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Fairy Tale Story Map

Title of Story:

Characters Setting Conflict


Plot Solution Special Elements Fairy Tale Themes

Who are the main characters?

Where does the story take place?

What was the problem in the story?

What happens in the story? First,

How is the problem solved?

Are there any special words used in the story? (give examples)

One character is jealous of another's beauty or goodness Characters are put to a test Characters get help from a magical creature

Next, Who is the villain? When does the story take place? Are there any elements of magic in the story? (give examples)

Honesty or cleverness is rewarded Foolishness or evil is punished


Who is the hero? Characters are transformed into something better Are there any things that happen in 3s in the story? (give examples) Characters marry into royalty Characters live happily ever after



Microsoft Word - fairytalestorymap

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