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Community Day

Soror Mama

An Inside Look at FCAC Families

Why Mayor Vincent Gray Refused to Miss it

Angel Tree

Giving Back to D.C.'s Children

A Year in Review

What FCAC Did in 2010

January 2011




Letter from the FCAC President


Community Day

Coming together in Ward 8 By Miya Wiseman


The Angel Tree

Giving Back to Deserving Families By Jill Patrick


What a Year

A Look Back at 2010



Upcoming Events We Are Family

Many FCAC Sorors are also biological relatives. By Miya Wiseman 10



On the Cover: Standing (L-R) Sorors Leilani Henson Wheeler and Stacey Dixon with their mothers (L-R) Sorors Kaye Henson and Phoebe Dixon. Inside Cover: Angel Tree helps deserving families; Mayor Vincent Gray visits Community Day; Sorors Phoebe and Stacey Dixon.

A Message from FCAC's President

Happy New Year!

Dear Sorors, As I reflect on 2010 and all that you have done to impact our communities, I am constantly in awe of who you are, what you do and how you do it. With a fierce determination, committed spirit and sisterly manner, you have moved the needle forward. 2010 has been a great year for FCAC. We have continued the legacy set before us over 41 years ago by 26 dynamic and forward thinking women. We have continued the great leadership of our Past Presidents. We have been consistently recognized by our sorority as a chapter of the highest caliber. Under the leadership of phenomenal Executive Board Sorors, the programs are growing and so is our membership. From our partnership with Miner Elementary School to the largest and most comprehensive Community Day event; from multiple Candidate Forums to Informative College Bound Workshops and a most inspiring Literary Exposition, FCAC's impact is known. You're still the Social Action Chapter of the Year! Delta GEMS Chapter of the Year and in my eyes, the "Chapter of the Year" again! This is by no means the sum of our work. There is much more that can be mentioned, including our own Soror Glynis Hill's election as Chair, National Nominating Committee for Grand Chapter! You should be proud! With pride, comes responsibility. The needs of our community are substantial. Let's continue to reflect on our legacy of leading and impacting our communities. Let's commit to doing more. Every Soror has something to offer. Let us know how we can galvanize your individual talent into a collective body to do monumental things. As we've suffered losses this year, with three National Presidents going to Omega Omega, we must not faint from our responsibilities. Hey, we're not 100 yet, so no need to be tired! Sorors Dorothy Height, Hortense Canady and Dorothy Harrison did not quit and neither will we. As the Christmas season passes and we move into another decade of this millennium, opportunities abound. Let's grab them together and go even further, all in the name of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, This leads to two significant words: Thank You. Thank you for your efforts. Thank you for your time. Thank you for your sisterly commitment. Ingrid, Terri and I are humbled to serve over 420 of you (yes that is the membership number!) and will do our best to keep us on the trajectory of greatness. To God be the Glory for the things He has done! Happy New Year Sorors of FCAC,

Rosie Allen-Herring

Page 3 FCAC Lifeline

Community Ties that Bind

Fair Brings FCAC and Residents Together in Southeast By Miya Wiseman

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton speaks to a crowd at Community Day. laugh as her one-year-old grandson patted her leg and reached up for more. ington on Saturday, August 28th to cele"This has turned out to be a flagship way brate the second annual "Community to engage the community in all ways," said Day" at the Town Hall Education Arts & FCAC president, Rosie Allen-Herring. Recreation Campus (THEARC). Face "Its the core of who we are at FCAC and Eleanora Settles wiped her brow as she painting, fitness demonstrations, hula its important for us to ensure the work unwrapped freshly cooked hot dogs and hoop contests and live performances were distributed them to anxious little hands. that were doing is impactful. Ward 8 is just a portion of what brought nearly 600 Settles, a Southeast resident, brought her one area of the city hardest hit by poverty people to Mississippi Avenue. children and grandchildren to Community and educational achievement gaps. AllenDay. She recently gained custody of three Herring said having Community Day in Sponsored by the Federal City Alumnae of her 10 grandchildren following the Ward 8 was specifically important. Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, death of her son, the childrens father. Inc. (FCAC), Community Day kicked off Settles said she was enjoying Community "Traditionally, Wards 7 and 8 have been the first in a series of events focusing on Day and was drawn to it by the promise disproportionately affected," she said. community, health, educational and politiof obtaining mentoring information for "Its the part of the city thats lagged becal awareness in 2010. With donations her grandchildren. "It's nice, it's just tough hind educationally, employment-wise, with from local businesses and organizations, having to watch the kids," she said with a economic development and health-wise." the free event offered residents of the

Hundreds gathered in Southeast Wash-

District's Ward 8 food, entertainment, health information and services, voter registration and a host of other activities for all ages.

