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We work better together

Intra0ral X-Ray Radiography Panoral Analogue CCD Direct Digital

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Satelec Acteon PC Support

Whatever your surgery needs, Satelec Acteon's complete Digital Programme never fails to deliver. Full hardware and software backup and Satelec Acteon's worldwide reputation for excellence, ensure your complete confidence now and into the growing digital age.

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For further information call us on

01480 477 307

Satelec UK Limited, Unit 1, Steel Close, Eaton Socon, Cambridgeshire, PE19 8TT.

Satelec A4 Brochure


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Innovations from Satelec Acteon

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rotates achine -Ray m a full X anoral capture Pano p ead to The metric ient's h ephalo the pat tional c around n op Rays. X-Ray. A skull Xmouth ides full v ent pro attachm

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igora D T PC


The Digital Imaging Specialists

For further information call us on

-Rays, esses X lly proc or Digita metric cephalo l, g you Panora allowin graphs on tomo images ine the conds to exam en in se PC scre your ize 4). 2 and s lso size (a

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01480 477 307

Satelec UK Limited, Unit 1, Steel Close, Eaton Socon, Cambridgeshire, PE19 8TT.


Satelec A4 Brochure

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