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FOA Advanced And Specialist Training Course Approval The Fiber Optic Association approves advanced and specialist fiber optic training courses in connectorization, splicing and testing given by FOA Approved schools to prepare students for the advanced (AFOT) and specialist (CFOS) certifications. The AFOT certification has been developed especially for schools that offer training beyond the CFOT level, with advanced classroom and extensive hands-on training. Specialist training is at a very high level and requires a very knowledgeable instructor, extensive lab facilities and a high level of repetitions in hands-on sessions to develop skills. Course Approval Each course must be meet the minimum standards set by The FOA. These standards are listed on the FOA website. Organizations must submit a course outline, description of hands-on labs and textbook (if applicable) on each course submitted for approval. If a course is not approved upon submission, reasons will be given and the course may be resubmitted with changes. If the school is teaching a widely available course, not an internally developed course, inform the FOA before submitting course materials, as it may be unnecessary to submit other documentation. Instructors All instructors giving the course must be FOA members and FOA certified via the CFOT test. It is recommended that each instructor have passed the advanced or specialist certification. The FOA has a new "Train the Trainer" program which leads to a "Certified Fiber Optic Instructor" (CFOS/I) certification. At a future date, CFOI certification will be required for teaching an FOA approved course. Certification All students must have a CFOT before taking the AFOT or CFOS exams. Course Evaluation by Students The organization giving the course must distribute a course evaluation form to every student, collect and evaluate student feedback. FOA personnel may attend any course at any time to evaluate the course presented and instructor performance. Use Of FOA Appproval In Promoting Courses FOA approval is an important marketing point for fiber optic training, so FOA approved courses may be listed as such on the promotional material provided by the organization providing the training. A "FOA Approved" logo (downloadable from the FOA website, may be used and the following statement: "This course meets the training requirements set by The Fiber Optic Association." Also, in the ADVCOURSAPP2006.doc 4/23/08

1119 S. Mission Road, #355, Fallbrook, CA 92028 1-760-451-3655 Fax 1-781-207-2421 [email protected]

The Fiber Optic Association, Inc.

course brochure or website, the statement: ,"FOA CFOS (Certified Fiber Optic Specialist) certification testing is offered to all students." should also appear. Withdrawal of Approval Approval of the course may be withdrawn at any time with 30 day notice if the course fails to meet FOA requirements, is given by a non-FOA CFOT instructor or if unresolved complaints are received regarding the course. Primary Contact for Communication Each organization must provide The FOA with a primary contact for communication regarding FOA matters. The contact must have a postal address, fax and email contact. Any changes of the contact must be provided to The FOA within 30 days. Contact Changes Schools must keep the FOA informed of changes in address, contact information or instructor changes. The FOA maintains a current list of schools on its website that many students use for contacting schools so it is important to keep the information current. Approval Cost and Renewal There is no cost for currently approved schools nor any cost for renewal. The purpose of the renewal is to update school information and to provide the schools with the latest FOA information. Student Applications, Tests and Instructions All FOA student applications, certification tests, and instructions are included on a CD-ROM furnished to the school. The school is responsible for printing tests, answer sheets, etc. and grading all the exams. Having the schools do the printing and grading keeps the costs low for everyone. Certification Test Costs The AFOT and each CFOS certification test (CFOS/T, CFOS/C, CFOS/S) costs $25. Schools should make payments to the FOA in one check covering all students in the class, but return the applications for all students covered by the check. Applications should include the student's home address so they can be added to the database and contacted for renewal. For more information, contact The Fiber Optic Association, at the address above. Updated 4/2006

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1119 S. Mission Road, #355, Fallbrook, CA 92028 1-760-451-3655 Fax 1-781-207-2421 [email protected]

The Fiber Optic Association, Inc.

Application for Advanced or Specialist Fiber Optic Course Approval Organization offering the course: Contact Name_________________________________Title_____________________ Organization___________________________________________________________ Street_________________________________________________________________ City_________________________________________State________Zip___________ Phone_______________________________Fax______________________________ Email_________________________________________________________________ Website_______________________________________________________________ Course Information (check all appropriate): [ ] AFOT [ ] Connectorization (CFOS/C), [ ] Splicing (CFOS/S), [ ]Testing (CFOS/T) Name of Course_______________________________________________________ Offered at (location)____________________________________________________ Frequency of offering___________________________________________________ Short description of course (for website, in addition to course materials):

Instructors: Name_________________________________________________CFOT#__________ Name_________________________________________________CFOT#__________ Name_________________________________________________CFOT#__________ Instructors will need to become CFOTs if not already certified. CFOS/I certification will be required in the future and is recommended for all. Return this application to The FOA along with a copy of the appropriate class materials and schedule.

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