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FCAC Lifeline

"Were not naive to think there arent needs in other parts of the city, but we do acknowledge that these two areas have been disproportionately affected." Kennika Jones lives in an apartment directly across the street from THEARC. A self-proclaimed homebody, Jones said she normally doesn't leave home on weekends, but said boredom,

host, Glenn Beck held simultaneous rallies on the nations capital, local candidates and their representatives greeted voters and gave stump speeches at the fair throughout the day. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) canvassed THEARC handing out materials for an upcoming seminar. The congresswoman was up for re-election in 2010. Not to be outdone, her opponent, Doug Sloan also made the rounds of the fair, shaking hands and handing out campaign stickers. D.C. Council chairman, Vincent Gray and at-large councilmember Kwame Brown also made appearances at Community Day. Speaking to a crowd of attendees, Gray complimented FCAC for Mayor Vincent Gray addresses the its voter registration crowd as Sorors (L-R) Rosie Allenefforts and encourHerring, Terri Johnson and Ingrid aged District resiWilliams applaud. dents to vote early in the primary election pleasant weather and a strategically placed flyer changed her in September. Gray was running for Mayor in a hotly contested mind. "They put a flyer on everybody's door in my building, she race against then mayor, Adrian Fenty. Gray subsequently won said. "I just wanted to get out of the house." As Jones walked the election. Brown was looking to fill Grays seat as chairman. around the fair, she began noticing the benefits of what ComHe succeeded in November. Speaking about Community Day, munity Day had to offer. She stopped at each booth, picking up Gray said, "I hardly miss a Delta event and I wasn't going to products and information on a variety of topics and services miss this one." along the way. "Oh, a lot of people in my family have this," she said as she stopped at the health information booth. She picked The famous faces didnt surprise Allen-Herring. "It speaks to up a recipe booklet for diabetics. Although Jones is a vegetarian, the legacy of Delta Sigma Theta as well as FCAC in D.C.," she she confessed to having a weakness for candy and sweets. "I said. "In our now over 40 years in the Washington community, don't want to get [diabetes]," she said. She then picked up sev- the impact that we have breeds a certain stature for the chapter." eral more copies of the booklet and carefully placed them in her "We don,,t plan programs for Sorors," she said. "We plan them bag to later give to family members. for the commuChildren also had a lot to gain from Community Day. In addinity." tion to popcorn and a tumble on the moonbounce, every school "Every age child in attendance received their choice of books and a facet of the bookbag full of donated school supplies. "We want them to realcity recogize they're a part of something bigger than their community," nizes the said Nancy Ejuma, an analyst with District of Columbia Public caliber of Schools. Ejuma and her colleagues handed out hundreds of the chapbooks in a matter of hours. "The hardbacks went really fast," ter." D.C. Council Chairman, she said. Kwame Brown stopped In typical Washington fashion, the event was also a hotbed for by. political activity. On a day when Rev. Al Sharpton and talk show

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FCAC gives back to deserving children

By Jill Patrick


Photographs by Dayna Kent

On Saturday, December 11,

the Federal City Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. (FCAC) hosted the annual Angel Tree Fellowship at Mount Moriah Baptist Church in Washington, DC. The purpose of Angel Tree, a subsidiary program of Prison Fellowship Ministry, is to reach out to the children and families of incarcerated adults. Through FCACs partnership with Angel Tree, 33 children from 18 families received Christmas gifts, each with a special message of love from the incarcerated parent.

