goldberg Ellen & Paul Goldstein Lainy & Bobby Goldstein Judy & Ron Goldstein Betty & Leon Goldstein Paul Goodman Cathy & Alan Gottlieb Ilene & Adrian Grant Billie & Mickey Greenberg Joy & Alan Greenberg Judy & Hank Greenstone Lauren & Jim Grien Paula & Lewis Gruskin Beatrice Gruss & Benson Caplan Gertrude Gulden Margaret & Richard Guthman Rose & Mike Haber Sherry & Alvin Halpern Lynne & Howard Halpern * Donna Hazelwood Michal & Jack Hillman Nancy & John Hirsch Sandra & Jack Horowitz Sylvia & Barry Hyman Betty & Richard Isenberg Deborah & Lou Jacobs Ralda & Ralph Kahn Helen & Stan Kasten Roz & Paul Kastin Marice Katz Monica Katz Rosanne & Andy Kauss MIlton Kipnis Janis & Harold Kirtz Marcy Steinberg-Klehr & Harvey Klehr Barbara & Bill Klineman Mel Konner Joan Kornman Lee & Gene Kout Barbara & Bob Krasnoff Lois Kuniansky Anna & David Leavey Jennifer & Michael Leavey Faye & Craig Lefkoff Rabbi Josh Lesser Berna & Noah Levine Karen & Daniel Levison Babs & Elliott Levitas Meryl & Richard Levitt Diane & David Levy Rabbi Shalom & Cindy Lewis Sandra & Len Lichtenfeld Deborah Lipstadt Sandy & Bob London Anita Lynn Eve & Harvey Mannes John Marcinko Arlene & Steve Marcus Donna & Michael Masinter Lisa & Brad May Carole & Nathan Metzger Barbra Morganstern Terry & Stanley Ney Shirley Osterneck

The Breman relies on revenue generated from its membership base in order to provide valuable programs and services to the community each year. Thank you to all our members at every level. Your support makes a difference!

Listing as of August 31, 2008. Every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of all information; we apologize for any errors.

guardian ­ $2,500

Patron ­ $250

The Argo Family Fund Beth & Joel Arogeti Amy & Robert Arogeti Jane & Mitch Durham Barbara & Larry Perlis Shirley Blaine Stephanie & Arthur Blank The Cohen-Kogon Family Helen & Gerald Cohen Pam & Alan Cohen Tova & Mark Cohen Judy & Marty Kogon Laurie & Michael Kogon Sara & Ross Kogon Jennifer Proffitt Marilyn & Sam Eckstein Gail H. Evans & Alvin Goldstein Peter Fishman Lynn & Murray Friedman Elizabeth & David Golden Lila E. Herbert Jacquie & Ben Hirsch Lana & Richard Krebs * * Jackie & Tony Montag Brenda Mooney & Marc Komisarow Carol & Robert Nemo Barbara & Sanford Orkin Ruth Rauzin Amy & Louis Taratoot Joan & Howard Weinstein Lewis Winter

sponsor ­ $500

Chai ­ $1,800

Sandy & Ozzie Berman Sally & Sammy Coolik Doris & Marty Goldstein Barbara & Alan Kaplan Phyllis & Wayne Lazarus Jane & Bob Leavey Dede Jackson & Julian Mohr Valerie & Bill Needle * * Zippy & Paul Reisman Dulcy & Jerry Rosenberg Jane Schiff & Lon Gratz Sue & Dick Stern Margie & George Stern Lisa & Chuck Taylor Margaret & Bill Weiller Suzy Wilner Judy & Erwin Zaban

Benefactor ­ $1,000

Pola & Sam Arbiser Barbara & Ron Balser Penny Berk Candy & Steve Berman Shirley & Perry Brickman Lisa & Ron Brill Judith & Elliott Cohen Jean & Jerome Cooper Ann & Jay Davis Ellen & Howard Feinsand Debbie & Robert First Emanuel & Rosalie Gluck Barbara & Burt Gold Elliott Goldstein Barbara & Jerry Greenbaum

