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Thursday, May 22, 1997

Jflrstfif li> Qtabn and THE TIMES of Scotch Plains - Fanwood


Scotch Plains to Host Track andField Program

The Scotch Plains Department of Parks and Kecrcalion hosted a local track meet under the Hershcy Track and Field Program at the Scotch Plains-Fan wood High School track on May 8. Participants ranging from ages 9 to 14 were eligible to participate and successful competitors will continue on m compete in the District Meet which will be held on Friday. June b. at Tat lock Field in Summit. Inthe.'i()-mctcrdashforboy.s9and 10. Eric Bahcock was first and Terrancc Charles second. For girls. Julie Bartolomei was first and Kelly Syring was second, with Briana Falco third. The 100-mctcr dash for boys 9 to 10 had Kasib Byers first. Babcock second and Charles third. Girls, Jenna Balestriere placed first. Danetha Doe second and Kelly Syring third. For boys 11 to 12 in the 100-meter. Kyle Baker. Dwight Simms and Ryan Aspcll won first through third places, respectively. Girls II to 12. had Esther Ogunyemi first. Danielle Cohen second and Kyla Mendes second. For 13 to 14 boys, Ian Bundy was first and James Annese second. The 200-meter dash saw Jenna Balestriere win for9- to 10-year-old girls. For II- to 12-ycar-old girls. Ogunyemi and Meral Akyuz were first and second, respectively. Boys had Ryan Aspell finish first and Nicholas Ellis second. Alyssa Sams was tops for girls aged 13 to 14. with Matt Garabaldi. Peter Shclus and Gary Ogunyemi first through third for boys 13 to 14. In the 400-meter dash, Robert Rcnnie was first and Mendes first for their respective 11-to 12-year-old age groups. In the 800-meter. Rcnnie won for boys 11 to 12 while Peter Shclus was first and Gary Ogunyemi second for 13- to 14-year-old hoys. Alyssa Sams and Matt Garabaldi, both in the 13- to 14-year-old girls' and hoys' age groups, respectively, will represent Scotch Plains at the District Meet in the 1600 meter. Relay teams of boys II to 12 saw Anthony Spatola, Ronnie Ferrara, Mark Giannaci and Baker take first-place ribbons with the team of Nicholas Ellis, Simms. Christopher Annese and Rennie second place. Relay team for girls 11 to 12 saw Eileen Cole, Jackie Tumolo, Danielle Cohen and Victoria Shclus win. Standing iongjump participants, Brian Glassett and Doe, 9- to 10-year olds; Jonathan Wagner, Ogunyemi, Cohen and Mendes, 11-to 12-year olds, and 13- to 14-year-old, Gary Ogunyemi eligible for the district meet. The winner of the 9- to-10-year-old girls' softball throw was Bartolomei; 11 to 12-year-old girl winners were Abigail Rosenblatt. Jessica Knierim and Charmainc Hamilton, first through third places, respectively; girls 13 to !4,Latasha . Gray; boys 9 to 10, Babcock; 11 to 12 hoys Simms, and Rcnnie, and Bundy will compete for the 13- to 14-year-old boys. All parents w h o assisted Laura Swidersky. Recreation Supervisor, and John Kurtz. Hcrshey StateChairman.also helping, arc to be thanked for their cooperation a recreation spokeswoman said. The public is invited to attend the District Meet on Friday, June 6, which starts at approximately 5:30 p.m.

Pool Membership

The Weslficld Recreation Commission is now accepting membership for the 1997 Westfield Memorial Pool season which will commence on Saturday, June 7, at noon. The 1997 season will feature some new additions to the complex including a new children's playground area within the pool complex, replacement and updating of the picnic grove area, replacement and repair of diving boards and more. The swim lesson program is offered to member children 5 years of age and older, with registration being accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until all classes are full. Competitive swim teams are also available for both advanced and beginner swimmers. Swim team signups will take place at the Memorial Pool on Monday, June 9, at 4 p.m. For more information or a brochure, please call the pool office at 789-4085.

