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Wireless-G Broadband Router with 2 Phone Ports


Setup Info

Wireless System SIP

Security Provisioning

Access Restrictions Regional

Applications &Gaming Line 1 Line 2

Administration User 1 User 2

Advanced View (switch to basic view)

Line Enable:

NAT Settings

NAT Mapping Enable: NAT Keep Alive Msg: NAT Keep Alive Enable: NAT Keep Alive Dest:

Network Settings

SIP ToS/DiffServ Value: RTP ToS/DiffServ Value: SIP CoS Value: RTP CoS Value: [0-7] [0-7]

SIP Settings

SIP Port: EXT SIP Port: SIP Proxy-Require: SIP Debug Option: Restrict Source IP: Refer Target Bye Delay: Refer-To Target Contact: SIP 100REL Enable: Auth Resync-Reboot: SIP Remote-Party-ID: RTP Log Intvl: Referor Bye Delay: Referee Bye Delay: Sticky 183:

Call Feature Settings

Blind Attn-Xfer Enable: Xfer When Hangup Conf: Conference Bridge Ports: MOH Server: Conference Bridge URL:

Proxy and Registration

Proxy: Outbound Proxy: Register: Register Expires: Use DNS SRV: Proxy Fallback Intvl: Voice Mail Server: Use Outbound Proxy: Use OB Proxy In Dialog: Make Call Without Reg: Ans Call Without Reg: DNS SRV Auto Prefix: Proxy Redundancy #$ % Method: Mailbox Subscribe &' ( Expires:




Subscriber Information

Display Name: Password:

) # *+



User ID: Use Auth ID:


...... ..... ..



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Auth ID:


Supplementary Service Subscription

Call Waiting Serv: Block ANC Serv: Cfwd All Serv: Cfwd No Ans Serv: Cfwd Last Serv: Accept Last Serv: CID Serv: Call Return Serv: Three Way Call Serv: Attn Transfer Serv: MWI Serv: Speed Dial Serv: Referral Serv: Block CID Serv: Dist Ring Serv: Cfwd Busy Serv: Cfwd Sel Serv: Block Last Serv: DND Serv: CWCID Serv: Call Back Serv: Three Way Conf Serv: Unattn Transfer Serv: VMWI Serv: Secure Call Serv: Feature Dial Serv:

Audio Configuration

Preferred Codec: Use Pref Codec Only: G729a Enable: G723 Enable: Echo Supp Enable: G726-32 Enable: G726-40 Enable: DTMF Process INFO: DTMF Process AVT: DTMF Tx Method: Hook Flash Tx Method: Release Unused Codec:


Silence Supp Enable: Silence Threshold:

$ - $

3 !

Echo Canc Enable: Echo Canc Adapt Enable: FAX CED Detect Enable: FAX CNG Detect Enable: FAX Passthru Codec: )('' FAX Codec Symmetric: FAX Passthru /2 Method: FAX Process NSE: FAX Disable ECAN: FAX Enable T38:

Dial Plan

Dial Plan: Enable IP Dialing:


.56 " ' '7 8& 9: ;

/ 5 8'9 ;

/ 5'8'9: ; / 5: : : / 5''& / 5' ('/ 5' ('/ 5'

Emergency Number:

FXS Port Polarity Configuration

Idle Polarity: Callee Conn Polarity:

#< ##< #-

Caller Conn Polarity:

#< #-


*/ !! 0


%*/ !! 0



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