Stephanie & Marshall Abes Nancy & Hal Abrams * * Sam & Gary Alexander Elaine & Miles Alexander Jeanette Arogeti Sylvia & Saul Becker Kelly & Neil Berman Annie Birnbaum Debi & David Bock Barbara & Leonard Bock Lucinda & Robert Bunnen Lucille & Herman Canter Charles Center Carol & Larry Cooper Nicole Ellerine & A.J. Robinson Mary & Sidney Franklin Corky & Roger Gelder Cherryl & Eric Goldstein Eve & Joel Goldstein Susie & Morris Habif Ruth & Mark Hackner Ellen Halperin Renie & Fred Halperin David Harris George Houghtaling Gail Hyde & Terry Davis Betty Ann Jacobson Jo Ann & Jack Kerker Carole & Sid Kirschner Cary Koplin Phyllis & Lewis Kravitz Ray Ann Kremer & George Shapiro Frances Kuniansky David Kuniansky Elaine Levin Debbie & Anthony Levinson Brenda & Mark Lichtenstein Lisa & Allen Lynn Lenore Maslia Sherry & Harry Maziar Mimi Monett Sally Nemo Weeks Tamara & Dan Nemo Roberta Nemo & John Metz Carolyn & Stephen Oppenheimer Diane & Walter Orenstein Hank & Buster Oxman The Jimmy Paradies Family Susan Arnovitz Plasker Michael Plasker

Toni & Joel Adler Judy & Aaron Alembik Sam & Gary Alexander Dolores & Harold Arnovitz Ruth Arnovitz Norma Baker Eva & Murray Baron Albert Baron Jim & Linda Bartling Lesley & Bruce Berman Shirlye & Henry Birnbrey Joan & Don Brown Patty & Larry Brown Frances Bunzl Dot & Sheldon Cohen Judy & Ronald Cohen Brenda & Stanley Daniels llen Doft & Alex Katz Laura & Myron Dwoskin Margo & Shiel Edlin Barbara Eisenberg Katherine & Alan Elsas Sharon & Howard Fagin Rosie & Arnoldo Fiedotin Stella & Stanford Firestone Jody & Ramon Franco Lois & Larry Frank Les Fraser Peggy & Steve Freedman Phyllis & Jack Freedman Susan & Bob Freeman Viki & Paul Freeman Andy Ghertner Celia & Don Gilner Bernie Goldstein Susan Grant Priscilla & Ross Grumet Bette Hagan Ellen & David Herold * * Stuart Hillman Etta Raye Hirsch Ellen & Jack Holland * * Joy Howard Leslie & Doug Isenberg Debbie James Gay & Lyons Joel Paula & Sonny Kaplan Randy & Tom Karsch Barbara & Richard Kaufman Nan & Stephen Kennedy Elaine & Alan Kolodkin Nora & Alvin Koplin Barbara Krinsky Ivah & Max Kukler Shirley & Adam Leaderman Andi & Tomas Lefkovits Andrea & Mike Leven Barby & Bert Levy Ellen & Steven Levy Joan Lipson Morris Macey Esther & Howard Margol Erna & Larry Martino Ellen Mazer & Andy Segal Shirley Michalove & Arthur Heyman Glenda & David Minkin Betty & Malcolm Minsk Simone & Steve Nehmen

Donor ­ $150

Ann Abrams Sandy & Davis Abrams * * Sandra Adair Cheryl & Warren Alifeld Ann & Herb Alperin Sara Alterman Marla & Sidney Appel Arlene & Dan Appelrouth Tina & Jake Arbes Teri & Steve Astren Judi Ayal & Gilbert Sherr * * Sara & David Bader David Bagner Turner Ball & Alan Richmond Shelli Bank & Michael Rosenzweig Henry Bauer Lili & Tom Baxter Eva & Gary Beldick Leslie & John Benator Betty & David Berkman Diane & Marvin Bernstein Goldie & Lou Bertone Karen & David Birnbrey Leslie & Marshall Bloom Elaine & Jerry Blumenthal Mona Blumenthal Rabbis Analia Bortz & Mario Karpuj Penny Bowman Galit & Joseph Breman Len Buccellato & Ken Spooner Daniel Caplan Shirley & Stanley Cohen Lora & Dean Coleman Eileen & Adolphus Coolik Linda & Gene Davidson * Davie Lemer Davis Diane & Roman DeVille Kathy & David Dorough * * Harriet & Sam Draluck

