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March, 2007

senator. Obama's promise of a new type of politics that do not focus on bipartisanship could easily win over many voters from the Clinton side. In his message that he posted on his website Obama stated, "... it's not the magnitude of our problems that concerns me the most. It's the smallness of our politics. America's faced big problems before. But today, our leaders in Washington seem incapable of working together in a practical, common sense way. Politics has become so bitter and partisan, so gummed up by money and influence, that we can't tackle the big problems that demand solutions." It is this type of message that will win Barack

One Call Could Have Made All The Difference

by Carol J. Krupke Last month there was mass hysteria in Boston. Electronic light boards that depicted a cartoon character making an obscene gesture were thought by many to be possible bombs planted by "terrorists." Because the fear of terrorism was still very fresh in the minds of those in the area, the police were overwhelmed with calls of concern. Local authorities shut down bridges and a section of the St. Charles River to investigate and then remove the LED devices. According to reports, similar devices had been in place for two or three weeks in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, Portland, Austin, San Francisco and Philadelphia. But in Boston the lights created the largest panic. In the other cities, the signs were investigated and then removed. Bomb squads were also deployed as a precaution. What seems to have the country in an uproar is the way Boston reacted to the advertisements and that the city's legal department decided to ask those involved for reimbursement for all costs incurred during the incident. According to Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, the security scare may have cost the city more than $500,000. Speaking to some other students here at HCC, most seem

Presidential Elections `08

by Heather Walrath As the New Year begins, we have already begun to see what the Presidential race in 2008 is going shape up to be. The Democrats not only have a woman vying for the Democratic nomination, but also a black candidate. Over the next year there will be much attention focused on Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and Senator Barack Obama. Also running for the Democratic nomination is the Latino governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, and former Senator John Edwards is giving the race another go. For the Republicans there is former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, hero of 9/11. Senator John McCain, who has shown opposition for some of his party's actions and the President's, now attempts to reconnect with conservative Christians to aid him in obtaining the Republican nomination. The Republicans also have a Mormon candidate, Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts. Currently the front-runners are Clinton, Obama, Giuliani and McCain. For the Democrats it will be a battle between Clinton and Obama to gain support of Democrats, moderates, liberals and Americans who just want a change. Currently, Clinton is ahead by 24 points but Obama is quickly gaining on the senior

to think it was a creative way to advertise that went awry. And most of those I spoke to thought that the citizens and city of Boston totally overreacted to the situation. I'm not so sure I agree with my fellow students. Let's assume, just for the sake of argument that those funny little light bright type toys were bombs. Let's say, again for the sake of argument, that no one decided to report what they saw and one or all exploded. Then what? People would have been kicking themselves for not doing something...for doing more...for doing anything. People could have been injured or worse, people could have died. I'm willing to bet that the people of New York back in September of 2001 would have been grateful for more information, for more warning, for more assistance, for one phone call. see "One Call,"page 10

Barack Obama

see "Presidential," page 4

Blue Energy

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by Chris Brown

to have the problems worked out As scientists and governments race to find the perfect renewable energy to quench our energy demands, a new possibility has been found. Scientists have found three innovative ways to harness the most powerful force in the world, the ocean, to produce electricity without pollution. The first possibility for ocean energy comes straight from the wind farm. A simple fact of the science behind wind turbines is that the greater the density of the matter the turbine spins through, the more energy is gained. Although the blades of the ocean turbine would be moving relatively slowly, only about 20 revolutions a minuet, a single ocean based tidal turbine could yield the electricity of almost 20 land based turbines. England already has begun testing with such turbines and has aimed

sometime in the next five years. A second power outlet from the ocean also uses the power of waves. This method would involve building large metallic cylinders connected with a series of joints that can flex in the midst of ocean swells. The electricity is generated from this movement; pistons inside of these cylinders then have the energy to turn a turbine also housed inside of the cylinder. There is currently a small farm of these devises set up off of the coast of England. If the operation could be scaled up, the entire country could be powered by this one wave farm occupying only a few hundred miles of ocean. A third ocean based power source comes from the warm surface water that exists between the Tropic of Capricorn and the

Tropic of Cancer. This water is taken into a vacuum chamber, there it is instantly vaporized, and the steam produced can spin a turbine to produce electricity. This process is still being researched, but when perfected, it not only provides a cheap and clean energy source, but also one other valuable by product: pure drinking water. The future of energy is seriously in question. When looking at the problem of global warming we must look at the big picture. Electricity accounts for forty percent of the United State's carbon emissions. Finding a green energy source for electricity, and not just cars, is vital to the sustainability of our planet. Luckily for all, there are many viable options for renewable energy that don't pollute, and could be a cheap and effective way to rid ourselves of the fossil fuel habit.