Tennis Membership

The Westfield Recreation Commission is now accepting membership for the 1997 tennis season which will start Saturday, May 24, and continue through Monday, September 1. Membership is required to play on any town court during this period. Use of the courts is restricted to Westfield residents only at Tamaqucs Park and Elm Street. Use of courts at Memorial Park is open to all membership holders. For more information or a brochure, please call the Recreation Department office at 789-4080.


School or Westfield.

Sports Camp Schedule

The Westfield Commission has announced its 1997 Sports Camp schedule: SPORT FACILITY WEEK TJME Tennis Memorial Park 9 a.m.-noon July 7

Holy Trinity Fares Well At Parochial Track Meet

The girls' title was won by Hoh !>,,, Holy Trinity Interparochial School of Westfield produced six individual cham- ity. The boys' team title and oveiaiit(llr' pions and three winning relay teams at its bincd titles went to St. Clare's oi St.^ Basketball High School Gym 9 a.m.-1p.m. recent annual school track meet. The 40 Island, the only out-of-state entr\ |>lC Soccer Edison School FieW 9 a.m.-1p.m. events in the 18th annual Holy Trinity other school teams competing wac S| Field Hockey High School Field 9 a.m.-noon Track Meet held on May 4 were con- Michael's of Cranford, Assumption',,, Volleyball High School Gym 1:30 -4:30 p.m. tested by 175 participants representing Morristown,St.VirgirsofMorribP|;ii,h' 9 a.m. · noon July 14 Tennis Mcinorisl Pine Holy Family of Florham Park and $ , seven area parochial schools. 9 a.m. -1p.m. Baseball TamaquesParkFleldNo.2 Competition was offered for boys and Vincent dc Paul of Stirling. 9 a.m. -1p.m. Basketball High School Gym 9 a.m.- 1p.m. girls from fifth through eighth grade, for Soccer Edison School Field Holy Trinity's strong showim. > races between 200 and 1600 meters, with 9 a.m. · noon July 21 Tennis Nwnofwl Pflffc medals awarded for the top four in each particularly graiifyingtoitsveieraiu 9 a.m. -1p.m. Wrestling High School Wrestling Gym and Meet Director Peter An/elm, , grade. 9 a.m.-noon July 28 Tennis Mtmofwl Pick Holy Trinity's individual gold medal Westfield. Anzeloneiscoachingth ||, 9 a.m.-noon Edison School Field Lacrosse performances included a meet record set Trinity team for the final season ot 9 a.m. -1p.m. TamaqutsParkFieMNo.2 Baseball by Megan O' Shea, who ran 1: 12.1 in the year coaching career, during whid N Women's Singles Ladder 9 a.m. · noon August 4 Tennis Memorial Park fifth-grade girls' 400-meter race. Karen he and his wife, Ivette, have overs u 9 a.m.-noon. Edison School Field Manahan won the eighth-grade girls' 200- thcinterscholasticsportsofthellol' | Told Through May 11 meter race in a swift 29.2 seconds. ity program. All participants will receive a camp T-shirt and participation awards. These The following list has been revised and camps are open to residents, ages 8 to 18. For additional information on this Holy Trinity's sports season con I j. The Holy Trinity girls also performed shows lodatc the WestfieldTennis Assoprogram, please consult our brochure or call the Recreation Department office well in the longer distances. Dini Quinn with the school's annual Sports A i, ciation members eligible to play on the at 789-4080. outdistanced her rivals in the fifth-grade Night, which will be held Frida\ '] Women's Singles ladder this year. The 1600-meter race in 7:03.1, while Alice 30, i n the school gymnasium begiiin r ladder standings reflect a few upset, in Ryan took the fifth-grade 800-meter race 7:30 p.m. The public is invited. Fireballs Face Ninjas the 20 matches played through May 11 0\ in 2:56.4 and also includes (*) new players added Holy Trinity produced two boys chamIn Tee Ball Action to the ladder alphabetically. 