In preparation for the event, the Delta GEMS stopped by to spread some holiday cheer and volunteered their efforts to decorate the luncheon hall. As the guests arrived, they were greeted by Christmas songs from the band Dreaded Experience, led by FCAC Soror Karen

Piper. Throughout the afternoon Santa Claus greeted and took pictures with all the children present, as well as with the Sorors of FCAC. Each child smiled jubilantly as their names were called one by one to receive their Christmas gifts.

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FCAC Lifeline

Santa Claus scheduled an early delivery for children at the Angel Tree fellowship.

Volume 1, Issue 1

Page 7

What a Year!

A Look Back at 2010 in FCAC

"Community Day" August

"EMBODI" December

"College Bound or Bust" October

"Mayoral Forum" August

"Angel Tree" December "Project Give Back" Delta GEMS November

Upcoming Events

2011 Metropolitan Area Wide Founders Day

The Federal City Alumnae Chapter is the hostess chapter of the Area-Wide Founders Day . The event will take place at 10:30 a.m. on January 8, 2011 at the Marriott Wardman Park - 2660 Woodley Road, NW, Washington, D.C. 20008. The attire is all black (no pants or leggings). Doors will open at 10:30 a.m. The Rededication Ceremony will begin at 11 a.m. followed by a luncheon at 12:00 PM. Soror Cynthia Butler McIntyre, National President, will be the keynote speaker for the luncheon. For tickets or more information, contact Soror Deborah Lawrence at 301-642-8153 or [email protected]

Volume 1, Issue 1

Page 10

January 2011

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 1

New Year's Day






Arts & Letters Meeting -- 6:30 p.m. Delta Days in the Nation's Capital Registration Closes




Metropolitan AreaWide Founders Day 10:30 a.m.



Fundraising Meeting ­ 6:30 p.m. Membership Meeting ­ 6:30 p.m.


Get it RightWeight Room 6:45 p.m.


Community Outreach Meeting 6:30 p.m.


Social Action Meeting 6:30 p.m.


Delta Academy Meeting 6:30 p.m. Get it RightLine Dancing 7:00 p.m.


Chapter Meeting (Conference Call) 10 a.m.



Martin Luther King, Jr. Day







Educational Development Meeting 6:00 p.m.





Delta GEMS Meeting 6:30 p.m.



Get it Right-Aerobics 9 a.m. Food and Friends Activity (morning) Delta GEMS Retreat (afternoon)




Family is very

important to both of us." Stacey Dixon


By Miya Wiseman

Page 12

FCAC Lifeline

Delta Sigma Theta

Sorority, Inc.

It's an organization that turns strangers into sisters; Neighbors into lifelong friends. But what's it like when your sister is also...your mom? No one knows the answer to that question better than Stacey Dixon. The current Federal City Alumnae Chapter (FCAC) treasurer didn't just follow her mother's footsteps into Delta, she kept following them right into FCAC.

done, just as my son, and they strive to do their best." The Vicksburg, Mississippi native is the first Delta in her family. "I didnt know anything about greeks, so my first introduction to anything greek was at Howard," she said. But since her initiation in 1967, her daughter and three nieces have also become Deltas. For Stacey, the pressure of living up to her mothers example always weighed positively in her life. "There is a certain amount of pressure to live up to, but in good ways," she

chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Herbert Dixon, Jr. is a past basileus of the chapter. "Dad was always the balloon guy," she said. Phoebe said it was difficult for her when her eldest child went thousands of miles away to col-

"She was a Delta and I was going to be a Delta."Sharon Logan

lege, but that Stacey always had a penchant for chartering new territory. "She likes to do a lot of different things," she said. Staceys childhood was filled with a variety of activities including ballet, guitar lessons and gymnastics. As an adult, shes tried Latin dance, belly dancing and even took trapeze lessons last year. But even with Staceys long list of accomplishments, what Phoebe is most proud of is her daughters humility. "Some people are always ,,out there," Phoebe said. "Thats not Stacey." "Shes very modest." "Shes bright, very personable, warm, sensitive and focused." The Dixons aren't the only mother-daughter pair in the chapter. District natives Kaye Henson and her daughter Leilani Wheeler (née Henson) are also members of FCAC. Leilani joined FCAC in 2002 and her mother joined last spring. Not only are the Page 13 Hensons

