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Since Autumn 2004, hundreds of teachers around the world have been jumping on board MusicLand Pro ­ either as a paid subscriber or author. We now have nearly 400 resources suitable for all levels of secondary music teaching which include handouts, teaching plans, schemes of work, resource sheets and much, much more. To help current members, and to show non-members what is available, we have created this free catalogue which lists all our resources and gives an easy access code so that you can locate them on the site. This catalogue is arranged by teaching level (and then further subcategories for Key Stage 3). Each section is arranged with the resources in alphabetical order. A number appears to the right of each resource, which will enable you to access it instantly on the site (providing you are a member). Simply type the following into your web browser, followed by the appropriate number ­ please make sure you type it exactly: For example, to navigate to the Romantic Lieder Listening Assignment: There is also a search facility on the site which will enable members to search by keyword. For full details about MusicLand Pro ­ including current subscription fees, please visit:

Sixth Form Resources

"What's Going On?" ­ Revision Guide to the OCR AS Jazz Set Works 16-page document featuring cut-out flashcards with terminology and definitions 20th Century Art Music, Background notes (8-page document) 20th Century Music, Revision notes for the Edexcel Area of Study 4-part Harmony ­ Rules: an introduction A Day in the Life ­ analysis A Romantic Lieder listening assignment AQA AS Composition II: Task Sheet AQA AS Composition: Advice Sheet AS Listening Mat Bach (Brandenburg Conc. No. 4) - Edexcel Set Work Detailed Analysis Bach Brandenburg ­ Baroque Features Bach Brandenburg Concerto No.2 ­ notes on ritornello form Bach Chorales ­ How to Implement Modulation Guidance Sheet Bach: Sarabande and Gigue set work: Scheme of Work Bachian Frills ­ how to decorate cadences in chorales with worked examples Baroque Dance Forms 552 533 844 841 628 488 447 985 974 527 567 690 457 723 935 530 510

Baroque Music ­ Overview and Commentary Beethoven Concerto OCR AS Set Work: Revision Exercise Beethoven Septet, Op.20 for A2 Edexcel ­ Sample Essay Questions Berlioz - Harold in Italy, excellent score/analysis exercise Berlioz (Harold in Italy) - Edexcel Set Work Detailed Analysis Berlioz Harold in Italy Listening Notes Bernstein Topic in OCR A2 Music ­ Sample Essay Plan Black and Tan Fantasy Revision Blues and Jazz ­ Where it started Brief History of Music assistance for aural papers Cadences, Scoring and Voice-Leading ­ 3 resources in 1! Change and Development in Jazz, with reference to "Jumpin' at the Woodside" Chorale Harmonisation: Checklist Chord Anaylsis ­ a graphical guide Classical Music ­ Revision Notes Classical Symphony ­ main ingredients Composition checklist Debussy (L'apres midi d'un faun) - Edexcel Set Work Detailed Analysis Debussy and Impressionism ­ related to Prelude a l'apres-midi Debussy Prelude a L'apres midi ­ Structural Analysis Debussy: Pour le Piano set work: Scheme of Work Dichterliebe by Schumann ­ listening exercise using selected songs Dictation Work Exercises Don't Look Back in Anger ­ analysis Enlightenment Period Notes Firebird Suite ­ full commentary and analysis General History of Jazz General Overview ­ 6th form revision of music history Gershwin for the 20th Century Vocal Topic Handling of Voices and Instruments in NAM 48. 49. 50 & 51 ­ 4 detailed resources in 1! Harmony Resources ­ 3 in 1 Harmony: Adding Harmony to Melody Harmony: Assorted Tasks on Harmony, Cadences and Chord Identification etc Harmony: Triads Harold in Italy ­ Berlioz, a Summary Haydn (Symphony No. 26) - Edexcel Set Work Detailed Analysis Haydn Symphony No.26 Listening Notes History of Popular Music, Overview from 1950s to present day In Ecclesiis by Gabrielli, Revision Notes Introduction to Musical Analysis Jazz and Pop Topics ­ Edexcel ­ 10 downloadable revision sheets Jazz and Pop Topics Revision for Edexcel John Williams listening assignment Lesson plan for independent research on historical context Listening Exercise on a Britney Spears' Song for Music Technology Melody and Ornaments ­ a guide Minimalism Exercises to continue from the given riffs. Modern Music ­ a detailed chronology Mozart Piano Concerto (formerly OCR AS) ­ Revision Grid Music for Large Ensemble ­ Continuity and Change in Texture Music for Large Ensemble ­ Continuity and Change in Textures ­ A Summary Table Music for Large Ensemble, An Overview Musical Periods: Detailed Teaching Notes with listening suggestions Musical Techniques and Harmony, an Edexcel Scheme of Work OCR Performance Essay ­ guidelines, including style guide Ohime se tanto amate by Monteverdi, 2 Resources in 1... On the Waterfront Orchestral Landmarks: Detailed Notes with listening suggestions and mini-analyses Passport to Pimlico Set Work: Detailed Notes Planet of the Apes Set Work: Detailed Notes