50s-Plus Softballers pions. Dennis Angeles won the sixthAll players arc reminded that two free The Red Fireballsof the Scotch Plainsgrade 400-meter race in 1:09.1. Joe Fanwood Youth Baseball Association challenges are allowed within one month Announce Scores Korfmachcr took the fifth-grade boys' Junior Tee Ball Division played a game of signing up and players are dropped 200-meter race in a fast 30.2 seconds, 50-PLUS DIVISION By beating Bridgewater, 7-1, on May With a terrific ride, Westfield pressured against the Green Ninjas (Team No. 2)on three spaces due to inactivity. duplicating his victory at this meet last Legg Mason 13, 17 at the Roosevelt Intermediate School the Bridgewater close defense into passMay 17. There was plenty of great baseFurther information about rules orjoinyear. All-American Financial 13 Field, the Westfield Blue clinched first ing the ball back to their goalie. The ball played, as both teams did an out- ing the ladder is available by calling Jean Trinity's silver medal winners inBob Ramenfuhrer homered and vt place in the New Jersey Junior Lacrosse goalie dropped the ball into his own goal standing job in the field and at the plate. Power at 654-7418. The next reporting cluded: girls: Kelly Gibbons, sixth-grade two for two, and Wayne Smeaton in > League by finishing 6-1 in its seven games as the Blue was credited with a team goal The Red Fireballs displayed a potent period will conclude a 8 p.m. Sunday, 200 meters, 35.5; Samantha Gregory, and went three for three to help I L that counted toward the league title. to make the score 5-1. offense as every player in the lineup had May 25. Match scores should be reported fifth-grade400 meters, 1:16.5; Kate Bash, Mason lie a strong Ail-American 111 Westfield opened the scoring in the a multiple-hit game. Joseph Del Prete within 48 hours to Power.' seventh-grade400meters, 1:25.9; Alexis cial squad. Bobby Rowland bcjjn r first quarter when attackman Jack Kane On a man up situation midway through collected two doubles in the game while 1. Kiren Oorne 30. Olam Fleming Anzelone, eighth-grade 1600 meters,. eighth season on the mound for I fired a pinpoint pass to midfielder Brad the fourth quarter. Flood got the hat trick James Wheeler stroked a single and a 2. Cindy Fechter 31. Dlam B m b M Gillin who converted for the score. with an unassisted shot in tight on the 5:59.3, and boys: Daniel Egan. eighth- Mason. double. Chris Vicari and Blake 3. Meghan Corbet! 32. Betsy Hoguth grade 400 meters, 1:07.1. Minutes later, Gillin made a pretty pass Bridgewater goalie, making the score 6-1. VanBuskirk moved the Ninja defense 4. Jean Power 33.SuunFrattri Nilscn Detective Agency Ih to center midfielder John Henry Flood, Westfield finished its scoring as the The host school's bronze medalists, all 5. Sherri Bender 34. Terry Mecri back as each hit the ball exceptionally Travel Guide 5 who quick slicked a hard shot past the, game drew to a close when attack Tom girls, were Courtney Bryson, fifth-grade ICIariKimlsh 3S.0ledreQellnn« hard on the day. Ricky Madurski, Chris Lenny Yannish pitched a great LIT f Bridgewater goalie, making the score 2-0. Wade made a sharp pass to runningmate 200 meters, 34.8; Wendy Schundler, Lcstarchick and Kevin Regan also hit the 7. Andrea LowentielnK.Mm(TMk«lm)Mrft The second quarter opened with the Tim Mansfield. Mansfield rifled hard shot 8. Anni Murray 37. Debbie RoMan eighth-grade 800meters, 3:04.1, and Anne for the Detectives, while Yannish I H ball very well in the game. 9.CirolGrow 3«. JIH Loewer close defenseof Ivan Molloy, Jim Mitchel, past the goalie making the final score 7Marie Granstrand, fifth-grade 1600 Cook, and John Krause each bangtJ |* The Fireball defense continued to im- 10. Cheryl Roblro three hits for the victory. I 39. Joannurle Kom Glenn Hurley, Joe Robinson and Jacob I in favor of the home team. meters, 7:52.9. prove. Wheeler electrified the crowd as 11. HeMne WwtermanW. Ellen Smith Dupont shutting down the offense of In the girls'relays, Trinity's Manahan, he snared a line drive from the pitchers 12.D!anneMroz 41.Charie«eClevenger Bridgewater as they would all day. Anzelone, Schundler and CaitlinO'Shea Crest Refrigeration 22, i mound. Annie O' Halloran had a real good 13. V I M S S I Barber 42. Sarah Snarpe With midfielders Matt Simone. Greg were victorious in the eighth-grade