Goodbye 1709 S. West Ave. Vicki Lynn (across from Staples)

in Freeport



by Katie Shamp

7am-5pmMon-Thurs. 7am-10:30pm-Friday 8 am - 3 pm - Saturday

On February 8, 2007, the world said their good-byes to another famous blonde bombshell, Vicki Lynn Hogan-Smith-Marshall, otherwise known as Anna Nicole Smith. Smith was found collapsed at the Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida, and was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. She was 39 years old. At this time of publication, the autopsy report has not been made known to the public. There are allegations of death caused by prescription drugs, but it has also been reported Smith was having flu-like symptoms, and did have

a private nurse in her hotel room with her. (CNN News). Smith also suffered from depression after losing her 20-year old son Daniel Smith. Vicki Lynn Hogan was born on November 28, 1967 near Houston, Texas. She moved to Mexia, Texas when she was 14 to live with cousins, because she did not get along with her mother Virgie, a deputy sheriff. She had little to do with her father. She met her first husband, Billy Wayne Smith, while working at a Jim's Krispy Chicken, a fried chicken restaurant. She was 17 and he was 16 when they were married. The couple soon gave birth to Daniel Wayne Smith. The couple divorced and see "Vicki Lynn" page 13

One on One with the Sheriff

By Joseph Hurst Jr. I first became interested in interviewing the Sheriff, of the HCC campus, when I saw him passing by in the hallway of the Fine Arts Building. When I first approached and asked to interview the Sheriff, his personality was immediately accepting. Below you will find the interview. Q: What first sparked an interest in you to pursue a career in Law Enforcement? A: My dad was a police officer and the interest in law enforcement came from him. Q: How long have you been in Law Enforcement? A: I've been in law enforcement for 14 years and I have been in Q: What rewards are associated with your job? A: Meeting and dealing with people are rewards. Q: Do you have any regrets about becoming a law enforcement agent? A: No, I have no regrets. Freeport for 4 ½ years. Q: What is the typical work day like for you? A: Basically doing rounds, walking around buildings, and observing the parking lots. Q: Are there any high or low points in your career? A: Basically, in law enforcement you are either not doing anything or you are very busy. Q: What would you say your strengths and weaknesses are? A: My strength is that I treat everyone equally because no one is better or worse than anyone, and this helps me in my career. My weakness is talking to people in large groups. Q: Where on the HCC campus do you see the most crimes occur? A: Most of the crimes are theft and

page 3

the majority of that occurs at the YMCA. Q: What advice would you give to students interested in Law Enforcement careers? A: Well, in any job you need to have researched the job and be sure that the job is what you really want to do. Don't be discouraged when you are pursuing law enforcement careers. I applied at twenty-two departments. Q: What else would you like to tell the HCC community? A: It is very important that you secure your valuables, especially if you want to take them home. Lock your lockers and remember that valuables should always be secured.

page 4

Young Professionals in Freeport

by Alma Alic While working at Luedtke Creative Group in downtown Freeport, I had the opportunity to attend a meeting of the Freeport Area Young Professionals Network. The group meets at Four Seasons on the third Wednesday of every month at 4 pm. I met great people and interviewed Jason Nell the president of the FAYPN (Freeport Area Young Professionals Network). He graduated from UW Platteville and works hard together with the group to create opportunities for youth in Freeport. FAYPN formed in the Fall of 2004 through the efforts of a small committee of Chamber members, including: Kim Grimes (Chamber of Commerce), Adam Holder (Fehr-Graham & Associates), Judd Thruman (Snow, Hunter, Whiton, & Fishburn), Darin Baughman Civil Constructors), and Kyle Strohman (Freeport YMCA). The Chamber of Commerce recognized a need to recruit and retain quality young professionals in the Freeport area. An additional goal is to encourage young adults, who grew up in Freeport, to return to the area following their postsecondary education. There are no special requirements for someone to become a member of this remarkable group. Anyone who wants to contribute to the Freeport area is welcome to join. FAYPN currently has eighty eight members and the 2007 FAYPN Board President, Jason Nall (Fehr-Graham & Associates), Vice President; Paul Learman (Our Savior Lutheran Church) Secretary, Callie Byers (Bocker Auto Group) and Treasurer, Alicia Leiser (Lindgren, Callihan, VanOsdol & Co.) The group's focus is on "Presidential,"continued from page 2 voters, the Democratic nomination and the Presidency. Clinton visited the area two months with stops in Clinton, IA and the Quad Cities. In Clinton's message announcing her exploratory committee she said, "So let's talk. Let's chat. Let's start a dialogue about your ideas and mine. Because the conversation in Washington has been just a little one-sided lately, don't you think? And we can all see how well that works." But be careful to criticize Clinton, she takes criticism about as well as the current administration. So far this year we have been bombarded with Candidates earlier than we have ever been before. Candidates are searching to get strong grassroots movements early on to drive their campaign closer to the election day. With Barack Obama's website he has made a very interactive site for people to get in touch with other supporters, blog, make groups, raise funds and contact Obama himself. While Clinton, only also certain individuals write blogs on her page, and if you wish to respond to the blog it has to be approved before it will be posted. It's early, but if you already know which candidate you support you better start working, because this is going to be a tough election.

