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7 Girls of Steel

Ellis girls make up half of the an all female team of students competing in a robotics competition


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Middle School students map the property and use observational and identification lessons to inventory its plant-life organisms and draft a field guide to the parcel of land that is Ellis' living classroom.


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A Living Classroom

In partnership with the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, Ellis has taken the classroom to the great outdoors for a hands-on approach to teaching environmental stewardship and the applied sciences

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myvaNtaGE PoINt


For some children growing up in the digital age, nature has become more of an abstract concept than a physical reality. Many children can tell you all about the Amazon rainforest, for example, but can't tell you the last time they trampled around in the great outdoors. A recent report from the Kaiser Family Foundation found that the average eight to 18-year-old American now spends more than 53 hours a week using "entertainment media," up from 44 hours five years ago. And when children do go outside, it's likely to play a sport or some other structured activity. The result, says Last Child in the Woods author Richard Louv, is that kids are out of touch with fields, streams, and woods. Louv calls this condition nature deficit disorder. As you might know by now, I am passionate about the environment and was therefore intrigued by this concept of nature deficit disorder. So, last summer I asked our

" When our students head to Frick Park...we are making the learning of science more like the practice of science."

faculty and staff to join me in reading Louv's book to kick off the school year united in our focus on the relationship between environment and education. In the book, Louv urges parents and educators to provide experiences for children in nature and touches on the importance of play in nature, of connections to reality, of creating an understanding of ecological literacy, and of education through direct experience. After reading and discussing the book, together we renewed our commitment to be a part of this environmental-based education movement by spending our opening in-service day at Eden Hall, a 100+ acre outdoor facility run by the Rachel Carson Center of Chatham. A highlight of this effort has been partnering with the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy (PPC) to create a living classroom where our girls study and steward a piece of land over the course of this year and in years to come. I urge you to read our cover story on page 4 to learn more about this unique partnership. You will learn that the program goes beyond getting students out into nature, and even beyond teaching students about environmental stewardship. It is also a cutting-edge approach to teaching applied sciences. When our students head to Frick Park to map the property, take a species inventory, and record findings in their field journals ­ we are making the learning of science more like the practice of science. Next year, a new elective class in environmental science will be added to the Upper School science program, giving us an additional opportunity to tie hands-on experiences to classroom study.

The School's dedication to environmental awareness has also made us stop and consider our habits here on campus. As a result, we are no longer selling bottled water in the cafeteria, and will no longer provide bottled water at campus social events. Instead, waterfountains/water-filling stations have been installed campus wide. We've discontinued the use of items such as disposable plastic cutlery and any Styrofoam material that is difficult to recycle. For example, Styrofoam cups used for coffee service have been replaced with ceramic mugs. What's more, we've instituted a composting program in the cafeteria ­ learn more about this too in the article on page 4. I hope the entire Ellis community will join us as we work to create sustained relationships beyond our campus and encourage our girls to get to know other experts in our region as they consider their academic passions. This commitment to environmental education and experiential learning will further Ellis' role as an educational leader in the Pittsburgh area ­ benefitting the girls we educate and the world they will inherit as young women.

A. Randol Benedict Head of School

ELLIS mAgAzine

spRing 2011



whAt's hAppening ARound ellis

ellis wpiAl



Big wpiAl wins

cRoSS couNtRy The Ellis Varsity Cross Country Team were WPiAL section champs with a record of 7-0. The Ellis Varsity Cross Country team placed 6th out of 49 teams at the WPiAL Cross Country Meet. Freshman Heidi Miller came in 19th overall (in a field of 277 competitors) to attend the state meet. The team is the Section 5, District 7 Champions! tENNIS Freshman Maeve McAllister won the WPiAL Class AA section tennis singles final at Vincentian Academy, 6-4, 6-4. FIELd HockEy Shae LaPlace's hat trick helped Ellis School win its fourth WPiAL Class AA field hockey championship at Fox Chapel High School with a 6-1 victory against Greensburg Central Catholic. "This is a nice ending to a good season," Ellis coach Genny Kozusko said.


Author, actress, and educator Lenore Blank Kelner demonstrated to the Ellis community the power of dramatization to motivate elementary school children as the latest in the "Come Grow With Us" speaker series. Her interactive discussions showed how to engage and motivate elementary school children to think, speak, read, and write through the power of dramatization. She is the author of The Creative Classroom and co-authored with Rosalind Flynn, A Dramatic Approach to Reading Comprehension.


spRing 2011

ELLIS mAgAzine


Ellis senior Sara Law, a soprano vocalist, was selected as a winner in the Pittsburgh Civic orchestra's Young Artist Competition. For this competition, she auditioned against high school and college-aged vocalists and instrumentalists and as a winner, performed with the orchestra in January. Ellis freshman inori Sakai was recently accepted into the Pittsburgh Youth Symphony orchestra, and has been selected to be co-concertmaster. The PYSo, founded in 1946, accepts members through highly competitive auditions, and has approximately 85 to 90 musicians ranging in age from 13 to 30. Ellis senior Rabia Malik danced in the Pittsburgh Musical Theater's production of "The Phantom of the opera" at the Byham Theater. The Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) selected the new Ellis admissions packet as a "Gold" winner in the category Student Recruitment: Packages. This award was granted through CASE District ii's Accolades Award Program. The program includes 40 different categories, and each entry is reviewed by a panel of experts from member and non-member institutions. The judging is based on quality, creativity, innovation, adherence to professional standards, and success in meeting stated objectives. The admissions packet includes the new viewbook and related pieces including Affording an Ellis Education, Today at Ellis, and a welcome from Admissions.


Ellis photo students entered Carnegie Library's high school photo contest, "Generations Together: Making connections" and swept 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and honorable mention awards! By entering, the images become part of the Pittsburgh Photographic Library, which is housed at the oakland Branch of the Carnegie Library. They join the ranks of other famous photographers in the collection and their images are archived in the Pennsylvania Room. The awardees are senior Sarah Saxon (1st place), freshman Eliza Jimenez (2nd place), freshman natalia Valdes (3rd place) and junior Sophia Rosenfeld (honorable mention).

BRoadcaSt IcoNS comE to

cultuRe JAm 2010

Eleanor Schano and Andrew Stockey were the keynote speakers at this year's Culture Jam ­ the School's annual student-led conference on diversity and multi-culturalism for area high school students. This year's theme is Diversity in Media and Pop Culture. Schano addressed the issues she faced as a groundbreaking female broadcaster, and Stockey spoke about his experiences as an African-American news anchor and his involvement in Race for the Cure.



A: 1st Place

B: 2nd Place

C: 3rd Place

(l - r) Gabrielle Tomson `11, Elanor Schano, and Aveeka Vats `2013. Rebecca Atkinson `11, Andrew Stockey, and Diversity Facilitator Madeleine Homayoonfar.


ELLIS mAgAzine

spRing 2011


the living classroom


The iconic image of a classroom is a tidy space with four walls, rows of desks, and a writing board in front. Not anymore. With a new partnership with the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, Ellis has taken the classroom to the great outdoors. On a parcel of land in Frick Park's Nine Mile Run Watershed, Ellis students are learning about environmental stewardship and the applied sciences.


igging holes, pulling weeds, and scattering seeds might sound like child's play, but it's serious business in the School's new "living classroom." A unique new partnership with the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy (PPC) is giving Ellis students the opportunity to learn rsthand the value of the area's parks and green spaces and to be active participants in understanding the science and infrastructure of these spaces. Ellis girls from the Lower, Middle, and Upper schools participate in hands-on restoration projects where they are exposed to basic ecological concepts, real-life local examples of these concepts, career opportunities in the environment, and speci c skills for environmental restoration. Guided by PPC instructors and Ellis faculty, our students explore the thought processes of environmental stewardship and watershed restoration, and perform work that correlates closely with classroom science study. The partnership between Ellis and the PPC allows students to participate in both the PPC's Urban EcoStewards program and the Habitat Explorers Club. "These programs include

age-appropriate activities in the park, such as exploration of woodlands, meadows, and streams," says Lower School Science Teacher Diane Reckless. It also involves stewardship of many aspects of the habitat, including winter owerbed preparation, invasive plant removal, and tree restoration. "These activities help the girls develop an environmental ethic and sense of place," she adds. "The hope is that they develop a lifelong commitment to environmental responsibility and an awareness of human impact on our surroundings." Environmental Awareness The School's commitment to environmental awareness runs deep. Ellis has always provided countless opportunities to learn about the earth and appreciate its fragility -- whether through the School's yearly "Travel Adventure" to locations like the Amazon and Galapagos Islands, a Mini-Course tied to the United Nations World Environment Day, or participation in the Ellis Earthkeeping Experience where fth graders explore the basic tenet of sustainability. The Ellis-PPC partnership builds on that dedication to environmental awareness, and encourages students to develop an ongoing interest in environmentalism. The PPC program

Sixth grader Britt Haefeli, along with Katelin Brandegee and Courtney Baldwin (above, l-r) take inventory of plant-life organisms at Frick Park while (previous page) rst graders participate in native seed dispersal.




largest in Pennsylvania. Water bottles are no longer sold on campus and combination water fountain/bottle-filler stations were installed. Furthermore, metal cutlery has replaced disposable plastic cutlery in the cafeteria, and the use of non-recyclable Styrofoam products has been discontinued. Environmental Gain. Educational Gain When Ellis students spend the day on their parcel of land in Frick Park, it's not just a chance to play in the dirt, and even goes beyond introducing them to environmental practices and studies. The Ellis-PPC partnership is a cutting-edge approach to teaching applied sciences. "For example, sixth grade students are mapping the property and are using observational and identification lessons to inventory of its plant-life organisms and draft a field guide to the parcel," explains Middle School Science Teacher Kim Mechling. The goutweed removal project is another good example of students applying their field experiences to scientific method. "The girls tested several different treatments on 4x4 foot

Sixth grader Jessica Jones participates in mapping the Frick Park property.

also inspired Ellis to take a closer look at its own daily practices and ask "what can we do better right here on campus?" As a result, you'll notice even more "green" than usual around Ellis, as the School extends its environmental initiatives and brings sustainability into the forefront of the School's culture. One such practice is the implementation of a composting program in the Ellis cafeteria, with the help from AgRecycle Inc, a local woman-owned composting operation, the

squares of land to determine the most effective way to permanently remove this invasive species," explains Upper School Science Teacher Martina Pavelko. "They clipped, covered, or pulled from the roots to remove the weeds, and took baseline data on each of the squares," she explains. They will return again next year to see how the area has responded to each removal method. "They can then apply the most effective method to the remainder of our parcel. Environmental gain, Educational gain," Pavelko states. Already, more than 100 students have gained exposure to the land and upper school Science Teacher Sam Rauhala agrees that the PPC partnership enhances their understanding of science. "We are reinforcing in stronger ways the different scientific thought processes ­ from observation and recording to abstract science concepts ­ and making them more concrete."

Ellis ­ PPC

Program HigHligHts

· 22 Upper school studentshavevisitedtheFrickParkparcelthree times,eachtimeexploringthelocalwatershedandapplyingtheirscientificprocess skillstoproblemsolvingandunderstandingtheimportanceofwatershedecosystems. · 36 sixth grade studentshavemappedthepropertyandhavebegun usingobservationalandidentificationlessonstoinventoryitsplant-lifeorganisms anddraftafieldguidetotheparcel. · 32 first grade studentshaveexploredthemeadowhabitatand participatedinlessonsthatemphasizestewardshipstrategiessuchasnativeseed dispersal.TheyvisitedtheFrickEnvironmentalCentertwicemoretolearnabout animals'adaptationsforwintersurvival,andtomakebirdfeeders. · 28 fourth grade studentshaveexploredtheforesttolearnabout woodlandbiodiversityandrestorediversetree,shrub,andperenniallayering. · Hi-resolution panoramic photographsoftheparcelhavebeen takentoestablishbaselinedocumentationthatwillenableEllisstudentstoobserve restorationimpactovertime.

For more information about this and other opportunities students have to learn beyond the classroom at Ellis, visit


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ELLIS mAgAzine

Of the 24 members of "Girls of Steel" ­ an all female team of high school students designing, assembling, programming, and testing a robot at the Field Robotics Center, Carnegie Mellon University, in preparation for the nationwide FIRST Robotics Competition ­ 12 are Ellis students.

he team is part of a national nonprofit program called For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST). "The varsity sport for the mind," FIRST Robotics combines the excitement of sport with the rigors of science and technology. Under strict rules, limited resources, and time limits, teams of 25 students or more are challenged to raise funds, design a team "brand," hone teamwork skills, and build and program robots to perform prescribed tasks against a field of competitors. It's as close to


"real-world engineering" as a student can get. Volunteer professional mentors lend their time and talents to guide each team. The Girls of Steel team, founded by the PghTech Women's Network and the Carnegie Mellon University, is part of an effort to get more girls and women into high-tech fields where they traditionally are under-represented. "Everyone in charge here really knows what they're talking about. It's a big confidence booster," said ninth grader Julia DiPietro. "I can come into school and talk to my friends about the stuff we do... they're like, `Cool, you build robots.' " After weeks of hands-on instruction from Carnegie Mellon faculty and students in the basics of robot design and construction, "building season" began as the girls started designing and building their robot. Girls of Steel is competing this spring against teams from Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and parts of Canada in the regional FIRST Robotics Competition at the University of Pittsburgh's Petersen Events Center, and then again at the Washington. DC regionals, hoping to advance to the program's championship in St. Louis. Look for the latest results at

ELLIS mAgAzine

spRing 2011




As scribe pro tempore for the Former Faculty/Staff News in Ellis Magazine, I cordially invite all former faculty and staff to send me news for a future magazine issue. Please advise if you would like to have your email address appear in the column in order to facilitate communication among faculty/staff and students. My email is [email protected] and my postal address is 8606 North Bend Circle, Easton, MD, 21601. Thank you. John Miller BETSY AMIS writes, "After leaving Ellis my husband, Bill, and I lived

in Toronto for seven years, returning to Pittsburgh in 1995. I did some tutoring at home and at St. Edmund's Academy and taught there part-time and nally for one full year, ending in 2003. Both of our daughters, Elizabeth and Winfrey, live in Pittsburgh, and Win is married with two children. Bill and I travel as much as we can ­ we're still in good health!"


writes, "I had considered attending the Ellis reunion this year as well, but didn't manage to actually make it. I remember fondly the colleagues and students from those Ellis years. My experiences teaching there propelled me to pursue graduate work in mathematics education and to continue teaching at the university setting, though I turned my attention to teaching future teachers how to teach math more so than teaching mathematics classes myself. After Ellis, I went to Pitt and completed my doctoral degree in mathematics education in 1997. In 1998 I moved to Muncie, IN, to teach in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Ball State University. Primarily I teach methods class for secondary mathematics pre-service teachers and then supervise their student teaching. In 2000 I married another math professor here at BSU, Ralph Bremigan. In 2003 we adopted our son, Tommy, from Russia. He is now a very active eight-year old. We live adjacent to the university and very much enjoy campus and academic life."

JANET BROCK ([email protected]) writes, "Chip

and I have raised two fantastic kids. Terry is working towards a Ph.D. in historical archaeology and Kimberly is a photographer currently employed taking family portraits. I am teaching fth grade in the East Lansing schools. I took a 15-year `sabbatical' from teaching but I stayed connected to education by working at the MSU Child Development Laboratories as a" secretary. I have many fond memories of great moments with Ellis girls: hot fudge sundaes, rappelling down a cliff, great performances ("Inside a Kid's Head", "Charlotte's Web", and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"), great books (A Day No Pigs Would Die, The Upstairs Room, The Book of Three)."