509 1027 712 579 567 1042 724 697 700 388 463 883 986 529 698 610 439 567 627 717 936 810 1031 491 699 503 492 1083 486 719 1085 752 753 751 694 567 1041 837 842 934 635 635 471 516 557 531 528 793 768 692 691 843 971 580 1068 998 676 972 1029 1033

Popular Music and Jazz ­ a Revision Quiz Pulcinella Suite ­ Worksheet for pupils Ragtime Music ­ Notes Reich, New York Counterpoint ­ commentary and analysis Romantic Music Listening Test Sacred Vocal Music, An introduction Sacred Vocal Works (Edexcel) analysis and revision including some excellent material on Stravinsky's Symphony of Psalms Schubert ­ Der Doppelganger ­ analysis and commentary Schubert Symphony No.8, 1st movt ­ Revision Question with Answers Schubert Symphony No.8, 1st.movt (OCR AS Set Work) ­ an analysis parts 1-3 Serialism Worksheet Serialism: Worksheets and Practical Exercises Sgt Pepper ­ Background and Analysis Shostakovich String Quartet No.8 ­ analysis and commentary Sonata Form ­ a useful guide Stravinsky ­ biographical topics and vocal topic connections Stravinsky Symphony of Psalms Listening Resource ­ skeleton score included Stravinsky's Rite of Spring: Listening Exercise Symphonie Fantastique by Berlioz: Instrument Ideas and Revision Grid Synoptic Essay: Groundbreaking Compositions Synoptic Essay: Links to Other Art Forms Synoptic Essay: Music & Beliefs Synoptic Essay: Musical Influences Synoptic Essay: Personal Musical Experiences Synoptic Essay: Technological Advances Tchaikovsky, 4th Symphony: Analysis Texture Starter Sheet Textures in Haydn Symphony The Growth of the Orchestra, as represented by NAM 2, 3 and 4 The Kinks ­ Waterloo Sunset, Background and Analysis Tippett (Concerto for double strings) - Edexcel Set Work Detailed Analysis Tippett Concerto for Double String Orchestra ­ analysis Titanic, Take her to the Sea ­ overview and commentary Wagner (Tristan and Isolde) - Edexcel Set Work Detailed Analysis Wagner and his characteristics ­ related to Edexcel NAM4 Weber OCR AS Set Work: Revision Exercise Webern ­ Quartet Op.22, 1st movt ­ analysis and commentary Weekles Sing We At Pleasure Resources, Powerpoint Presentation and Analysis Notes West End Blues ­ analysis West End Blues Revision You can get it if you really Want ­ analysis You Can Get It If You Really Want Set Work: Detailed Notes

693 1071 701 387 1034 845 586 384 686 600 674 975 675 386/506 613 459/485 1072 880 767 546 482 451 483 484 481 913 982 629 695 718 567 487 440 567 626 1028 385 1021 489 696 490 1030

Music Technology

Drum-beats and Quantization Finding and Editing Midi files on the internet ­ a student's guide Introduction to midi ­ logs and powerpoint presentations Microphones (Polar): a powerpoint presentation Microphones Part I: powerpoint presentation Microphones: Electrical Considerations and Cables: a powerpoint presentation Microphones: Selection and Positioning ­ a powerpoint resource Midi exam ­ complete with mark scheme and midi listening examples Midi Sound Chart for your Classroom Series of studio and session logs plus templates What is Midi: student and teacher worksheets 980 540 526 944 899 959 933 541 524 539 906


