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POWER OF A THREEFOLD CORD TEXT: ECCLESIASTES 4: 9 - 12, MATTHEW 18: 18 - 20 THEME: UNITY I. ANCIENT USE OF CHORDS A. Chords or rope were essential in biblical times. Chords were made from various materials depending on the strength required. For example, Flax (a plant whose blooms were used to make linen. Also the fibers in the stalk of the plant were used to make candle wicks) but it was also used for making rope, string, and various kinds of twine. Date tree fibers were for large ropes; and strips of camel hide were used for the strongest rope. B. Biblical usage of chords. Note: When you look at the practical usage of chords found in the Bible, you also see the figurative or spiritual application of chords or rope. 1. Fastening tents (The home of many in ancient times.) Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes. For you will spread out to the right and to the left; your descendants will dispossess nations and settle in their desolate cities. Isaiah 54:2-3 NIV Figurative application: Dominion, strength, and rule. 2. Leading or binding animals I led them with cords of human kindness, with ties of love; I lifted the yoke from their neck and bent down to feed them. Hosea 11:4 NIV Figurative application: God leads, guides and provides for us. 3. Binding prisoners Agreed," they answered. "We will only tie you up and hand you over to them. We will not kill you." So they bound him with two new ropes and led him up from the rock. As he approached Lehi, the Philistines came toward him shouting. The Spirit of the LORD came upon him in power. The ropes on his arms became like charred flax, and the bindings dropped from his hands. Finding a fresh jawbone of a donkey, he grabbed it and struck down a thousand men. Judges 15:13-15 NIV Figurative application: God gives us power over our enemies. 4. Measuring ground

The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance. Psalms 16:6 NIV Spiritual application: Spiritual and material inheritance. 5. Worn on the head as a sign of submission His officials said to him, "Look, we have heard that the kings of the house of Israel are merciful. Let us go to the king of Israel with sackcloth around our waists and ropes around our heads. Perhaps he will spare your life." 1 Kings 20:31 NIV Spiritual application: Submission to God 6. A sign of friendship Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly (or easily) broken. Ecclesiastes 4:12 NIV Spiritual application: Strength in Unity Statement: We see the material that made up rope or cords in ancient Bible times was made of flax plant fiber, date tree fiber, and for the strongest of rope needed for the most stringent jobs it was made of strips of camel hide. (Read Ecclesiastes 4: 12 again. Note Anot easily [email protected]) Question: What is God=s rope made of, his rope of Dominion, guidance, provision, power over our enemies, spiritual and material blessing, submission, and friendship. And what is the rope material comprised of that will not allow it to be broken? Note: A rope is comprised generally of at least three cords woven together. And each cord is = @ comprised of strands woven together. I want to look at AGod=s Threefold [email protected] and the strands that make up each of the three cords. II. GOD=S THREEFOLD CORD = Cord No. 1. The Godhead (The three strands in this cord.)

This is the dominant chord, and the first cord in the rope. The Godhead is the perfect harmony and unity of the rope. Each strand, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit know their function, and one is not jealous of the other. They work in harmony together for the common purpose. First strand God The Father Devised the Rope; logos=ed the Rope Second strand God The Son Realized the Rope; rhema=ed (explained & demonstrated) the Rope) Third Strand God The Holy Spirit Applies the Rope. He fits us with God=s powerful

rope of strength and grace. (Priestly garments were attached with rope.)

Cord No. 2. The Word of God The Word of God reveals the three strands that comprise the second cord necessary for the rope to function properly. We might call this: ADirections for rope [email protected] @ First strand The Word of God; the dominant strand in this cord. Second strand The Will of God; reveals the proper use of the rope. Third Strand The Way of God; prepares us to apply the rope. Cord No. 3. Our Life (Read again Ecclesiastes 4:12. Note the sentence, AA cord of three strands is not quickly [email protected]) This is where the potential for the rope of Dominion, guidance, provision, power over our enemies, spiritual and material blessing, and submission can become broken. Let=s prepare to close by examining the potential breaks in our cord. First strand is to be in harmony with God; Second strand is to be in harmony with ourselves; (walking in peace, congruent.) Third strand is to be in harmony with others. Unity Conclusion: The potential for a broken cord in our life generally centers around our lack of harmony or unity with God, ourselves and others. The cord that lassoed the day of Pentecost in the book of Acts was the fact each of the 120 gathered in the Upper Room were in one accord with God, themselves, and one another. If we want a Pentecostal outpouring then we must allow God to inspect us for any frayed ends to our cord. Remember that another word for covenant is Concord. Con - (to be able) cord. It means to be of the same mind, together, heart. agreement or harmony; peaceful relations



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