Phoebe Dixon, an FCAC charter member and past Cousins and Sorors, (L-R) president alSharon Logan and Vanessa ways had high Logan-Edwards. hopes for her only daughter, said. "Moms made a lot of good contribubut said she wanted Stacey to foltions and shes helped a lot of people, so low her own path in life. "I wanted theres an expectation that I will follow in her to be happy and healthy and to her footsteps." be a productive citizen," said the Growing up, Stacey remembers frequently mother of two. "We sacrificed a lot attending FCAC events. Although she didnt to make sure she did." become a Delta until 1991, Staceys first soPhoebe and her husband Herbert rority meeting was actually 20 years earlier. sent Stacey to private school until In February 1971, one month-old Stacey sat she left D.C. to attend Stanford atop a table in a carrier while her mother, University on a full scholarship. then FCAC recording secretary, took notes. There, she was initiated into Deltas The elder Dixons work ethic is one that Omicron Chi chapter in 1991, and Stacey said she shares. like her mother, later became her "Were both workaholics," she said. "Were chapters president. As an underboth very driven; we both work long hours, graduate, Phoebe served as presibut family is very important to both of us." dent of Alpha chapter (Howard University). Its a work ethic Stacey shares with both her "I dont tell her what she has to be in her walk of life," said Phoebe. "But I know shes seen what weve

Volume 1, Issue 1

parents. As a teenager, she volunteered at FCAC events including helping set up tables at joint functions with the Alpha Omega

Cousins and Sorors (L-R) Shirley Evbuoma and Audrey Thurman at Delta Sigma Theta's 50th National Convention in New Orleans, LA.

Soror Virginia View, center, with her granddaughter, Soror Ava Danville (L) and her daughter, Soror Jenice View (R)

members of the same alumnae chapter, they were also initiated at the same undergraduate chapter. Kaye Henson was initiated at Alpha chapter in 1963 and Leilani followed suit nearly forty years later in 2002. Leilani is the youngest branch in a large Delta family tree. Margaret Douglass, Kaye's mother, was a charter member of the Beta Iota chapter (University of the District of Columbia). Leilani's stepmother was initiated at Alpha chapter in 1937 and she also has two cousins who are Deltas. "And then it's me," Leilani said. "My mom was very supportive of me growing up and said I would always meet good friends if I joined Delta Sigma Theta, which I did," she said. After completing her studies, Leilani again sought her mother's advice when searching for an alumnae chapter. "When she graduated she asked me what chapter she should join," Kaye said. "I knew [FCAC] was a progressive chapter and one she would enjoy." Leilani was also already acquainted with a number of FCAC Sorors. "I knew a lot of Sorors in Alpha Chapter and outside of Alpha chapter," she said. Stephanie Minor-Harper was Leilani's girl scout troop leader and Yvonne Baskerville is her former neighbor. Belonging to the same alumnae chapter as her mother has its benefits, according to Leilani. "An advantage to my mother joining FCAC is that we can go to events together and I can keep her abreast of chapter business because I'm technologically able." Like her mother and grandmother before her, Leilani also became an educator. A teacher in Maryland, Leilani said that despite all the similarities, she didnt feel any obligation to duplicate her mothers life. "I don't feel pressure to live up to my mother's example," she said. "I believe in trying to improve yourself, not competing with others when it comes to personal goals." Kaye Henson is overcome with emotion when speaking about the youngest of her three children. "She's a beautiful and wonderful young woman," she said through tears. " She's to herself." "She's a go-getter, a hard worker and a wonderful mother." Leilani and her husband have a 16-month old daughter named Liliana. Audrey Thurman describes the experience of having her cousin, Shirley Evbuoma in FCAC as "wonderful." "We carpool to chapter meeting with another Soror," she said. Audrey, who was initiated at Alpha chapter in 1975, convinced Shirley who was most recently a member of Prince Georges County Alumnae Chapter, to join her at FCAC in 2010. Shirley was initiated at St. Pauls College in 1963. Cousins Sharon Logan and Vanessa Logan-Edwards grew up more like sisters. So it was no surprise that when Vanessa became a