medUnion Center National Bank 1 | 5 game defensively as she picked up a put 14. Leslie Strait 43. Theo Timborlane Elliott and Jon Graham controlling the ley relay in 2:12.9, and teammates Megan out and fielded several ground balls. Ryan 15. Yvette Wigonsommer 44. Miry Ann Kent Crest Refrigeration slugged its wa;: | ball with precision passing and running O'Shea, Quinn, Gregory and Ryan won its first victory in 1997, overcoming, j 45. Glnny Leiz Kcavney and Rebecca Kaplan also did an 16. Kiren Fried the cutter offense well, Westfield opened the fifth-grade 400 meter relay in 1:07.8. battling UCNB squad 22-15, 48. Jill Snarpe outstandi ng job from the pitcher's mound. 17. Pit Page ' ] a 3-0 lead just before half as Flood fired 47. Rebecca Goldberg The Holy Trinity boys' team of Andrew Each fielded their position well all game 11. Liz Mitchell an underhand rocket that beat the stunned 19. Susen Mackay 48. Suzanne LaForge Union Center National Bank X : Clarke, Kevin Behr, Angeles and By BRYAN GATES long. Chris Bauer displayed greal cour- 20. Kathy O'Neill Bridgewater goalie. 49. Joann Purdy Legg Mason 19 ; Specially Written for The Westfieid Leader Korfmachcr took the sixth-grade and s e and ability us he stood his ground and 21. Robin Ballty The second half opened with Dan 50. SuMft TMum John O'Rourke's homerun and Ham. , under 400-meter relay title in 1:02.9. The Westfield High School boys' laplayed a very solid second base. 22. Patty Hudelson SI. Karen Brown Morissey, the standout Blue goalie, reStiles' five for five helped UCNB rcgiOn the base paths, the Red Fireballs 23. Monica Gundrum 52. Pat DeSentfs jecting several good Bridgewater shots crosse team's 96 defeat of West Morris ter its first victory for 1997 in a K. High School on May 12 put them one step S3. Marsha DeTrano displayed speed and aggressiveness as 24.ElliGreenberg as they attempted to get on the Scoreboard. Killer Bees Defeat slugfest. they watched their coaches and took the. 25. Tina Waiilewski 54. Sheila ODonnell Minutes into the second half, attackman closer to their goal of making the play' Joanne Dugle offs. Co-Captain Drew Stotler's three extra base. Bauer, Kcavney, Madurski, 26. Janet Cornell Chris Dodge and Rob Larson moved the Bobcats, 3-1, in Soccer Lcstarchick. VanBuskirk, Regan, Kaplan, 27. Maureen Meylor 'Liz Fischer ball around the perimeter well and Conner goals and Steven Abeles' stellar game in Comcast 18, Legg Mason 4 28. Lorraine DeSorbo · Sharon Hlndea The Westfield under-10 girls' division, goal, with 24 saves, pulled the 12thO"Halloran and Wheeler all scored runs 29. Carole Smlllie Mulvee found paydirt after face dodging Manager Dom Deo's Comcast squ · Leslie Stelner team overcame a sluggish start and 1-0 in the game. two Bridgewater defenders to make the ranked Blue Devils through. Fine defenchalked up their first win, defeaimt * Debbie Thomas deficit to turn back a spirited Bloomfield score 4-0. Bridgewater got back into the sive play by Mark Juelis, Mike Stotler, traditionally powerful Legg Mason tcan Bobcats team and boost its record to 8-0Brendan Hickey and Derek Fisher helped game when they scored to end the third Bob Canales went four for four with PUBLIC NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE 1 last week. keep the West Morris attack at bay. quarter, bringing the score to 4-1. homerun, a triple and five RBIs. whn TOWN OF WESTFIELD The Bees had defeated the Bobcats, 4In the decisive away game against The fourth quarter opened with Joe Berger, Frank D'Amato, An Kop-i NOTICE OF SALE midfielder Matt Hallowning what seemed Clifton on May 14, Westfield High School ' 1, earlier in the year and the underdogs and Charlie Ramstahtler each coninh NOTICE Is hereby given that the Town of Westfield will sell at public auction, all its right, played with great intensity early in the uted three hits and Ed Ganczewski to be every ground ball for Westfield. was, according to Co-Captain Mark Juelis, title and Interest in the following vacant property: "down 1-0 at half time, however, we game. The Bees, however, got