20th Century Styles African Music Composition ­ Composition Brief African Music Topic: A Composition Brief Appraising the OCR Integrated Composition AQA Area of Study 1 Revision Test AQA GCSE Music for Dance Scheme of Work ­ a comprehensive scheme! Area of Study 1 (AQA) Revision Baroque and Classical Music ­ Revise through the creation of a mind map Baroque Basslines + Groundbass Baroque Listening Exercise Baroque Powerpoint presentation, complete with sound examples. Baroque Suite, Detailed Revision Sheet for AQA Topic Baroque Suites ­ features and movements, also useful for AB advanced aural! Bhangra ­ handout Bhangra Information Sheet Bhangra Listening Resource Blue Danube Listening Assignment Blues Scale Information Sheet Chants and Anthems ­ a composition project Dance Investigation Worksheet Dance Music - useful document for any of the exam specifications Dance Notes Revision Dances of America ­ for AQA Specification Definitions of various styles of popular music Developing a folk melody using melodic techniques Developing a Ground-Bass using Pachelbel's Canon Devices ­ a revision test for students Disco ­ Revision Sheet on Language for Learning Edexcel - Area of Study 3 - Popular Song in Context, Club Dance Remix Edexcel AoS1 Composition Sheet on Ternary Form Edexcel AoS3 Composing Songs for Musicals ­ Guidelines and Ideas Sheet Edexcel AoS4 Presentations ­ suggested topics Edexcel Area of Study 3: Popular Song in Context: Blues ­ detailed handout sheet Edexcel Area of Study 3: Popular Song in Context: Reggae ­ detailed handout sheet Electronic Music ­ comprehensive worksheets charting developments Fanfares ­ a composition project Film Music Project: 15-page booklet including advice, logs and markschemes GCSE Language checklist - useful vocabulary revision sheet GCSE Revision ­ detailed 8-page guide General GCSE Revision Guide - overview of historical periods, world music, key signatures, notation symbols etc - several pages of revision! History/Eras of Music Revision Sheets x 2 Indian Classical Music Indian Classical Music ­ detailed information sheet Instrumental Effects - what can instruments do? With repertoire/listening ideas. Jamaican Music ­ terminology Keyboard Music ­ Powerpoint Presentation on Main Styles Minimalism - document of notes and stylistic features Minimalism ­ Revision Guide Minimalism Composition Ideas Minimalist Techniques ­ diagrammatic handout Music and Dance (AQA) ­ Practice Questions Music and Special Events - comprehensive sheet giving ideas for composition Music for Film: Background and Composition Notes Musical Periods ­ a listening guide Nineteenth Century Ballroom Dance Styles ­ for AQA Spec OCR AoS2 Listening Question OCR AoS3 Dance Music ­ detailed 7-page scheme of work 498 1043 937 805 898 703 654 738 660 450 543 861 739 999 854 418 597 655 458 596 583 907 741 521 537 535 631 598 902 714 713 818 940 941 657 460 984 585 795 587 658 573 727 590 942 737 569 557 911 851 642 582 939 473 740 720 721