PAT ARNETT ([email protected]

net) writes, "This year has been a very dif cult one for me and my family. Our daughter, Lesley Arnett, an Ellis alumna, died suddenly from complications from pneumonia. Her 6-year-old daughter, Sarah, who lives with her father in Pittsburgh, has become a very important part of our lives, especially after living with us for 2 ½ years ­ a lovely, very bright, funny and caring little girl. We just hope to be able to nurture these amazing qualities when we can. Lesley was the best of mothers. At 80 I decided that life seemed to be de ned in segments ­ becoming educated, having a family, teaching, spending a couple of decades shepherding and spinning, weaving and other crafts in Pennsylvania. A few years ago I decided to concentrate on painting though still dividing time between watercolor and oils. I don't do a whole lot of showing and selling but enough to gather a number of blue ribbons and awards locally. At a show right now I have a `best of show' portrait of a Haitian mother with haunting eyes done from a photo our son, Nick, took. Both he and our California granddaughter went to Haiti."

SUE BUMER ([email protected]) writes, "I remember the impressions of my rst few days at Ellis; I was so taken by my students' poise and ability to relate to a teacher on a mature level. I will never forget when we put on the musical ("Anything Goes") and how I, always having two left feet, could not remember the dance routines; I thought Lu Wenneker, truly exasperated and understandably so, was going to ask me to leave the cast! I retired in 2007 as Associate Director of the Duquesne University Counseling Center, where I spent the last 20 years working with students with emotional dif culties. I especially love spending more time with my





grandchildren, traveling (France is still favorite destination!), and taking classes through the OLLI program at Pitt (still trying to get better at French!). A highlight in 2009 was going to Paris with my daughter and granddaughter, a dream of mine since her birth six years earlier." with the Spanish-speaking Minor League players. My love for teaching (once a teacher, always a teacher!) and all things international led me to start my own cross-cultural training company, International Development Resources ("

NANCY CLIFTON ([email protected]) writes, "My husband,

Wayne, and I have traveled to China, Italy, and taken a cruise. Our most frequent destination is Poughkeepsie, NY, where our son teaches at Vassar College. We especially enjoy the time with our two grandchildren ­ Eleanor Nance (2) and Samuel Robert (5). I am active in my church where I teach Sunday school, sing in the choir, and am Clerk of Session. This past summer I was a commissioner to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, USA, in Minneapolis, MN. Wayne and I volunteer at a conference center that is owned by our church. I also do work for the Food Bank. I am also happy when the Ellis Lower School calls and asks me to substitute in one of the classes for a day. It is a great reminder of a career that I loved each and every day."

ELLEN FLEMING writes, "After returning

to Atlanta for several years I have been serving as Head of School at Frederica Academy since 2004. It has been an exciting challenge and an opportunity to utilize skills that I learned at Ellis. Gratefully, I keep in touch with some Ellis alumnae, faculty, and former Board members. I am retiring this year and will remain in my little yellow house by the sea. Please be in touch if in the Georgia coastal area."

LIDA FRANCOMBE (lida [email protected]) writes, "Maurice

and I have been living in Brussels nearly eight years. We moved here to be close to the family and to see the grandchildren growing up. Eva is studying engineering at the university and Nicholas is 15, a very talented caricaturist who cannot wait to go to the art school. Most of our effort is spent on maintaining our health. We exercise and we walk and are avoiding the local rich diet. Daily we negotiate the uneven sidewalks, some of them were here when Wellington and Napoleon met at Waterloo, which is only 45 minutes by car from Brussels. At the end of our street there is a large park with a meadow that has a plaque saying that in July 1815 Wellington's soldiers played their cricket before the battle at Waterloo. We miss the warmth of American camaraderie. I think of my years at Ellis with great fondness."

JUDITH CALLOMON ([email protected]) writes, "To me, all

our Ellis girls are still 18 and I am oored when they tell me they are mothers, heads of companies, lawyers, doctors, architects, writers, designers, artists, scientists, among others. Then the ashback occurs and I see them sitting in Room 20 and 21 or in the Gallery ­ smarter than heads of state, companies, or brighter than I was, for sure. I admire their delight in coming back to Ellis and hope they continue to return. They give each and all of us very special moments."

SHARON CARVER ([email protected] edu) writes, "I am beginning my 18th year as the Director of the Carnegie Mellon Children's School. Since coming to the Children's School, I have worked with staff and parents to strengthen the school's program, improve the facilities, and build strong connections with the university. I am also the Associate Training Director for the graduate program in Interdisciplinary Education Research, for which I teach the educational design core course. I serve on the boards of the National Association of Laboratory Schools, the National Coalition of Campus Children's Centers and the Pittsburgh Association for the Education of Young. My husband, Dave, is pastor of the First United Presbyterian Church of Crafton Heights and my daughter, Ariel, recently graduated from Wilson College. I still connect with Ellis when we are helping our children apply for admission to Ellis. Our kindergartners come to the Lower School play each December." RHONDA COAST ([email protected]) writes, "I left my position at The Ellis School for a career in `Corporate America.' I worked 10 years at Westinghouse Electric Corporation's headquarters in Pittsburgh. I had been planning to get married and was laid off one month before the wedding. During the year I was laid off I taught English to several of the Pittsburgh Pirates' pitchers from Mexico, taught Spanish classes for the staff and coaches so they could better communicate with their Latino players, and went to the Pirates' spring training in Bradenton to address some human resources issues


writes, "Ellis certainly was a golden time in my life. I am still writing. Projects in progress include (1) my translation of The Iliad, (2) my long poem The Lyndoniad which focuses on the tragedy of Lyndon Johnson, his sufferings and greatness, and (3) Getting Down in Bhubaneschwar, a book about India, a country which has obsessed me since my wife, Vicki, and I went there in 2003 for our nephew's wedding. Vicki and I will be traveling to India again in January, 2011. I have a website which discusses my already published books."

MIMI HALPERN ([email protected]) writes, "My life is just a little less hectic since my retirement in 2003. I've retained contact with The Ronald McDonald House. It was our neighbor on Shady Avenue and the community service project of our second graders. Now it is where I can be found every Wednesday morning. I'm also an active volunteer at the Squirrel Hill Community Food Pantry. I continue to be involved in the Jewish Community and take classes at Osher Lifetime Learning at Carnegie Mellon University. My husband, Jack, and I have enjoyed our travels to Israel and being on a Mediterranean cruise, but we are most frequently either in the Bay Area of San Francisco or in Seattle visiting our children and six grandchildren. The greatest reward of my 25 years at The Ellis School is running into former students or their families and nding out about their amazing accomplishments!"





moLLy HEmPHILL ([email protected]) writes, "I have been

at National Cathedral School since 1980 when I left Ellis and moved to Washington. My stepdaughters, Sarah and Alice, graduated from Ellis in the 80's. I teach fourth grade and have been doing Lower School Admissions for about nine years. Sarah is married and lives with her husband and three children in Newton, MA. Alice and her husband and three children live in Duxbury, MA." continue my lifelong effort to encourage girls to study and choose careers in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) areas at the Fox Chapel Middle and High Schools and at Chatham University. My husband, Bill, and I have been fortunate to travel each year, and we enjoy attending many of the concerts, plays, and art exhibits here in Pittsburgh. Our twins are both architects and live nearby."

EmILy JaRREtt writes, "I am still working as a consultant for nonprofits to help them through capital campaigns. I loved serving as the consultant for the campaign that resulted in the Ellis Upper School Building. We still live on St. James Street in Shadyside. My husband, Charlie, had a stroke a year ago. He has made a remarkable recovery. Daughter Marguerite and her wonderful son, Jarrett (10), live in Pittsburgh, which is fun. Our other grandchildren are in Pleasantville, NY. We see them often. SuSaN kIRkPatRIck writes, "I am in Austin, TX, now connected

to St. Stephen's Episcopal School where my husband is Head of School. I am a founding partner in S2 Consultants. As of July, 2011, I will become the Director of Accreditation Services for the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools, an association of under 200 members covering six states."

LauRIE moSER ([email protected]) writes, "Since leaving Ellis I co-founded the Pittsburgh Race for the Cure (1993) and was its executive director until 2002. In the years that followed I continued my love of early literacy and launched READ! 365, an advocacy campaign, along with Storywalk and Biggest Bedtime Story Ever. Presently I am a consultant with the United Way managing Caught Being Good, a program to mobilize the community around academic achievement in low-income communities. Best of all I enjoy reading to my four grandchildren here in Pittsburgh and Bethesda. Being a teacher at Ellis taught me far more than I was able to pass on to my students and I am grateful for the time I had with the Ellis family." PoLLy FoStER muLLINS writes, "Ellis has been a part of my

life for most of my life. I spent 12 years at Ellis as a student, then alumna, then Ellis parent and alumnae president, board member, and after-school program director. My strongest attachment, besides being a "lifer student," is being the parent of three Ellis girls. It was a privilege to have our daughters be educated by such an amazing faculty. I always felt secure that our daughters were having the best possible learning environment."

ELLEN koENIG ([email protected]) writes, "I have made two

moves since leaving Ellis in 2007, one to Wichita, KS, and the other to Philadelphia, PA. Looking forward to continuing my country hopping with a six-week Alaskan adventure this summer. Living happily with my cat and good friends! Still teaching Middle School science to the brightest girls in the country!"

aNNE LuNdIN ([email protected]) writes,

"Even though I had been an English major and had a graduate degree in English, it was at Ellis where I taught creative writing in my classes that I discovered I was a poet. That discovery changed my life to this day. I am now Professor Emerita at the University of WisconsinMadison, where I taught in the School of Library and Information Studies. My zeal for libraries was also kindled at Ellis where I saw the possibilities of a school librarian enriching the whole curriculum of the school. I enjoy living in Madison where I work as a docent in the modern art museum, study spirituality, and teach Storytelling in summer school. I am married to a writer and have two wonderful grown children: Emily (36) and Karl (34) and a granddaughter on the way."

LEE aNN (PokEGo) mySLEWSkI ([email protected])

writes, "My days teaching at Ellis were some of my favorite, and I'm still in touch with many of my students. I'm currently living outside of Washington, DC, with my husband and two (bossy) pets. I'm the Administrative Director of the Wolf Trap Foundation's Opera and Classical Programming Department. Most of my job centers around the Opera Company, though: it's one of the premiere young artist training companies in the US, and is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. I was thrilled to hear auditions from Ellis alums Keely Borland and Lauren Frey this year! I also had the good fortune to see alums Bayh Sullivan and Leslie Niren and former faculty member Eric Zahler between auditions in New York."

doRIS maLtER ([email protected]) writes, "After retiring from Ellis in 1992 I became a professional volunteer. Each week I do a session of flower-arranging with patients at Harmarville Rehabilitation Center and spend a morning at Beechwood Farms (the Western PA Center of the Audubon Society) selling birdseed, etc. I often have former Ellis students or their parents as customers, which is great fun. I am very active in the American Association of University Women and have served as Education Chair for several years. Wearing that hat I

PatRIcIa oLLa ([email protected]) writes, "I left Ellis in 1996 when my husband and I relocated to Milwaukee, WI. I was fortunate to land a job at Brookfield Academy, a coed private school, where I taught Spanish until 2002. I retired from teaching that year to help my husband manage our fence business. We spend eight months working in Milwaukee, and then winter in Cape Coral, FL. I substitute teach whenever I can just in case I might resume my teaching career one day. My Ellis experience was both professionally and personally unforgettable. A visit to Ellis is always on my agenda whenever I return to Pittsburgh to visit family and friends. The Ellis School will always be a part of who I am."


spRing 2011

ELLIS mAgAzine


maRIaN (HoLLaNdER/WEISS) SaLamoN ([email protected])

writes, "After leaving Ellis (physically ­ one never leaves emotionally ­ that's why I come back to attend concerts, plays, etc.), I discovered the joys of volunteering. I serve on several Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh committees ­ Israel Advocacy, Hot Topics/Cool Talk, and my main love, the Jewish Film Forum. All are devoted to educating the public on current issues, cultural and religious values, or historical perspectives. In addition, my husband, Jon, and I have time to travel ­ mostly to visit family, especially six grandsons, to spoil our Scottish terrier, and to be involved in synagogue work."

JuLIE toSH (wrongpant[email protected]) writes,

"I taught at Ellis from 1999 to 2002, first as Middle School reading specialist then as fifth grade English and history teacher. Today, I am a playwright and screenwriter living in Los Angeles. My first two published plays were written for the Ellis fifth grade. My website is"

maRIELLEN ScHWENtkER ([email protected]) writes,

"I've been to Pittsburgh only a few times since I retired in 1996. I am blessed with three grandchildren ­ two little boys adopted from Russia by son, Andrew, and his wife, Mary. They live outside Winchester, VA. My older son, Fritz, and Charlotte and my granddaughter, Fritzie (Frances Rose), are in Austin, TX. I am very fortunate to be in reasonable health and having fun here in South Carolina where I live near Beaufort, SC, from October to the end of May and then in Maine on the island of North Haven. I've been able to travel to some of the places I taught about years ago ­ Greece, Egypt, Turkey, and more recently, Morocco, and this coming March will go to Peru for a few weeks with an old college friend. Fran Koch and her husband visited me on North Haven last August.

Lu WENNEkER ([email protected]) writes, "I continue to teach art history at Marlborough School in Los Angeles, a school much like Ellis from which Marcia Glenn's daughter graduated last year, as did Arielle Ford whose daughter was at Ellis through 6th grade. Victoria King's daughter is now an 8th grader so I chat with her often. I also maintain phone contact with Judy Callomon from time to time but there are many other former faculty I'd like to hear about or from." maRGaREt JENkINS' husband cox JENkINS writes, "Margaret, my wife of 53 years, is suffering from Alzheimer's disease which makes writing difficult for her. Our son, Jody, is an architect who lives in Rhode Island with his wife, a litigation lawyer. They have three children. Our other son, Tim, lives in Princeton, NJ, and works as a computer expert in New York City." [Note: Cox is familiar to many in the Ellis community for the musicals he composed for Ellis studentfaculty productions in collaboration with Lu Wenneker.]