a late firstwell for the win. Location & Tax Lot PUBLIC NOTICE scored seven unanswered goals in the half score on a goal by right wing Lauren & Block N u m b t r A a a r a i . DlmBrTlon.lft.l Minimum Pflc» Purdy on passes from halfback Aly Carter Antone's Pub 23, Travel Guide 4 third quarter." Antone's Pub of Cranford smashed > Michael Baly's strong face-off skills and forward Danielle Fried. SUPERIOR COURT OF NEW JERSEY, 100 x 121 (rectangular) 904 Bailey Court hits en route to their first win of the \car $250,000.00 In the second half, Westfield's defense played a major factor in the Blue Devils' CHANCERY DIVISION, UNION COUNTY, Lot 37.01 Block 306 Bob Mattcn homered and .went tour k stiffened on strong play by Amanda DOCKET NO. F-10685-96. success as did senior Bryan Grave's three four, while Al D' Addio and Steve I n u Dickson, Melissa Rosen, Ann Onishi and NEW JERSEY HOUSING AND MORT100 x 120 (rectangular) 122 Hamilton Avenue goals. Graye has 27 goals on the season. $150,000.00 went four for four and three for th i GAGE FINANCE AGENCY, ETALS, PLAIN- Scott Mann, Juelis and Stotler had two Hannah Burke. Emily McNeil then asLot 66 Block 306 TIFF vs. ANNA BELL QAREY; F.A. respectively. sisted on a score from her halfback posigoals apiece and Michael Baly one. SAAVEDRA, M.D., P.A.; DEBBIE MUNQER; 100 x 240 (rectangular) 128 Hamilton Avenue On May 17, the Devils' 16-8 loss to tion by splitting the defense which re$150,000.00 ET ALS., DEFENDANT. Lot 67.01 Block 306 sulted in a goal by Fried who outran her CIVIL ACTION, WRIT OF EXECUTION, No. 2 ranked Bridgewater-Raritan proved disheartening, but in no-way affected the pursuers. Shortly after that score, the game DATED MARCH 25, 1997 FOR SALE OF 941 Sedgewick Court 96 x 125 (rectangular) was highlighted by a nice cross by Purdy $150,000.00 Devils' playoff standing. MORTGAGED PREMISES. Lot 54.01 Block 306 By virtue of the above-stated writ of "They were a great team," said Mark to left wing Gio Palatucci who then passed execution to me directed I shall expose 102 x 104 (rectangular) Please refer to the 935 Sedgewick Court Juelis, "and we were flat." Stotler, how- to Fried for tile goal. $150,000.00 for sale by public vendue, In ROOM 207, in ever, was on, as he scored three goals. Lot 54.02 Block 306 the Court House, in the City of Elizabeth, deadline box on I'age Jenna Federgreen, Jessie Elkoury and As for expectations about the playoffs, New Jersey on WEDNESDAY, THE 18TH B5 x 119 (rectangular) 924 Prospect Street Aly Carter also displayed great hustle on Graye said, "I think that if the team plays $150,000.00 DAYOFJUNEA.D., 1997 at two o'clock In Lot 54.03 Block 306 One lor sports bow offense and defense in the second well, we can go the distance." the afternoon of said day. half. The Killer Bees have now outscored CONDITIONS OF SALE The judgment amount Is $49,214.93. deadlines. Deadlines 1. Bids at open auction will be received by the Mayor and Council of the Town of their opposition, 34-9, by playing wellPUBUC NOTICE All that tract or parcel of land, situate, Westfield on Friday. June 6, 1997 at 2:00 o'clock p.m., prevailing time, in the Council balanced soccer on bode sides of the ball. lying and being in the City of Elizabeth, in TOWN OP WESTPIELD Chambers at the Municipal Building, 425 East Broad Street, Westfield, New Jersey, in the county of Union, In the State of New The Bees play in the Westfield Cup Public Notice Is hereby given that an accordance with N.J.S.A. 40A:12-13 et seq., for the purchase of the aforesaid real Jersey: this weekend before playing their final ordinance of which the following is a copy property owned by the Town of Westfield. no exeeptions made BEGINNING at a point In the Northerly game against a tough Wayne squad, who was Introduced, read and passed on first 2. Such public bids at open auction must be made In person at the place and the hour line of South Fifth Street distant 135.07 is now 8-1. reading by the Council of the Town of mentioned above, at the call of the auctioneer, and must be accompanied by cash or