FAYPN President Jason Nell

professional development of individuals through: networking with other young professionals, social activities, community events, guest speakers, and professional development workshops. FAYPN is involved in adult athletic leagues at the Freeport Park District and has a team in the Co-Rec. Volleyball League and in the Sand Volleyball League. More activities of this group include trips to sporting events, socials at local restaurants, and adult athletic leagues. They also volunteer at "Music On Chicago" in downtown Freeport each year. Future plans are to develop scholarships for high school graduates through the fundraising program. This active group of young business people indicates that the Freeport area does have a potential to keep and attract young people. To be successful in business NAYPN President Jason Nell says, "One needs to have a good educational background, developed personality skills, good communication and passion for their profession." An organization like Freeport Area Young Professionals Network opens a new door for youth and business to revitalize the area.

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Q&A With Dr. K

by Carol J Krupke In order to keep students informed about events at Highland Community College, Dr. Kanosky, president of HCC, has agreed to participate in a series of interviews with the Highland Chronicle. Highland Community College tuition is slated to be increased beginning in the fall of 2007. According to Kanosky, the administration has proposed to the board of trustees that there be an increase of $5 per credit hour and an increase of $1 per credit hour in the technology fee. "This fee increase will be presented at the March 20, trustee's meeting. The proposal was presented to the Student Senate prior to its presentation to the board as has been our practice." said Kanosky. "The goal of the board is to be at the state average for tuition and fees. This past school year, the state average for tuition and fees was $74 while ours (HCC) was $72." Kanosky continued, "From all the information that we have been able to get so far, $78 will be the state average although it may end up being higher. Our goal is to keep our request at the $5 level." He added, "This is necessary because of reduced state funding in a wide variety of categories. Although no one really likes to see increases, we believe that this proposal is both fair and in line with other schools in Highland's circumstances." There is currently room for new members on the HCC Board of Trustees and when asked about those vacancies and what type of persons that Kanosky would like to see placed, he said that the voters make that

Dr. Joe Kanosky, President, Highland Community College

decision. "This particular election cycle, we had two seats up for election with two candidates who filed for the two positions." He continues, "One is an incumbent and one will be a newcomer to the Highland Board. While it is still possible that someone who did not file could mount a write-in candidacy, typically that does not occur in such elections." In general, according to Kanosky, this semester has gone very well from an institutional perspective. "We have had to endure two weather related school closings, but that really is unusual even for northwestern Illinois. As we approach mid-term and head down the final stretch toward the end of the semester and commencement, I trust that we will have an equally good end of the semester." Kanosky was asked about his personal goals and those goals for HCC that have come to fruition so far this semester. He said, "The college cabinet with input from the entire staff establishes annual goals. This year our goals are based on our nine AQIP accreditation categories with tie-ins from the College's Strategic Plan. We are in the process of doing an update on the accomplishments under those categories as well as beginning the cycle of developing goals for the next school year." His personal goals are also based on the same AQIP categories and one major area of emphasis that many people are working on is a new concept to Highland called a common intake system that will

improve our services to all learners who come to HCC. "This system is in the final stages of development and should really enable us to do an even better job of providing the entry and retention services that all learners deserve and should expect." Kanosky said. "This concept is part of a larger concept that will guide us to becoming a Learning Centered Institution." "Finally, we have been working hard on enrollment and retention. We have been impacted by the state of the local economy just as many other rural Illinois community colleges have." He continues, "We are enrollment driven and any time we have a loss in total reimbursable credit hours, it has an impact in the current year

in terms of tuition dollars and two years down the road when the state reimburses us for the credit hours we generate. So, as we work to attract new students, we have been trying equally hard to retain students." Students who are still in high school are able to attend some classes through HCC and according to Kanosky, this has helped in attracting new students and retaining them as well. "One area where we have been helped greatly is in the number of high school students who are either dual enrolled (independently taking Highland courses while still in high school) or dual credit enrolled (taking Highland courses that also count toward high school graduation)." Kanosky said.