OCR AoS4 Salsa Exam Style Listening Question OCR Area of Study 2 ­ Revision `credit cards' OCR Areas of Study 3 and 4 ­ Revision `credit cards' OCR GCSE Listening Exam ­ revision and advice, 6 resources in 1! OCR GCSE Music ­ Overview Scheme of Work OCR Terminal Task Stimuli Orchestral Landmarks, AQA, a series of investigations for pupils to work at in teams Pavane and Galliard ­ 2 information sheets Pavane and Galliard ­ Revision Guide Pentatonic Scale ­ A composing Project Performance: Checklist for Edexcel candidates Polka and Waltz, Revision sheet for AQA Topics Popular Music ­ overview sheets on a variety of genres Resources for AQA GCSE: Baroque Dance Notes, 19th Century Dances, Resources on Indian Music Revision Chart for Students Revision for Edexcel Areas of Study 1 and 2 Revision Sheet on Musicals, Britpop and African Drumming for AQA Specification Riffs: Composing with Riffs Salsa ­ Guidelines and Revision Salsa Characteristics ­ a powerpoint presentation Salsa Listening Resource Salsa, Indian Classical Music and Bhangra, Helpful handouts / revision sheets Secular Vocal Works (Edexcel) ­ 9 analysis resources in 1 Serial Composition ­ downloadable worksheet and template grid Serialism ­ comprehensive worksheets and information Serialism ­ what is it? Detailed guidance sheet Sonata Form ­ notes Song for Athene ­ lesson plan details and a listening exercise Special Occasion Music ­ Worksheet in Welsh Strauss, Richard ­ Teaching Notes for OCR A2 topic Stylized Dance Music ­ a listening resource Susato Pavane ­ Listening Exercise Tempo and Dynamics Revision Sheet Texture Revision Notes Theory Revision Questions Timbre and Texture Revision Understanding the Brief ­ ideas for implementing form Viennese Waltz ­ Revision Guide Vocabulary test for Edexcel GCSE Year 11 GCSE Revision, Revision Resources

722 918 919 1047 749 1032 744 595 558 611 517 862 1070 575 639 571 882 536 607 973 419 804 602 462 664 730 613 794 901 612 446 599 910 908 889 630 715 556 518 876

Key Stage 3

Composition Resources/Projects: "Ning Nang Nong" Binary Composition, based upon Beethoven's Ode to Joy Blues Glossary Blues Multiple Choice Quiz ­ suitable as end-of-unit quiz Chinese Notation ­ a 3 in 1 Worksheet Chord Composition Composing a Dance Track using Cubasis (with screenshots) Composing a Pop Song ­ Composition Sheet and Guidelines Composing a Waltz Composition in Ternary Form, using pentatonic notes Cyclic Patterns English Ballad/folksong composition ­ worksheet Film Music Task Graphic Notation ­ 2 resources: explanation/worksheet and Powerpoint Storyboard 494 894 470 769 563 415 1044 669 807 808 413 835 743 779

Graphical Guide on How to Write a Song Ground Bass, Chaconne and Passacaglia, including Pachelbel's Canon Hip-Hop: Background Information Sheet and Questions History of the Blues Worksheet Horror Music Composition Worksheet Indian Music ­ Composition Project (could also be used for GCSE) Jazz Unit - ideas for teaching various jazz projects Major and Minor Keys Worksheet Medieval Music ­ a Composition Task Melodies ­ Step and Leap, Pupil Worksheet Miscellaneous, including a keyboard chart, a blues worksheet, a "radio ads" worksheet, a rap worksheet and a rock festival mini-project worksheet Ostinato and Minimalism Pop Song Composition ­ step-by-step instructions Putting in Barlines and Time Signatures - exercises with accompanying musical notation Rhythm Exercise for Year 7 Rondo Composition Rondo Form ­ 3 resources in 1: guidelines, composing template and example Songwriting Composition handout Sports Event ­ A Composing Project Stomp ­ 2 resources in 1: composition sheet + homework evaluation sheet Ternary Form Composition, based upon Dvorak's Largo Theme and Variations topic ­ 2 resources Tubular Bells Performing Skills: "Bugle Calls" Performing Sheets 12 Bar Blues Grid African Drumming: powerpoint presentation African Rhythms: practical-based worksheet An Introduction to Chords Basic Keyboard Skills - a visual guide to getting started Blues Improvisation worksheet Blues in C and G, Guitar Tablature Blues Performing Assignment Blues Project Chord Preparations and Progression Chords Worksheet ­ visual aid Cotton Bud Blues in C ­ performance pair work Finding Notes on a Keyboard Gamelan Group Exercise ­ with differentiated performing parts Handy keyboard chart to display in your classroom Hatsiatsia Rhythms, Performing and Composing Exercise Improvising an Indian Raga, Practical-based worksheet Indonesian Gamelan Music ­ Performance Direction Sheet with Class Project Ideas Jackass Blues, Powerpoint presentation and worksheet Keyboard Booklet ­ a 1MB introduction to keyboard playing for KS3 students Mary Had a Little Lamb ­ performing exercise Oh When the Saints Pentatonic Scale ­ performing exercise Phone Number Keyboard Tunes Playing in a ¾ time signature Reggae ­ keyboard handout Rhythmic Patterns ­ A practical exercise Tubular Bells introduction Vivaldi Lute Concerto, Performance Exercise - 2 resources