Page 14 FCAC Lifeline

"I wanted her to be

"I wanted her happy and healthy to to be a and andbe happyproductive


healthy and to citizen."-Phoebe be a productive Dixon citizen"-Phoebe Dixon

Delta in 1978, her little cousin Sharon followed Soror Phoebe Dixon with For some FCAC Sorors, sisterhood is two-fold. Adein 1983. The FCAC Sorors are so close, they her daughter, Soror Stacey bisi Adebowale joined her sister Folashade at FCAC in often finish each other's sentences. "She only Dixon in 1989. 2010. Folashade became a Delta in 2004 at the Nu had brothers," Vanessa said. "So we were goAlpha chapter (American University) and little sister ing to be sisters," Sharon said. Adebisi followed in 2008 at Mu Beta (George Washington University). Vanessa was also the first Delta in her family. "In our family, greek life wasnt talked about," Vanessa said. The Logans "Im her mini-me," Adebisi said. "Wherever she goes, I follow." said their family expected them both to attend college near "We went to the same high school and graduate school." "I am their native Washington, D.C. and commute daily to school currently enrolled in the same graduate program she graduated from home. But Vanessa had other ideas. She attended colfrom two years ago." lege 100 miles away at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond where she was initiated into the Eta Tau chapter. And Folashade wasnt the first Delta in the Adebowale family. Sharon soon followed by attending college at Virginia State Oldest sister Adeola was initiated into the Iota Iota Chapter University in Petersburg, Virginia where she was initiated (Catholic University/Trinity University) in 2003. into the Alpha Eta chapter. Sharon remembers fondly the influence of her older cousin in her life. The youngest in the family of Sorors, Adebisi has nothing but "She was there when I graduated," Sharon said. "She was admiration for her older sisters. "Both of my sisters influenced there when I went over." "She was a Delta and I was going me in life and in Delta by always encouraging me to do the best to be a Delta."

Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 15

I can for myself in every aspect of my life and never quitting though times may get difficult," she said. "They have always encouraged me to do better than what they have done...and if anyone knows my sisters, they know that is a difficult task to accomplish." "I can only hope that I am making them proud."

"Our love words."-

goes beyond

Adebisi and Folashade both shared a home in Lanham, MD until Folashade recently got married, but the sisters still travel to sorority meetings together and remain close.

Adebisi Adebowale

"Folashade is a dynamic powerhouse," Adebisi said. She is intelligent, witty, down-to-earth and beautiful." "She, along with our eldest sister, is literally my everything; my support system and confidant." "Our love goes beyond words." Virginia View is the matriarch of a family that spans three generations in FCAC. Not only is her daughter, Jenice View (Kappa Lambda, 79) a member of the chapter, her granddaughter, Ava Danville (Mu Gamma, 07) joined FCAC in 2009. "My granddaughter has several friends in the chapter and I do too," she said. "It makes for another opportunity to bond." "We share many of the same experiences." A D.C native, Virginia was initiated at FCAC in 1976. Many of her friends are charter members. "These were women who my daughter kind of grew up knowing," she said. It makes a difference when you're trying to shape and define yourself as a woman to have a number of role models." Stacey Dixon grew up knowing many of the same women. She said it made for an easier transition when she joined FCAC in 2002 after moving back to her native Washington, D.C. "Most people come in and they know their own peer group," she said. "I kind of came in knowing a lot of people. "I wouldnt have chosen any other chapter," she said. "FCAC was always there." For Phoebe Dixon, having her daughter in the chapter has also been beneficial. "Ive gotten to know a lot of younger Sorors," she said."

Page 16

Sisters and Sorors, (L-R) Adebisi Adebowale and Folashade Adebowale in 2009.

And [Stacey] helps me because I dont know a lot of the younger Sorors coming in, but she knows." "She connects the names with the faces." Virginia View hopes that therell soon be another member of her family to join FCAC. Her other granddaughter, Soror Leah Danville is a junior at the University of Miami. But for now, she said, having both a daughter and granddaughter in the same chapter has been enjoyable. The trio often attends chapter events together including FCACs 40th anniversary celebration. "It's been a great experience for us," Virginia said. "And now we're here together."

FCAC Lifeline

Questions or Comments About the FCAC Lifeline?

Email: [email protected]


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