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By Sean Zingrich

Eireann Go Brach

March 17th is coming up soon and that means we will all be celebrating St. Patrick's Day the way any holiday should be celebrated, by dyeing the rivers green and drinking like crazy. Well I'm Irish and my people take their holiday very seriously, just like their drinking. In fact I came across a website that proudly announced that St. Patrick's Day is only 24.7 days away. I never measured days by decimal point, but the fact is we all anticipate the day because we know we can enjoy ourselves, and drink, but really, how did this come about? Well, Saint Patrick is known as the patron saint of Ireland, as most of us could have guessed. Actually he wasn't born Irish at all, but he became an integral part of Ireland's history for his services in the fifth Century. Most believe he was born in Roman England, considering, he was the son of a Roman-British army soldier. One day a band of pirates landed in South Wales and kidnaped him, and many others, to be sold into slavery in Ireland. While in captivity, he dreamt that God told him to escape on a ship. He escaped to Britain and later to France where he studied in a monastery for several years. Once again he dreamt that the Irish were calling him back to Ireland to teach them about God. He set out for Ireland where he began converting the Gaelic Irish, who were mostly pagans at the time, to Christianity. Ultimately, it lead to the fighting between Irish Catholics and Protestants today. Despite ignorance and apathy, Patrick was very successful at winning converts, even among royal families. This upset the Celtic Druids who arrested him several times, although he managed to escape captivity every time. Patrick continued battling hardships enough to build schools and churches as well developing a native clergy and establishing dioceses. The fun truly begins with the legends created after Patrick's death on March 17th, 461 AD. By the end of the seventh Century his cultural status began to grow and continued to grow to this today. It is said that he used a three-leaf shamrock to explain the concept of the holy trinity. There is also the legend that he put the curse of God on venomous snakes and drove them out of Ireland, and into the sea where they drowned. Then we have the really fun legends, such as, the rare four leaf clovers, which are often seen as bad luck in Ireland, stereotypes of the color green, the whole luck of the Irish thing, the blarney stone and everyone's favorite, the leprechaun. The leprechaun, as most know, is a male Irish fairy who looks like a small old man who is about two feet tall. They are often dressed like shoemakers with a cocked hat and a leather apron. They are aloof and unfriendly, live alone and pass their time making shoes. Of course, they also possess a hidden pot of gold that treasure seekers can track down by the sound of the leprechaun's hammer. If caught, he can be forced, with threats of bodily harm, to reveal the location of his treasure, but the captor must keep their eyes on the leprechaun at all times, because if the captor's eyes leave the leprechaun, and he often tricks them into looking away, he will vanish and all hope of finding his treasure will be lost. So once again we can clearly see that the facts are often inseparable from the legend. Although St. Patrick's Day really began as a day of holy recognition, it has become a day of enjoyment. Take what you wish out of truth and lore and enjoy the holiday accordingly. After all, it is a day of celebration, and may the luck of the Irish be with you. presents. It is not uncommon for people who meet me for the first time to quickly pass judgment upon me based on what they believe rather than trying to get to know me personally. It has been stated to me numerous amount of times that I resemble the common Chicago resident rather than the common Freeport resident. My response to the stereotypical views of people is that I was in fact raised in the upper middle class Chicago area by a well educated Creole mother and family who originated from the Louisiana state. I was born to a mother and father who are college degree holders that work to earn the best that life has to offer. Now that I am a young adult myself, I am also on the course to earning my degrees so that I, and possibly my future family, can have the best that life has to offer to those who are willing to work and give effort for it. Some of my Caucasian counterparts have stated that ethnics are consuming all of their American benefits and opportunities. Everyone has a right to their opinions, that's what American history is all about. But must we try to come against one another just because we feel that someone else is unequal when it comes to opportunities and benefits? I live in a world where I am not blind to the color of someone's skin, but I do not judge by skin color or race, but instead by actions and motives. In my eyes, everyone is equal, no one is less and no one is better. I can only hope that one day everyone will realize that life is so much easier when we all work together. My decision to relocate here to Freeport was based on the fact that Highland holds some


By Joseph Hurst, Jr. Recently I was confronted with the harsh reality that in our present year of 2007, people still judge others neither by their character nor by their actions, but based on stereotypes. I myself have experienced certain situations because of stereotypes held by others. It is not a secret that having ebony skin does not exactly make things fall to our feet. Having stereotypes imprinted in so many people minds also makes reaching our big dreams a track-and-field course. I admit that it is a human instinct to hold stereotypes, but in my opinion, stereotypes are usually short of the truth. Hurricane Katrina, which hit New Orleans in August of 2005, brought many wide-spread issues to a boiling point. Since the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, more and more stereotypes have surfaced. The notion that American ethnic groups are too dependent on help from our government is one of the most major stereotypical issues that many ethnic groups face on a day to day basis. I myself, as being a member of one of the American ethnic groups, face day to day challenges that stereotypes

Personal Perspective:

see "Stereotypes," page 13

Opinion: In Defense of Vices

by Heather Walrath It is in our very nature to have vices, just as it is in our nature to have virtues. Vices can be based on religious texts or sociological ideals. I am not going to talk about the religious vices. I am going to talk about vices like gambling, taking drugs and prostitution. Many are illegal in their different forms throughout the United States. These types of vices are considered victimless crimes or consensual crimes. In both cases they apply to adults only because they are at the age of consent and are legally able to make these types of decisions. The problem with illegalizing these vices or victimless crimes is that they don't violate anyone else's rights. Whose rights are being violated when a college kid decides to smoke some pot? being offended is not a right. In all three cases the government would do well to legalize these vices so they could monitor and tax them properly. For example, the average prostitute is not required to have regular check ups for STD's but in Nevada where prostitution is legal they are required to be tested and registered by the state. Making it legal would also make it safer for those who participate. Because of the illegalization prostitutes work the streets in most big cities instead of brothels and hotels where they would be better protected. Instead they are forced out into the streets and usually into the `protection' of a pimp. In the case of drugs, more specifically marijuana, the cost of catching and imprisoning drug dealers and users is extremely expensive. In the case of marijuana it is so widely used that