From your scribe, John H. Miller ([email protected]): "I attended the 25th reunion of the Ellis Class of 1985 in October and talked to my former students about contemporary poetry. They are now about the age I was when I was their teacher a quarter century ago. But once we were together the years fell away and they were bright and curious teenagers again and I a much younger man. My Ellis students were the best students I ever taught, and my faculty colleagues the most collegial. After a decade at Ellis I went to Carnegie Mellon as Director of Major Gifts and later as Director of Development for the College of Humanities & Sciences while also teaching part-time as Adjunct Professor of English in the Honors College at the University of Pittsburgh. I also served on the Ellis Board of Trustees for several years. In 1998 I became VP of Advancement at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels, MD. In addition to my development duties I helped inaugurate an Academy for Lifelong Learning. I stepped down from the museum two years ago and have been writing poetry, sailing, biking, teaching part-time at American University in DC, at Washington College in Chestertown, MD, and at the Academy. Emily and I travel often from our home in Easton, MD to McDonogh School outside Baltimore to visit our daughter, Elizabeth Bastos (Ellis K-8), who is a poet and freelance writer, her husband, Javier, who teaches biology, and their children (our beloved grandchildren) Nathaniel Julian (5) and Beatriz Emily (3). Our daughter, Lucy Miller (an Ellis "lifer"), is a major gifts officer at the University of Maryland, College Park. She is an avid long-distance biker who leaves her father in the dust!" "Back to School" classes taught by former faculty were a big hit at Reunion 2010. Interested in teaching a class at next year's reunion? Contact Liz Altman at [email protected]

LESLIE WILcox SERENyI writes, "I taught Middle and Upper

School French in the early 70's, before moving to Ligonier/Rector, PA around 1973. I then taught at Valley School of Ligonier from 1986 to 2000. My daughter, Alice, graduated from Valley School and then received her BSN in Nursing from the University of Pittsburgh. She worked for years for UPMC and now is a flight nurse with StatMedevac. Because of Pittsburgh ties I have been able to keep up with a few of my former students through their parents. There have also been over the past years an annual Ellis cocktail gathering here in the Ligonier area and it was at the most recent gathering that I met Randie Benedict."

maRIoN tHomPSoN ([email protected]) writes, "I continue to keep abreast of the world in which I live... Lo and behold, my NY Times front page website lists recommended articles by some Ellis Facebook friends ­ Monica Naman, Erin Kelly, and Lucy Miller (daughter of John Miller). WOW!" StEPHaNIE todaRo ([email protected] writes, "I taught Chemistry at Ellis from 2005-2008. After I left Ellis I moved to Charleston SC. I have taught at a co-ed independent day school since then in Summerville, SC (Pinewood Preparatory School). I recently got married on September 4. The girls at Ellis were some of the best I've ever taught. I loved teaching all girls, and after teaching at a co-ed school, I can clearly see what a difference single-sex education can make."

ELLIS mAgAzine

spRing 2011




eunion Weekend 2010 began at the kickoff cocktail party where alumnae of all ages had a chance to catch up with one another and with Ellis faculty and staff. The class of 1960 was honored, celebrating its 50th reunion. A highlight for many attendees was the "Back to School" classes. New to reunion this year, alumnae had the unique opportunity to relive their Ellis days, attending "classes" with current and former faculty. John Miller, Judy COHEN Callomon '54, Marion Thompson, Victoria Jordan, Linda TonettiDugan, Belle Moldovan, Beatrice Vasser, and Jack Gaddess all participated in the fun ­ and educational ­ event. The classes got rave reviews and will be incorporated into future reunion activities. The excitement also lead to the initiation of "Where are they Now" ­ a new column featuring news from former faculty and staff, found on page 8. Also a hit was the Pen Pal Program: Started by Penny PORTER Meyer '59, this project brings Ellis fourth graders together with the class celebrating their 50th reunion. Through letters written by the students, alumnae learn about the changes in educational practices and the students experience the power of the past by meeting Ellis girls who came before them.


4 3



1. The Class of 1960 celebrate 50 years at the Milestone Luncheon. Back Row (L to R) Wendy MYERS Heinz, Cynthia SCOTT Amerman, April EILER Pinney, Missy MARKS Unkovic, Kathleen MURPHY Lambert, Jennifer RODMAN Dawson Purdom and Kay EBBERT Bissell. Seated (L to R) Patricia HAMILTON, Sally WATERMAN Woodroofe and Susan HAAS Prentiss. 2. Class of 1965: (L to R) Carol RANSON O'Keefe, Pamela PROPST Campbell, Susan DICKEY Gilmore, Karen BLOCK Johnese, Gail STEWART Will, and Anne LITCHFIELD.

3. Class of 1970: (L to R) Susan GILBERT Tabor, Kathleen McMORRAN Murray, Elizabeth SUCCOP Altman, Melanie BINSTED Sargeant, Molly STEFFEY, and Linda CRAWFORD Fisher. 4. Class of 1975: Clockwise from top: Lisa HAABESTAD Phaffman, Jean DRUCKER Reznick, Sandy ENGEL Edgecombe, Tracey WILSON, Patsy HAZLETT McKenna, Deb BROWNE Walrath, Susan CREIGHTON, Ina BRUNWASSER and Johnsie SCOTT Irwin. 5. Class of 1985: Standing (L to R) Christine SPADARO DeFilippo, Nina KOROS Cavalier, Amy PICKET Marks, Amy WALTERS, Ann CANCILLA Gaudino, Saily JOSHI, and Louise MITINGER. Seated (L to R) Erin KELLY, Gecole HARLEY, Lara WASHINGTON Thomas, Susan DAVENPORT Austin, Helene DiCARLO Cirillo, Elizabeth STEELE Connolly.


spring 2011

ELLIS magazine







12 7

6. Saturday night gathering of the Class of 1990. Standing (L to R) Kristen BELZ Ornato, Sarah LINK Kroloff, Eden BADERTSCHER, Alissa MANCUSO Poole, Tammy YONAS Williams, Tammy ROBINSON, Amy HAMMERSCHMIDT Oliver, Leslie BYERSEdwards, Jennie NIEDELMAN and Neha PANDIT. Seated (L to R) Tracey JACOBS Rizzo, Maggie DAUER, Alison DRASH, Joan Crum, MS Physical Education, and Cara CONNOLLY Carpien. 7. Class of 2000: Standing (L to R) Megan GUYER, Erin MEADE, Jessica RUFFIN, Courtney SYSKOWSKI. Seated (L to R) Julia KILPATRICK, Karla VICTUM, and Dana PRUSZYNSKI. 8. Class of 2005: (L to R) Jessica BOPP Dawson and Rachel GRUBBS.

9. (L to R) Bea Vasser and Genny Kozusko, former and current faculty members and colleagues at the Reunion reception. 10. Judith COHEN Callomon `54 and John H. Miller, PhD, former faculty and Department Heads 11. Britt KEEFER `95, Genny Kozusko, Director of Athletics, and Amy MACKAY Larsen '95 recalling an athletic escapade. 12. (L to R) The 2010 inductees to the Ellis Athletic Hall of Fame: Louise MITINGER '85, Coach Genny Kozusko, Director of Athletics, Tracey JACOBS Rizzo '90 and Wendy MYERS Heinz '60.

ELLIS magazine

spring 2011











13. Kathleen MURPHY Lambert `60 pays close attention during Judy COHEN Callomon`s '54 history class. 14. (L to R) The 2010 Sara Frazer Ellis Award winner, Cynthia SCOTT Amerman '60 with Judith COHEN Callomon '54, the 1983 recipient of the award. 15. (L to R) Attending one of the reunion art classes: Julia KILPATRICK `00, Courtney SYSKOWSKI `00, and Dana PRUSZYNSKI '00 with current faculty member, Linda Tonetti Duggan. 16. Members of the Class of 1960 meet their fourth grade Pen Pals. The alumnae shared stories of their days as Ellis students to a captivated fourth grade.

17. (L to R) The winners of one reunion raffle prize donated by Alicia KACHMAR `99: Dana PRUSZYNSKI '00 and Erin MEADE '00. 18. Back in the teaching saddle again! John H. Miller, PhD, former faculty and former Head, English Department, taught two classes as part of the reunion celebration on Saturday, October 2. 19. (L to R) Former Director of Athletics Bea Vasser, taught a reunion class called "Life and Physical Education." Her students are Saily JOSHI '85 and Susan DAVENPORT Austin '85.


spRing 2011

ELLIS mAgAzine



Timothy E. Parks, Ellis Parent, Margot COPELAND Pyle '52, Trustee, Randie Benedict, Head of School, and Elizabeth HAMMER Genter '77, Trustee.


Margot COPELAND Pyle '52 hosted a lovely October gathering. Guests included Ellis parent and Board of Trustees President Tim Parks, and Trustee Elizabeth HAMMER Genter '77.

Randie Benedict, Head of School, welcoming newly-weds, Carrie GILMORE Wagner '92 and her husband, Rob Wagner. (L to R) Sallie Belle DAVIS `76, Jeremy Eisenman, and Anne LADOV Eisenman `99

(L to R) Judith COHEN Callomon '54 reconnects with Susan DAVENPORT Austin '85 in New York.

NEW yoRk

Carol OSTROW '73 welcomed the Ellis community to her East Side home in November. Special guests included Judith COHEN Callomon '54, former Head of School Mary H. Grant, former Director of Lower and Middle School Barbara Belknap, and Ellis parent and Board of Trustees President Tim Parks.

(L to R) Three Amigas in New York: Nicole RUDOLPH '86, Alison KARN `86 and Rini BANERJEE Ratan '87.

(L to R) Randie Benedict, Head of School, and Mary H. Grant, former Head of School - two out of three Heads of School, including Judith COHEN Callomon `54, in attendance at the New York event.

ELLIS mAgAzine

spRing 2011


2010 LEadERSHIP PaRty

Ellis parents Susan Amara and Geoffrey Murdoch hosted the Leadership Party to thank those donors who contributed $1000 or more to The Ellis Fund during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2010. Special guest included Eleanor POWER Leighton '36, who flew in from Colorado just for the party.

Elsie HILLIARD Hillman '43 and Cathy LEWIS Long '87, Trustee.

(L to R) Catherine and Michael Haggerty, Current Parents, and Barbara Granito, Trustee.

(L to R) Bob and Barbara SCHEETZ Todd '54, Past Parents and Former Trustee, with the evening's host, Susan Amara, Past Parent and Trustee.

(L to R) Eleanor POWER Leighton '36 and Carrie LERBERG Work '92, President, The Ellis Alumnae Association ­ the Ellis tie that binds alumnae through the generations.

WaSHINGtoN, dc

Young Ellis alumnae were greeted on a December Steeler Sunday at The Black Finn by Randie Benedict wearing her black and gold! The next day, a great crowd met at Chef Geoff's, hosted by Blythe JONES Lyons '73, for cocktails and to catch up with the Ellis community.

Front Row (L to R) Michelle BRUNO `98, Tomar BROWN '97, Natalie CRAMER '88, Pamela ELLIS '81, Emma GILMORE Kieran '96, Markie HUNSIKER '67, Claudia GARVER '99, and Molly LAUFMAN Hemphill '65. Back Row (L to R) Shira TOEPLITZ '01, Diane MITRUSKI Erny '81, Diane MEGO '89, Blythe JONES Lyons '73, Randie Benedict, Head of School, Cynthia FORREST `65, and Elizabeth SUCCOP Altman '70. A great turn out of Ellis Alumnae at Chef Geoff's for a warm reception hosted by Blythe JONES Lyons '73. (L to R) Kristen SPITTEL '07 and Shira Toeplitz '01 root on the Steelers!

Shira TOEPLITZ '01 and Randie Benedict, Head of School, celebrating the first Ellis / Pittsburgh Steelers Get Together in Washington, DC.


spRing 2011

ELLIS mAgAzine

LoNGWood at oakmoNt

The October event, hosted by Mary OATES Davis '46, had a terrific turnout. Fourteen Ellis alumnae who live at Longwood were joined by others from the Fox Chapel area to reconnect with one another and with Randie Benedict.


thursday, march 31, 2011 cum Laude assembly auditorium 12 noon

Guest Speaker: Joan MORRIS DiMicco '91

IcE cREam SocIaL

Twenty-five college-aged Ellis alumnae returned to share their college experiences and wisdom with the Ellis seniors.

Sunday, may 8, 2011 the Ellis School courtyard Race for the cure Pre-Race Breakfast 7:15 p.m.

Open to all Ellis Alumnae and School Community Enjoy bagels, coffee, hot cocoa and juices as well as round trip school bus transportation to Oakland. Free parking in Ellis parking lot. Start your own regional Race for the Cure Ellis Team. It's easy, go to the national website for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure to find a local chapter and create a team in your area:

Alexis KANDRA '09 put the finishing touch on her ice cream soda!

First Row - on floor (L to R) Molly SNYDERMAN `07, Alyssa TREMPUS `07, Molly SCHNEIDER `08, Maddy SAXON `09. Second Row - seated (L to R) Kristin HAUSER `10, Amber CHAUDHRY `10, Rhiannon VAUGHN `10, Kathy SHABALOV `10, Caroline KELLEY `10, Liz COHEN `09. Third Row (L to R) Natalie SHRIBMAN `10, Maura LEWANDOWSKI `10, Molly SOFFIETTI `10, Emily STEWART `10, Justine BETZLER `10, Sarah KUNKA `08, a college friend of Justine Betzler, Hannah KALSON `08, Hallie BENNETT '09. Fourth Row (L to R) Alessandra HARTKOPF `08, Danielle TOMSON `08, Alexis KANDRA `09, Katie FERGUSON `09, Jen HEINAUER `09, Ellen KAUFMAN `09, Rebecca ADELSHEIM '09.

thursday, June 9, 2011 young alumnae Graduation Reception (classes of 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010) 6:15 p.m. arbuthnot House

Here's your opportunity to meet and greet classmates just prior to the graduation ceremony. Soft drinks and hors d'oeuvres will be served.


In September, Nikki REED Smith '61 and her husband, David Smith, hosted a fun and relaxed combination of alumnae, past parents, current parents, former faculty, and trustees.

(L to R) Margo BELL Woodwell '55 with Randie Benedict, Head of School.

(L to R) Ben Benedict and Nikki REED Smith '61, our Ligonier hostess.

(L to R) David Smith, our host, with Delta-marie CELLI '90.

ELLIS mAgAzine

spRing 2011


Margie JONES Davis `56 cradling a 6 week old lamb on her trip to a New Zealand sheep farm.



Ruth SHAFFER Loughney-Mook 2052 Valley Road Bedford, PA 15522 Ruth WICK Manson writes, "2010 has been a pretty good year for us. Bob's health has improved markedly. So much so that Bob, David and I were able to go on a trip to Austria, and Switzerland, and wound up in Oberammergau, Germany for the passion play. I retired as Deacon of Christ Church in Greensburg last November, but we still worship there. I still lead devotions at Redstine Highlands once a month and take communion once a month to Protestants at Clare Bridge of Murrysville where my sister, Kathryn WICK '37, is a resident. It is sad to see her slowly deteriorating with Alzheimer's disease. We still get to Deep Creek, sometimes to deal with Kathryn's house, sometime to relax at our own. Our kids and grandkids are all well." Constance (Fifi) BROWN Berkley shares that her youngest granddaughter, Lark, is in her second year at the University of West Virginia, doing well and working weekends. "My eldest, Kelly, is in Washington, DC. I still play bridge at my little woman's club regularly and have charge of the refreshments at the literary meetings there. My two, white, toy poodles are 13 and 17 years old, so I'm delighted to have with me ­ my pals." Sadly, Catharine HAYS Curry wrote that her husband, Bob, died of lung cancer this past September. He was 90 and had battled heart disease for years. "He only lived eight weeks after we knew it was cancer, but he was great until he died; knew everyone and just went to sleep. We had been married 61 years. Now I have six grandsons, one of whom is a staff sergeant in Afghanistan, and 2 great-grandsons plus one little 5 month old great-granddaughter, Lilly Grace. So although I'm sad, I am ok. I am going to go back to teaching pre-school, which is therapy for me ­ not bad at over 83!"