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Norman Radow * * Esther & Stan Rawn Lewis Regenstein Sandra & Steve Rich Lauren Rich Leanna & Eric Rinzler Anta & Mendel Romm Maxine & Ron Rosen Ruth & Mark Rosenberg Barbara & Ish Rosenblit Louise & Edwin Rothberg Barbara Rothschild Brenda & Bill Rothschild Sue & Alan Rothstein Rebecca Leary Safon & Scot Safon Diane & Scott Saulson Barbara Schatten * * Sherrie & Lorry Schrage Ellen & Sandy Schwartz Susan & Dale Schwartz Rabbi Julie Schwartz Rabbi Ron & Jill Segal Alice & Terry Shapiro Maxine & Hank Sherry Marilyn & Josh Shubin Tobyanne & Arnie Sidman Randie Siegel Ruth Siegel Faye & Irwin Siegel Edith Smith Sylvia & Arnold Smith Judy & Allen Soden Sylvia & Werner Spiegel Gia & Sol Spielberg Robyn & Willy Spizman * Sara & Paul Steinfeld Judy & Gary Stolovitz Boots & Ken Strauss Estelle & Walter Strauss Marvin Sugarman Helaine & Richard Sugarman Janet & Phil Sunshine Susan & Sidney Tourial Edria & Robert Triff Jill & Jeff Van Tosh Suzie & Jerry Warshaw Patsy & Milton Weinman Jackie & Steven Weinstein Shirley & Donald Wender Julius & Nanette Wenger Renee & Sam Werbin Charlotte Wilen Ava & Bob Wilensky Sue & Jon Winner Penny & Jerry Wolk Debra & Barrry Young Jane & Edward Zwig Patricia Ressler-Billion & Juan BillionRivera Carol Lynn & Peter Birnbaum Sheila & Allan Bleich Cheryl & Myron Bloom Claire Blumenthal Bette & David Brandenburg Betty & Lester Breen Pauline & Joseph Breiner Linda & Joshua Brener Esther Brenner & Alice Bredosky Susan & Jeff Brickman Helaine & David Brill Ann & Len Brown Rachael & Bill Brown Irene & Richard Burstein Phyllis & Neal Busch Jane & Scott Butler Sandy & Jay Coffsky Sharon & Jack Cohen Gail Cohn & Harvey Danits Miriam & Stephen Cole Bonnie Cornelius Evelyn & Milton Crane Jaynie & Daniel Crimmins Trudy & Marvin Davis Maureen & Tom Davis Sara & Milton Deitch Liana Delgado & Mark Weinstein Mona & Leonard Diamond Kim & Michael Dinerman Elaine & Alan Dinerman Abby Drue & Einat Toledano Dan & Sarah Duwell Juanita & Herbert Eber Susan & Scott Edlein Rita & Leonard Edlin Jeanie & Marshall Eidex Anita & Max Eidex Janice & Richard Ellin Elise & Jay Empel Jan & Warren Epstein Marcia & Jacob Epstein * Cynthia & Stu Farber Bea & Bruce Feiman Marilyn & Alan Feingold Arnold Feinstein David Feldman LuEllen & Lewis Feldman Laraine & Lowell Fine Mindy Fine & Gregg Bauer Rachel & Larry Finglass Judy & Paul Finkel Janie & Bob Fischbach Jane & Alan Fishman Nina & Herman Fishman Rebecca & Leonard Fishman Marianne Fixelle Vicki & Barry Flink * Honora & Robert Foah Janice & Maury Fradkin Fayne Frankel Jana Eplan-Frankel & Craig Frankel Irma & Milton Freedman Louise & Bob Freedman Ann Freedman Lauri & Neal Frenkel * Sherry & Sanford Fried Susan & Lance Friedland Sandi & Gerald Friedman Linda & Michael Friedman Betty Furst Ann & Sam Galanti Judy & Ed Garcia Claudine & Arthur Geduldig Jennifer Geller Hariette Gershon * Evelyn & Herbert Gershon Ken & Matile Ginburg Sally & Paul Ginburg Adele & Gary Glasser * Laurie Gluck & Barry Zeitman Linda & Nelson Gold Caroline & Randy Gold Joan Goldman Barbara & Joel Goldman Sandi & Arthur Goldsmith Elise & Philip Goldstein Marcia Goldstein & John Sherwin Charlotte & Harry Gordon Karen & Oscar Grabowsky Lisa & Seth Greenberg Sherry & Edward Greenblatt Janet & Joel Greenhill Margie & Steve Greenspan Adele & Irv Greenspon Linda & Lloyd Greenwald Carol & Alan Grodin Marilyn & Larry Gross Vicki & Rael Grosswald Sherie & Artie Gumer Alisa Haber Robin & Rick Halpern Gloria & Howard Hecht Erica & Joel Hecht Cheryl Hecht * Pam & John Helms Anna & Jerry Heltzer Lila & Doug Hertz Allan M. Hess * * Martha Heyman Gerald Hilson Esta Jean & Jack Hirsh Sara & Lewis Holland Julie Horowitz & Dr. Andy Gothard Rabbi Robert & Blanchette Ichay * Juliana Jacobson & Dov Wilker Cindy & Charlie Jaret Bennie & Tilly Joffe Ann & J.T. Jones Susan & Bobby Kahn Natalie & Jay Kaiman Anna Kaminer Charlotte & Allen Kaminsky Sally & Phil Kaplan Polly & Marvin Kaplan Betty Karp Hazel & Herb Karp Carol & Arthur Katz Ellen & Dan Katz Doris & Fred Katz Marianna Kaufman & Diana Aléman * Erin & Derek Kellerman Rabbi Paul & Melissa Kerbel Marsha & André Kessler Janet & Paul Kirschbaum Rita & Ronald Klee India & Paul Klein Daniel Klein Katie & Mitchell Kloder Ralph & Ruth Klopper Elaine & Ron Koenig Frances & Herbert Kohn Roslyn Konter Cheryl & Russell Kramer Rabbi Phil & Nancy Kranz Jana & Michael Kreisberg Natalie & Harry Kruger Jeanney & Steve Kutner Sheri & Steve Labovitz Audrey & Michael Landy Carl Lange Michelle & Stuart Langer Carol & Bob Lazerson Stan Lefco Evelyn & Harold Lefkoff Rita & Michael LeVine Esther & Michael Levine Ellen & Raphael Levine Ruth & Gary Levison Jenny Levison Miriam & Ted Levitas Meyer Levy Brita & Alvin Levy Bev & Marc Lewyn Maralyn Lieberman Eva & Charles Lipman Betty & Bob Lipshutz Dorothy & Herman Lischkoff Rita & Bill Loventhal Suzie & Bill Lowenstein Leslie & Chuck Lowenstein Faye & Brian Maloney Dale & Ed Manning Sandy & Chuck Marcus Charlotte & Joel Marks Linda & John Markson * * Edward Marlowe