page 7

it would be wiser to legalize and regulate the drug so as to cut back, and possibly eliminate, the crimes associated with marijuana. A huge benefit for the government would be the increased revenue they could bring in through taxes. As far as the harms of using marijuana, it is no more dangerous than tobacco or alcohol. Our society spends far too much time and energy finding arguments to prove that these vices should remain illegal when there is no logical reason to do so. None of these vices cause harm to any non-consenting adults, so the only reason they have to continue to rail against them is their opinion, an illogical opinion at that. We would save ourselves a lot of time and money if we just let people do what comes naturally to them. Vices and virtues are a part of everyones' lives.

No one's. Whose rights are being violated when man (or woman) decides to pay someone to have sex with him or her. In both cases the parties involved voluntarily chose to partake in the vice and no one was hurt. Who is affected by a group of guys in a basement playing poker for money or a group of guys playing craps in an ally? Not a single person can logically claim to have their rights violated by any of these things. Sure, someone may take offense to these things, but living a life without

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The Big One,

The Final Game,

Super Bowl Aftermath

by Alma Alic

It is unbelievable how important the Super Bowl game has become. Parties, food, spending; It is like a holiday. Just how crazy was it? The advertisers paid $2.6 million for 30 seconds commercial not even knowing if they will pay off. Only 10 years ago, the same 30 seconds of commercial time cost $1.2 million, and 10 years earlier, ads cost just $600,000. The price of a commercial has more than quadrupled in the past twenty years.

Trophy" is presented annually to the winning team. It is handcrafted by Tiffany & Company. The trophy was renamed in 1970 in honor of legendary Green Bay Packers head coach Vince Lombardi. The Trophy is 20.75 inches tall, 107.3 ounces and valued in excess of $25,000. More Super Bowl facts: The Chicago Bears waited 21 years since their last Super Bowl. The first Super Bowl was played in January 1967, in Los Angeles, California. The Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs. The first Super Bowl tickets cost from $6 to $12 compared to $275See "Superbowl," page 11

The Super Bowl is also a terrific reason for a party. The average Super Bowl get-together is attended by 17 people. And where there is a party there is pizza. There are more pizzas sold on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year. This year Domino's delivered twice as many pizzas as they do on a typical Sunday, and their delivery drivers traveled 4 million miles. The California Avocado Commission reports that this year

guacamole consumed on Super Bowl Sunday totalled 8 million pounds and 14,500 tons of chips. The Super Bowl got its name from Kansas City Chiefs owner, Lamar Hunt, from a "Super Ball" toy his children played with. The name was first used at the third AFL-NFL championship game. Among the names discarded for the game were "The Big One" and "The Final Game." The Vince Lombardi Trophy, originally called the "World Championship Game

just watch me

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"One Call," Continued

And while I understand the circumstances were certainly different, the premise of a terrorist attack was the same. Some say that the money spent and the energy consumed in Boston was unnecessary, frivolous and even stupid. I can't agree with that. I mean if there had been one warning that could have stopped the Twin Towers from being smashed into by those one would have cared that it cost a billion dollars to investigate the situation and save all those people. A single notification in any dire situation can change the course of history. And in Boston, one call could have made all the difference.

Less can save you more

by Chris Brown Global warming is on the rise, and if something is not done soon to correct our energy habits, Mother Nature may be getting cranky in the next few decades. Now, we have all have the ability to fight back, and save some money along the way. The first, and simplest, way to lower your energy consumption and your electric bill is just changing some bad habits. Don't leave lights or appliances on when not in use; also, every light in a room is not needed to light a room. Turn down your heater and air conditioning and dress for the weather. The following ideas will cost some money to implement in your home, but in the long run it will save you money. An easy energy saver is to change out your light bulbs. Incandescent light bulbs are not only inefficient, but they don't last very long either. They sometimes have life spans that are measured by thousands of hours. But now, on the market there are L.E.D. light bulbs that can last for as long as ten years! Not only do they have a long life span, but they also use only a fraction of the energy of a standard light bulb. They cost about twenty five dollars a piece, but the money you save on replacement bulbs and on your energy bill can be up to seventy dollars a year per bulb. If the L.E.D. bulb is a little too expensive, there is another alternative that will cost between three and seven dollars per bulb. It's called a compact fluorescent; they use about two thirds of the energy of a normal light bulb and can last for almost 5 years. Another big energy waster in your home is your hot water. Prolonged hot showers and running water while you use the sink can waste energy and increase your bills. Most of this can be corrected by a simple change of habits; however, with a little investment you can save money without replacing your water heater. The simplest way to save money is to insulate your hot water tank; these can be bought for as little as ten dollars and can reduce your energy spending by as much as nine percent a year. These are just a few of the many possibilities to help reduce energy consumption. There are many other ways to save energy and money ranging from solar panels to flush-less toilets. Most importantly, these changes are not only good for your wallet, but also for the planet.