Sally SMITH McFeely writes, "I don't get to Pittsburgh anymore as my sister, Diane SMITH Walker '40, is in a nursing home." She says her life revolves around her grandson Mike's baseball games. "He plays on his school's varsity and travel leagues. He wants to get a scholarship next year. I see Brooks a lot ­ she's 15 minutes away. My son, Ted, lives in Miami but he comes here to Winter Springs every other month. Since Nancy Jane GELLATY Rogers died, I don't see any Ellis girls, but I keep up with sister Diane's classmates." Nancy ABBOTT Keating writes, "I bit the bullet and moved into a retirement center. The Village at Duxbury is a great place, but lots of white hair! But I wanted to be near my son, Hank, an architect in Boston. He's very involved now in planning to build a passive house on an organic farm. The house will have not a heating system and will depend on solar energy. I'm not sure I'll visit in winter as it's hard to believe it will be warm enough! I still haven't sold my house in Florida yet, so I may be visiting there this winter!" "I am still dividing my time between Naples and The Trillium in Pittsburgh," notes Nancy LARGE Bartholomew, "with a summer break in our beautiful mountains in Jenningston, WV. Daughter, Susie BARTHOLOWMEW Manecke '66, and I had a great trip to China in October and I learned how lucky we are to live in this wonderful country of ours. My sister, Betty LARGE Metz `39, and Cam are living in a retirement complex in Delray Beach, FL, and my sister, Eleanore LARGE Anderson `50, is also living in a retirement complex in Harrisburg, PA, near her children. My golfing days are over, but I'm busy with bridge, reading, needlepoint, and recently, Mah Jongg. My memories of the SUPER CLASS OF 1944 always warm my heart." My news is that my youngest granddaughter, Molly Loughney, recently graduated from law school at Stanford in California. She passed the bar exam and is working in environmental law. Last year, I was blessed with my third greatgrandchild, Courtney Loughney. She is the daughter of my grandson, J.B. Loughney. In

December, I received a "Shining World Compassion" award from the Supreme Master Ching Hai. This is an international organization of vegans and/or vegetarians. I was excited to be on television to accept the award."

Fall' 11


Jean McSWIGAN McCague 6 Windsor Road Pittsburgh, PA 15215


Joanne WENTZ Stephenson was first to write that she is still in a nursing home at Longwood at Oakmont, but she is first on the list for a room in the assisted living center. She reads a great deal and writes a lot. She is anxious to get everything behind her, so that she can get back to trying to make Nepal a better place to live. Anne EISAMAN Baker has moved to Longwood at Oakmont at last. Seems our entire class will soon be living at Longwood. Anne says some people aren't keen about the Longwood life, but they had visited for years, using their friends as "guinea pigs" to test it, so they have been very happy. The Ellis Head of School, Randie Benedict, had a lovely luncheon for alumnae at Longwood. She is so engaging and energetic that some of them wish they could enroll again. Patsy GRABLE Burke, Mary OATES Davis, and Joanne WENTZ Stephenson, all were present to represent the illustrious Class of 1946! Billie HODGE Sarosdy wrote from Naples, FL, that they were doing well and into the fourth year at Moorings Park, an independent, assisted living and total care facility. They just traveled to St. Louis where daughter, Emmy, planned a great 82nd birthday party for her. Her surprise was a fourth great-grandchild from New York City, also named Emma, the fifth in her family (her mother, daughter, granddaughter, and Billie). She is 18 months old and the others are 13, 7, and 4. Billie no longer plays golf, but she makes ups for that loss with mucho duplicate bridge.


spring 2011

ELLIS magazine

Alice GEALY Morigi `56 in her costume as the wise owl, Minerva. Alice was a reader of Eudora Welty's The Shoe Bird with the Syracuse Symphony.

Margo CONDERMAN Arnold `58 and her husband, Doug, sharing their wish lists with Santa!

(L to R) A 40th Anniversary Celebration and renewal of vows for Natale Rusconi and Connie TITZEL Rusconi `58 with their grandchildren, Louise (7), and Pierre (10), and children, Francesca, Elisa, and Pietro. Connie's sons-in-law are in the back row.

My twin sister, Joan McSWIGAN Standish, wrote from her retirement village in Charlottesville that they are celebrating the village's 20th anniversary with many events. Celebrations and parties are always fun, even in our old age. She came to Pittsburgh last April for a Reunion of the Standish family in Sewickley. She loved seeing all the family and meeting some later additions, including the newest, Eleanore Stewart Sackson, just 15 months. They left with pictures and a verbal agreement to have a future reunion.

In late September, Susan KYLE Heppenstall, Anne KYLE Matthews `53, Ann COPELAND Billings `53, and your secretary went with Jim Robinson (Shady Side Academy `52) to visit Ruth LAWRENCE Huebsch `53 at Dataw Island in South Carolina. The five ladies (whom Jim refers to as `his five grannies') represented a full 25 percent of the graduating classes of `52 and `53. Ruth's husband, Monte, was more than gracious about putting up with the childhood reminiscing.

Borough Council (24 years) and The Fox Chapel Area Land Trust (10 years). We love our home in the The Trillium in Fox Chapel... all on one floor, so we can stay here forever, hopefully. I have both my boys here in Pittsburgh, so that's fun. Jess' kids are out of town, but come to visit quite a bit. I have a bridge group with Barbara SHEETZ Todd, see Nancy JOHNSTON Schmitt weekly and have dinner with Jimmy and Judy COHEN Callomon fairly often. Betsey BOSHELL Potter visits once a year, which is always fun!" Judy COHEN Callomon writes, "We are lucky to meet Jess and Betsey BEESON Owens for dinners, and Bill and Betsey BOSHELL Potter on their way west. Had lunch with Ann WOOLFOLK Austin who just came back from a trip to Spain with her granddaughter. I talked with Susie SAYERS Crane '55 at length during the U.S. Open! Ellis beckons me from time to time which pleases me a lot. Addressing envelopes, explaining some inexplicable traditions, and watching the growth of the "window of the past": i.e. a terrific showcase of the school displaying everything from one of the original curriculum outlines to the rings we wore to graduations ­ replete with the horsehair hats! The school is very colorful and inviting ­ especially the blending of the old stained glass windows from the Negley property with the new ones on the Fifth Avenue property." Nancy JOHNSTON Schmitt says, "Not much new with Joe and me. We are very thankful for our good health as we enjoy typical "retiree" activities... crosswords, gardening, golf, bridge (me), travel (had another great family reunion dude ranch adventure in June), and some volunteer work (I, with Meals on Wheels, and Joe, with chauffeuring seniors to appointments)." Sallie McKEE Warden writes, "We moved a couple of years ago into a small but wonderful condominium in the Dorchester (Philadelphia) with a great big view of the beautiful square. We've sold our little summer house on Long Island and I thought I would miss it dreadfully, but it's a monkey off our backs. Great while we had it and our younger son, who especially loved


Margot COPELAND Pyle 47 Village Avenue, #203 Dedham, MA 02026 [email protected] If, after a certain age, nothing much happens, why do we all seem so busy? In late October, I once again hosted an Ellis reception for Boston-area alumnae. Both the Head of School, Randie Benedict, and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Tim Parks, were able to join us. A nice chat with Louise FLEGER Bishop updated me on her family. Her eldest granddaughter has graduated from gymnasium (secondary school in Sweden) and will be taking a year off before going to university. Among other plans, she will spend several months doing volunteer work in Africa. Gretchen GANTNER McCague's older son, Billy, is still happy and busy with his Grinders Restaurant. He and his wife, Kim, have a nine-year-old daughter, Molly. They live in Oakmont, just a few minutes away from Gretchen, who has been living at Longwood at Oakmont. Her son, Gerry, is still teaching 7th grade in Wilmington, NC. He and Christine have two children, Andy (5) and Justine (2).


Betsey BOSHELL Potter 1120 Huffman Road PMB 586, Suite 24 Anchorage, AK 99515-3561 [email protected] Annelly BAYLES Deets reports, "Now that I'm living alone, I am more in touch with those of my past. I miss Dick, but he left so much for me to do that he is still very much present in my life! I'm leading discussion groups on Beth Moore's lecture course `Here & Now, There & Then,' and I'm taking a fabulous course by Jennifer Kennedy Dean on having a lifestyle of prayer. Emory has invited me to participate in a journaling course ­ after years of Caringbridge, they recognized that I needed to learn how to write about my life apart from Dick as part of their cancer survivorship/caregiver program. It's not uncommon for caregivers to become so run down that their immune systems succumb to cancer also. So my life is busy. I still get a little weepy when I come upon special finds, but that is to be expected." Betsey BEESON Owens: "Our life is fairly sedentary since Jess had his heart attack last year. We don't travel any more, but have been very lucky having gone on nine cruises and river trips and going to Antigua to The Mill Reef Club for 35 years. We no longer play tennis, darn it, and didn't even play golf this year. I'm still busy at The Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania (have been there 26 years). Finally, retired from Fox Chapel

ELLIS magazine

spring 2011


Susan BARTHOLOMEW Manecke '66 and Nancy LARGE Bartholomew '44 ­ mother and daughter walking the Great Wall.

Michelle GIRTS '70 and Kathy McMORRAN Murray '70 wading in the Pacific Ocean.

Andrea HAIRSTON '70 and Michelle GIRTS '70 ­ a visit in Massachusetts.

it, got married there ­ that was a perfect farewell to the place. We did rent a little house at the southern tip of Lake Michigan for a couple of weeks that managed to fit the whole family in and we had a great time. Lots of things for four-year-old Gabriel (son of eldest son and his wife) to do. We'd go again. Jim and I are both happy as can be. Saw a wee bit of Mimi HOWARD, who looked wonderful at our 50th at Vassar (glad that's over, though)." I had a wonderful lunch with Mimi HOWARD in Seattle earlier this year. I visited Diane KING Potter in October. We are still enjoying Alaska, but really enjoy sharing it with friends who make it up here. We do get east a couple of time a year to see the rest of our family. I can't believe our oldest grandson will be graduating from Georgia Tech in May. Where has the time gone? Wish I could convey that message to the graduates in the back pages of this magazine!

Sacramento to help with Lori and Desmond's new twins, Amelia and Owen. Big sister, Meredith, has been good about being dethroned. We've joined a fitness club ­ I take water aerobics three days a week and Tom does Yoga twice a week." Augusta started "manning" the town's Democratic HQ one day weekly. The Democratic national organization doesn't fully fund the heavily Republican area, so she is "feeling it's a lost cause! We've been exploring northern California and have experienced our first howling rain-wind storm, in our home atop a hill in the foothill of the Sierras." For Helen SCHMIDT Claire reports, "Much travel: Vermont for Christmas; Santa Fe for a Jane Goodall Institute board meeting; a week's seminar in Mendicino followed by a visit with my son and his wife in Seattle, and with a friend in Boulder. Then a family reunion ­ to return to a horrible three weeks at my Bethany Beach condo in Delaware, where a friend of a friends to whom I'd lent it for the summer, accused me of mold, left taking stuff with her, and threatened to sue! Quite an experience. Back in D.C. I missed a step, and messed up my good ankle. Have been hunkered down since ­ but lotsa paper-work finished." Pia (Jennie) LINDSTROM writes, "We've been traveling ­ Sweden in the summer, China in the fall. The China experience was `extreme' tourism, with a Chinese professor on a university trip. Saw four cities and went down the Yangtze River. Shanghai makes NYC look small. Still have my gig on Sirius XM Satellite Radio. Husband, Jack, has a grandson, but my sons remain footloose and fancy-free. I'm in waiting mode for my own grandchild!" Kyra BARNA Keffer writes, "We moved to Gilbert, AZ (suburb of Phoenix) 22 years ago and love it. My son, Todd, and family live about 15 minutes away so we see each other often. Daughter, Kala, is in San Francisco and I love visiting there ­ who doesn't?! My husband passed away four years ago after a long illness. For the last 18 years I've worked for a small company here and continue to do so full time. That keeps me busy, as does going

to the theatre and dinners with friends ­ and shopping, of course. Call if you're in town, I'm in the book." Penny BLAXTER Page continues "very happy with our move. The town of Oakmont is charming. The days fly by, and we manage to have fun along the way." "It was a busy year for" had Margie JONES Davis, "starting with a terrific trip last November to Australia and New Zealand with my friend, Helen Henderson. We'd such a good time that in January '11 we're headed to Hawaii, Tahiti, and New Zealand again. It's been a wonderful two years here in Greenville. Being near my six grandchildren means going to swim meets and soccer games, and all those birthday parties!" Thanks to e-mail, Margie connected with five friends whom had she'd not spoken with for over 50 years, and even had a visit from an old beau! "Anyone passing through, do call."

Fall' 11


Alice GEALY Morigi 952 Ackerman Avenue Syracuse, NY 13210-3034



Sally RIAL Phelps 599 North Avenue, #8-4 Wakefield, MA 01880 [email protected] Connie TITZEL Rusconi writes, "I'm terribly sorry to have been such a poor correspondent. Life really has been very busy and hectic... many travels, etc. Natale and I celebrated our 40th anniversary by renewing our vows in the church in Rome where we were first married. It was even more meaningful this time, with the whole family in attendance. We had a second family reunion this summer, when we all gathered in Ocean City, NJ. Our grandchildren were thrilled to meet their American cousins. Natale and I continue to enjoy his retirement. He gardens. I do everything else. We are still in Venice, although we travel in Italy and spend a good bit of time in London. Our three children and two grandchildren are all well and give us great pleasure. Daughter Francesca and husband, with Louise (7) and Pierre (10), have

Last January, Marcie WATERMAN Love wrote, "Just got back from Aruba ­ our `kids' took the entire family there as our 50th wedding anniversary gift ­ such fun! We're off to South Asia in March: Bali, Komodo dragons, Saigon, Angkor Wat. In May am taking eldest granddaughter to Greece as high school graduation present." Nina BAYARD Cornell's daughter, Nina, was married in June in "a wedding small and simple in the Japanese Garden behind the Historical Society. Truly perfect. Aside from a month with my sister at Hilton Head, I've spent a quiet summer enjoying our garden with its fruits and vegetables." Augusta LEE Parrington reports, "We made the move to Sonora, CA, were here long enough to set up the beds, before we took off to


spring 2011

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Carol LYNCH Mustone `74 and her son, Seve (14), in Ireland.

(L to R) Midge GOLDSMITH Palley `74 and her husband, Simon, flanking their sons, Malcolm, Oliver, and William.

(L to R) Barbara Landay, mother of Leslie LANDAY Levine James '77, and Kimberly LANDAY Kader '80 with Kimberley's daughter, Sophie Kader, at a bridal shower for Leslie's daughter, Erin.

left Lisbon and returned to Paris. Elisa has moved to Lausanne, Switzerland and Pietro continues to live between Venice and Vicenza, where he manages a lovely hotel." Margo CONDERMAN Arnold's new project, in addition to her news letter, is "The Emily Frew Oliver Washington Color School Project", endowed with money left to her by her Aunt Emily. Stay tuned for details. Nancy McQUILLAN Bolanis and Carol CAMPBELL Swinston attended Sarah KING Wilmer's Memorial Service. Nancy and Peter are well and doing a lot of babysitting with grandchildren. Priscilla BOWSER Brain teaches composition and business writing at the University of Central Florida. She is legally blind, fortunate to live in Florida where there are many support services. Priscilla's husband of 48 years died last year. She has two sons and two grandsons. Will, aged 48, married to Louise has two boys, Matthew (15) and David (15). Jonathan, aged 43, is mentally retarded and has lived at the Pinellas Institute since he was 3. Priscilla's message: NEVER RETIRE. THE YOUNG NEED OUR EXAMPLE! Wendy BARTON Christner has moved to South Carolina, works part time at a resort in Summerville, and chairs a group of volunteers as well as the progressive dinner club and beer tasting club. She and Richard have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Richard is active in the Berkeley County Museum, plays tennis and sings in a group. They have four sons: 1) Richard and wife, with three children, work at IBM in DC and New York (him) and the FDA in DC (her). 2) David and wife in Pittsburgh are involved in environmental studies at PSA (him) and accounting at the Duquesne Club (her.) They have son, Matt, in the Pitt band and daughter, Anna, a soccer enthusiast. 3) Gene and wife have three children, college bound shortly. Gene works for Lockheed Martin in Philadelphia and she is getting a masters degree in dietary science. 4) James is a bank examiner and stock analyst in NYC, about to get married.