559 836 726 670 809 671 592 560 672 1007 735 495 820 588 581 624 1088 1038 729 1081 895 834 496

1069 995 963 848 472 591 811 1048 469 1015 411/416 1037 1080 1016 990 542 997 855 770 858 748 801 474 1020 493 1082 1000 1067 497 868

Listening: Appalachian Spring ­ Guided Listening Handout Aquarium from Carnival of the Animals ­ Listening Sheet on Programme Music Baroque Music: a mini-introduction in Powerpoint Blues Project ­ with Listening Resources and Markscheme Comparisons frame Cover Versions ­ Year 9 Listening Test Dambusters Listening Assignment Danse Macabre ­ a 3.5MB powerpoint presentation to accompany listening Dictation task ­ very well presented, which involves circling incorrect notes Film Music ­ Listening Sheet General Listening Grid Imagine by John Lennon ­ listening exercise Intervals - a useful worksheet that gives pupils a memorable/well-known tune to associate with each different interval. Introduction to Brass Instruments through performance of 2 tunes simultaneously! Jazz and Popular Music, Listening Exam Listening to Pop Music ­ Question on Dancing Queen Orchestral Graphical Representations ­ a colourful guide to layout Programme Music ­ Pictures at an Exhibition Reggae ­ Information and Homework Task Rhythm ­ an Introduction, Powerpoint Presentation Rock `n' Roll Listening Sheet with teacher notes Schubert's Trout Quintet Variations ­ Listening Sheet Test on Instruments and the Orchestra Two powerpoint presentations for a Variations Project, one on Copeland and one on Andrew Lloyd-Webber (with basic analysis of different variations) Variations on a Simple Folk Tune ­ worksheet and powerpoint presentation Variations Work Class Projects with Schemes of Work: African Drumming ­ information sheet and practical exercise African Music ­ outline scheme of work African Music Project ­ 5 resources in 1 Animal Music ­ comprehensive scheme of work Baroque Period Powerpoint Presentation Blues Unit of Work ­ including scheme, listening exercise, song-writing exercise etc Chinese Music: Powerpoint Presentation Christmas Music Classroom Percussion ­ pictures and information sheet Descriptive Music Elements of Music Elements of Music ­ 3 resources in 1 Elements of Music ­ a powerpoint presentation Elements of Music ­ summary sheet and quiz Elements of Music for Year 7 Gamelan Composition ­ excellent 2-sided thorough worksheet Gamelan Scheme of Work Giant Wall Piano ­ poster for your classroom! Graphic Scores Identifying Instruments Indonesian Music: powerpoint presentation Instruments of the Orchestra, a Year 7 Class Project Instruments of the Orchestra: a powerpoint presentation Jazz and Popular Music, A Scheme of Work for Year 9 Jazz and Swing Music, notes sheet Jazz: a powerpoint presentation Louis Armstrong and Cab Calloway ­ cover lesson assignment Magicians Hat Melody Composition Project in conjunction with a given chord pattern

1066 1046 778 564 412 646 725 736 523 604 623 800 576 780 839 677 785 685 673 777 606 625 561 589 766 414

888 640 1002 633 857 773 865 622 656 452 434 927 765 632 641 781 643 659 420 605 960 893 943 838 873 947 475 468 716