March: Women's History Month

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Escapist Entertainment

By Sean Zingrich The Departed Martin Scorsese's latest turn of a mafia crime drama may not be the gem of his career, but it is definitely worth watching. The Departed is a tale of questionable loyalties and double identities set in a South Boston crime organization. The film's premise is quickly made clear with the authorities attempting to hold down the increasingly powerful Irish mafia. The law is seemingly forced with the grim proposal of sending an undercover agent (Leonardo DiCaprio) into the mafia before their already loose grip slips anymore. At the same time, a street smart gangster (Matt Damon) has infiltrated his way into the Boston police department with the sole intention of reporting the police's every move to the syndicate's leader (Jack Nicholson). The juicy plot begins as DiCaprio attempts his long, painful journey into the gang's inner circle while Damon works his way up the police department ladder. The intense screenplay grows in complexity when both sides discover that there is a mole in both organizations. DiCaprio does his best to prove that he is not an undercover cop under the extreme circumstances of criminal life. Meanwhile, Damon happens to be appointed to the position of uncovering the mafia informant inside the police force before things get out of hand. The stakes continue to rise as time seems to be quickly running out for both informants as they feverishly attempt to reveal the identity of one another before their own identities are revealed. The movie does have a few flaws however. Not only is it a bit too long at more than two and a half hours, it can be boring at times. Also, the plot flow is very complicated and often hard to follow. The story takes place over the coarse of a year or two, but never really explains the passing of time. However, this doesn't mean the film requires multiple viewing to be understood, but you must pay attention to appreciate it, if not just to understand it. One odd element of The Departed, which is strangely common with Martin Scorsese movies, is that the ending just kind of happens. There's not much build up leading to its questionable resolution, it is simply slow at times and may leave a sour taste in your mouth. It has its fair share of surprises but most of them can be seen in advance, although a few of them will leave you wondering what the point was. It is packed with more twists and turns than action at times, but it proves that a sharp, witty script and a powerful cast can make quite a movie. The cast may even be too powerful at times. In fact, if you are at all familiar with movies, you will probably recognize every single person in the film. When all is said and done, it is one of those movies that is a little long and boring and somewhat overdone. Strangely enough, when the credits roll you will probably find yourself thinking that it was a really good movie. For One More Day Mitch Album, author of Tuesdays With Morrie and The Five People You Meet in Heaven, struck another emotional chord with his newest novel For One More Day. The novel's captivating tag line reads "What if you had one more day with someone you'd lost?" It is claimed to be based on the real life story of a Major League Baseball burn out Charley "Chick" Benetto whose constant drinking and self loathing led to lonely isolation and estrangement from his family. The novel, told by Album in Benetto's words, opens with Chick's discovery that he wasn't invited to his only daughter's wedding. After excessive drinking, he reminisces about his mother's death years earlier and decides that the only solution to his life's regrets is suicide. He takes off down the highway with a bottle of booze in hand and heads toward his hometown. After missing the right exit and an unintentional car accident, Chick walks several miles to the familiar town, climbs the water tower and jumps off to end the pain. Chick is obviously surprised to find that he survived the fall. That turns out to be the least of his surprises when he looks up to see his mother...who died years ago. She looks exactly the way she did when he last saw her. He walks into to the house of his youth so astonished that he cannot speak a word. He eats the breakfast his mother cooks for him and then finally speaks, whispering only, "this is impossible, you died." From there on an emotional adventure takes place between Chick and his mother. He finally learns the truth behind the things he never understood in his life. He unravels the mystery of his father's absence in his youth, as well as understanding the bonds of love and the solace of forgiveness. The novel is a relatively quick read written in the calm, brilliant style Mitch Album is known for. It may challenge your perception of reality at times, but it will definitely make you smile and cry at the same time. It is suggested that men be ready to work out vigorously or fix their car's transmission to feel manly again upon completion of the novel. The story is simple to read and touches subjects almost everyone can feel deep down inside. The most important lesson it teaches is that we only live once, but if lived right, once is enough.

Superbowl, continued $10,000 paid for this year. Every Super Bowl, except the first one, has been a sellout. Charles Haley has played on five Super Bowl-winning teams: three times with Dallas and twice with San Francisco. New Orleans has hosted the Super Bowl more times than any other city. The game was played there on eight occasions. Los Angeles and Miami follow with seven games each. About 35 percent of those who attend the game write it off as a corporate expense. Crazy, right? Who knows what the next game will bring?

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Top Ten: Spring Break Injuries

by Chris Brown

Careers in Nursing

Highland is hosting a series of information sessions for individuals who are interested in learning about Highland's nursing programs. Nursing faculty, academic advisors, current nursing students, and finanical aid representatives will be present to provide information and to answer questions at the informational meetings. Wednesday, March 28 7:00 p.m. HCC West in Elizabeth Saturday, April 28 9:00 a.m. HCC Campus, Science Center For more information call 815.599.3612.