Westfield Blue Clinches First in Junior Lax League

Devil Laxers Make Playoffs


certified check, made payable to the order of the Treasurer of the Town of Westfield, In an amount equal to at least 10% of the amount of the bid. The Town will accept a certified check for 10% of the minimum price and a personal check for 10% of the difference between the minimum price and the amount of the bid. If the successful bidder neglects, refuses, or fails to complete and perform the purchase of this real property and pay the balance of the bid price on tender of deed by the Town, his deposit shall be retained by the Town of Westfield on account of, as and for, liquidated damages for such failure to perform. 3. The Town Council of the Town of Westfield reserves the right to accept or reject the highest bid. or any and all bids, and receipt of the highest bid, or any and all bids, and receipt of the highest bid at public auction does not constitute such acceptance, which requires a Resolution of the Town Council. The auctioneer is authorized to withdraw any property from auction at any time at his sole discretion. 4. All these properties are larger than the size required for development under the Municipal Land Use Ordinance or have variances permitting development; and are without capital improvements. 5. All sales are subject to a deed restriction that the property only be used for the development of detached single family dwellings. 6. The property will be sold In an "as Is" condition and subject to: (a) any and all restrictions and easement of record, if any. (b) such state of facts as an accurate survey may reveal, and any and all applicable municipal zoning restrictions and any limitations on development or utilization imposed by the presence of fresh water wetlands and transition areas on the property. The location of the wetlands have been delineated by the Town of Westfield on the two properties on Hamilton Avenue but not on the property on Prospect Street and Sedgewick Court. (c) the balance of the purchase price in cash or certified check to be paid to the Town at the time of closing of title, which closing shall take place no later than forty (40) days subsequent to the time of acceptance of the bid by the Town. (d) no real estate or legal commission will be paid by the Town. (e) the name or names In which the bidder wishes the deed to be taken shall be given to the auctioneer at the time of the auction (f) the Town will convey title by "Bargain and Sale Deed" which deed will not be accompanied by an Affidavit of Title. (g) the Town of Westfield reserves the right at its sole discretion to terminate the sale and refund the deposit with no further obligation to either party If title problems are discovered which cannot be cured In a reasonable time at reasonable expense. SPECIAL CONDITIONS The properties located on Hamilton Avenue are Impacted by wetlands and wetlands transition areas which are illustrated on a map available at the town engineers office. The extent and nature of development may be effected by these wetlands and transition areas. Bidders should familiarize themselves with these limitations. The Town of Westfield will install all curbs, roads and utilities for Sedgewick Court at its own cost and expense. As a condition of sale, the purchaser of each parcel will be required to pay to the attorney for the Town of Westfield by separate check the sum of seven hundred ($700 00) as a reimbursement for preparing the documents necessary for closing and for attendance at the closing. ,,,,,.-,, 2 T -- 5/22 & 5/29/97, The Leader Fee: $271.32