Modes and Early Music Unit of Work ­ many resources included Music and Art/Pictures Scheme of Work Music and Media Unit of Work Music for Film and TV Music from Around the World ­ a Year 8 Project Musical Clichés ­ scheme of work Musical Elements ­ 2 attractive worksheets plus powerpoint presentation Musical Elements ­ well designed handout Musical Genres ­ a Year 9 Project Musical Instruments: large resource pack (11 pages) Orchestra ­ information and test of knowledge Orchestral Instruments ­ set of 3 worksheets Ragtime and Blues, Powerpoint Presentation and handout ­ 2 resources Rap Scheme of Work, including project on citizenship! Reggae ­ Background information and questions for students Rhythm and Blues Project Samba ­ background information and project Samba Call and Response Rhythms Project Semitones and Tones ­ starting points for a KS3 project Sound Effects/Soundscapes ­ ideas for project Sound Effects: Cover lesson Storyboard Composing Idea Tango: powerpoint presentation Thrillers ­ Music for a Specific Occasion Written task on Leitmotifs ­ useful for a cover lesson Fun or Miscellaneous Worksheets / Cover Lessons A selection of crosswords "Follow Me Game" for KS3 Classes "Jazzagrams": fun jazz-related anagrams worksheet 12 Bar Blues Cover Lesson African Drumming Crossword African Music Wordsearch Bingo ­ learn music terminology with a colourful bingo game Christmas Number Ones - a fun worksheet to save for later in the year! Cwis Cerddorol ­ 2 quizzes in Welsh Elements Flash Cards English Folk Instruments, Simple Handout Film Music Crossword Gamelan ­ substantial crossword Gamelan Worksheet for Cover Lesson Graphic Scores, Homework or Cover Lesson History Fingerprints, Worksheet Indian Music ­ fill in the gaps exercise Instrument Dominoes ­ cut out and print Interactive Film Music Resources ­ created using Hot Potatoes Software Jamaican Music, detailed information sheet Jazz Improvisation Keywords Wordsearch Latin-American Dance Music, Crossword Matching Words Exercise, cut-out worksheet Minimalism Follow-me Cards Musical Bingo for a Cartoon Topic ­ easily adaptable for other topics Samba with `fill in the blanks' Secret Agent Worksheet ­ fun sheet using musical code to create rhythmic patterns Symphony of Psalms Crossword Textures ­ Flashcards Wordsearches ­ with academic value!

774 645 453 499 928 792 806 1008 929 970 661 802 872 644 662 464 946 1035 786 678 578 634 961 426 522

436/7/8 702 728 1049 847 859 603 572 884 742 846 476 819 1045 866 867 803 1017 683 897 860 853 989 852 771 909 750 532 1079 609

Music Theory

Bass Clef ­ homework sheet Cadences Cadences ­ Making Musical Sense Chords ­ homework sheet Chords and Riffs ­ attractive sheet with keyboard graphics Circle of Fifths Dotted Notes Worksheet General Theory Revision Sheet How to Work out Chords Identify the Notes ­ fun worksheet! Intervals Intervals ­ information and worksheet Intervals and their Theory Intervals Flowchart ­ easy graphic Key Signature Mnemonics Key Signatures Keyboard Theory Worksheet Major and Minor Chords ­ advice sheet with accompanying exercises Minor Scales Minor Scales Worksheet Musical Sums ­ adding up values puzzle Notation Reminders, including Rhythmic Pyramid Notation: clear visual introduction Notation: powerpoint presentation Notes of a Scale ­ information and exercises Primary Chords ­ Explanation of how to use them Reading Music: a powerpoint presentation Rests ­ Pupil Worksheet Rhythm: two powerpoint presentations Scales Worksheet plus keyboard chart and exercises Simple, Compound and Irregular Time Signatures: information sheet and exercises Theory Handout Pack ­ 6 resources in 1 Time Signatures Times Signatures: a Powerpoint Presentation Tones and Semitones Information Sheet Transposition 869 608 1084 870 763 886 1003 877 968 1004 617 1018 969 849 618 619 764 850 620 896 1005 745 900 962 1019 746 996 1006 856 912 885 1065 684 930 914 621


Instruments of a Symphony Orchestra Lucky Dip Machine ­ innovative use of powerpoint Musical Elements Musical Periods Presentations on woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments from the orchestra Rhythm ­ a fun presentation Rock and Roll Ternary and Rondo Form Timer for Quizzes Tones, Semitones and Scales ­ substantial powerpoint presentation 871 647 1089 878 828 983 874 875 916 915

Extra Stuff Assessment Pyramids showing level descriptors for Key Stage 3 and GCSE BudgetMate ­ our downloadable database programme that keeps track of department budgets for School managers. Difficulty Level Catalogue for typical GCSE performance choices 931 477 932


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