10.) Swallowed a beer bong. 9.) Frostbite. 8.) Sun burn where the sun doesn't shine. 7.) Broken ribs from a failed belly flop. 6.) Choked on a ping pong ball from a beer pong game gone awry. 5.) Surf board hit an iceberg. 4.) Run over by a Mardi Gras float. 3.) Savagely attacked by a crazed seagull. 2.) Broken ankle from sky diving into an industrial bear trap factory. 1.) Trampled by a mob of angry prohibitionists.

Aurora University

Transforming Lives

· · · · ·

Complete your bachelor's degree. Choose from 40 undergraduate majors. Experience a smooth transfer of credit. Learn about competitive scholarships. Explore AU's adult degree completion programs.

347 S. Gladstone Ave., Aurora, IL 60506-4892

Call: 800-742-5281 · E-mail: [email protected] · Apply online (fee waived)

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"Vicki Lynn", continued

Smith took her son to live in Houston. It was in Houston that Smith began topless dancing. She did not have the body modifications she was well known for, but was one of the most famous strippers in Texas. She met J. Howard Marshall II, an oil tycoon, while working in Houston, Texas. It was Marshall who paid for Smith's breast implants, along with other lavish gifts. In 1994 they were married; Marshall was 89 years old. Marshall died the next year, leaving Smith in a legal battle with Marshall's stepson, E. Pierce Marshall. Her new measurements -36"-26"-38"- gained attention. Smith sent photos of herself to a search contest for Playboy Magazine where founder Hugh

Hefner hand-picked Smith for the March issue. Smith appeared on the cover of the March 1992 issue of Playboy Magazine, under the name Vicki Smith. She then became the next Guess? Jeans Model, replacing Claudia Schiffer. She was named Playmate of the Year in 1993, as Anna Nicole Smith. Throughout her career, she did several Playboy photo shoots. Smith had small roles in a few movies throughout her time, but gained widespread fame with her own reality show, "The Anna Nicole Show." On the show, she usually appeared to be under the influence of painkillers, and the world started making their jokes. She has even been parodied on Saturday Night Live and Mad TV. Throughout the show's run, Smith's weight began to increase

Anna Nicole Smith

drastically. In 2004, Smith became the spokeswoman for the diet pill Trim Spa. She quickly lost her excess weight, and regained her place in the limelight. Also in 2004, she was a presenter at the American Music Awards. Her speech was very slurred and as her hands went over herself, she asked the audience, "Do you like my body?" It was clear that Smith was again battling an addiction with painkillers. In 2006, Smith announced in a video on her personal website that she was pregnant. On September 7, she gave birth to daughter Dannielynn Hope in a Nassau, Bahamas hospital. The joy of the birth was overshadowed by the death of her beloved son, Daniel Wayne Smith on September 10, 2006, only three days after her giving birth. Daniel Smith died from a cardiac dysrhythmia. It was caused by a combination of Zoloft, Lexapro, and methadone. There is now a paternity battle over the young baby between Howard K. Stern, Smith's long time attorney and friend, and Larry Birkhead, a photojournalist Smith was rumored to have been lovers with. Smith and Stern were married three weeks after Daniel's death and his name is listed as

the father on the birth certificate. Now Prince Frederick von Anhalt, husband to Zsa Zsa Gabor, claims he may be the father. The battle over the Marshall estate was also never settled, even after being tried in the Supreme Court. Anna Nicole Smith, love or hate her, is an American pop icon. She holds a permanent spot in the modeling world because of her full figure, and will be forever in the entertainment world because of her Marilyn Monroe likeness. It is a sad day when someone makes it from nothing and their life ends tragically short. One thing is for certain, Anna Nicole Smith was not the first, and she certainly will not be the last.

"Stereotypes" continued of the nation's best instructors. I do not regret moving here to Freeport, even though some of the social challenges are a little different from those of the Chicago suburban area. Indeed I appreciate the warm heartedness given to me by some of the veteran Freeport residents, but my challenge to those who are having a hard time accepting newcomers is for you to get to know someone before you judge them according to stereotypes that have limited amount of truths in them. In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., "Men often hate each other because they fear each other; they fear each other because they don't know each other; they don't know each other because they cannot communicate; they cannot communicate because they are separated."

