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Print 2 copies of this document and complete fully. One copy to be retained by the seller, and one copy to be retained by the purchaser as proof of sale & purchase. CAR DETAILS Registration Number Make Model Colour Vehicle Identification No. Mileage

SELLER DETAILS Full Name Full Address

Contact Number

PURCHASER DETAILS Full Name Full Address

Contact Number

Vehicle registration document completed and exchange?_____________________________ Additional Comments/Notes____________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ The undersigned purchaser acknowledges receipt of the above vehicle in exchange for the cash sum of £________ , being the agreed price between the seller and purchaser for the aforementioned vehicle. The vehicle is sold as seen and inspected by the purchaser and his/her respective parties. The seller signs below to acknowledge receipt of £________ In exchange for the aforementioned vehicle. Purchaser Sign_______________________________Print__________________________ Seller Sign___________________________________Print__________________________ Date______________________________________________________________________

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