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Eitem/Item 7a Wednesday 21st July The Board Room, Hywel Dda Health Board, Hafan Derwen, Carmarthen 10am Present: Meryl Gravell (Chair) Brian Robinson (Coleg Sir Gar) Barry Liles (Coleg Sir Gar) Mark James (CCC) Chief Superintendent Steve Mears(Dyfed Powys Police) Chris Burns (CCC) John Hogg (Environment Agency) David Hawker (WAG)

Carmarthenshire Local Service Board

Trevor Purt (HDHB) Chris Martin (HDHB) Linda Williams (HDHB) Sarah Veck (CCC/Hywel Dda Health Board) Dr. Michael Thomas (Public Health Wales) Mandy Jones (CAVS) Gwyneth Ayers (CCC) Joanna Jones (CCC)

Also in attendance at the meeting were: Jonathan Fearn, Head of Corporate Property; Stephen Morgan, Strategic Asset Manager, CCC; Emma Lonergan, Communications Officer, CCC; Euros Evans-Jones, Commercial Director, Telesgop; Non Jenkins, Improvement Assessment Lead, Wales Audit Office and Helen Keatley, Wales Audit Office. 1. Welcome & Apologies Meryl Gravell welcomed everyone to the meeting, including a particular warm welcome to Barry Liles who is the new Principal of Coleg Sir Gar from August following Brian Robinson's retirement. Apologies for this meeting have been received by Sonia Reynolds, WAG, Cllr Mair Stephens and Meri Huws. Chris Burns welcomed Non Jenkins and Helen Keatley to the meeting. Non and Helen are at the LSB to observe the meeting as part of the WAO Corporate Assessment following on from the introduction of the Local Government Measure. 2. Presentation: The Princes Trust Cyrmu ­ Partnerships and Collaborations, Rick Libbey, Director of the Princes Trust Cymru Rick Libbey attended the LSB to speak about the work that the Prince's Trust are doing to take forward the Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET's) Agenda. Rick explained that currently, there is a competitive tendering process in place to access funding and this needs to be removed to ensure collaboration. Rick highlighted the fact that WAG are doing very little in offering extra-curricular provision to schools to help combat those that could potentially be a NEET and more needs to be done to push this forward. A number of Prince's Trust programmes were spoken about, including the `Get Started' programme which is currently being themed around Rugby and the Llanelli Scarlet's are involved. The purpose of which is to teach children discipline and time keeping through being involved in a team environment. There are also potential funding streams to be accessed and Rick L drew attention to the Jason Kanabus Fund that has £1.5 million available to progress young people in farming. 1

Eitem/Item 7a Brian R drew attention to the fact that a lot of the activity around NEET's is based around failure and asked Rick L whether we could compel the school curriculum to change this? Rick L explained that although we cannot do anything to compel change, there are things in place such as the Welsh Baccalaureate and the Prince's Trust programmes and this pushes for curriculum support programmes to be put in place to support young people. There is a great need to offer vocational courses to young people not just academic courses as a route to access further and higher education. Mark J highlighted that this is a good opportunity to look at what we are doing as a County at the moment in relation to the NEET's agenda and put a local stamp on what is going on at a National level. This could then progress to be an LSB project of which David Hawker expressed his support for at a National level. ACTION: Gwyneth A ­ Co-ordinate the mapping of current provision of NEET's across the County and consider possible option of a conference Gwyneth A ­ Explore potential funding through the Jason Kanabus Fund linked to the Drug Summit.

3. Carmarthenshire Online Euros Evans-Jones, Commercial Director of Telesgop attended the meeting to present the first draft of the LSB Portal that will host the Web/dvd clips on the Carmarthenshire Partnership Site. Discussions following the demonstration centred on whether the portal could be interactive to allow people to comments on information or to give comments on what type of information they would like to see. Euros E-J advised that this could be done by embedding the portal within a social networking site such as Facebook if an official group was organised. This would allow this type of interaction to take place. It was agreed that the LSB Communication's Group will take this project forward on behalf of the LSB. Ensuring that all Dvd's are bilingually produced and that young people are involved. Following on from the discussions around social networking and subsequently internet access, Mark J highlighted the `Broadband Not Spot' digitisation project that has been piloted in the village of Carmel, Carmarthenshire. The village came together and used the £1,000 per household allocated by WAG to enable internet access to purchase a signal mast that has been run from the community hall. This enables each household in the village to have 6mb's of speed for a cost of £14.99 per month. The monthly cost per household then goes back into the Community Hall's budget. ACTION: Joanna J ­ Co-ordinate LSB Communication's Group to take forward project and to encourage young people to be involved Joanna J ­ Explore potential for upgrading the Partnership Website Joanna J ­ To contact John Wilson to confirm the approach for Broadband `Not Spots' 2

