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Program C2

The Widow's Oil

2 Kings 4:17

Elijah/Elisha Series: Lesson #5

Bible Verse: Help one another. Galatians 5:13 Past: We will serve the LORD. Joshua 24:15 The LORD ­ he is God. 1 Kings 18:39 God is good to us. Psalm 73:1 God gives food to us. Psalm 136:25 Bible Story for children: Focus on: God will supply all our needs Prop ideas: Puppet of any kind Jars/containers

SAMPLE STORY One day a knock (make a knock noise) came at my door. "I wondered who it was." When I opened the door, it was two neighbor boys. They said it was very important and that they needed my help. They asked me for any empty jars or pots that I had. I quickly found several pots and gave them to the boys. The boys told me they would return the pots soon. I wondered why they needed the pots and jars. Later, I found out why. Their mother needed money. Her husband had died and they were not sure what to do. A debt collector wanted to take the boys as slaves to pay for the money she owed. She did not want to lose her sons. She knew that Elisha, God's prophet could help her. The woman told her story to Elisha. She said that she had no money, only a small amount of oil, not nearly enough to pay her debts. Elisha told her that God would help her. He told her to find as many empty pots and jars as she could. "Borrow as many as you can find from your neighbors. Go inside your house and shut the door. Use the little oil you have and begin filling the jars and pots. When one is full, set it to the side and fill another." The woman did just as Elisha said. She sent her boys to my house and other homes around town. The boys brought back many jars and pots and jugs. So many people wanted to help this family. Then, they shut their door and followed God's instructions. She poured the little oil she had into each pot. The little jar filled a big jar. And another, and another and another! When she had filled the last container, she asked the boys for another. They said that there were no more. The oil from her first little jar stopped flowing.

The woman sold all the oil. She had enough money to pay the debt collector and had money left over for her and her sons to live on. Can you imagine that miracle? And I was able to help by loaning a few pots. God likes it when we help each other. Elisha helped the woman by giving her instructions from God. The other neighbors and I helped by loaning jars and pots. You can please God by following today's Bible verse: Help one another. Galatians 5:13 Sing the following song to remember the story. Elisha Helped a Woman

Tune: Mary Had a Little Lamb

Elisha helped a woman, woman, woman. Elisha helped a woman when she needed help. The boys asked for many jars, many jars, many jars. The boys asked for many jars from their friends and neighbors. They went inside and shut the door, shut the door, shut the door. They went inside and shut the door and followed God instructions. The oil poured into the jars, to the jars, to the jars. The oil poured into the jars until all were full. God did a miracle, miracle, miracle, God did a miracle to help this little family. TEACHER EXTRA: Serve Bread and Olive Oil as a snack. You do not have to have the special "dipping trays" that many Italian and Greek restaurants use. Just pour a small amount of oil in a saucer, add spices and some Parmesan cheese. Tear off pieces of Italian or pita bread and dip. FYI First Session Classes will be:

Coloring "The Oil That Didn't Run Out" Page Filling Water Cups Playing Basketball


Materials: The Oil Path Coloring Page Bible Verse Stickers Crayons/markers

(In room)


Give each child a page to color. Help them write their names on the page. Allow them to color freely. Add a Bible verse sticker when finished.

Talk About: Read each of the steps in the picture. Add details of the Bible story between the steps. Point to a spot on the picture and ask the children to tell you a part of the story.

BUBBLES TEACHER EXTRA: Bring more bubbles and large bubble wands w/dishes. Go outside and let everyone help make bubbles. (Go to the grassy area between the back hallway and the new building. Or go to the sidewalk area next to the playground). Be sure to have sufficient supervision while outdoors.

Materials: Do & Talk About: Bubble Solution and wand Ask children to name a way they can help another person. Blow a bubble for each helpful activity named. How many bubbles are in this bottle? Have children count as you blow more and more. Did the widow and her sons know how many jars they could fill? They trusted God and kept pouring until they ran out.


Materials: Beanbag 5 Index Cards Sharpie/marker (In room)


On each card, write F, A, I, T, H. Number the cards in small print at the bottom from 1 to 5. Place the cards on the floor. Let children take turns trying to toss the beanbag onto the cards in the correct order. (Pick up the card as it is correctly targeted).

Talk About: The woman in today's story had lots of faith. That means that she trusted God even though she was not sure what He would do with all the jars. She collected many jars as she could, just as God had told her. Faith means that you trust and believe in God. Additional: Divide and write the Bible verse (Help one another. Galatians 5:13) on the back of the cards. Use the Bible verse as the targets and try to hit the cards in order. (Use numbers again for sequencing). Variation: Use the numbers on the cards as points. Let each child throw 3 times. Add the points for a score.


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