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Anita & Jeff Stein Iris & Ben Stein Laura & Ron Stein & Ms. Laura Bulbin Shari & James Steinberg Dorothy & Lawrence Steinheimer, Jr. Berylann & Al Strada Ruth & Hiram Sturm Rabbi Alvin & Barbara Sugarman Nancy & Jack Taffel * Milton Tager Rosalind Taranto Bunnie & Louis Taratoot Arlene & David Taylor Sandy & Tom Teepen Barbara & Gary Teller Shirley & Stanley Tenenbaum Julia Ann & Robert Teplis Robert Terrell Risa & Ron Tetenbaum Robin & Evan Torch Bobbi & Bob Trauner Terry & Bob Travis & Terry Mock Susan & Bill Usdan Abe Velkoff Francine & Michael Volosov Marsha & Chuck Vrono Aviva & Mort Waitzman Lynda & Richard Walker Ben Walker Carolyn & Nathan Wallace Carolyn & Dick Wasser Marilyn & Allan Wasserman Lilian Ross Weber & Adolph Weber Harriet & Paul Weinberg Eleanor & Beryl Weiner Linda & Michael Weinroth Renie & Alan Weinstein * Estelle & David Weinstein Phyllis & Michael Weiser Nancy & Evan Weisman Sandra & Mel Weiss Gwenn & Philip Weiss Linda & Robert Wener Mavis & Jeff Wener Sherri & Rob Wildstein Barbara & Frank Wilensky Nancy & Tim Williams Regina & David Witt Doreen & Burt Wittenberg Charles Wittenstein Lynda & Larry Wolfe Rina & Jack Wolfe Betty Ann & Bernard Wolff Rita Wuebbeler Jane & Harold Yudelson Elana Zimand & Simcha Pearl Ellyse & Warren Zindler Marvin Zion Sophie & Jack Zwecker