Ariane HOESSLIN Condellis endowed a scholarship at Ellis in honor of the Scharfe family, with whom she lived as an exchange student from Austria our senior year. We thank her. She has just returned from Iran, where she sees women as the voice of the future in that country. Sixty percent of university graduates are women, many more permitted by their families to attend because of the strict gender separation. Mary DeNINNO Erny and husband, Jim, divide their time between Chanhassen, MN, and Sarasota, FL. Mary continues her eight-year studies in Bible Studies Fellowship and enjoys retirement, traveling in the US and Europe, and spending time with their two children and four grandchildren. Rodger and Dorren have three: Emma (9), Hannah (7) and Charlie (4). Susan and Mike have Anthony (1). Lyn REED Orr has just had her big birthday, celebrated with her children, siblings and cousins. Retired in 2009, and spends time with church work and her Scottish groups. Edith LIEM Sul and Susan HIGINBOTHAM Holcombe and I had tea at the Harvard Faculty Club in the spring. Edith continues to love her involvement in music. Her sister-in-law has made two movies on Korean Orphans for PBS. Susan continues to enjoy teaching at Brandeis and living on the Cape in summer. Louise BINDLEY Hutchison has survived the first year following her husband's death and is thinking of reactivating her craft business, specializing in wind chimes and mobiles. Christine MATSON McGown has moved from Mississippi to Nashville TN. Carol CAMPBELL Swinston has resumed walking and participating in the Blue Cross/ Blue Shield program, Silver Sneakers, guaranteeing daily exercise. Her son, Brook, is head of Asia for PPG and speaks five languages, including Chinese and Japanese, encouraged by his mother as the languages of the future. He is married with a three-yearp-old daughter. Her step-son is a dancer with the Merce Cunningham Dance Group

in New York, married to Bridgetta and has a 14-year-old daughter. Carol has volunteered to be our Class Agent. Hooray! Marby McGRAW Sparkman is doing well and spends time in Radnor and the Cape. Bunny McCLENAHAN Thompson is head of medical records at a Chatham, Cape Cod, skilled nursing home and rehab center. Her husband, Paul, is retired, but continues his involvement as an Episcopal priest at St. Peter's in Osterville. Their two children, Sallie and Ian, are close by on the Cape. Ian was just married to Ali Monae at St Andrew's by the Sea in Hyannis Port. Louisa ZIMMERMAN Smyth is helping Grahame celebrate his 88th birthday. This year, after several years of visiting other continents (Europe, Africa, and South America), John and Terri McKEE Tumlin decided to stay in the U.S. We took a 9,600-mile, 45-day driving trip around the country. "We visited 21 states. On the way we visited our two daughters in Austin, TX, and our son and his wife in Hollywood, CA." "I did have contact with Ellis at a recent reception here in the Boston area." wrote Susan HIGINBOTHAM Holcombe. "No classmates were there, but people from classes near our class, like Sally's sister Anne. I came away from talking to Ellis grads of all ages and thinking what interesting people they are. And the new school head is terrific. I am trying to cut back on teaching and ease into retirement. We did take a true holiday (to Turkey) this past May. It was with six friends and a celebration of the 70th birthdays that come to all of us. We now plan a car trip across the country, starting in mid-March, seeing places in our own country. Terrific grandchildren who get more interesting every day; and children who insist on living across the continent or in London. Our Newton daughter just fled to Vermont.

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spring 2011


Rachel GROSSMAN Baxter `84 with her husband, Brian, and daughters, Zoe (11) and Natalie (13).

Lucy FATO '84 with her baby girl, Malibu Taylor Detmer. Go Steelers, even in pink!

Lisa PRIORE McQuarrie '84 with her husband, Andy, and their children, Olivia (11), Sabrina (9), and Maximus (7).

I continue my gypsy existence. My sisters and children are gathering in Florida for my 70th. We are taking a trip in March to the Pacific and are visiting the major battlefields of WW II, including Iwo Jima. Husband, Dick, and daughter continue to do well in the over 80 tennis circuit. Sarah has broken with family tradition and is sending her son to the State school in England where he is doing well. Tony and wife have increased the Paragon School to 40 Autistic children. Accreditation is in progress so the school can award high school diplomas. Rich and wife have bought a giant tree farm in upstate NY.


Cynthia SCOTT Amerman 2400 N. Peter Seward Drive Tucson, AZ 85745 [email protected] At our 50th reunion party on Saturday evening, Kathy HEPPENSTALL Bartlett suggested that we have the next one in Aix-en-Provence. Kathleen MURPHY Lambert concurred! A thousand thanks to all of you who attended, and to the Ellis staff who helped make it so memorable for us. We were also thrilled that many of you who couldn't come sent messages to be read at the reunion. It meant a lot for us to experience your presence in that way. Jennifer RODMAN Dawson Purdom reflected on the reunion: "We were so at ease with each other, so glad to see each other, as if no time had passed since we last met. I found that comfort level both astounding and wonderful." From April EILER Pinney: "I loved seeing everyone at the reunion and hope to see even more of you at the next one. Aix-en-Provence, here we come! Or Pittsburgh...." (My note: well, we have to be realistic, April, so I'm glad you added Pittsburgh, but it would be fantastic to meet in France and hope we can make that happen).

Suzie LAHR wrote to us before the reunion that she remembers the Ellis years with fondness. Condolences to Suzie who lost her sister, Nancy LAHR `58, to cancer this year. She gives us this update: "I have two daughters and two granddaughters. Sara, my oldest, is 48 and lives 20 miles from me. Her daughter, Chanel, now 25, is going to Parsons School of Design in Manhattan and is busy interning at Elle magazine, Dior and now Chanel. Sara and I recently spent 10 days in NYC with Chanel and had a great three generational visit! Eliza, my 37 year old, lives three hours from me and has Chloe (3)... so I call them my little `perfume girls' (Chanel and Chloe). I have lived in Woodacre, near Point Reyes National Seashore for 35 years, 29 of those years with my husband, Bruce, a building contractor in Marin County. I am now retired after 25 years of corporate sales and marketing jobs in the arts and events world, then worked at our local community center as the arts and events coordinator until my sister's illness. I now tutor for the local elementary school and am working on learning the art of pastel drawing. I enjoy traveling, hiking and taking classes at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, which is five minutes from my home." From Mary VAUX Cassady: "We have six wonderful grandchildren ages one to 14. Lee and I retired to The Landings on Skidaway Island just a little south of Savannah, GA. We love it there and travel the country as Lee is a USGA rules official." This news from Nancy PARSHALL Stewart: "Our grandson Haddon turns two, Shannon started first grade, will be seven in November, and Maren is three and a half. Bob and I are both still working at our library jobs." Sarah, Nancy and Bob's daughter, (whom I met in Guatemala while she was working in the Peace Corps in the remote town of Lanquin) is now back in the US after more Peace Corps work in Honduras and Panama. Sarah worked to create nature trails, which have not only contributed to a higher quality of life, but also to making ecotourism a more viable industry for the benefit of all.

Nancy GILLIES wrote us an update which I'll have to save for next time, but she also sent us a flood of memories: "Remember the music room over the garage where one could sneak out on the roof for air, and singing `coo-coo-fa-fa?' The brown-red and yellow locker area? Lunch room-- black bean soup and cream cheese and olive sandwiches (which I still like)? The rule about no loafers, and the tall, Scandinavian woman, Mrs. Amundsen, who yelled `wrong shoes' a lot. Those folded-paper `comments?' Mrs. Pearce and her perfume? Marcia Hyde falling in the trash bin with help from others? Flonny and Perrynell singing `Blue Suede Shoes?' The standard tests where we had robotic instructions droned at us and only #2 pencils? All the uniform rules? The fair with lemon-sticks? The wall-paper in the study halls? The stained glass windows? Palmolive soap in ladies' rooms? The steno notebooks for assignments? The science fair? Senior stairs? Zippered three-ring binders?" Thanks for all of your news, and thanks to our classmates who aren't in this year's column but whom, nonetheless, we so enjoyed hearing from at the reunion or from afar. Next time....


Diana DICKEY Joss 3955 Bigelow Boulevard, Apt. 610 Pittsburgh, PA 15213 [email protected] Laurie BATCHELAR Culbertson, unfortunately, shattered her kneecap in June, while visiting her daughter in Maine and was grounded all summer. As of November, she is walking and making steady progress. Gez EBBERT has moved back to Pittsburgh after 45 years in Boston. She has completely renovated a charming house in Squirrel Hill and is involved in several organizations.


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Merritt COLAIZZI '88 with her brand new "pumpkins": Tilly Jewell Mullen Colaizzi and Lola Doreen Mullen Colaizzi born July 27, 2010! What a Happy Halloween!

(L to R) Maggie DAUER '90, Michelle MAOLA Dialoiso '91, and Tracey JACOBS Rizzo `90 with her three daughters shopping at the Shadyside Variety Store!

Front row (L to R) Maggie DAUER `90, Greer MUNTER Whalen `87, Jennie NIEDELMAN `90, Ariel NIELAND '00. Back row (L to R) Sara DEUTSCH Scaife `89, Sarah LINK Kroloff `90, Allison DRASH '90, and Sakena PATTERSON '93 at the annual Jennie Niedelman Birthday Bash!

Bebe GORDON and Nick are loving their "dream place" in Hawaii where they spend half the year. She writes they love watching the wildlife while "eating avocados for breakfast, lunch, and dinner". Kathie HANNAH Walker and Rob love their summers in Beaumaris and winters in Delray. Kath's younger son, Todd, and his wife, Melinda, had a son, Brady, in May, bringing her grandchildren to four. Candy McCRADY Rost and Bob spend their winters in Boca Grande with lots of golf, tennis and bike riding. She sees Dozie BABCOCK Sheahan, and Barby SCHMIDT Wickwire. After many successful years, Barby has closed "Shades and Such" in Sewickley to spend more time with Emerson in Boca Grande. Their son, Emerson, married in September. Susie SCHAEFER Pettler and Don love their summers at Lake Erie, especially with her four grandchildren. Susie SCHUMACHER Morris and Jim have returned to Pittsburgh with Jim back at CMU. Holly SWAN Wright and Chris spent a wonderful time in Florence and Panzano this fall. Marty VOGT Snyder and Skip took a beautiful cruise from Basel to Amsterdam in June. They are now settling in Vero Beach for the winter. They have three grandsons.

home. We had a lovely evening and it was fun to see the kids playing and running up and down the dock." Susan SCHEINMAN Leonard had a great summer, kayaking the Dalmatian cost of Croatia, and then visiting Marlene TRIAIRE Guieu in Paris. She ended the summer with a week of friends in Santa Barbara and returned to France for Marlene's son's wedding. Susan is back to work, but in a slightly less stressful job at Birch Waltham Lenox. "We have talked about a mini-reunion in Asheville. It would be great!" Janie STERN Walmsley is producing a wellacclaimed stage version of "Rainman." Jane also has a blog at Lynda GELLATLY Jamison is enjoying good health, studying, singing and enjoying her family. Bob is wonderful and Lynda is enjoying time in Boca Grande, FL. The family now has six grandkids and a very wonderful dog named CiCi, who has full command of both of them. I am happy to hear from you all. All is well in Asheville. Jim and I have enjoyed the change of weather and the beautiful colors. I am still working with the Community Foundation in the Women for Women Grant Program, which aims to help economically disadvantaged women in western North Carolina to become more self-sufficient.

daughter, is currently living in Baltimore, writing music, catering and playing Ultimate. On balance, life is good." And Amy DOAK Fields wrote, "We're all fine and the only news is that my daughter, Julia, is going to London in January for semester abroad (from Vassar). I might go over with her to help get her set up, then naturally I'll need to take a side trip or two...." What fun to hear from Anne and Amy ­ brings back lots of great, crazy memories! Hope more of you will take advantage of email or Facebook and send a few lines or, better yet, photos! My mother, Nancy LARGE Bartholomew `44, and I took a wonderful trip to China in October ­ 'did' the Great Wall, terra cotta soldiers, the gorges and the Yangtze, Shanghai, and mastered chopsticks... all in all a great adventure! Jeff and I are holding down the fort in Granville, OH, while son, Drew, finishes his M.B.A. at the University of Michigan (it'll be official by the time you read this) and daughter Kate continues to enjoy New York, having worked for The Martha Stewart Show and Dr. Oz. I am still managing the volunteer program for Odyssey, a hospice in Columbus. Class of `66 Challenge for 2011: Attend our 45th Reunion!


Judith MUNSON 454 Crowfields Drive Asheville, NC 28803-3282 [email protected] Greetings from Asheville! Here's the news! Maggie STECK Jarboe has bloomed into a full-time sales person. She had the most new business last year and got a week's vacation of her choice! "Our grandson was married in June in St. Michael's and the rehearsal dinner was at our


Susan BARTHOLOMEW Manecke 2308 Hankinson Road Granville, OH 43023-9705 [email protected]

Fall' 11


Michelle GIRTS 5406 NE 123rd Street Vancouver, WA 98686-3498 [email protected] Susie GILBERT Tabor: It was so wonderful to be together again at the Reunion after so many years! Whether it was reconnecting or just picking up where we left off, the Class of 1970 had a great time. In fact we talked about a 42nd or a 45th! And the prize for traveling the farthest goes to Melanie BINSTED Sargeant... from England!


Anne FRANKS writes, "I am living in a great little row house in a historical district in Highland Park/ East Liberty, and working at Pitt as the head of administration for the development office. My older daughter, Katie, is working on a Ph.D. at UW in geography in food ethics. Lucy, my younger

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spring 2011


Victoria BERDNIK '92 just after finishing the Pittsburgh Marathon!

(L to R) Carrie LERBERG Work '92, Kristina SCHWEITZER Hahn '92, Carrie GILMORE Wagner '92, and Jennifer CARTER '92 sharing the joy of Jenn's commitment ceremony.

Danielle GOLDMAN Dorfman's `92 with her family: husband, Josh, daughter, Hayley and son, Jake, all participants in sister, Allison GOLDMAN Irwin's '01 wedding party.

Personally, no matter what the topic of conversation was at the moment, I kept envisioning all of us as we were so many years ago: playing hockey as we ran up and down the field with the incredible aroma coming from Nabisco that so often permeated the morning air. Sitting in Judy Callomon's class on October 2, 2010 was absolutely a highlight of the two days! It must be noted that it was standing room only in the classroom. I want to extend a very special thanks to Liz SUCCOP Altman for her tremendous efforts in planning a memorable weekend for all of the alums and for her ongoing help with our class details; and also to Parie MILLER Duggan for taking on the responsibility of planning the Saturday night dinner at the Fox Chapel Country Club Shooting Lodge. The beautiful venue and delicious dinner made for a most enjoyable evening! Andrea HAIRSTON: Lots of good news ­ my first novel, Mindscape, won the Carl Brandon Parallax Award. My new novel, Redwood and Wildfire, is coming out in February, 2011 and I will be traveling all over the country doing a musical reading/performance with Pan Morigan. An excerpt from my novel-in-progress, Will Do Magic for Small Change, appeared in 80! Memories & Reflections on Ursula K. Le Guin, edited by Karen Joy Fowler and Debbie Notkin. I published two essays: "Stories Are More Important than Facts: Imagination as Resistance in Guillermo del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth" in Narrative Power: Encounters, Celebrations, Struggles edited by L. Timmel Duchamp and "Romance of the Robot: From RUR & Metropolis to WALL-E" in The WisCon Chronicles: Volume 4 ed. by Sylvia Kelso. I will be the guest scholar at the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts in March 2011 and will receive the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts Distinguished Scholarship Award, 2011.