feet Easterly from the corner formed by the Intersection of the Northerly line of South Fifth Street with the Northeasterly line of Fifth Avenue; thence (1) North 14 degrees 09 minutes West 100 feet to a point; thence (2) North 75 degrees 51 minutes East 43 feet to a point; thence (3) South 14 degrees 09 minutes East 100 feet to a point on the Northerly line of South Fifth StreetSouth 75 degrees 51 minutes West 43 feet to the point and place of BEGINNING. BEING also known as Lot No. 28 and Easterly 18 feet of Lot No. 30 in Block "B" on a certain map entitled "Map of LaFortuna Park, Property of Frederick H. Tiplin (formerly Fairchild-Baldwin Co.) file on January 18, 1909, as Map 33B. BEING also known as 427 South Fifth Street, Elizabeth, New Jersey. THE above description was made In accordance with a survey prepared by Paul J. Rlnaldl, L.S., dated June 27, 1980. BEING the same premises conveyed to the party of the first part hereto by Deed from Mario A. Fronzonl and Phyllis A. Fronzonl, his wife, and Frank P. Tlnnlrella and Rosalie C. Tinnlrella, his wife, which said deed Is to be recorded simultaneously herewith. THIS IS A FIRST PURCHASE MONEY MORTGAGE. Premises also known as 427 South Fifth Street, Elizabeth. New Jersey 07201. There Is due approximately the sum of $50,634.63 together with lawful Interest and costs. There Is a full legal description on file in the Union County Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff reserves the right to adjourn this sale. RALPH FROEHLICH SHERIFF FREEMAN & GERTNER. Attorneys Suite 104 76 South Orange Avenue South Orange, New Jersey 07079 CH-753124(WL) 4 T - 5/22, 5/29, 6/5 & 6/12/97 Fee: $250.92

Westfield at a meeting held May 20,1997, and that the said Council will further consider the same for final passage on the 4th day of June, 1997, at 8:30 p.m., In the Council Chamber, Municipal Building, 425 East Broad Street, Westfield, New Jersey, at which time and place any person who may be Interested therein will be given an opportunity to be heard concerning said ordinance. GENERAL ORDINANCE NO. _ AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND THE CODE OF THE TOWN OF WESTFIELD, CHAPTER 13, -MOTOR VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC,* BY ADDING CERTAIN PROVI8ION8THEREOF BE IT ORDAINED by the Town Council of the Town of Westfield in the County of Union that Chapter 13, "Motor Vehicles and Traffic" be amended in the following particulars: SECTION I. That section 13-20, "Parking Prohibited --At All Times" be amended by adding the following: East Broad Street, southeast side for a distance of 20 feet northeast from a point 125 feet northeast of the northeast curbllne of Elmer Street. SECTION II. All ordinances or parts of ordinances In conflict, or Inconsistent, with any part of the terms of this ordinance are hereby repealed to the extent that they are in such conflict or Inconsistent 8ECTION III. In the event that any section, part or provision of this ordinance shall be held unconstitutional or Invalid in any court, such holding shall not affect the validity of this ordinance as a whole, or any part thereof, other than the part so held unconstitutional or invalid. SECTION IV. This ordinance shall take effect after passage and publication, as soon as, and in the manner provided by law. Joy C. Vreeland Town Clerk 1 T - 5/22/97, The Leader Fee: $46.41