Family ­ $75

Sunni & Shelton Abelman Phyllis & Roy Adilman Rosalyn & Saul Adler * David Adler Marty & Richard Alterman Miriam Arensberg Elinor & Martin Arlook Phyllis & Joe Arnold Dorita & Hal Arnold * Johanna & Joseph Asher Dana & Greg Averbuch Terri & Laury Bagen Claire & Arnold Balser Pat & Jack Balser Sandra & Clive Bank Susan & Jonathan Barry Joan & Joe Barton Juli & Billy Bauman Mark Bauman Malvina & Sasson Bechor Linda & Bruce Beeber Elaine & David Beeber Sally Beer Rabbi Judith & Stan Beiner Rosalind & Victor Benatar Paula & Louis Benjamin Linda & Stan Bernknopf Natalie & Matthew Bernstein Heleen & Arnold Berry Laurie & Sid Besmertnik

Jeanie & Albert Marx Doris & Sam Massell Amy Sue & Neal Maziar Gail & Butch Medwed Amy Merlin Janet & Leonard Meyer Shirley & Ivan Millender Shirley & Alvin Minsk Sheila & Donald Minsk Roni & Alan Mintz Ravona & Kenneth Molkner * * Jennie Moret Thays Morgan Sandi & Julie Nessel Sharon Neulinger & Richard Kaplan Michael Neuren Donna & Philip Newman Rochelle & Morris Notrica Lisa & Samuel Olens Karen & Kenny Orkin Sandy & Bernie Palay Howard Peck Jennifer & David Pelcyger Egon Petschek Barbara & Dick Planer Patty & Rich Poline Judy & Seymour Pomper Julie & Brian Praver Rebeca Quintana * Rabbi Steven & Michal Rau Melissa & Jason Read Lynn & Lewis Redd Patty & Douglas Reid Ralda & Marty Reish * Ethel Reznik Vicki & Gilbert Rich Helen & Gary Richter Gail & Allan Ripans Pamela & George Rishfeld Karen & Scot Rittenbaum Heather & Jonathan Rodbell Barbara & Dukie Roos Barry Roseman Robin & Fred Rosenberg Rachael & Jack Rosenberg Estelle Rosenberg Judith & Arnold Ross Fran & Howard Rottenberg Anita & Mark Rottner Joy Rousso Carol & Joe Rubin Barbara & Alan Rucket Kathy & Howard Sachs Julia & Leonard Sacks Susan & Neil Sandler Teddi & Donald Sanford Myrna Schack Janet & Sam Schatten Fran & Jerry Scher Jeri Scherz-Salit & Hal Scherz Ann & Irving Schoenberg Rachel & Lawrence Schonberger Judy & Alan Schulman Rona & Barry Seidel Janet Selig * Cindy Shapiro Tracy & Patrick Tracy Lori Shapiro & Cary Goldenthal William Shapiro Faith & Howard Shatzman Missy & Alan Shoenig Janice & Marvin Shoob Lauren & Steven Sidman Lorraine & Louis Siegel Barbara & Mathew Sikorski Diana & Mark Silverman Suzanne & Don Silverman Sharon & Howard Silvermintz Susan & Stanley Simon Sydney Simons Cathy & Robert Sinsheimer Susie & Mark Sisken Judith & Stan Sobel Michelle & Michael Sobel Frieda & Leon Socol Laurie & Bob Spector Deborah & Jeffrey Spector Rosalind & Barry Spector Helen & Frank Spiegel Mickey & Beverly Stahl

individuals ­ $50/$36

Edna Adler Cookie Aftergut * * Helen Alexander Doug Allen Helen Altman Emily Amato Julie Ancis Irene Aronin Bonnie Aronin Pat Aronoff Lauren Azoulai Bob Bahr Ellen Balk Nancy Baron Mattie Lee Baxley Anne Beckman Zelda Benator * Annie Berman Judy Bernath Elsa Bilton Shirley Borenstein Richard Borth Judy Bozarth Carol Breman-Belman Linda Bressler Harold Brody * Nancy Broudy Janet Camhi