Kathy McMORRAN Murray: As to life, all is well. I began my own firm, McMorran Strategists, LLC, which is a portfolio of initiatives including serving on the Board of Verity Wines, LLC. Parie MILLER Duggan: The reunion was so much fun, just wonderful reconnecting with classmates. Hope to see more on our 50th!!! John and I just came back from a fabulous trip to Italy. We went to Florence and Rome, and loved every minute. Seeing works by masters like Michelangelo, Rafael, da Vinci is breathtaking ­ what Michelangelo did with marble? The people are wonderful, not to mention the food and wine. Liz SUCCOP Altman: Had a fabulous time during Reunion with Melanie BINSTED Sargeant and her friend, Deb Mules ­ all the way from England! It was also great fun seeing Molly STEFFEY, Lisa WALRATH Kennedy, Linda CRAWFORD Fisher, Courtney BABCOCK Borntraeger, Kathy McMORRAN Murray, Parie MILLER Dugan, Susie GILBERT Tabor and Dina DREW Harbison! Thanks to Parie, Susie and Dina for putting together a perfect class dinner ­ warm, friendly, generous and delicious! On a more personal note, grandbaby number two is on her way in April 2011 ­ another bite of life's dessert! Lastly from your scribe, Michelle GIRTS: I had a wonderful visit with Andrea HAIRSTON in Florence, MA last March, when I was in Boston to present at paper at a "Cities of the Future" Conference. I even got to see a play that she directed before an enthusiastic audience, including some of her students AND former professors at Smith College. I enjoyed Ellis' National Alumnae Board meeting in April, including special time with Kathy MCMORRAN Murray and Liz SUCCOP Altman. Kathy dropped by Portland, OR in June and we went to see the Pacific Ocean. Life is good, and am happy managing projects in my area of technical expertise, playing with my grandson, hiking, and flying (graduated to high performance airplanes and now studying for my instrument rating).


Sally CONEY Price 42 Hunt Farm Road Waccabuc, NY 10597 [email protected] From Carol LYNCH Mustone: "I am still in Boston, treasuring the moments spent with my husband, Paul, and son, Seve (14). We spent spring break at Half Moon Resort in Jamaica, and rode horses far out into the ocean. Summer was spent in Ireland, golfing and drinking Guinness with a splash of kir... who knew it would taste so good? I swear that 7th and 8th grade at Ellis lasted at least four years... the Middle School years for my son seem to have lasted only a few weeks! Seve is always asking me to tell him about `the kids I went to school with,' so you are all in my thoughts and in my conversations more than you could possibly realize!" From Louise ARNHEIM: "After five years heading up executive communications at the Association of American Medical Colleges, I recently became a `fed!' I just began a position with the Department of Veterans Affairs where I'm serving as a liaison to medical colleges affiliated with veterans' medical centers. During spring/summer of 2010, I recorded a series of Webinars for physicians hoping to get published, with some available at" From Devon GAFFNEY Cross: "All very well here in Manhattan ­ had a wonderful time at Carol OSTROW's `73 recent gathering for Ellis' new Head of School. We were joined by Judy COHEN Callomon `54 and Barbara Belknap and saw Susie CREIGHTON `75, along with a gaggle of wonderful Ellis friends! My daughters are doing splendidly, and my husband is flourishing, so I feel very blessed. I'm still working on defense/national security issues, though spending less time overseas than previously. Not the most encouraging line of work, but I love it, so it's all been fascinating." From Marcy CONNELLY Gookin: "Dave and I moved to Chicago's Gold Coast last year. While we miss our family and friends, we are loving life


spring 2011

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Front Row (L to R) Allison FROMM '94, Deede DICKEY Joss '62, Elizabeth BECKWITH Dickey '37, the bride, Carrie GILMORE Wagner '92, Susan DICKEY Gilmore '65 and Elsbeth GILMORE Iannone '91. Back Row (L to R) Pamela PROPST Campbell '65, Emma GILMORE Kieran '96, Kennedy BECKWITH Nelson '73, Heather MacBRIDE Dickey '75 and Anne LITCHFIELD `65 ­ the Ellis component of Carrie GILMORE Wagner's wedding in Wyoming.

Kelly BREEN Hunt '92 with her son, Ryland, in the "mood" for Halloween.

here! Dave is still working for PNC. I am volunteering and will resume tutoring shortly. Our son, Dave, is a junior at Bard College where he was honored as a Student/Athlete for lacrosse. He also sang opera and lent his voice to a rock group. Daughters Ann (Columbia University `05) and Kate (Denison University `06) both live in Manhattan and work in finance. Had a nice visit here with Melissa LEWIS Stephan in September and Betsy DAVIS Banks' lovely daughter, Laura, a medical student, lives across the street! Anyone who is coming to Chicago is welcome to visit." From Midge GOLDSMITH Palley: "I was in Pittsburgh in October and saw Carey SCHACH North which is always a treat. She is looking after her mother who just had surgery. I saw Ann SCULLY Nelson in London on her way to a three-week safari in Kenya. I am almost finished my part time MA in Museum and Gallery education. I've focused on children's art education programs in London museums at the moment. My three sons are on three continents. William just graduated Princeton and is in Buenos Aires learning Spanish and working at Egon Zehnder. Oliver is a junior at Penn, majoring in psychology, French, and consumer psychology. Malcolm (15) is here with us and enjoys soccer, tennis, and history. Simon is working in the financial world. I remain interested and engaged in the culture scene, particularly art galleries and the theatre world, both thriving areas in London." From Betsy DAVIS Banks "We are continuing our move across the south. Bill has an exciting new job with Southwestern Energy Company in Houston. We left Atlanta last March, after three years. We are living right in Houston, so there is a lot to do and see, just outside our door. Our daughter, Laura, is keeping our ties to Chicago alive. She is a first-year student at The Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University. Her apartment is across the street from Marcy CONNELLY Gookin's home! Marcy and I have had fun reconnecting after all these years. Our son, Jeff, is finishing his senior year at Davidson College in Charlotte, NC. He is an English major."

From Peggy MALLINGER Haynes: "We moved to Monument, CO, this summer. It is a quaint little town to the north of Colorado Springs on the way to Denver. We are enjoying life on an acre with lots of pine trees. I work part-time for an orthodontist in Colorado Springs, and part-time for an optometrist in Monument. Logan (21) and Devon (19) are at The University of Colorado. My husband, Rusty, is the college counselor at The Colorado Springs School, the International Baccalaureate college counselor at George Washington High School in Denver, and on the Admissions Advisory Board for Colorado State University." And, in closing, here is a quick update on life in my world. We continue on in lovely Waccabuc, NY ­ a distant suburb of NYC. Our oldest is a sophomore at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA, pursuing her passions in film production and theatre. Our youngest has just been accepted early decision to Wake Forest. It is an unexpected "circle of life" event, taking us back to WinstonSalem, NC where we spent a wonderful three years in the early nineties.

contest sponsored by the 6th Annual Belfast Poetry Festival. I think of the class of `80 fondly and welcome emails to: [email protected]" We also heard from Joanna WHYTE who said that she is living north of LA and keeps in touch with Mrs. Carolyn Huff. Holly SWARTZ says that "on the work front: I am the principal investigator for two large NIMH funded trials evaluating treatments for depression and bipolar disorder. Conducting clinical trials allows me to use my skills in science, medicine, and writing (lots of writing!) to optimize treatments for individuals suffering from significant mental health challenges ­ but it also involves more HR, budgets managements, and administration than I would like. On the home front: Eli is in 6th grade and Sophie is in 9th grade (both at Shady Side Academy). Interestingly, parenting teenagers also seems to require a fair amount of HR, budgets management and administration skills. Perhaps Ellis should have offered classes in project management rather than AP French (although I recently have been happily collaborating with a group of colleagues in Paris, so the French skills come in handy too.)" Lisa URAM Dickter reports, "life is great and crazy with two teenage boys in the house. Noah recently had his Bar Mitzvah and loves playing football for his 8th grade team. Adam just got his learner's permit, his third-degree black belt and is very involved in his high school's speech and debate team. We had a great cruise to the Western Caribbean in June where we all got to relax and sightsee. Can't believe 30 years has passed since we graduated!" And Kim LANDAY Kader says that: "My daughter, Sophie, celebrated her Bat Mitzvah in May. My niece, Erin, celebrated her wedding in July. My oldest son, Michael, walking in his mother's footsteps, started at Brown University as a freshman this August. How time flies."


Mary VAN BUSKIRK 1615 Powers Run Road Pittsburgh, PA 15238 [email protected] It was great to hear from some long lost classmates and to hear how the rest of you are doing! Thanks so much for all the news! There were a small number of us at the 30th reunion this year and we certainly missed everyone! Two classmates who submitted news this year from many days gone by are Justine DENNY who said, "I am alive and well in Portland, ME. Among other things, I have been working on my creative writing; in 2007 I won honorary mention for my first short story in the Alaska Radical Arts for Women (RAW) Short Story contest, and this fall I won second place in the Maine Postmark Poetry

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(L to R) Jaime LEVINE `92 and Trish ELLIS `92.

A visit to the Capitol: Marni McCHESNEY Mohr '92 with her husband, Julian, and son, Sam (5).

Laura PAULICK Moody '92 with her son, Parker.


Lucy FATO 45 W. 67th Street, #6C New York, NY 10023-6261 [email protected] It was an eventful year for me. On July 30, I had a baby girl. Her name is Malibu Tailor. Some of you may recall that my dad was a tailor, which is where her middle name comes from. After a three-month maternity leave I am back at work and learning how to juggle being a full-time lawyer and a mom! In other news, Mertyce MRVOS is doing well. She is still living in Minnesota and working part-time. Her 10-year-old son is into soccer and karate and plays the trumpet in the school band. Her daughter is eight and sings in the school choir and studies guitar. Lisa PRIORE McQuarrie is back in Pittsburgh where she regularly runs into several fellow Ellis alumnae. Lisa's three children are growing up fast ­ Olivia is in 6th grade; Sabrina is in 4th grade and Max is in 2nd grade. Rachel GROSSMAN Baxter is still living outside of Detroit and is the North America General Counsel for a Norwegian automotive supplier. Rachel has two daughters ­ Natalie is in 8th grade and Zoe is in 6th grade.

Mrs. Callomon to me, along with several other fellow 80's alumnae. Mrs. Callomon regaled me, Nicole RUDOLPH, Rini BANERJEE Ratan '87, and Susan DAVENPORT Austin '85 with spectacular stories about Ellis faculty and students past and present. Visiting with Nicole, who I have known since Kindergarten was also a special treat. We reminisced and swapped stories about the challenges of our current lives, such as raising children in the Era of Lady Gaga. Dayna MURRAY McCrary lives with her family in Gahanna, OH. She just completed her fourth Columbus Marathon. However, she laments that her grueling training schedule prevents her from visiting her favorite martini bar on a regular basis. Dayna lives "a stone's throw away" from Leslie BROWNELL Timmons, although they are not able to see each other frequently. Veronica CAMINOS still resides in Argentina. She reports that she has, "reduced my architectural activities to nearly zero to focus entirely on raising my daughter, Lola (3), and on painting. I'm following in the footsteps of my husband, Juan, also a painter, and have participated in nine collective exhibitions in the past 18 months." She comes to the States on occasion to visit her extensive family. On a sorrowful note, I am deeply saddened to report the passing of Beatriz Caminos (fondly known to most as Poupeé), beloved mother of Veronica, Corina CAMINOS `87, Oliver, Barbara CAMINOS McMahon `89, Josephine, and Freddy. On behalf of our class, I offer our heartfelt sympathies to the Caminos family. As for me, I have resurrected my architectural practice and career now that both of my kids are in school full-time and I am thankful that no one in my family wears diapers anymore. Much love to all in the Class of 1986 and I hope 2011 is happy, healthy and prosperous!


Kristen SIEFERS 70 Appleton Street, #40 Boston, MA 02116-6214 [email protected] Merritt COLAIZZI recently gave birth to beautiful twins. "Tilly Jewell Mullen Colaizzi and Lola Doreen Mullen Colaizzi were born on July 27, 2010 and are currently planning a world domination from their double Boppies ­ 12 blocks east of the U.S. Capitol building."


Alissa MANCUSO Poole 3704 Milshire Place Richmond, VA 23233 [email protected] Thanks to Jennie NIEDELMAN for working with the Alumnae Office to coordinate a fun reunion weekend. It was great to see so many of you although it's hard to believe it's been 20 years! I enjoyed catching up with Sarah LINK Kroloff, Eden BADERTSCHER (whose daughter, Catie, is an Ellis second grader), Mary KRIZAN, Corinna BURNS, Maggie DAUER, Cara CONNOLLY Carpien, Allison DRASH, Michele MAVISSAKALIAN, and many others on Saturday, but was sorry to miss the Friday evening party and seeing Kristen LESLIE, who recently moved back to Pittsburgh. Congratulations to Tracy JACOBS Rizzo who was inducted into the Ellis Athletic Hall of Fame at the reunion. Tracey lives in Florida with her husband and three daughters, Callie (8), Reilley (6), and Rymer (3). "They are so busy with school and activities that I don't have much time for anything else!" Kristen BELZ Ornato and Gino officially adopted Ellen, who made a guest appearance at the reunion, in October. Kristen works for Thorp Reed and Armstrong in Pittsburgh.


Allison E. KARN 4813 39th Avenue Sunnyside, NY 11104-1005 [email protected]

Fall' 11


After attending a fabulous cocktail reception for Ellis last night in New York City, I now am incredibly inspired to write our class notes. I had the distinct pleasure of seeing the incomparable Judy COHEN Callomon `54, who will always be


spring 2011

ELLIS magazine

Carrie LERBERG Work '92 and her trick or treat trio: Dylan (4), Tyler (6 mos.) and Zachary (7).

Marissa VICCARO Earnest `96 sharing some crazy time with her sons, Nathaniel ( 20 mos.) and William (2 mos.)

Sarah Beth REM Martin '96 with her new daughter, Emmi Jean Martin.

Tammy YONAS Williams brought Mike, David (11), Danny (10), and Tori (8) to the Saturday evening reunion gathering. Tammy is "in the final push to finish getting my RN at UPMC Shadyside School of Nursing" and is staying busy with the kids and working at the hospital periodically. In May, Tammy and Mike will celebrate their 15th anniversary. Our class had a baby boom this year. Congratulations to Neha PANDIT and Daniel Gerhardy and their 2-year-old son, Manek, on the birth of Maria Pandit Gerhardy, on Oct. 28, 2010. They live in Pittsburgh. Also in Pittsburgh, Amy HAMMERSCHMIDT Oliver and Trip welcomed Matthew Gard Oliver on May 13, 2010. We all enjoyed meeting the little guy at reunion! Amy's back at work at Heinz. Wendy YODER Beach couldn't attend the reunion because she was expecting Zoe Ann Beach, who arrived on November 2, 2010. Congratulations to Wendy, Brian, and big sister, Carmella (4). Erika FARRELL Phenner had a son, William Hudson "Will" Phenner, on January 7, 2010. She ran the NYC Marathon on Nov. 7, 2010. Jo LANG Kim and George, along with Jordan (7) and Jonah (5) welcomed a son, Jude Gideon Eunjin Kim, on Feb. 27, 2010. In July they moved to the suburbs after more than 15 years in Chicago's city limits. Jo is the director of the Perinatal Depression Program for NorthShore University Health System. Tammy ROBINSON Garnett attended the reunion and shared photos of her twin 14-year-old boys who play football for Fox Chapel High School. Best wishes to Leslie BYERS and Rich Tarlo who were married on Nov. 2, 2010 in Las Vegas. They live in Pittsburgh where Leslie works at UPMC.