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i'oleader(« aol.eoni PUBLIC NOTICE ^ \

SHERIFF'S SALE SUPERIOR COURT OF NEW JERSEY CHANCERY DIVISION, UNION COUNTY DOCKET NO. F-3463-95 ' . CITICORP MORTGAGE INC., PLAINTIFF vs. MELVIN WILLIAMS, JR., ET ALS DEFENDANT. CIVIL ACTION. WRIT OF EXECUTION DATED FEBRUARY 20, 1997 FOR SALE OF MORTGAGED PREMISES. By virtue of the above-stated writ of execution to me directed I shall expose for sale by public vendue, In ROOM 207, In the Court House, in the City of Elizabeth New Jersey on WEDNESDAY, THE 4TH DAYOFJUNEA.D., 1997 at two o'clock in the afternoon of said day. The judgment amount is $186 031 13 MUNICIPALITY: TOWN OF WESTFIELD COUNTY AND STATE: COUNTY OF UNION; STATE OF NEW JERSEY STREET AND STREET NUMBER 825 PROSPECT STREET, WESTFIELD NEW JERSEY 07090. TAX LOT AND BLOCK NUMBERS LOT NO. 11, BLOCK NO. 708. DIMENSIONS: APPROXIMATELY 184 FEET BY 73.47 FEET BY 184 FEET BY 74.24 FEET. NEAREST CROSS STREET: APPROXIMATELY BRIGHTWOOD AVENUE There is due approximately the sum of $190,901.31 together with lawful Interest and costs. There Is a full legal description on file In the Union County Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff reserves the right to adjourn this sale. RALPH FROEHLICH


SHERIFF'S SALE SUPERIOR COURT OF NEW CHANCERY DIVISION, UNION DOCKET NO. F-15282-96. FIRST TOWN MORTGAGE CORP0pA' TION, PLAINTIFF vs. JUAN C. SANDOBAL ET AL., DEFENDANT. CIVIL ACTION, WRIT OF EXECUTION DATED MARCH 27, 1997 FOR SALE O f MORTGAGED PREMISES. , By virtue of the above-stated writ ° execution to me directed I shall exp"se for sale by public vendue, In ROOM 20? 'n the Court House, in the City of ElizaB^n New Jersey on WEDNESDAY, THE " ' H DAYOFJUNEA.D., 1997 attwo o'clock the afternoon of said day. The Judgment amount Is $124.803 9« DOCKET NO.: F-15282-96. MUNICIPALITY: Elizabeth. COUNTY: Union STATE OF NEW Jfp' SEY. STREET AND STREET NO.: 117" f - w Street. TAX BLOCK AND LOT: BLOCK: 12. L01 939. DIMENSIONS OF LOT: 22 feet x 85 ^ e l NEAREST CROSS STREET: 111.36 ( l j e from the intersection of Walnut Street ^ There is due approximately the sum ° $128.120.19 together with lawful iniei ?* and costs. There is a full legal description on I ll3 n the Union County Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff reserves the right to adi<>11' this sale. SHEf'| WILLIAM M. E. POWERS, JR.. Attorn''' 737 Stokes Road p O . Box 1088 Medford, New Jersey 08055-9962 CH-753107(WL) 4 T-5/8,5/15. 5/22 & 5/29/97 Fee. $''·

HACK, PIRO, O'DAY, MERKLINGER WALLACE & MCKENNA, Attorneys 30 Columbia Turnpike P.O. Box 941 Florham Park, New Jersey 07932-0941 CH-753096 (WL)

4T-5/8, 5/15, 5/22 & 5/29/97

Fee: $161.16


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