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"I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending this course to anyone."

... Sarah Robinson

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone. Whether a beginner or someone looking to refine their skills in Interior Design this course can help you!

There is a vast array of topics covered, everything from lighting effect, colour consultancy and layouts right through to teaching you how to draw up sketches of your plans.

Management and Quoting side of an Interior Design Business. Now that I have my Diploma from the Academy I feel empowered and able to make decisions about Interiors with confidence. Having my Diploma has allowed friends and family to feel at ease when I am helping them make decisions regarding their homes and holiday properties, knowing that I have taken the time to complete my Diploma and understand all aspects of Interior Design and Decorating. I can't give enough praise and thanks to the Tutors and Administration Staff that work for the Interior Design Academy. Whenever I had a query and rang or emailed the office the Staff were friendly and more than helpful, giving me the information I needed and even sending me samples of work so that I could better understand what was expected of me.

All the Tutors used by the Academy are Industry Professionals. My Tutor, Simon Savage, who was a practicing Interior Designer. He gave me excellent and in depth feedback as well as lots of ideas and encouragement to help me reach a higher standard. In the Tutorial there is even a section that interviews the Tutors answering questions about what training they had to complete, how much to charge the clients and many other topics that helped me so greatly.

Having now completed the Interior Design Academy Diploma, I am looking forward to working weekends helping family and friends redecorate and in the near future some paid clients as well. Eventually, I am hoping this will become my Full Time Occupation so that I can make a living out of something I love doing.

Before starting this course I had competed a short Interior Design course with another institute, which covered the basics of choosing colours and window dressings. After I finished that course I though I had a very broad knowledge of the subject, until I started the Interior Design Academy Course. I now know not only about colour, layout, lighting and furniture, etc but now also have the skills needed to run the

The "Professional Interior Design Course"

is conducted by correspondence and leads to your Diploma in Professional Interior Design. Call The Interior Design Academy to reserve your position

FREECALL 1800 071 100


What others are saying about the "Professional Interior Design" Course means much more than anything we could possibly say ourselves. Here are some recent comments from students of this Course. Their comments are on file and available at the Interior Design Academy. Since finishing the course, I have taken those first steps to set-up my own business, `tld design'. In addition to interior design skills, the course helped me put the `nuts and bolts' of my business together and provided me with some good suggestions and strategies to establishing and maintaining good client relationships, ...Natalie Davies

I know that the skills I have developed during the course helped with the very successful outcome achieved in my own home, selling two weeks into the sales campaign. Cassandra Simmon

I am now taking the first steps to start my own business from home. Amanda Lindsay

Following the guidelines set out in the course, I registered a business, developed a business concept, delevoped cards and letters of introduction. Within a week, I was approached by one building company interested in enlisting my services as a consultant for their clients who had completed their homes. Bernadette Chermside

The projects I have completed are the redesigning of a formal lounge and dining room, with truly exciting results. Pamela Lovejoy

The Interior Design course allowed me to gain a greater understanding of what is involved in the design process. Kristy Hedderman



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