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Body Image: Something's Different These Days

by Carol J. Krupke When I first attended Highland College back in the late 70's, fashion was everything...or so I thought. I mean, I remember walking from building to building in the middle of January with clogs on and sliding like I was on ice skates. Totally insane, not to mention totally dangerous! These days, being a returning, much older adult student, I have noticed that while fashion is still very prevalent, one's own style seems to be much more important. Something is definitely different these days. I've seen my peers (hmmm, but are they REALLY my peers... after all they are almost 30 years younger than me) many of whom are into wearing old, torn up (maybe vintage) t-shirts, boots that seem to be from the 60's and over coats that my father wore. Self expression seems to be the norm here at HCC and I for one, am extremely happy about that. I mean, seriously, when I enrolled at Highland years ago, you couldn't convince me to wear something that was not in style, even if I really liked it and thought I looked good in it. What other people were thinking of me was far more important than being comfortable and at ease with myself. Maybe it has to do with kids these days and their body image. We have anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders running wild, with the numbers continuing to climb. And yet, I see young girls wearing their chubbiness and nonmodel thin bodies like a badge of honor. Maybe these young adults have finally figured out that being who you are is amazing and they don't need approval from anyone else to be content with themselves. I don't see too many females picking at their food and barely eating like I used to when I was younger. I see them really eating... a big old cheeseburger, sub sandwiches with french fries and/ or a big bag of potato chips. They are drinking more and more water, from what I can tell, but generally, they are drinking soda and I don't mean diet either. It's refreshing to see that being healthy doesn't mean being rail thin. It's refreshing to see that enjoying life doesn't mean starving yourself. It's refreshing to see that students on campus are for the most part, happy with who they are, what they look like and where they are going. It's refreshing to see that a lot of HCC students are looking fashionable in their own eyes...and not worried they aren't all wearing Gucci and Prada and other hugely expensive brand named fashions. It's refreshing to see groups of students together, all different in their dress and ideas but yet close friends. Body images are, from what I can see, changing. I'm glad too. I think we have been too hard on ourselves for far too long. If we don't like ourselves, then what others think of us will mess with our minds and contribute to our low self-esteem, eating disorders and self loathing. Enough with the worries of being exactly like everyone else and thank goodness for embracing ourselves with originality, style and a good body image!


Millikin University and see how we are challenging minds and changing lives. Meet Millkin at Highland Community College Tuesday, March 12 | 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Scholarships available Phi Theta Kappa members automatically receive at least $7,500 annually of merit scholarship monies from Millikin. Success guaranteed 99% of our students gain employment or go on to graduate/professional school within six months of graduation.

Apply now at

1184 West Main Street · Decatur, Illinois 62522 · 800.373.7733

challenging minds, changing lives


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by Sharon Gamble

PLASMA PLEASE Phi Theta Kappa is hosting a blood drive in cooperation with the Rock River Valley Blood Center. It happens on Tuesday, April 17, 2007, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. A mobile unit will be

located outside of the Conference Center, building H, parking lot A. Registration takes place inside building H, first floor lobby in front of the cafeteria. Good news, your appointment will take only ten minutes. If you are a first time donor, it is essential to bring photo identification. One more occasion to flaunt your license photo, this time for a good cause! Extend yourself and donate. Make obvious the fact that HCC students, staff and faculty have a heart, a big heart that continues to pump.


Sherry Bushman and Leroy Siedenburg are announcing their engagement. No date has been set for the wedding, although the couple plans to marry sometime this year. Leroy and Sherry met here at Highland Collage; both are HCC graduates and Graphic Arts majors. Congratulations, Leroy and Sherry.


Quynetta Sanders, at Keyboard.

own television program. Quynetta Sanders performed several numbers including "Faith, Courage and Wisdom" written by India Arie. The audience responded enthusiastically to Quynetta is a Highland Alumna. She is a finalist with Inspiration Sensations, and enjoys performing with the group. A reception, held after the concert, provided time to mingle with the artists. Tables of delicious refreshments, a fountain of punch and lovely flower arrangements added ambiance. BREAKFAST WITH THE PRESIDENT

Tues March 13th

Sherry Bushman, Leroy Siedenburg




...however only the following persons received awards in the 38th HCC Art Exhibit. Best of Show, Bill Parks First Place, Cindy Curtis Second Place, John Shippert Third Place, Jessie Caswell Honorable Mention, Jared Brown, Dale Johnson, Kathleen Napholz, Elizabeth Ontiveros, Ryan Ranney and Myles Welt. The opening, attended by a large number of students and community members, exhibited the work of numerous gifted artists.


HCC Nail Technology students, Crystal Wilkins and Tasia DeBerry both won awards at the January 29, Statewide Student Competition. Wilkins placed first while DeBerry earned a second. A first place prize also went to the HCC Cosmetology Department. Instructor Sandy Kuelling said she is "very proud of her students, mentioning the practice and hard work they completed in order to prepare for the competition." In addition, students Jennifer Nissen and Ciara Rakuc competed in the Color Contest, placing 11th.

Tecora Rogers, Backstage, Preparing for Concert performed

Black History Month,


celebrated at Highland College, SPACE Friday evening, February 9th, This is a space for you provided an opportunity to interact to announce upcoming with friends and to hear traditional events, publicize awards, gospel music, frequently sung field trips, special projects, in less traditional arrangements. engagements, weddings, The audience participated, often, births or other information singing with the artists and which relates to Highland clapping to the beat of the music. Rogers, and her group of talented College, HCC faculty, staff or students. musicians, traveled from the Forward information with Chicago area to be a part of the name, phone and email to: celebration. She is a singer, writer and producer who now hosts her [email protected]


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