Risha SHETTY lives in Hong Kong where her daughter is in fourth grade and her son is in first. Her husband recently switched jobs so "it looks like we'll be here for at least another three to four years!" Risha's keeping busy hiking, playing tennis, getting involved with the American Women Association of Hong Kong and leading a Girl Scout troop. I received a surprise email from Digna BRICE while I was in Pittsburgh for our reunion. Digs lives in Alexandria, Va. with her husband and son. From Alissa, "Ryan (7) is in first grade, Kelly (4) is in preschool three mornings a week, and both kids are keeping me busy with sports and other activities. I'm still writing and doing public relations consulting and became an aunt again in November when my sister, Erin MANCUSO Smith `93 welcomed Harrison Michael."

week after they returned, she noted that she had also had a great time in DC for Jenn's wedding. She is still teaching high school English and history at Cristo Rey Boston in Dorchester. Kirby HARBECK Rosplock writes, "Our daughter, Quincy Caroline, was born Feb. 23, 2010 and is nearly eight months old now. Big sister, Sydney Piper, is proud and doting. John and I have been busy with our antique Asian furnishings business, White Lotus Collection." She continues to head up research and development at GenSpring Family Offices and is presently leading an international study exploring the relationship of the family business and the family office. She wrote two book chapters for different research books this fall, and she has an article coming out in Family Business Magazine's special edition on the Family Office. In addition, she added, "I have been accumulating lots of frequent flyer miles being on the speaking circuit and this past spring I got to go to Nationals for Women's Ice Hockey, and my team came in second for the over 40." Sara SUTTON Fell had a beautiful fall in Boulder, albeit incredibly busy between work (flexjobs. com), her two boys, Harrison, 4, and Palmer, 2, and a family trip to the Bay Area, where we had the chance to see Monica NAMAN `91. She went back to NYC to visit Rachel BELL Robards in May, where she got to see Rachel's adorable son, Jake. She mentioned that it's been fun to reconnect with a few of our old classmates on Facebook and that she'd be happy to connect with more, or if anyone is ever out in the Boulder/Denver area, to please drop her a line at [email protected] Rachel BELL Robards' baby boy, Jake, is turning one this year! She is hoping to make a visit to Boulder, CO, to see Sara SUTTON Fell and her two adorable boys. Kelly BREEN Hunt wrote that she and Rob are enjoying life with their three sons. Ryland was born last April, and is "an absolute joy. His big


Marni McCHESNEY Mohr 81 E. Park Lane NE Atlanta, GA 30309-2725 [email protected] I've finally taken the notes back over after many years of Carrie LERBERG Work's hard work (thank you Carrie!!), who clearly has her hands full with three little boys. Carrie's son, Zachary, is seven, Dylan is five, and Tyler is six-months old. She wrote "the older two love their new addition, though have been wondering since day one when Tyler will walk, talk, and play with them." She was honored to be a part of Jenn CARTER's beautiful commitment ceremony this past summer, where I also caught up with Carrie GILMORE Wagner and Tina SCHWEITZER Hahn." Carrie GILMORE Wagner married Rob this past summer and had a wonderful wedding weekend in Yellowstone Park. They spent two weeks in Slovenia and Croatia where they saw the most beautiful places and had a grand time! Just a

ELLIS magazine

spring 2011


(L to R) Jamie McALLISTER '96 and Alex ROBINSON '96 skiing in Switzerland.

Best friends: Stephanie LUNSFORD Panach '96 and Blythe SANFORD Fawcett '96, the Matron of Honor.

Wedding bells for Christina BUHOT `98 and Jamie de la Garza in January, 2010.

brothers (Sebastian, 8, and Xander, 5) are delighted with him, as are we!! Growing up an only girl, attending Ellis for thirteen years, I can hardly believe that I now spend my days surrounded by boys! I'm exhausted but they are fun, and boys sure do love their Mommies!" Jaime LEVINE took two big trips in 2010 and both involved Ellis alumnae. First was San Fran/Napa/ Sonoma with Trish ELLIS where they "ate and drank very, very well." Next, Jaime's summer vacation was a cross-country drive in Jamie COHEN Schindler's `93 car "Larry." Jaime and a friend spent a week putting approximately 3,300 miles on the car seeing the U.S. Jaime came home and immediately signed up for Zipcar. Sarah MIDDLETON Gaffney reported that things are hectic as she recently moved to Richmond, VA, with the kids. She accepted a Clinical Pharmacy Manager position and left her husband with all their animals and other belongings in Georgia and notes, "I am not sure who has the short end of the stick! I am living in a temporary corporate apartment until we can find a house we like so hopefully that won't take too long as the poor kids are cooped up." Victoria BERDNICK wrote, "I am still gloating about my Alabama Crimson Tide winning the 2009 BCS Championship! Work is great at Lamar Advertising and I have been very busy with charities, events, and fundraising." She serves on the Boards of the Amen Corner, The Three Rivers Pittsburgh Regatta, The Animal Care and Assistance Fund, and CORO. Earlier this year, she was selected as a 2010 Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Woman of the Year candidate. She added, "A definite 2010 highlight was running in the Pittsburgh Marathon for Family House! (Next year, I am chairing the Pittsburgh Marathon Family House Team.) Lastly, Joe and I have been doing some traveling and we just returned from a fabulous weekend in New York City."

Laura PAULICK Moody is still working at the Denver Art Museum and loves it. She is looking forward to a work trip to Paris later this month. They just finished building a new house and their son, Parker, just turned 18 months old. Their exciting news is that baby #2 is due in May! Danielle GOLDMAN Dorfman noted that it is status quo with her lovely life in Redondo Beach. Hayley will be seven in February and loves being a first grader, while Jake is four-and-a-half and is the first person in his pre-K class to lose a tooth. Danielle got to see some Ellis alumnae over the summer at her sister Allison GOLDMAN Irwin's `01 wedding, and she also got to hang with a few of Allison's classmates, Katybeth JEROME `01 and Kate GORDON `01, at her Vegas bachelorette party. Danielle wrote, "Our highlight of the summer was when Josh and I snuck off to Atlanta (without the kids) and got to spend a memorable weekend visiting with Marni and Julian for the Fourth of July." I too loved having the chance to catch up with Danielle GOLDMAN Dorfman this past summer and we're looking forward to ringing in 2011 together in NYC. Like so many of our fellow alumnae, I've had a busy and fun year as well. Julian and I went to Hawaii to celebrate our ten-year anniversary and it was amazing to be there again after so many years. I've been having a great time with my two kids, Sam (5) and Etta (2) and am discovering just how to work with two completely different personalities. In addition, I've been able to continue to combine my passion for schools and love of photography by taking on some project work where I've photographed for a number of schools' annual reports and websites. Last, but not least, Julian and I have had the great fortune to get involved with starting a fantastic restaurant here in Atlanta so please let me know if any of you are ever in Atlanta and we'll go out for a bite to eat!


Melissa POLACHEK Filopovic 324 Highland Avenue Donora, PA 15033 [email protected] Alyssa BURRELL Cowan and family moved back to Pittsburgh in May and are enjoying living in Fox Chapel. Annie is three years old and is a Pre-K Cub at Ellis. She loves school and Alyssa loves being an Ellis mom. Liam is nine months old and is trying to walk. David is very busy seeing patients in his dermatology practice in Butler and Alyssa is studying for the PA bar exam which she plans to take in February. Allison FROMM writes, "I finished my MBA in August, Bill and I got engaged in September, and I started a new job (which I love) at PNC. After some training, I'll be working with businesses in the area to ensure that the bank's services best meet their strategic financial needs. It's been hectic but fun!" Christa BERANEK writes, "I got my Ph.D. in Archaeology in 2007 and have been working for an archaeological research center at UMass Boston since 2008. I do excavations at local house museums and historic properties and have also gotten to travel for some work in Iceland and Barbados. I don't teach classes, but get to advise MA students and teach in the field and lab, which I love. I'd be happy to hear from anyone in Boston or passing through." Sarah BARENSFELD Rizk and husband, Rob, welcomed daughter, Elizabeth Rowan, on October 7, 2010. Until June, Sarah taught French and served as the department head for languages at University Prep, an independent day school in Seattle. She's now enjoying taking a year off from teaching to stay at home with Eliza, who can't wait for her first visit to Pittsburgh early in 2011. Also, Amanda KARSTEN Damjanovic sends greetings from Boise, ID.


spring 2011

ELLIS magazine

First steps for Juliette Malie with her mother, Kate POLACHEK Ciarimboli `98.

(L to R) Nicole VELEZ '00, Courtney BABCOCK Borntraeger '70, Gretchen STICKLE Simon `00, Melissa RAIMONDO Morris `00, and Rebecca MAGYAR '00 ­ Ellis alumnae helping Gretchen to celebrate her wedding in Turks and Caicos.

Linda CENDES '02 and Yvette CENDES '04 sharing a wild moment as sisters!

As for me, it's been a busy year getting settled into married life with my husband, Samir. In February, we spent three days at Magee waiting to welcome my sister's, Kate POLACHEK Ciarimboli '98, first child, Juliette Malie, on February 3. Later in February, Samir and I adopted a Boston terrier named Bella. We're still living on the South Side.


Kate GRIFFIN Borgstrom 514 W. Sedgwick Street Philadelphia, PA 19119 [email protected]

Fall' 11

Emma GILMORE Kieran continues to run competitively and recently completed her second half-Ironman last September. She sees Sasha SUTHERLAND in DC a good bit and she also spends as much time as she can with her sister, Elsbeth GILMORE Iannone `91 and her children in New Jersey. Emma writes that her job is going well and that she just wrapped-up a year-long fundraising project for a hospital in Maryland. The Robinson girls of our class continue to live the high life. Leslie ROBINSON is still in New York and loving it. She still works for Ticketmaster and keeps busy going to shows, concerts, etc. Alex ROBINSON is in Geneva and working yet again for Gagosian Gallery. She opened a private contemporary art gallery in November. Alex had a visit last spring from Jamie McALLISTER and they spent four days skiing in Chamonix. Alex returns to Pittsburgh every Christmas to visit her parents and says that her home in Geneva is welcome to visitors anytime! Life in Philadelphia is busy for me. My husband, Eric, is still an attorney with the Department of Defense and I am spending more time volunteering in an equine-assisted therapy program, which I very much enjoy. Thanks to everyone who submitted their updates and I am happy to hear all of the good things that are happening for you all!

beloved classmate, Annie SEAMANS. A garden space in Mellon Park was revitalized and a special installation created in Annie's honor. Annie loved that garden and this project brought new life to this space while honoring her life and her memory. It is a beautiful space that many of us have the honor of enjoying regularly while remembering Annie. Jen BARTOLINI Donahoe wrote to update us on her adorable family. They are still living in Columbus, OH, and Jen is staying at home with Ben, who will be two in February, and Lucy who is 3½. Chrissie BUHOT de la Garza has had a fabulous year. She married Jaime de la Garza on January 16th, 2010. After working for a non-profit for two years, Chrissie is now teaching at a new charter school in East Los Angeles. Monica ORTENZIO is up to her usual antics in Columbus, OH. While working at Nationwide, she is a test lead for two applications called IAM and CAM. These systems allow customers to create online accounts and manage their insurance policies. In her spare time, Monica reads everything possible on her Nook. After living in a rural community in South Africa, working on a number of political campaigns in New York and Pennsylvania, and co-founding the Great Lakes Urban Exchange (, Abby WILSON finally enrolled ­ kicking and screaming ­ in law school at the University of Pittsburgh. She is currently finishing her J.D. after recently returning from the Netherlands, where she completed an L.L.M. in Public International Law at the University of Utrecht. She still loves singing, dancing, making people laugh, and, of course, plaid. After an eight-year vacation in New York City, Emily ASKIN is back in the `Burgh to bring her fabulous style and mad skills as a hairstylist and makeup artist to the local commercial and film industries. She's having a blast making Pittsburgh more beautiful one person at a time.


Alison BLOCK is tying the knot this May in San Diego. She writes, "my boyfriend, Joe Bonn, proposed to me last March on the Amalfi coast in Italy. He's a music editor for feature films and we met online." Stephanie LUNSFORD Panach celebrated her wedding this past May in Pittsburgh. Blythe SANFORD Fawcett `97 was her matron of honor. Stephanie lives in Aspinwall and often sees Thea OKONAK and Amy MACKAY Larsen `95 when she is out walking her dogs. On the baby front, there is a lot to report! Danielle BRADLEY welcomed a daughter, Emily Michelle, on May 25, 2010. Danielle says that Emily's older brothers, Alexander and Owen, adore their little sister. Marissa VICCARO Earnest gave birth to a son, William Sawyer, this past September and writes, "Will and his big brother, Nate, are keeping Jake and me busy ­ and tired ­ but we love it." Sarah Beth REM Martin had Emmi Jean Martin on August 5, 2010 and writes that she was "very warmly received" by her older sister, Maggie, who turned two in September. Windy WEDLAKEYONAS Neff is next in line on the baby train with her second child (a boy!) scheduled to arrive in early spring 2011. Windy is still teaching Interior Design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.


Kate POLOCHEK Ciarimboli 100 Denniston Street, #18 Pittsburgh, PA 15206-4029 [email protected] It is one bustling year after another with the class of '98 ladies. Many of us have made the move back to Pittsburgh and we seem to convince more and more classmates to move back here. It is great to see each other so regularly around the city. Many of us from the class of '98 came together this past spring to celebrate the life of a

ELLIS magazine

spring 2011


Leslie NIREN '02 and Nell COX '02 tasting the fruit of the vine in Nashville, TN.

Bottom row (L to R): Katie O'MALLEY `02, Carly REED `02, Mya ANDERSON `02, Elizabeth ROSS `02, Nell COX '02 Second row (L to R): Leslie NIREN `02, Alice CURTIS `02, Bayh SULLIVAN `02, Theresa MILLER-SPORRER `02, Lauren BYRNE `02, Lily BONGA `02 Squinting in the back (L to R): Kiely LEWANDOWSKI '02 and Priya DHAR '02.

(L to R) Cynthia WU `02 and Jean SCHNEIDER '02 ­ cold, but loving the Alps of Switzerland.

As for me, Kate POLACHEK Ciarimboli, it has been the most amazing year. My husband, Nick, and I welcomed our daughter, Juliette Malie Ciarimboli, into our lives on February 3, 2010. It has been one joy-filled day after another with Juliette in my life. Motherhood is quite a beautiful thing! Until next year, I wish everyone well!

mentioned that she and Rachel were bridesmaids in Angela LIBERTO's wedding and that they both attended Lauren THIMONS' wedding as well! I am still in Chicago, working at Northwestern as the graduate program coordinator for the Political Science department. I've also started teaching a college-readiness course to adult undergraduates in an online program ­ which is equal parts rewarding and challenging! Here's to 10 more great years everyone!