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Rachel Capelouto Steve Chervin Cheryl Cohen Jill Cohen Jean Cohen Ezra Cohen Sandy Cohen Judy Colbs * Clifford Cole Sylvia Cooper * Suttiwan Cox Patrick Crane Sandra Cuttler Florence Dayan Kim Dennis Bobi Dimond Suzanne Dinur Ruth Dubin Annette Easton Steven Edelkind Ruth Einstein Eileen Epstein Faye Esral Beverly Farnsworth Susan Feinberg Carole Feinberg Clara Feldman Myra Fineman Rosa Fitterman * Gary Flack Lucy Forti Sherry Frank Linda Fraschilla Kathy Freund Annette Friedman * Elizabeth Friedman Jackie Garson-Howard Zoe Gelder Evelyn Gerson Sara Ghitis Henrietta Gilbert Abe Gilner Judith Glassman * Rhonda Gold Carolyn Goldsmith Naomi Goldstein Joy Gordman Lois Gordon Jackie Gotlieb Marc Gottlieb Harriet Greenblatt Leonard Greenstein Paulette Griffin Paula Gris Charles Gunter Kaiila Gutman Teddy Haber Elaine Harris Haven Hawley Guenther Hecht Virginia Hein Linda Hendelberg Jocelyn Hoopes Judy Horowitz * Arlene Ingram Nancy Isenberg Kitty Jacobs Cathy Jacobson Deborah Johns Sylvia Kamin Alice Kaplan Fay Kaufman Paul Kaufman Katherine Kennedy Beverley Kern Nancy Kessler Mary Jane Kettler Jean Kingston Emily Kisber Rose Klein Anne Koenig Deena Koniver Murray Kurtzberg Paul Lavietes Seymour Lavine Jean Lawson Brenda Leder Lala Lesser Phyllis Levin Bo Levine Elizabeth Levine Phyllis Levine Phyllis Levine Meredith Levy * Claudia Lewis Bill Lewis Frank Lindauer Perla Lipsitz Marsha Londe Ruth Lutzky Murray Lynn Coleman Mandelblit Dora Manela Arlene Manning Elaine Marcus Rita Marokko Lucy Maslia Bernice Maw Judy Merlin Enid Mescon Jackie Metzel Sara Miller Nathan Monett Rene Montaigne Janie Morgan Andre Nahmias Delia Nisbet Adele Northrup Ann Olim Gary Palgon Gerri Pine Sarah Popowski * * Joan Pressman Ruth Rados Jan Reck

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Anita Reddick Ilse Reiner Drew Robinson Flora Rosefsky Marcia Rosenberg * Marjorie Rosing Nancy Ross Marcia Rothschild Janice Rothschild-Blumberg * Cookie Lily Rubin Nina Rubin Charlotte Sachs Ralph Sacks Annette Saparow Lynda Schaffer Roberta Scher Barbara Schneider Bob Schwartz Joan Schwartz Bill Schwartz Denise Shaw Louise Shaw * Linda Sheffield Rachel Shemaria Dale Shields Sybil Shier Robert Shuster * * Betty Ann Shusterman Richard Siegel * Mary Silver Sheila Silverman Joyce & Bernie Simon Peggy Slotin Barbara Snow Marion Sobelson Bela Solnick Kaethe Solomon David Sotto * Marsha Spector Viki Stein Judy Sternberg Ruth Stockinger Kathy Stubbs Karen Sumers Roi Tamkin * * Paul Teplis Betsy Teplis Lillian Troop Dee Venzer * Pat Visser Joan Vitner Gary Vogin Gretchen Von Bergen Robert Weinberg Marjorie Weinstein Marvin Weintraub Judy Weisman Frances Weiss * Carol Wien Dewi Wilson Sol Wolkin Jennifer Yaffe Ruth Zeidman