Eitem/Item 7a 4. Community Strategy Chris B noted that WAG has released consultation guidance for the HSC&WB strategy and the CYPP Plan, both to be produced by April 2011. The Community Strategy is due to be launched on the 15th September and Chris B stated that this could be an opportunity to produce an Integrated Plan rather than each partnership producing their own plan and the Community Strategy being done separately. Each partnership can then have a delivery plan that will sit beneath the higher level strategic document. David H stated that he endorses the production of a single plan and that the consultation guidance should be responded to reflecting this to lead the way in streamlining policy processes. ACTION: Gwyneth A ­ Co-ordinate consideration of arrangements to develop an integrated strategy and delay launch of the Community Strategy Gwyneth A ­ Co-ordinate an LSB response to the HSC&WB and CYPP guidance and arrange with WAG for this response to be delayed for the LSB to consider at next meeting

5. Asset Management Review ­ Aman Area A review of the Council's property portfolio in the Aman Area has identified a large amount of surplus property in existence. It has also highlighted potential areas for joint provision of assets, some of which have already been achieved such as the co-location of Health & Social Care staff in Parc Amanwy and also the co-location of the Council's Community Safety Team at Ammanford Police Station. John H stated that with WAG looking at the possible merger of the Forestry Commission, Environment Agency and Country Side Council for Wales then accommodation will be needed, Jonathan F advised that this can be considered as part of the Llandovery `Total Place' solution put forward as a pilot to WAG. Mark J and Jonathan F are also part of the National Assets Working Group (NAWB) in addition to the National Assets Board which is chaired by Mark J. The NAWB are considering submissions for pilot area status at their next meeting. There is potential for area's to receive WAG support to take forward certain projects. Carmarthenshire are listed in 3 categories which are Asset Management Review, Agile Working and Joint working (Llandovery). If we gain pilot status, this should push forward the collaborative agenda further with support from WAG. ACTION: Steve Mears ­ Liaise with Steve Morgan regarding Police Estates Strategy Steve Morgan ­ Inform Steve Mears when meeting with Police Estates Colleagues Jonathan F ­ · To ensure ongoing links with partner's estates colleagues and LSB members to ensure strategic view is obtained · All Area Review Reports to come back to the LSB for consideration


Eitem/Item 7a 6. Minutes & Matters Arising D Hawker Feedback: Cymorth - Clarity on the future direction of the Cymorth grant was sought following the previous LSB meeting. David H confirmed that in the future, Child Poverty needs to be more focussed in Cymorth grant. This has been confirmed by the announcement of there being two pioneer areas for the new Family Integrated Support Teams, that being Wrexham and Rhondda Cynon Taff. The new teams will support families with parenting skills advice and more. Meryl G stated that this should also be brought into the new Integrated Strategy/CYPP Plan. Chris B also stated that the new Advice and Support Carmarthenshire Network will shortly be starting a campaign linking to Child Poverty and life skills will form part of this campaign. Job Advertisements ­ David H confirmed that there should not be a problem with advertising jobs that are not NHS related on the NHS recruitment site. The post advertised will just need to clearly state that it is not an NHS post. CAVS Secondees ­ Mark J stated that there are plans in place to have a financial secondee for CAVS from September as requested. ePIMS - Jonathan F also provided feedback to the board on the recent ePIMS demo that took place with partner estates colleagues on the 16th July. All partners have now signed up to this protocol. It was highlighted that Coleg Sir Gar currently use a different system, however, Barry L confirmed that there is no reason why this system cannot be ePIMS. Discussions are also underway to develop the Land Transfer Protocol with WAG which will allow for transfer of assets between partners. Trade Union Green Representatives ­ Gwyneth A advised the board that David Hagendyk, UCU would now be taking forward this project on behalf of the Board

7. Partnership Updates Regeneration ­ Mark J highlighted that Community Asset Transfer have been successful in securing £800,000 of funding for Towy Community Church. The plans are to establish a food bank, furniture bank, offer debt advice, pregnancy advice amongst other services. This will be done on a social enterprise basis and will also encompass a bowling Alley. The idea is that the profits made will go back into the business. This is the first business related project to gain charitable status which is a significant achievement and it is anticipated that the project will open in September 2011. Sustainability ­ John H informed the board that the `Carmarthenshire Community Challenge' will commence on the 7th September in the Botanic Gardens. This launch will coincide with the start of the Prince's Trust project `Lets start something good' which is also being launched at the Botanic Gardens on the same date. 4

Eitem/Item 7a Bwc y Bus has won a National Award for being the `Most innovative transport initiative' for providing transport links to the rural community. Voluntary Sector - Mandy J informed the board that the Compact Liaison Panel met on the 14th July, there was not a very high level of attendance at this meeting from partners. The Compact Conference and CAVS AGM is to be held on the 23rd November 2010. To follow up on the Annual Volunteering Awards, this cannot be done on a partnership basis this year due to time constraints, however, this possibility will be followed up for next year. ACTION: All ­ Remind all organisations about the principle of advance payment to the Voluntary Sector

Forward Work Planner: September 22nd Meeting: · Asset Management 3T's Review Report · Transport written Update ­ Steve Pilliner Future Meetings: · Drugs Summit Report · Engage Project Presentation and feedback on NEET's mapping exercise 7. Any Other Business Merly G thanked Brian R for his contribution and support to the Carmarthenshire Local Service Board since its formation. This meeting was Brian's last LSB meeting before taking early retirement. All LSB members wished Brian well. Meeting concluded at 12.25pm The next meeting of the LSB will take place on the 22nd September at 10am.



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