Courtney SYSKOWSKI 3450 N Lake Shore Drive #905 Chicago, IL 60657 [email protected] Hello all, and happy 10 years! It was wonderful to see a number of you at Reunion this fall ­ Julia KILPATRICK, Megan GUYER, Jessica RUFFIN, Celanie POLANICK, Erin MEADE, Cristina TESSARO, Rebecca MAGYAR, Karla VICTIM, Sarah McNEIL, Lauren FISHER, and Dana PRUSZYNSKI. Everyone looks the same (well, better, of course!), and many happy memories were shared both at the on-campus events and at some off-campus ones! Other folks write that they've been having mini-reunions of their own: Katy SWARTZ Kurd hosted Dana in New York where they watched Erin MEADE run the NYC marathon! I saw via Facebook that Erin completed the run with flying colors ­ great job! Angela LIBERTO emailed the Alumnae Office to say that she married Joshua Rex on January 9, 2010. Classmates, Rachel GORDON and Julie TROMPETER Taub, were bridesmaids and six months later, she passed the Pennsylvania Bar! Julie TROMPETER Taub writes: "I am living in New York City with my husband and cat and am finishing my doctoral degree in clinical psychology. I recently successfully defended my dissertation and am applying for internship this year (it is like residency for psychologist). Julie shared that Rachel GORDON has recently moved to New York for her medical residency and they've enjoyed being in close proximity again. She also


Kiely LEWANDOWSKI 278 Fisk Street Pittsburgh, PA 15201 [email protected] Mya ANDERSON graduated from Sotheby's Institute of Art in March 2010 with a Master's of Art in Art Business. She is currently working as the Business Manager at New York City antiques firm Todd Merrill & Associates, Inc. She loves that she frequently gets to host visiting Ellisian friends and show them her favorite New York spots. Kate QUINLIN will graduate from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine in May 2011. After graduation, she is excited to be moving to Chicago to start a three-year periodontic residency program at the University of Illinois-Chicago. Before her program starts in July, she will be able to spend three weeks travelling and visiting family in Turkey. She will definitely be coming back home to Pittsburgh as much as possible to visit with her family (especially her nephew, Jack, who's already five years old!). Gillian BERNARD is enjoying her job at New York City auction house Doyle New York. She works in the Estates and Appraisals department and remains as cool and intimidating as she ever was at Ellis.

Nell COX writes from her home in Nashville, where she teaches middle school art at all-girls The Harpeth Hall School. She earned her Master's degree in Art Education from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR before moving to Tennessee. Teaching in the all-girls environment has made her nostalgic for her time at Ellis ­ would you believe that the school colors are even green and white?! In summer 2010, she traveled through Panama and did global art research to help her plan innovative lessons for her students. Apart from her Panama trip, she was able to drive down the California coast last summer and also pop up to New York City to visit Leslie NIREN and Bayh SULLIVAN. Elizabeth ROSS is still living and working in Philadelphia. She is a Professor at her alma mater the University of the Arts where she teaches a musicianship class, runs a small ensemble, and teaches voice lessons. She leads the Elizabeth Ross Jazz Quintet and keeps busy performing in the Philadelphia area with a few bands. She lives with her boyfriend, Jeff, and a very fat cat named Megatron. Carly REED graduated in May 2010 from Georgetown University's School of Public Policy and is now working at Gilda's Club of Western Pennsylvania doing Development and Outreach work. She enjoys indulging her passion for international affairs through volunteer work with the Kulu Valley Bike Project and as a member of Rotary International. She is always ready for fun times so if you are in town ­ feel free to give her a call! Linda CENDES received her Master's degree in evolutionary biology from the University of Maryland in 2009. Since then, she has been working in communications for the Association of Zoos and Aquariums promoting the conservation projects of zoos and aquariums nationwide. She loves living in Washington DC and would enjoy meeting up with any Ellisian who happens to be in the area!


spring 2011

ELLIS magazine

Anita VIN `02 and her groom, Kishan Parikh, on May 30, 2009.

Meagan KRUMAN '04 visiting the Shanghai Jewish Refugee Museum.

(L to R) Katy KRUMAN '06 and Meagan KRUMAN '04 celebrating Katy's graduation in London.

Anita VIN Parikh has been married to her senior prom date Kishan Parikh for almost two years (they were married in May 2009)! After her graduation from Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine in May 2009, she started working towards becoming an ophthalmologist. She was named "intern of the year" at her internship institution from 20092010. She is currently an ophthalmology resident at Loyola University of Chicago. She treats many Spanish-speaking-only patients (one of the many reasons she chose the program) and is incredibly thankful to Señor Gaddess everyday for how great a Spanish teacher he was. She knows that the patients that she treats are so thankful to be able to communicate in their native language. Leslie NIREN has completed her third year of Cantorial School at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in New York City. Let the two year countdown begin! She travels to Texas once a month to serve as the student cantor for a thriving synagogue in Dallas and she is slowly, but surely picking up a Southern drawl. Last summer, she worked as a chaplain at New YorkPresbyterian / Weill Cornell Medical Center as part of a clinical pastoral education program. She enjoys seeing Bayh SULLIVAN often in the City; they recently had lunch with Lee Anne Pokego, a former member of the Ellis faculty, and recounted some wonderful old Glee Club memories. She is a hard-core fan of the show Glee and sees Michael Bublé in concert as often as possible. Jean SCHNEIDER writes from New York City, where she has passed her boards and is currently busy doing rotations on busy medical floors of Manhattan and the Bronx. Last spring 2010, she was able to get away for spring break to Austria and Switzerland with Cynthia WU. They rode trains, hiked mountains, visited the palaces of an eccentric empress, and drank many a good coffee and beer.

Julia TOAL spent a lot of 2010 moving because she lived in four different states (Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Florida)! She is currently settled in Gulfstream, Florida. She will be taking psychology classes at Florida Atlantic University in order to meet the pre-requisites to apply for graduate programs in Art Therapy. In addition to the pre-reqs, she will be doing volunteer work with underprivileged children and is hoping that art will be able to help these children as it has helped her through some tough times. She looks forward to communicating to them that there are healthy outlets for expressing your emotions while also creating pieces of value. Andrea CUTRUZZULA Gorney and David bought their first house this year, a 1920s Four Square, in a historic Houston neighborhood. They love the neighborhood and the house's charming antiquity ­ and they report that Rocky loves the backyard! She continues to work for Marathon Oil's Marcellus Shale Exploration Team. One of the best perks? That she frequently gets to travel back home to Pittsburgh for business trips! Cynthia WU graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in May 2010 and is completing her transitional internship year at home in Pittsburgh! After she completes this year, she will move onto a four-year radiology residency in New York City. Her internship year has definitely come with a steep learning curve ­ but it definitely helps to be surrounded with the familiar sights and people of home. Francine COSTA Snyder and her husband, Lance, celebrated their first anniversary with a trip to Italy in September 2010. They live in Aspinwall, in a house that they renovated together. She enjoys her job as a pharmacist for Giant Eagle. Julie STRICKLAND Gilliard is having a busy year! She, Ty, and their two sons, Ty, Jr. and Beau, welcomed twin girls last winter! Her family loves their North Side house, especially because Julie gets to live around the corner from her sister Olivia Strickland, who will graduate from Ellis in 2018.

As for me, I am working as an Associate at WilmerHale in Washington DC. I moved here from Pittsburgh last fall after an amazing time serving as the second-in-command to Lauren BYRNE, the Executive Director of Lawrenceville United. It really was a blessing to be able to work closely with such a good friend ­ and to see her in action working to make Lawrenceville a better place was special. I am enjoying life in the District but am definitely still getting used to the first-year associate at a big law firm schedule! Please ­ any visitors to our nation's capital give me a call! There's always space in my junior one-bedroom apartment for an Ellisian!


Katherine L. LINZER 1208 Murray Hill Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15217 [email protected] Keely BORLAND is living in Los Angeles. She is currently at the USC Thornton School of Music earning her MM in Vocal Arts. Yvette CENDES is a Ph.D. student in physics at Case Western. Gorana SMAILAGIC is living in Pittsburgh and just met up with Lizzie DeVITA, Emily SCHMIDLAPP, and Meagan KRUMAN, who is visiting from China. Hannah SPIEGEL reports, "All's well. I graduated from Chatham last spring and am still living in Squirrel Hill." She is applying to graduate schools for next year. Meagan KRUMAN wrote that after a year in Taiwan, I moved to Shanghai, China, last November to work in a Chinese law firm. During the past year I've been able to travel to attend my sister, Katy KRUMAN's '06, graduation in London in May and take time to see friends across Asia. I will probably stay for another year or so. Visitors welcome!

ELLIS magazine

spring 2011


Carolina VELEZ '06 and Bailey GRATTAN '06 having fun together in NYC.

(L to R) Rasha El-JAROUDI '10, Maura LEWANDOWSKI '10, and Gabriela WHITMER '10 ­ A White Out at a Georgia Tech football game!

(L to R) Smiling Irish Eyes: Bridget BYRNE '09, Maura LEWANDOWSKI '10, Kiely LEWANDOWSKI `02, and Lauren BYRNE `02.


Molly E. ONUFER 102 Parise Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15221 [email protected]

Fall' 11


Hannah L. KALSON 1974 Beechwood Boulevard Pittsburgh, PA 15217 [email protected] Leela CHENGAPPA will be spending the spring 2011 semester in Madrid. Hannah KALSON will be spending the spring 2011 semester in Italy

Carolina VELEZ: "I am currently doing my masters at Carnegie Mellon, in Public Policy and Management and applying to Law School for entry in fall 2011. I spent the past summer in New York working for a branding firm called Method and was there with Bailey Grattan." Mara TSUDIS: "I graduated from Villanova this past May and recently moved to Chicago. I am working as an engineer for a company that does contract work for oil refineries. I absolutely love the Chicago area and hope that some Ellis alumnae come and visit!" Lesley KIGER: "I started working in the Membership and Marketing Department of the Yale Club of New York City as a Member Relations Associate. I moved to New York in the middle of June. I live with two friends from Yale, started playing squash a few months ago, and am getting involved in a children's non-profit organization. I'm really happy to have an opportunity to pursue a marketing career in New York!" I graduated from John Carroll in May 2010 and moved back to Pittsburgh. I am currently working as a National Consultant for my sorority, Chi Omega, so I am traveling most of the time. It has been a great opportunity to inspire leadership, meet new people, and see the country.


Rachel APT is experiencing the magnificent mountains, boulders, and forests of the opposite coast, but don't worry, she is still registered to vote in PA. She travels around Claremont and LA mostly by way of tandem bike. She is trying to reframe her attitude on land and consumption, and is getting really psyched about studying about environmental and anthropological issues with a decolonizing perspective at Pitzer College. Divya KRISHNAN is embracing her position as Carnegie Mellon's foremost literary elitist, and enjoys educating mechanical engineers about Edith Wharton and John Donne. Currently working on redefining the word "classy" in the collegiate setting, she has developed a deep affinity for Toblerones and an ever deepening attachment to Earl Grey tea. She looks forward to a spring semester of literature, decision making, and adventure. "The ATL Contingent," Gabriela WHITMER, Rasha EL-JAROUDI and Maura LEWANDOWSKI, are loving life in Atlanta! They enjoyed dressing in white and gold to cheer on the brave and bold at a GA Tech football game! They are anxiously awaiting the start of the Emory Women's Basketball season.


Maura LEWANDOWSKI 305 Main Street Pittsburgh, PA 15201 [email protected] Justine BETZLER is loving the sweet, soft, and southern thrill that is the University of Alabama. She adores all her new sisters in Kappa Alpha Theta, but misses all her Ellis "sisters" dearly! Her first few months were relatively uneventful and full of general engineering courses, but true to her nature she kept things interesting by falling off her horse, Petey, and breaking her foot. Navigating the quad in crutches proves to be quite the challenge, and game-days prove to be an experience all their own! Roll Tide Roll! Rhiannon VAUGHN is enjoying her time at the University of Rochester thus far, save for freezing on the Genesee every morning with Women's Varsity Crew. She is also involved in Club Rugby, Women's Chorus, and taking voice at the Eastman School of Music. Kristen HAUSER has not yet cracked under the pressure of pursuing a mechanical engineering degree from Carnegie Mellon University. She is also planning to minor in Robotics and Hispanic Studies. In her free time she works on Buggy and Booth for Spring Carnival, defends her pride as a yinzer, and is occasionally forced to participate in intramural sports by her friends.


spring 2011

ELLIS magazine

(L to R) Renee NOGALES '89, Maid of Honor, the Bride, Alicia BROWN Angemeer'88, her groom, Charles, and their nephew, Pat Kane.



Alicia BROWN `88 to Charles W. Angemeer, Jr. Leslie BYERS '90 to Rich Tarlo Jennifer L. CARTER '92 to Karen Asher Beckwitt Carrie GILMORE '92 to Robert Wagner Stephanie LUNSFORD '96 to Joel Panach Christine BUHOT '98 to Jaime de La Garza Angela LIBERTO '00 to Joshua Rex Gretchen STICKLE '00 to Justin Simon Allison GOLDMAN '01 to Chris Irwin Francine COSTA '02 to Lance Snyder Anita VIN '02 to Kishan Parikh


Lucy FATO '84, a daughter, Malibu Tailor Detmer Merritt COLAIZZI '88, twins, Tilly Jewell Mullen Colaizzi and Lola Doreen Mullen Colaizzi Wendy YODER Beach '90, a daughter, Zoe Ann Beach Neha PANDIT '90, a daughter, Maria Pandit Gerhardy Jo LANG Kim '90, a son, Jude Gideon Eunjin Kim Amy HAMMERSCHMIDT Oliver '90, a son, Matthew Gard Oliver Erika FARRELL Phenner `90, a son, William Hudson Phenner Kelly BREEN Hunt '92, a son, Ryland Hunt Kirby HARBECK Rosplock '92, a daughter, Quincy Caroline Rosplock Erin MANCUSO Smith '93, a son, Harrison Michael Smith Sarah BARENSFELD Rizk `94, a daughter, Elizabeth Rowan Alyssa BURRELL Cowan '94, a son, William Walker Cowan Danielle BRADLEY `96, a daughter, Emily Michelle Wilson Marissa VICCARO Earnest '96, a son, William Sawyer Earnest Sarah Beth REM Martin '96, a daughter, Emmi Jean Martin Kate POLACHEK Ciarimboli '98, a daughter, Juliette Malie Ciarimboli Julie STRICKLAND Gilliard '02, twins, Katherine and Corrine Gilliard


Margaretta OLIVER Schroeder '31 on January 15, 2010 Janet MURRAY Newton '38 on August 7, 2010 Anne STEFFEY Collins '39 on February 2, 2011 Nell WILLIAMS Reath '39 on July 14, 2010 Doris DODDS Scott '39 on November 18, 2010 Mary BATCHELOR Bretch '40 on November 17, 2010 Ellen BABCOCK Cuda '55 on April 14, 2010 Sarah KING Wilmer '58 on September 16, 2010 Mary MARKS Sparks '59 on August 3, 2010 Kathryn WICK `37 on January 6, 2011

ELLIS magazine

spring 2011


BAck wheRe it All BegAn

throughout the school's history, sports have always been an integral part of ellis life. As we celebrate our fourth wpiAl field hockey championship, here's a glimpse back to where it all began. Read about this and other big wpiAl wins on page 2.


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