Friends 4-Ever

by Judy Bauer Cohen I had not seen my Lovett high school classmate, Susan Wolff Lindley, since we graduated 45 years ago. Recently, we literally bumped into one another while grocery shopping. During a subsequent "let's get re-acquainted" lunch, we discovered that our connection goes back much further than our 1963 graduation ­ try back to 1850! Our luncheon conversation covered many topics, including a mutual interest in family genealogy. I immediately realized that our great-great grandfathers (David Mayer and Governor Joseph E. Brown) were good friends. How do I know? That's where Oakland Cemetery and The Breman helped piece our fascinating puzzle together. The paternal patriarch of my family was David Mayer, who came to Atlanta in 1847. Like so many other German immigrants, he became immersed in the Jewish community and successfully assimilated into the greater Atlanta society. As one of the founding members of the Hebrew Benevolent Society (which later became known as The Temple), Mayer was responsible for securing Jewish burial plots at Oakland Cemetery. That information is included in personal papers, diaries and a pre-Civil War scrapbook that our family has donated to The Breman. These papers include correspondence between David Mayer and Gov. Joseph E. Brown (Mayer was a Commissary Officer during Gov. Joseph Brown's administration, which spanned the Civil War). Other documentation of our Confederate ancestors' friendship is revealed in 1870 Atlanta Board of Education minutes listing Mayer and Brown as founding Board members. And, in 1872, Gov. and Mrs. Brown gave David Mayer and his wife, Elisa, an engraved silver platter in honor of their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. How did Susan and I continue our quest for ancestral knowledge? We planned an outing to The Breman to review the Mayer ­ Brown correspondence and memorabilia in the Cuba Archives, and as a Breman Museum Educator, I gave Susan a personal tour of the Leo Frank exhibition. You see, there is yet another fascinating twist to this unlikely story. Joseph E. Brown had a son, Joseph M. Brown, who was also a governor of Georgia ­ and one of several prominent officials who participated in the conspiracy to lynch Leo Frank. How do Susan and I plan to remain connected? First on the agenda is a tour of Oakland Cemetery to visit the ancestors' burial sites. And, yes, soon we will both attend the Lovett High School reunion, where our own friendship began 45 years ago, a continuation of a 158-year-old family friendship!

Will Power

It's a good idea to periodically review your assets and plans for distributing your assets. Please consider including The Breman in your estate planning. In this way, your assets will continue to be a gift to our community long into the future. Consult with your financial advisor and family to turn your will into a way to support The Breman. For more information about how to support The Breman and to notify the museum of its inclusion in your will or other estate planning documents, please contact Ellen Mazer, Development Director, at 8-- or [email protected]

imPOrTAnT reminDer

According to new IRS regulations, membership dues can no longer be paid using Donor Advised Philanthropic Funds. The Breman is a 01(c)() organization and a portion of membership dues may be tax deductible. Consult with your professional tax advisor to enjoy the permissible tax benefits of your Breman membership today.

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The following merchandise is excluded: items from My Glorious House and parchments for mezuzot. May not be combined with member discounts.

Valid through December 2008.

Banking at The Breman

Several special funds have been created by friends of The Breman enabling these individuals to commemorate special events, send get well wishes, express condolences, or extend congratulations. Now you can start your own "kitty!" $10 will entitle you to as many as ten tributes. The suggested tribute donation is $18, so it's like getting two for free! Simply contact Judy Schancupp at [email protected] or 8--0 and she will set up your account. Whenever you wish to send a tribute, contact Judy and an appropriate card will be sent to the designated person(s) on your behalf. Donations will be listed in The Breman newsletter. Donations can also be processed through our secure website, Contributions made to The Breman are tax deductible.

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Telephone: 8--00 Atlanta, Georgia 009 10 Spring Street NW (at Spring & 18th Streets) PLEASE DELIVER IMMEDIATELY! ­DATED MATERIAL­ Atlanta, gA Us Postage non Profit no. 8326 Permit Paid


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